Monday, June 17, 2013

Travel Day

Yes I have arrived in Vancouver and I am blogging on my tablet. While everything appears to be just fine, the darn keyboard is VERY sensitive and I am not used to this little keyboard so it will take a while to make that happen. Of course I am sitting on the floor with the tablet on my lap which isn't very comfortable nor the best place to type, but the power cord is NOT very long and I forgot to get an extension cord.

I left Toronto in the teeming rain. Oh dear, not a good thing to take a cardboard bike box on the tarmac so I was able to get a bike bag from Air Canada and then shoved the box inside so it arrived nice and dry. My duffle bag was sopping wet, but only a few things inside were actually wet - a little bit water proof that duffle bag - that is good to know.

Even though I arrived at the airport in PLENTY of time, I heard the LAST BOARDING call for my flight as I am walking towards the gate. Good grief - where did the time go? Well - had to deal with the bike - tape the box shut - get the bag and put the box in it. That took a fair amount of time. Then wait in line to get rid of the duffle bag, wait in a short, but VERY slow line in security. I mean - what was the guy looking for?????   It was VERY VERY slow. Then the line at Tim's was long, but I have seen it longer and then I practically walked onto the plane.

A window seat - no one sitting in the aisle. Oh NO - could we be so lucky????  There were only TWO people behind me when I boarded. The attendant had said the flight was full, but YES - we got lucky - that middle seat was EMPTY.  I grabbed my book and started to read. YES - I had NOTHING TO DO FOR FIVE hours, but read my book. Couldn't even look out the window because of the rain - there was NOTHING to see.

Alas - I read for a few minutes and was fast asleep. I did not get a good sleep the night before. Remembering little things and I was excited?????  Woke up a couple of hours later - still heavy cloud cover across the entire country, but said HELLO to people (in my mind) as we crossed the country and I watched that little map on the screen. Funny to realize that we flew west in 5 hours and it will take me five WEEKS to get back!!!!!

I was somewhat rested and managed to read the rest of the way. Got a cab (the airport at Vancouver is SO RELAXED compared to TO). And made it to the residences only to find out that my room wasn't ready and wouldn't be until about 3 PM. I had THREE hours to kill and I wasn't very energetic. I stored my luggage at the residence and grabbed sothmeing to eat on campus. We are at UBC.

The lounge of this dorm is AMAZING and I was sitting on the couches trying to read, but I was SO TIRED, I kept dozing off. I tried at 2 PM to get into my room. NOPE not ready yet. Back to the couch where I proceeded to have a GOOD snooze and woke up - it was almost FOUR PM. YEP - my room was ready.

Oh yes - forgot to mention that when I paid the taxi driver for the ride here, I ALMOST forgot my black fleece in the front seat. I had to run after him to get it. That is my favourite. Almost asked my aunt to bring me another one tomorrow when I see her, but I like my old one even if it is getting ratty looking.

Read my book until late (how could I be tired with all that napping) and then met one of the crew members. Not the one on my trip, but one of the other trips leaving from here in a few days. More on that later.

I was up early this morning and back to the book which I finished at breakfast. I LOVE John Grisham. It was an old book, but who cares - it was good - The Rainmaker!!!!

Got the bike together and took it for a quick spin - everything seems to be OK.  Got my gear organized into groups and it is in it seperate bags. Organization is key to having fun on this trip. You must know where everything is and how to get to it quickly. Now that that is done, I have the rest of the day to myself. WHAT a LUXURY!!!!!!!!

I think I might venture out for a bit - downtown isn't far away.

We are leaving to go to Victoria tomorrow morning and staying overnight. I won't be blogging for a couple of days as I am NOT taking the tablet with me. It is small, but I am bare bones on this side trip and we can only take what fits on the bike.

I will take some pictures and try that out later - maybe later today.

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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