Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Travel to Montreal

 Yesterday was a travel day, as I'm now in Montreal. I worked on my presentations in the morning, finished packing, and was off. The girls weren't too happy, but they currently have a dog sitter, so they will have many privileges they wouldn't usually have. They won't miss either of us a bit! Lexi was quite comfortable lying on the couch! 

It was not a good day as I lost my glasses! UGH, and I have no one to blame but myself. I barely wear those glasses, so I should have safely tucked them in my bag. But no, I insisted on putting them on my face, and when I got to the airport and went to print my bag tag, I put them on my head. They are stretched and loose, so this was going to end badly. I got my stuff printed and took the bag to the bag drop, and I bet while heaving the suitcase onto the belt, I didn't even notice that they fell off. 

The next time I thought of my glasses was on the plane; they were long gone by then. I put in a claim, but the chance of finding them INTACT will be a miracle. They really did need to be replaced as the lenses were scratched from when I face-planted in the middle of the street with the girls about 4 years ago. 

Thankfully, I don't need them, but I am supposed to wear them while driving; however, I can get by without them, and I have my prescription sunglasses. So I'll cope! But darn it all -- I hate when I do stupid stuff like that! 

So I will have to get a new pair when I get home. Thankfully, the craziness will slow down, so I'll have some time. 

They have a new baggage sizer at the airport, and I was asked to put my bag on it when I walked past. I can't believe they asked me to check my bag since it's SMALL. What about those larger bags? Oh -- those people just walk right on through. And can you believe that when I was about to board the plane, they asked me AGAIN to put it in the metal sizer? I get it, but why are they focusing on my SMALL bag when I saw much larger suitcases on the plane, and the width of mine just fits in that sizer thing. Do I look like an easy target if my bag wouldn't fit? Meaning I wouldn't put up a fuss to check my bag.

Anyway -- the plane wasn't full, and I had no one beside me, so that was good. Lots of room to search for those darn glasses when I remembered them. If only I had put them in my pocket. No room for regrets -- just move on. 

You have to love the forecast which I took from the plane. DREARY!!! That sounds so positive!

Dreary forecast

And there's a view of the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. I'm surprised that thing is still standing! I forget the year the Olympics were in Montreal - oh - that would be 1976. 

Olympic Stadium from the plane

I have a corner room at the hotel with a great view of the city (I think). It's dark, so I'll check it out later. 

We set everything up last night and are ready to go this morning. But I'm going for a walk shortly. It's almost the end of that geocaching event -- 5 days left, and I still need a lot of points. I was going to just let it go, but after looking at the app last night, I discovered TWO Adventure Labs at the airport, which are easy to get 100 points. And there are two more Adventure Labs close by in a cemetery. Guess where I'm headed this morning? 

I also wore my new shoes. OK -- so they look huge, but they are pretty comfy. I swear I was walking on those cushioned floors and even checked to see if the floor was cushioned. I think I'm going to like them. Let's see how well they wear! 

And that's a wrap for today. 

Oh -- remember to check out QUILTsocial. I'm working with the Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 2 and using all kinds of fabulous embellishments to make a collage journal cover! It's a great way to learn a lot of excellent techniques. Be sure to check it out. 

Have a super day!!!!


Monday, March 27, 2023

My world has gone to the dogs!

It's Monday! One last week of this insane month! Well, it's one more week this month, and then the first week of next month will be crazy as well, and THEN I'm home for a while. It's all fun and games! One of the can't move deadlines is done! Thank goodness for that, as it allowed me to focus on other things yesterday - like the four presentations that need to be assembled (good progress happened), and I had to pack my sample suitcase, which is also done. 

Despite all that, yesterday was about the dogs and me! The first weird thing that happened was this. Miss Lexi came into the office, which is a rare occurrence, but she's becoming much braver, as she doesn't like rooms with doors. Then the next thing I knew, she was in this little closed area which is HUGE for her. This is something she would NEVER have done in the past. I'm unsure why she was there, but she stayed there while I wrote the blog. 

Lexi, the brave!

Then it was Murphy's turn to do something unusual. She and I went for a walk, and despite my prediction about the wind and leaves, she was pretty good. Until she sniffed a broken bottle and cut her nose! The look she gave me when that happened was hilarious, and I wish I could have got it on the camera. She basically said, "WTF? That hurt, and now my nose is bleeding."

Oh gosh -- we were near the beginning of our walk, and blood was dripping off her nose. I stopped several times to see how bad it was, but it didn't seem to bother her much. She looked a mess, although it didn't appear in the pictures. 

MOM -- I've got a nosebleed!

And then she got blood on her paw. But the bleeding seemed to slow down quickly, and she was OK by the time I got home. The bleeding stopped, and all the blood was gone from her fur. What a trooper!

MOM -- I'm wounded!

We had two great Zoom sessions in the morning, and these groups are so creative - I love doing the show and tell! The homework follow-up is done; however, I still have to prepare the follow-up from Saturday and send it out.

It was Virtual Retreat yesterday, with lots of great conversations, although I didn't participate as much as usual because I had work to do. But at one point, I carried my laptop around the house with my earbuds as I collected samples. 


Then this happened. Sorry about the long photos - my phone accidentally changed to a silly ratio. YES -- it was GAZEBO time! I couldn't help myself -- it was a glorious day, and I was out there several times. The girls were happy that Mom was outside, and of course, that involved some of their antics. 

Gazebo time!

Seriously? What is with this? 

MOM, I can't find my bear!

And I swear that Muprhy walks or sits as close to the pond edge as she possibly can - it's like she tempting fate that she'll "accidentally" fall in. 

And then Lexi decided she MUST go under the deck, despite all the mud.

Just checking for rabbits!

There was a gentle breeze, and the wind chimes were tinkling. This is why I paid a lot of money to have the roof repaired, and the gazebo will be repainted later this year. 

The wind chimes

This is my happy place; I could lie out there all day. In case you want to see the new roof from the inside -- here it is. 

The new roof from the inside

The pond is super full right now because of all the rain. 

The pond is full to overflowing

But the fish were out sunning themselves and having a grand time. I'm so glad we don't have to fuss with them. They live there all winter, dig themselves amongst the lilies, and are happy. I don't even feed them any longer. 

The fish in the weeds

Yes, and that Murphy -- if she wasn't trying to dunk her bear in the pond, she was carrying around big sticks. Or trying to get Lexi to chase her. She would taunt Lexi, then run like mad around the yard's perimeter. Lexi just watched from the gazebo, so Murphy would stop, tease her again, and then take off like a crazy dog. Lexi just watched the antics! That's a Husky for you -- if they don't have to expend their energy, they won't!

MOM -- I got a big stick!

Anyway -- it was a glorious day out there, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Then it was time to get back in the house and get to work. 

And Lexi? Well, what can I say about her? She likes to savor her food; if she could, we'd find stored bits of food everywhere. That isn't possible with Murphy, who thinks that ANYTHING outside Lexi's dish is hers. And then Lexi tried to hide kibble in the dog bed, but she's trying to cover it with the blanket in the dog bed, but she STANDS on the blanket, so it won't move. Oh, Lexi!!

Mom -- I'm trying to hide food

Well, that's it for today. I'm off to spin class this morning and back home to pack my clothes and office bag. I'll hang around the Monday group for a bit, but I need to work on those presentations. 

Have a super day, and enjoy the weather if it's nice where you are. Maybe you all need a gazebo? I'm so glad this one was here when we moved - I'm not sure I would have thought to buy one!


Sunday, March 26, 2023

How tidy is too tidy?

Leaps and bounds of progress are being made. Well, not exactly, but I'm closer to getting everything done. I have a couple of hours of editing, and one of the critical deadlines will be done! I worked on the second critical deadline project and might get more done today. Then it'll get set aside until next weekend when it becomes my only priority! 

The Zoom calls went off without a hitch yesterday. And the two presentations for this morning are ready to go! Being organized and having a system works amazingly to making this all happen. 

The one thing in the back of my mind is that one presentation I need for later this week. I'll be taking pictures and doing some computer work today. I know it's a Virtual Retreat, but I can't be there the entire time. I'll pop in every hour for about 15 minutes just to take a break from the computer. 

I have a suitcase of samples that needs to be packed, so it will be a busy day. 

So what is with this weather? It was a crazy day yesterday. I looked out the window and saw the rain and looked at the girls, and they said, "Don't be a sissy - we WANT to go for a walk!" So I got bundled up and wore my rain boots. I didn't take an umbrella, as it can be a hassle when walking the dogs, especially Murphy. Let's just say the umbrella wouldn't have helped much. 

I was soaked when I got back from Murphy's walk. At least my pants were, and I could have wrung water out of them. So much water was in the fabric that it was dripping into my rain boots! 

Soaked right through

I took Lexi for a walk, although a wee bit shorter, as we ran out of time. She didn't notice. By this time, with the wind and the temperature hovering above zero, I was starting to get a little bit cold. Once I returned to the house, I changed into my PJs and confess that I stayed in them all day - even on the Zoom call! 

I glanced out once or twice during the day, and it was still raining hard, and well, I didn't need to go for a walk that badly! Yes -- I missed my walking goal yesterday, and I'm OK with that! 

OK -- I'll also confess that I have a morbid thing with houses under repair in the neighborhood. This house was damaged by fire a while ago, and what's with the repair thing? They've been working on the roof for weeks. And it's now left in this state. Seriously? Why can't they finish the peaks? While the windows in the front of the house are somewhat boarded up, there are no windows in the back. The entire place must be a sodden mess. 

A house under repair

I get that they build houses in all kinds of weather, but I don't think I'd want to live in a house if they couldn't do the repairs efficiently. What about all that moisture in the house? Mold? Nope --- just sell it and move on! Or get the repair people to move faster! No one is living there at the moment -- obviously!

When I got back with Lexi, they were wet and HAPPY. It took Murphy a long time to dry out, while Lexi just went and sat on her mat and was OK with life. 

Resting from the walk!

Murphy likes her new toy, as she had a wrestling match with it during the afternoon. 

MOM -- this new toy is fun!

MOM -- look at me pull the toy

MOM -- there's something in there!

MOM -- what's this? A squishy bit?

There was no damage to the toy yet, but she was determined to get the nose off the little creature living in the mushroom! Oh, Murphy -- such a silly girl. Right now, she's outside. Doing what? No idea, but she's happy as a clam in the mud.

MOM -- there's a knob thing I need to chew off

Article in the newspaper

So you are all probably familiar with Marie Kondo and her decluttering methods. She wrote books, had a television program, did the tour,s and basically lived as a minimalist; she made a lot of money and made a lot of people very anxious that they needed to live like her. Guess what? She had no children. The ball has dropped since she now has children - three of them. I bet her kids (and her own) T-shirts are no longer folded and all pointing upright so you can see them. She also grew up in a culture where people lived in tiny spaces and were unfamiliar with North America's "abundant" lifestyle. 

The author of the article was a neat freak until he had kids. 

I do not know why we are so ready to compare ourselves to someone with a different lifestyle than us. Why? My sense of neatness and orderliness is MINE, and while I can offer tips, I can't make you change your habits. I read one of Marie's books, looked at her suggestions, and had a good laugh! No way that's happening at my house! I'm lucky if I can get the clothes back in the drawer. Never mind folding them and putting them in order. That is not going to happen in my lifetime! 

Which is another reason why less is more. The less you have, the less you have to manage, or the neater it looks if the clothes don't make the drawer! My sewing room is another matter, and I like neat and orderly (more or less) as it helps me to find things. 

I think we could all do ourselves a HUGE favor and STOP comparing ourselves to anyone else. And STOP looking at all those staged photos on Facebook and Instagram. Most of those photos are either "stupid" or staged, neither of which interests me. And since there's more and more of that on both platforms, I don't spend much time on either, as I don't want to waste my time. 

So while our houses should be somewhat clean and neat, you only have your standards to live by. What works for me won't work for everyone. Although I'm still determined to get rid of most things in our house by the time we need to downsize. And it will happen -- I've made HUGE leaps and bounds in progress, but just not enough time to get it all done. It's an evolving thing. I don't want my life to be saddled with JUNK! 

I did NOT make it to the Etobicoke Quilt Show as I had work to do, which I did. So while I'm sad I missed the show, I'm happy I got the work done. 

Remember, today is the Virtual Retreat! I'll be in and out as I take breaks during the day. 

Virtual Retreat  - Sunday, March 26   -- Starts at NOON. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

Well, it's time to brave that wind this morning. At least it's not raining, so I'll stay dry. Let's pray there are no loose leaves around - one of Murphy's favorite things is chasing leaves in the wind. Which is fine, except when she's on the end of a leash! 

Have a super day!!!!


Saturday, March 25, 2023

One day at a time

Oh boy   -- as much as I try to be accurate, I goofed on those dates of the Virtual Retreat. It's all fixed -- thanks, Mary. And Elle --- just say NO!! I refuse to believe I will get blisters - I'm in denial. However, truth be told, a lot of walking will happen with the heat, and I'm sure I'll get blisters. But they WILL be manageable. As much as I'm embarrassed to say this -- those shoes were too small for my feet. 

Another silly day but I accomplished loads. The four presentations for next week are in good shape. It's better to start with MANY slides and then cull it down. So two need to be culled; I'm waiting on the translation for one, and most of that will be live, and the last one? Well, I still have a lot of work to do on that one. That's a job for tomorrow -- yes -- even though it's Virtual Retreat, I'll be running around the house taking photos or gathering samples!

One of the critical deadlines should be done by tomorrow. Again, I will have to work on that during the Virtual Retreat. It can't be helped -- it's just the nature of the schedule. The following two weeks are busy, and then NOTHING! Could they spread this stuff out? Anyway -- it'll all get done. 

I have two presentations this morning; one is done, and the other is not! But it will be. I would LOVE to do some fun sewing just for me, but that won't happen for a while because once these next two weeks are over, I need to get to the long arm!

But let's not think about that -- let's just get through today and tomorrow and one day at a time. 

Here's another sign of spring! Pussy willows! I found these on a tree in my neighbor's driveway. Let's not go there, but they have this very unruly tree, and as the branches COVER the driveway, they cut the branches off and leave them in the driveway. They live two doors from the entrance to the forest -- I have zero problems with them dragging them to the forest. But everyone is different! 

Pussy willows

So Murphy is naughty! There's no other way to say it. I bought her a new toy when I got her some dog food, and I decided to give it to her yesterday. She had a total lack of interest in the toy and decided she wanted to go out. I opened the door, and she grabbed that toy and was outside like a shot! MURPHY -- that's an INDOOR toy!!

MOM - You can't catch me!

Then moments later, I saw the toy floating in the pond. NO -  Murphy --- that isn't supposed to happen!! So I had to get the net out of the shed and fish the toy out of the pond. This was done intentionally --- these are NOT accidents. 

MOM -- the toy fell in the pond! 

And then she looks sad because the toy is gone. Oh, Muprhy! 

MOM -- where did the toy go? 

I needed some orange yarn yesterday. I know -- shocking that I don't have any in the house, so I walked to the mall and then the dollar store. Can you believe that no one has orange yarn? There was this crazy stuff, but that wasn't what I wanted. If only I had realized two days ago that I needed orange yarn, I was right by Michael's. Oh well -- I made do with what I had. Alright -- if your eagle eye spotted that orange on the middle shelf, I purchased that, but it wasn't the type I needed, so I ended up not using it. 

NO orange yarn

But at the dollar store, I spotted this landscape fabric. Do you know how hard I looked for this stuff several years ago? I was in the US and searched every hardware store, and I found nothing. Then I found a long roll at Rona, near my house. I still have loads, so I didn't buy any, but you can embroider on this stuff and make plant pots! There are several types of landscape fabric and I wanted a very dense fibrous kind. 

Landscape fabric

They had two widths!!!

Landscape fabric

OK -- so that Murphy is sneaky. I was working on my project at the sewing machine, and I turned around, and there she was, WATCHING me. Good grief Murphy --- I didn't even know she was there. It was time for dinner, and she was waiting! 

MOM -- kind of hungry here! 

I will wear my Hoka running shoes around the house for a day or two before I go outside with them. I'm sure all will be fine, but better to be sure before they are unreturnable. This shoe brand has a LOT of cushioning (at least at the price point I bought), and they are WIDE in the front. Not just the toe box but the sole. The salesperson said lots of people won't buy them because they look like shoes for giants! 

The old and the new

And black was better than the pretty pastel-colored ones! DH said they look geeky. And the first thing out of his mouth when I told him the price was, "how much per KM do you get?" If they are going to make geeky-looking shoes, at least they could make them bright? I'll have to write them a letter. But they are practically weightless! 

My new running shoes

They feel great, so I'll start wearing them on Monday when I'm back on a plane. 

OH -- I forgot to mention that I've been back and forth with the company about my front door latch, and they have agreed to send me a new part. Yeah! It's hilarious that the company is near me, but they won't ship the part until April 21. I could walk there and get it much quicker! The door works for now - and they are replacing it for free. It does say on the packaging - LIFETIME WARRANTY, so I expect they will replace it for free. 

We must keep track of items we buy with lifetime guarantees and follow up if they need replacing. Check the packaging on those OLFA cutters. I've had TWO replaced because I wore them out! That's why I will always buy that brand; they are the most comfortable to cut with. It's better to buy quality than the cheap stuff. 

I'm off to finish that last presentation and walk the girls before the calls open at 9:00 AM. I will NOT be getting to the Etobicoke Quilt Show. Thankfully I saw some photos yesterday. I would love to go, but it's unreasonable to go and then be up half the night to complete my deadline project. 

However, today is the last day for that show, so be sure to get out and see what they have. 

And tonight, while we have this wicked rain storm, you can be snug in your house for the Virtual Retreat TONIGHT. 

Virtual Retreat - Saturday, March 25 - starts at 6 PM

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89254233911?pwd=VGQrTnFybW1HMWpleHA4M2Q2NGVwZz09 Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Virtual Retreat -Sunday, March 26 - starts at NOON

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Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

Have a super day!!


Friday, March 24, 2023

A step forward

More progress is being made -- but it never seems fast enough. The tasks are getting completed, but are there enough days in which to complete all the tasks? 

Spring is definitely on its way, and I've now walked at least three mornings in a row with no hat! WOW! That's exciting, and the snow is melting like mad. 

I spotted this cardinal on the tree in the front -- not that they are a sign of spring, but all the birds are chirping like mad in the morning. 

A cardinal visiting the front yard

And look --- tulips and daffodils are coming up! 

Spring flowers are on the way

And look at the cool bicycle quilt pattern that Robyn sent me. Thanks so much, and since this is appliqued, it'll be easy to resize! I'll put that on my list!

Bicycle quilt pattern

Every journey, regardless of how big or how small, starts with a single step. But when you take too many steps, your shoes must be replaced. This is the pair of running shoes I purchased when I got back from Spain last year. I started to wear them in October, and they are LONG overdue for replacement. 

The SAD state of my current running shoes

I've meant to get new ones for the last two months, and there just hasn't been time (that is NOT an excuse), or I've been lazy, or whatever. Miss Murphy needed dog food as there was only enough for breakfast this morning, and there's a Running Room store near where I buy dog food, so I went in. 

The salesperson took a brief look at the side of my shoes and told me they were long overdue for replacement. YES -- I know that. And those shoes were NOT cheap. By my quick calculation, I've walked about 1,500 KM in them, and the average should be about 800 KM, so yes --- they need to be changed. But why should you change the shoes? Because the cushioning breaks down, causing issues with knees, hips, and back. The heel wear will change your gait, which also causes problems with your knees, hips, and back. 

DH has a weird look at things and says I cannot look at the total cost of the running shoe, but I need to look at the cost PER KM. OK -- so I got thirteen cents to the KM with that pair when I should be doing thirty!

I will say that the mesh on the toes, which I was very hesitant about, held up exceptionally well. They are New Balance, and I would repurchase them in a heartbeat. 

The mesh on the toes held up well

I put a tiny piece of duct tape on the inside of one of them, but they performed beautifully, but now it's time to retire them. They will be tossed as they are of no use to anyone in the shape they are in. 

Thanks to the salesperson at The Running Room, I came home with a new pair of running shoes. Yes -- it's time to start the research on shoes for the Camino de Santigo de Compostela (NOTE -- there is NO EL in that name! -- El Camino is in California!) scheduled for later this summer. I'm open to shoes of any kind -- well, I know what I want to try, and I WILL try them well before leaving. If I don't learn from what happened last year? I don't deserve to get back on the trail!

After a lengthy conversation with him, I stopped at Sport Check to check out trail runners and hiking sandals. 

You do NOT want to know how much those three pairs of shoes cost. And I'll just tell DH that I'm getting the maximum value per KM, and he won't say a thing! What's hilarious is that I have no issues shopping for running shoes, but dress shoes? Ick! I have one pair, and hopefully, they last forever. The running shoes? I need to get a new pair four times a year, so I had better like shopping for them. 

Three new pairs of shoes

I will try different socks, wearing them at different temperatures, and see what will work best for me. All the shoes weigh mere ounces which is fantastic, and they almost feel weightless! 

And it was hilarious as I was standing in the store trying on shoes, a gentleman came up and said he liked the shoes I had on. We got to chatting, and he is leaving for the Camino in April and told me I was a "silly girl" to go when I'm going because it'll be HOT. I know -- I like the heat. We had a good chat, and then he was off to buy shoes or whatever, and I needed to get home. Buen Camino, mi amigo! 

I didn't have time to shop for shoes, but I could not afford NOT to. My knees are giving me grief these days, and I suspect it's those long worn-out running shoes! Plus, Murphy needed food! 

So as I experiment with these purchases, I'll keep you in the loop -- only because it'll force me to think about the options. I have different socks to try or no socks, and I will NOT go unprepared again! 

These are only the TEST shoes; they are not the actual shoe I'll wear on the trip, as these will hopefully be worn out by the time I go. Anything to keep those darn blisters away! But I think the size and proper fit have more to do with blisters than the shoe. I could be wrong, but the only time I got blisters was when my shoes were ill-fitting. If only I had listened to my feet when the issue arose last summer! 

But here I am, one year older and wiser; I'll get this done!

Thankfully, I have nothing to change on my pack or what I'm putting in the pack, although there is one small thing I want to make, so I'll have to start hiking with the gear soon enough to test that out and just confirm that everything I have is what I want to carry. I'm adamant that I'll go with a pack weighing no more than 15 pounds. I'm not carrying more than that in the heat! 

I'm off to walk the girls and have so many errands; I'll try to accomplish a couple of them on my walk this afternoon. And I have FOUR Zoom classes this weekend, one today, and I have to prep for FOUR in-person events next week. ACK!!!! And none of that includes the TWO critical deadlines that cannot slip, although I'm making progress on one and NEED to be done by tomorrow evening if possible.

Remember the Etobicoke Quilt Show TODAY and tomorrow. I'm so envious of all of you who can get there and spend a few quiet hours. I won't have much time and must squeeze it between Zoom calls.  

And it's the Virtual Retreat this weekend as well. So be sure to stop by and say hi or sit and sew for a while. 

Saturday, March 25, Starts at 6 PM EST 

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89254233911?pwd=VGQrTnFybW1HMWpleHA4M2Q2NGVwZz09 Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, March 26 - Starts at NOON EST

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Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
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Have a great day!!!!


Thursday, March 23, 2023

How to write a novel

I often wonder what it would be like to write a novel, as I can quickly crank out words - I do it daily for the blog, but each entry is completely unrelated. There's no character development to manage (well, maybe Murphy and Lexi), but there's no plot line to abide by and no details to pay attention to. 

I'm also good at writing blog posts for QUILTsocial, but they probably don't make sense to anyone. At least the first draft! I cranked out 1,600 words this morning, but it needs significant editing before I can hit send! That could be how the novelists do it -- they write out a lot of gibberish and hope that something transpires from it all, and after so many days - they have a book! 

The bottom line is that I'm progressing on those commitments and deadlines. I will have to find a way to get them done. They cannot slip, so I'll have to find the time to complete them. I have a relatively easy day today -- only one Zoom call this evening, and I believe the presentation is ready. I'll check it this morning to make sure. But that leaves the entire day to write and sew. 

And here's one thing to note as it came up in my memories last night on Facebook. I've been wondering about my current desktop computer. It's getting old, but how old? Apparently, it's NINE years old -- it's practically an antique in the world of computers. But I love it. I was thinking of taking it in for a tune-up and to check the memory. But I don't have time for that right now, so maybe in a couple of weeks. I know -- it's best to do it while I'm away, but who has time to do that when prepping is of the utmost urgency. 

My computer was bought nine years ago

There is no "computer" - just a screen, and I LOVE it. I still think I need two monitors, but this desk has no room. One day, the office will be clean enough to rearrange the furniture, but that's NOT a priority right now. 

I was off to speak at a guild last night. And I should have mentioned the name of the guild. DRAT --- Anyway -- it was the Niagara Heritage Quilt Guild. Oh my goodness, they were a very helpful group, and they had my suitcases in and out of the car before I could even say boo! Thanks so much to Pat and all the helpers!!!

But first, I had to pack. A certain someone was NOT happy to see those suitcases out. She plunked herself right in the middle of the packing, and I swear she would jump in if she could fit! She was very happy when I returned last night. 

MOM -- are you leaving again? Don't go!

But there I am with two giant suitcases and a bag of quilts. It was so much fun to get out and speak in front of a guild, and they had to cancel their last two meetings because of the weather, so we were all happy to be out. 

Thanks again to the Niagara Heritage Quilt Guild for hosting me! I had a blast. 

Packed for a guild presentation

As I was waiting for the meeting to begin, I always take a peek around the room. Oh my -- a FREE table and I spotted this giant bag of half-square triangles. I took a picture and chuckled, but I wasn't tempted -- not one bit. I noticed someone picked up the bag! 

Free half-square triangles

I spotted a bunch of AQ magazines from the last couple of years, so I grabbed a couple and browsed while waiting for the meeting to start. Oops - one of them got slipped into my bag! 

Free magazines!

But this brought back memories. Does anyone remember the liquid embroidery paints? Yep -- Tri-Chem and Artex! Holy!!! Who knew this stuff was still around. 

Instructions for using liquid embroidery

Anyway, FIVE large tablecloths were waiting for someone to pick them up. They were still waiting on the table when I left. This is a reminder that if you have stuff like this around --- you had better think of getting rid of it or using it! Are those paints still around? 

Liquid embroidery tablecloth

Those paints were a total pain because the tubes would dry up around the tips and were horrible to unclog. 

I'm trying very hard to clear my space and hope to find some fabric to walk to Diane's house, as I know she has run out. I hate to do anything quickly, but I might need a mental break later today. Too bad I couldn't go to the Etobicoke Quilt Show today! 

Anyway --- remember the Etobicoke Quilt Show is happening this weekend. March 24 and 25. It's always a great show, and there is loads of stuff there. Good thing I can't go -- they have thousands of used books (OK -- so about ONE thousand), and I'd be in there like a dirty shirt, and I do NOT need more books. But some older books that most people do not want are the BEST. 

There are NO new techniques -- just old ones revised, and sometimes the older books are better as the technique is better explained -- not some crazy way of doing the old stuff, just to make it new. 

And it's Virtual Retreat this weekend. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to participate as I have so much work to do, and some of it involves being in front of a computer. I'm good, but I can't do Zoom and make presentations simultaneously! But I'll be there as much as possible. 

Here are the links

Saturday, March 25  -- Starts at 6 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89254233911?pwd=VGQrTnFybW1HMWpleHA4M2Q2NGVwZz09 Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, March 26 -- Starts at NOON EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

I had a great drive to and from the event last night. Oh boy --- I can see that I don't get out much in the car! I see changes in my neighborhood, outside my walking range! But I don't care! And when I got home, it was warm and dry -- almost like a summer night! Yeah!!! Could the worst be over? Where's that egg chair? 

I'm off to walk the dogs and then hit the computer to start a major rewrite of that blog post!

Have a super day!!


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Quilt Show Alert!

What is happening to the days? I was talking to someone yesterday, and they said -- one day at a time. That's the only way to look at it when there's so much to do and little time to make it happen. I had a good sleep, and I'm not cranky today. I had a wee nap early in the morning and was no longer grumpy for the day.

I often wonder why that happens. Why do we wake up in different states of tiredness or happiness; then it's amazing how a 25-minute nap can change our day. I swear, they need nap rooms at work, or you need to work from home. And we also need to stay hydrated! That's why I was so tired -- I'm not drinking nearly enough!

It was a jam-packed day with a Zoom session for a software club (some of them ask the HARD questions) and then a session on accessories later in the evening. There's so much misinformation out there. I know some things, and I try very hard to get the correct information, and if I don't know, I attempt to find out. Sometimes, it's very challenging to find the correct information!

There's so much information on the internet, or you heard from a buddy, or sometimes a shop owner, and I can usually tell by looking at the work that something needs to be corrected. But we'll get everyone on track! 

Can you believe we are already looking at projects for the fall classes? The shop owner and I went a bit crazy (thanks to the current attendees for suggestions). The final projects aren't picked, but I'll make that happen over the next few days. It's not urgent as we have time, but it must be finalized before the summer. 

I ran around the house with my phone taking pictures, but I have only ONE photo to share! Now, why is that? Because I needed some pictures for a presentation. I need to take an afternoon (or more) and take photos of all my samples. I need pictures of the entire project and then some shots of specific detail. Then I need to put them in ORGANIZED folders, so it'll be easy to find if I want something in the future. 

My photos are somewhat organized, but there were a couple that I couldn't find, and it was easier to find the sample and retake the photos. I'm getting more organized in that department, but there is room for improvement. 

I have an INPERSON guild chat on Modern Quilts tonight, so I'll be running around the house assembling my samples and packing them in the suitcase! Then I have two Zooms to round out the week and classes on the weekend. 

Right now, the two goofs are sleeping on the floor in the office. But they love to play together, and Murphy LOVES to chew on Lexi's neck. I can't imagine why since so much hair needs to come off with her shedding, but Murphy just loves it, and Lexi seems to love it too. Is this a "love" thing? Or a massage? 

MOM, Murphy's chewing my neck again!

The weather is GLORIOUS these days. It was so warm yesterday that I wore no hat in the morning, and I had pretty much ditched everything for the afternoon walk. Spring has arrived!!! 

I'm looking for furniture for my front step - well, patio. I was instructed to NOT buy anything I could sleep on. Now is that for him or me? I really want an egg chair, and since my knees don't bend well, I can't curl up in it. I think that means I could buy one. Or do I go the sensible route and buy some chairs and a table. I could buy the egg chair for the gazebo? 

I'm away (again!) next week, and when I'm back, perhaps I'll have a peek at what's out there. 

I'm afraid that's it for today. Before I go, here are a couple of reminders. 

The Etobicoke quilt show is this weekend. Be sure to get there on Friday or Saturday if you are close. I'm not telling anyone when I'm going because I need to get in and out. I have one Zoom on Friday smack in the middle of the day, then Zoom on Saturday morning, and another at 4 PM, so we'll see how it goes. But GET OUT THERE!!!!

Here are some tips. Take pictures of those quilts you like, but more importantly, think about this. If you absolutely love a quilt and are taking a photo - ask yourself -- do you love the QUILT pattern or the color? That could be the next colorway for your next quilt project if it's the color you love. 

Second, take close-ups of any quilting that you'd like to achieve. Use those detailed photos as the inspiration and then sit down and try to emulate them!!!!

And third, take a look at Sandy's scrap quilt. Would this make an exciting sew-along for online?? You'll find the quilt on the webpage advertising the show. I think it would be a fantastic quilt, even though I haven't seen it in person, but I LOVE it. Don't worry; I've already asked the questions. More information to follow.  

And it's Virtual Retreat this weekend!!!! We start on Saturday evening at 6 PM and sew until whenever. 

And then Sunday from Noon to whenever. I'll post the zoom links tomorrow as I'm on my way to the gym and don't have time.

Have a super day!!!