Monday, August 8, 2022

Spring House Retreat

Staying at Spring House Retreat involved a lot of FIRSTs. 

We had the cat wrangling incident -- more on that tomorrow. We were ten people, which is the largest group that we've ever had and I wasn't sure if I would like it. Too many conversations at the same time, too crowded, too noisy, etc. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and YES there were times when there were too many conversations going on at the same time but I was in the corner and I just tuned them out! Actually, it's not the number of conversations that drives me nuts. It's when I'm in a conversation and someone starts another one with someone sitting beside me or tries to engage me in their conversation when I'm already engaged with someone else. 

I might even be a culprit myself so I'm going to be mindful of that going forward. 

But too crowded? Nope -- it was never crowded. I decided to stay until we were forced out of the house! Check-out was 3:00 PM and I figured -- why not stay -- it was a beautiful day, no need to rush home and so I continued to sew. The others left one by one and there were three of us at the end. 

I had to search for the light switch for one set of lights and put out the last of the garbage and then, by 3:03, I was in the driveway on my way home. People talk about needing bigger cars, but I managed to put my bike in the back of my car, my sewing machine, SEVEN quilt sized quilts that need quilting, my steam press, my food bag, three bags of project stuff and my clothes. Oh -- and three boxes of thread and my office backpack. I could easily see out all the windows! If you are smart, you can put a lot of stuff in a small car!

Spring House Retreat

There was a picture hanging in the bathroom of a house that we think was the start of this house. And as I was leaving, I think I confirmed it. The wall between the kitchen and the rest of the house is massive so I think that was the original brick wall, meaning the original house was the kitchen and the primary bedroom. Then it looks like they built a second story, and then at some point, the single story sections were added. I would say the house had at least three additions, but inside, all looks seamless. It's a beautiful house. 

And there's plenty of seaitng area outdoors if you want. The veranda on the front, the fire pit area under a big tree at the front and a back patio! And never mind all the room inside! 

Oh -- each room has a sign outside the door and we staying in this room. The flying geese room, which was wonderful. A tad chilly for my liking, but wonderful because I had flannel PJs with me. While I was at spin class, I realized that the decorative cushions on the bed had FLYING GEESE on them. Shoot -- I should have taken a picture. I bet the other rooms had cushions on them to match the room name!

Our bedroom

I picked the back corner to sew in and I was able to unpack all my stuff and put it on this shelf. The top shelf had some books on it that belonged to the house and my thread boxes were on the next shelf. I couldn't even use them, since I had forgotten to bring stabilizer! A lot of that stuff on the shelf was my tools to do applique and I never got there. 

I unpacked my stuff!

I took two projects with me -- my Tula Pink Butterfly and Green Tea and I'm happy to report that I made significant progress on both. 

When I got home, I put the butterfly blocks on the design wall. Oh dear, I made a couple of goofs when putting the blocks together and I'll be doing a bit of switch-a-roo as I continue to work on it. 

My butterfly quilt

I managed to almost get all the pieced blocks for Green Tea done, which is huge, but I didn't get a picture of those. I hope to put that on the design wall later today and I have a LOT of applique prep and stitching down applique to get caught up!

I got everything unpacked and while unpacking came across two small bags of half-squre triangles that needed to be trimmed. I finished trimming those last night. 

Half-square triangles trimmed

And I had a few that were created from the butterfly quilt, so they got trimmed as well. 

More trimmed half-square triangles

There was one more bag of half-square triangles, so I will trim those another day. 

Well, I guess when I fell off my bike that I fell harder than I thought. Betwen that fall and that darn tree, my arm is NOT happy. I've using cold compresses, and any kind of ointment I can find to try and get some relief. Tea Tree ointment seems to be the best, but I just WANT TO SCRATCH. But I'm behaving myself and not touching it. OK -- occasionally, but not hard. 

My irritated arm

Hopefully, this will pass in a couple of days before it drives me mad! And I must have bruised that arm, but it's internal as I've not seen any bruising yet. It's very weird. I've become more sensitive to insect bites over the years. But that's why you have AfterBite!

I cranked out another 30 KM early in the morning yesterday -- that was another first at this retreat. I NEVER cycle on the last day, but since I was staying so late -- it was almost like another full day of sewing. 

And that's it for today -- I'll share the cat wrangling story tomorrow. 

I'm off to spin class. 

Hve a great day!


Sunday, August 7, 2022

Green Tea and Sweet Beans update

 It was bound to happen. I've been so lucky with all the bushwhacking I've been doing. Zero issues with plants that didn't agree with me. 

However, yesterday, I decided to explore a trail that wasn't good, and now I'm in trouble. Let's start at the beginning. 

I thought I'd go geocaching one more time, but I got about 3 KM from the house when I realized I did NOT have a pen. OK -- so maybe I'll go exploring and see if there's anything easy to get, and I'll go today to sign the log. The first one I stopped at involved bushwhacking, so I didn't pursue that one. 

The second involved going down this trail. This area doesn't believe in bike trails; it's geared towards ATVs, snowmobiles, or people more adventuresome than me. 

Although I will say that this trail started out a bit more civilized than the one I did the day before. 

The trail

That picture above is one of the better parts of it. I stopped for this picture and was SWARMED by mosquitos, so I got out of there as quickly as possible. However, I was brushing against the trees, and I don't know if it was just the irritation or if I actually touched something I shouldn't have, but my arm is so darn itchy that it's driving me crazy!

Itchy arm

You can't really tell in the photo how irritated it is, and to be honest, it doesn't look that bad, but it's darn itchy. Karen had some ointment which I used last night and then again before bed, and I wrapped my arm in a towel to not get ointment all over the sheets. 

A towel to protect the sheets!

Let's just say that it's a tad annoying. 

Yesterday morning, we watched the fog roll in and then row back out again, and it pretty much obliterated our view of the corn fields. 

The fog

Anyway, my bike ride ended up being a joy ride on the roads (34.6 KM), and it was glorious fun. I went in the morning before it got super hot! Gosh -- I love to ride, but I must get out more at home. 

Then it was back to work. My project is Green Tea and Sweet Beans - a class I'm teaching, but I'm far behind in the homework. 

These curved piecing blocks were cut but needed to be pieced. They are now done. Yeah!!!!

Curved piecing blocks

I'm still looking for enders and leaders and not having much success. This was the second attempt -- still too small for my liking. 

An ender and leader

The group thinks I have too many rules, but I DO NOT. My only rule is about the extra goodies, and good thing we didn't have any extra goodies because we've had a decadent dessert at every meal, and there's been no need to have those extra goodies! I've eaten well but NOT overate. 

But we have a rule that we've primarily respected, and it's NOT mine. At the table, we try to sit in a different spot at each meal, so we chat with someone else, although most conversations have included the entire table. 

We had left our napkins on the table in our new spot, and then someone went along and tidied up, and we had to pick new spots!

The dining table

What can I say about Spring House Retreat --- this is the fifth retreat house I've rented. Did you know that my first retreat was back in 2007 (I think that's the year)? And while I've lamented whenever one of them closed (only two have closed on us) and we're reluctant to move to a new place, you would LOVE this retreat house. It's huge, sleeps twelve, and can comfortably hold twelve people to sew. 

It's well equipped, and the owners are excellent and very helpful, including coming to my rescue when I needed newspaper the other night to dry out my cycling shoes. There is ample space to find some private space if you need it. There's a seating area outside under a large tree, the veranda, and the back deck. The bedrooms are large, the showers are amazing, and the kitchen is to die for! And plenty of parking, with many quilt shops within a reasonable driving distance. 

Would we recommend the place? Part of me doesn't want to because if I want to book, there'll be no room. But I LOVE the place and HIGHLY recommend coming here for a retreat. As a matter of fact, I've extended my two bookings for 2023 to ONE WEEK. Can you believe that? 

Here's one more Wanderer's Wife that got competed while here. This is Maryke's version, and this photo does NOT do justice to the quilt, and it's beautiful!

Maryke's Wanderer's Wife

I put all my Green Tea blocks on the wall to admire them. 

My blocks for Green Tea

They look pretty good, and I'm happy with the overall results. When I get home, I'll put them on my design wall. I hope to get all the pieced blocks done today. We don't have to check out until 3 PM, and I hope to be out of here by 2:59 PM. That never happens either, but it's only a one-hour drive home! 

I have a lot of applique blocks to do for the Green Tea quilt, so I hope to make that a priority this week, but I have other things to get done before I'm off on my big adventure. I'll explain that one later this week. 

Anyway -- time to get back to work, and I want to sneak in an hour bike ride today, so that'll happen this morning before it gets hot. 

Have a super day!!!


Saturday, August 6, 2022

Adventures in geocaching

 Oh my -- they will have to pry all ten of us out of this house tomorrow! In the past, we've consistently filled the retreat house with the maximum number of people, and we were pretty happy, although we were always cramped, especially for sewing. Then during the pandemic, only a few of us could go, and we liked the peace and having plenty of room to work. 

So this house can sleep 12, and we weren't sure if we wanted to fill it, so we came with ten. But it could easily hold twelve people, and for sewing with twelve? No problem with space, as this place is HUGE. 

We're usually waiting to iron, encroaching on each other's sewing space, or clambering over bags of projects near the tables. Not so here -- Someone has even left their project on one of the cutting tables, and no one has had to move it! And where is this gem?? It's called Spring House Retreat, near New Hamburg, and so worth coming. I think we could all live here!

The sewing room 

I also have quite a few new people (new to my quilting retreats) along this time, and you always wonder if the mix of people will work. Most of them "know" each from meeting on a Zoom call or a virtual retreat. And I'd say it's working fine, although we like to tease about voting Someone off the island. That has only happened ONCE, where I had invited a person along, and I was asked by several of the other group people that this person NOT be invited back. That was years ago at our very first retreat house. This one is the fifth that I've been booking. 

I don't call that lucky; I call that -- gracious quilters! We are friendly people, for the most part!

That doesn't mean that some of them don't have a mischievous side to them. Oh yes, we've had our fun. This retreat is no different. I forgot to bring some enders and leaders with me, so I asked everyone if they had something I could use to give to me. And this is one of the things I got!

An ender and leader???

So that's a half-square triangle, right? Look at the size of it! The seam allowance would take up most of the piece! 

I won't mention any names -- they know who they are! But now we have to be on our toes!

It's undoubtedly entertaining here -- there's a hummingbird feeder right outside one of the windows in the sitting area, and it's fun to watch them. Incredibly, they can flit and hover in place and are so darn tiny!

A hummingbird

And then there are the two resident cats. We were told they are feral, but I suspect they are just cautious. We've been able to let them approach us and were able to touch the tail or a quick touch along the back. Last night, I sat outside, and the cat (they are called Mr. and Mrs. Pickles, but not sure if that is gender appropriate!) came up to me, and I was able to give it more attention, but it won't quite come close enough for you to snuggle with it. 

Later, Katheleen sat out on the veranda, and it was getting close to trusting us. I think the poor thing is craving attention; it's purring like mad and comes when we are out but isn't quite sure who we are. They came with the farm, so who knows how long they have missed attention. The other cat thinks this attention thing is good but stays further away, so we can't even touch it. Maybe today? 

One of the resident cats

I managed to get all the sewing done on my Tula Pink Butterfly that I could. Good grief - that took so much time, so I'm glad I brought it with me. At last, I can start working on the other project I brought with me (I only brought two). 

Some of the sections on the butterfly quilt

Maryke and I walked around the property (with permission), and no crops were damaged in our walk. We had quite a nature hike as we spotted thistle...




Strawberry plants, raspberry bushes, apple trees, and lots of corn - look how tall that corn is. 

The corn is taller than me

We took the bug spray with us, but things were good until we got next to the woods. Yikes -- we braved it out and did not use the bug spray. And the final thing we saw on the walk was a garter snake! Maryke had her eagle eye out and spotted it - I just saw the rustle of the grass as it moved away, and that's good enough for me!!

It was a 3.5 KM walk which was perfect!

Then after lunch, I went out on my bike, and it was geocaching time! I know  --- totally crazy. And yes -- it was another series of adventures, and my shoes got wet again!

The first stop was in a cemetery not far from the house. Easy to spot the geocache, but just out of reach, and there is NOTHING to use to get up there. I tried standing on my bike, but believe it or not, I'm very cautious and didn't want to risk falling off it. And by this time, a couple was checking out a couple of the graves, and one of them was right in front of where I was standing. 

After they left, I spied this garbage bin. So I carried it back to the tree. Turned it upside down and clambered up, signed the cache, and was on my way! OH -- I did take the garbage bin back to where it belonged. 

A geocaching aid

There was another cemetery cache that was easy to get to. I LOVE those, and there were no bugs. 

An easy geocache with easy reach

Back down to the river, where yet one more bridge is closed. I don't think this one will be open any time soon. The roads are very overgrown, but I got the cache. 

Another closed bridge

I think I've traveled every gravel road near the house, but that's OK as there isn't a lot of traffic on those roads, and I have my touring bike that I road the Dempster Highway (800 KM of gravel) - so I know she can handle the road. 

And I love that Quad-Lock that I bought to hold my phone. It's stable, which allows me to glance at the GPS, so I'm never lost (on the road!)

Gravel roads

And then things got interesting. There was a cache on the roadside that Someone couldn't find last month. I was determined to find it, and I should have taken a clue from the reeds along the roadside. I gently tested my footing, and yes -- it was dry. Then I took one more step, and my foot sunk into ankle-deep water. I quickly stepped forward, only to have the other foot disappear into more water. Then I stepped onto dry ground. 

So if I had been more cautious, I could have jumped over that and been totally fine. But it's an adventure, and one must move on!

On my way home, I thought I'd grab one or two more caches. OH -- this one requires a bit of a hike into a wooded area. A half a kilometer hike! And I needed a MOUNTAIN bike, not a touring bike. There were ruts in the track; before I knew it, I was looking at my bike from the ground. 

A view of the bike from the ground

However, besides a muddy leg, I was good, and my phone hadn't budged from the handlebars!!! Love you, QUAD-lock!!!

Despite the horrendous mosquitos, I found the cache, which hadn't been touched in a while. 

The geocache

My goal in geocaching is 500 points over 60 days -- yes -- it's some kind of an incentive thing. I got two bonuses yesterday, and I'm now at 280 points, and there are still 57 days left!! Yahoo!!!

And I reached a milestone -- 600-lifetime cache finds! I'm pretty proud of that number because most were solo finds, meaning I was alone when I found them. Group finds are good and, for some people, more fun because they are in a group, but if Someone in the group is skilled at finding the, then what's the fun or the skill? 

A geocaching milestone

I'm going out this morning on my bike, but not sure about geocaching. I'll look for the tame ones with zero bugs! 

We had birthday cake yesterday as one of the ladies celebrated her birthday with us. I LOVE birthday cake, and this one was yummy!!!

Well, I've already started working on my Green Tea quilt, and I'm far behind in the homework! 

Time to get rolling. 

Have a super day!!!


Friday, August 5, 2022


So if I were to attend a quilt retreat in heaven, I would want it to be a super retreat. Well, I'm not in heaven, but I think we hit the jackpot in retreat houses. Yes -- I'm on quilt retreat again, and this one got planned simply because this new house opened, and I WANTED to be part of the action. 

If I were looking for the ideal retreat, this is it. It's hard to find fault with anything here. You can check it out - it's called Spring House Retreat. Let's see -- it's ONE hour from my house to this house. You can't beat that. The sewing room is HUGE -- there is room for 12 tables, so each person gets their own 6-foot table, and there are two very nicely sized cutting stations in the middle of the room, 4 ironing stations, and extra lights on the tables. 

There's a wrap-around veranda and lots of windows looking out on an active farm, and it's fantastic!! I did not get much sewing done yesterday, as I spent the day chatting and admiring the house, and I went for a bike ride. 

Yes -- the weather was unsettled, and it looked like it might rain at some point, and there was thunder, but what the heck? I brought that bike and was going out - I didn't care what the weather brought. Besides s, there was a geocache very close to the house, and I was getting it. 

I quickly found the first geocache, but I tell you, people must wonder why a cyclist is walking along a ditch looking at signs! I don t care -- I'm past the point of caring. 

Then back on the bike to find the next one, close to a closed bridge. I didn't see that one, so onto the next one, also near a bridge. And let's note there was ZERO rain at this point, although the sky looked a wee bit more threatening and there was more thunder. 

Here is the beauty of riding a bike. If you arrive at a location that is closed to cars, there's a good chance that you can get there on your bike. This happened on some o  my long bike trips -- the roads were closed for construction, but we could get through on the bike! And that is a bicycle -- not a motorcycle!

I parked my bike at one end of the bridge and walked across. 

Yes -- I would say that this bridge needs repair. The signs say the bridge is to be replaced, but it seemed solid enough as I walked across. 

A bridge in need of repair

And then I was off into the woods. Oh boy -- this will be interesting. And I have to say that I've been super lucky in all the bushwhacking I've done -- I've never run into a patch of poisonous green stuff, which is good as I'm not likely to be able to identify it. So I just foraged ahead. 

My bi e was parked at the end of that bridge

Then I spotted this sign. OH -- so this is some sort of trail, but definitely NOT maintained. I swear that I crawled over MANY trees while finding the geocaches! 

A caution sign!

And without too much trouble, I located the first geocache. 

The first geocache in a tree

Upon looking at the app, I realized that there was another cache in this area, and since I'm here, I might as well keep going. I happened upon this sign. 

Another sign on the trail

Let's just say that the terrain and the overgrowth got significantly worse. OH yes, I was deep in the woods, and there were some mosquitos, but it wasn't that bad. HEY -- I'm on an adventure, and one must put on your adventure cap and go for it!!!

When I finally arrived at the second cache location, I had my phone in my hand and got a text from someone at the house. Was I OK, and did I need them to come to pick me up? No -- I'm OK. I thought it a bit weird, but then I thought about it -- it wasn't the time, it was the weather. 

Then I stopped and listened and heard the rain coming toward me. I was in a very densely wooded area, and it was the coolest thing as I could hear the rain as it moved through the trees. I thought this could be a good thing or this could be a bad thing. When the rain did arrive, it wasn't as bad in the woods as if I had been standing out on the road. 

Hey -- I'm in this deep; let's keep looking. I was about to give up when I spotted the container!!

The second geocache

I tell you -- once you have invested this much time and effort, I did NOT want to give up, but I was glad to finally find the geocache. 

The woods were wet, so once I started back out, I knew I would get wet -- more from the wet foliage than from the rain. 

There's just one problem -- the blazes on the trees were non-existent, and so was the "trail." I use that term very loosely at this point. I certainly did not want to walk in circles, so I used my phone to walk back towards the first geocache, which wasn't too far from the road. Yep -- I was lost! 

It's so mu h FUN to bushwhack through the undergrowth and the fallen trees! NOT!!! But hey -- it was an adventure, so it was fun! My feet and shoes were soaked b  this time, but hey -- that's part of being on an adventure. It's all about the mindset!

Then I saw this - YEAH!!!! I'm back in civilization! 

A sign of life!

And then, finally, I found t e path. Only the first part looks this great -- the rest of it is not really a path. 

The path - the path!

And there are the blazes on the trees! I mean, the sign did say -- use at your own risk!

The blaze  on the tree

Number three --- I'm getting close!! Thank god for the geocaching app --- I'm not sure how quickly I would have gotten out of the woods without i 

Number three

And there I was at last -  out of the woods!! Now I know where that expression came from! But as I was nearing the road -- remember, this bridge is closed on both sides, I could hear voices. Seriously??? I left my bike on the other side of the bridge. Nope -- I passed a car, all right. Hey, where would you park if you were a young person with a girlfriend? That's their car at the far end of the bridge. I'm sure I frightened them as this cyclist appeared from nowhere and walked past their car and across the bridge. 

The closed bridge

They could NOT see my bike at the other end of the bridge. So after I walked across the bridge, I hopped on the bike and r de away!!! I hope they got a laugh because I thought it was hilarious. And by this time, the rain had stopped, so I didn't get super wet, but I had unpaved roads t  ride on, and when I got back to the house, my bike and I were dirty! I hopped in the shower, and all was great!!!

I love a great adventure, and I'll remember finding those geocaches, and I'll undoubtedly remember that bike ride!

Then it was time to get down to some serious sewing. I'm working on my Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt, and I need to start assembling the sections as much as possible. I have 3 units together as much as possible because the darn teacher (ME) hasn't assigned all the blocks yet!

My Tula Pink Butterfly quilt

Another thing I love about his house is the HUGE pantry cupboards in the kitchen. We each have a shelf and can put all our stuff away, so the kitchen stays as neat as mine does at home! Yeah! !!!!

The pantry in the kitchen

It would be hard to explain how amazing this house is -- you have to experience it yourself. There are so many storage areas and little nooks and crannies! And there's a hummingbird feeder right out the window, and yep -- there was a hummingbird yesterday!!! 
The hummingbird

I slept like a log in the basement bedroom with Dede. A good thing I brought those flannel PJs with me as the AC was cranked up, and it was COLD. But I was happy, and that's all that counts. This morning, I don't think the AC has come on, which I'm pretty excited about!!

Well, it's time to get the day started. I've already been sewing and hope to finish the Butterly quilt by lunch. I need to go for another bike ride and probably a walk! 

And yes -- Mary -- I already had my Vitamin D this morning! 

Have a super day!!!!


PS  --- Grammarly did something very weird this morning and there may be some weird typos in this -- hopefully I fixed everything it did!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Productive day!

I'm feeling pretty relaxed this morning! I'm going away AGAIN for a couple of days and I have to confess that I didn't run around yesterday trying to get a ton of stuff done and that feels AMAZING. 

I still have some paperwork to do, but could it be there's a light at the end of the tunnel? At least to get caught up on all the mundane stuff that has to be done? I doubt it because it seems the more you do, the more administrative stuff needs to be done. Or there is something that needs to be taken care of for the house and I'm trying very hard to keep up to date on that. 

I've also become OCD - OK. I'll admit -- I've just become my true self. 

When I get in the mood and the decluttering has happened in an area, do NOT put anything on the counter! While outdated, my kitchen has not much sitting on the counters or the kitchen table. 

The kitchen is pretty tidy!

The worst part is that I can't leave anything out now. If I come home, I immediately unpack whatever I brought home and put it away. If I have dirty dishes, they immediately go in the dishwasher. There were times when most of the surfaces in that kitchen were covered -- OK -- not the counters, but the kitchen table and the island would be covered with my crap. No more! And you know what? It feels exciting! 

It's easy to unpack stuff for two reasons. I'm doing mindful shopping, which means I don't buy anything that I don't have a home for and second, stuff laying around looks so out of place that you want to put it away - it doesn't matter how busy you are! 

I unload the dishwasher as part of my morning routine. But do you think DH could load his dishes in it? Nope -- they sit on the counter until later in the day. That's one thing I've discovered about men (after talking to my friends) that the husbands want things to look nice, but they cannot multi-task. It's one job to get the dishes to the ktichen and requires a whole different mindset to actually put them away! 

That's one thing I LOVE about Zoom. We have discussions about many things and sometimes our signifcant others are the topic of conversation! 

The bottom line is that if I got this one area tidied up, it's possible to get others done as well and then it'll be a breeze to keep it that way! I'm excited!

So I took my own advice and set aside the customer quilt that was going to get done and loaded my own. 

That is probably the fastest turnaround I've ever done on one of my own quilts! There were zero issues with it (I would HOPE so!) and it turned out super nice. 

My Among the Stars Again quilt

There's the quilting pattern on it. 

The quilting design

And there's the crazy back, but I don't care -- I'm just happy that I got to use up some of the extra bits. It's funny with that print on the left -- there's a rather promininet repeat on it which I never noticed until this photo! The quilt is trimmed and I'm waiting for the binding to come. There is ZERO rush for it. 

The back of the quilt

That took up a great deal of the day as that quilt is HUGE. BUT, not as large as this next one. 

I decided to attempt to get the two borders on my Farmer's Wife quilt. What a job, as this quilt is massive and you had to lug around that quilt top. It was a challenge to measure and I took everything off the cutting table to make it easier. I said EASIER, not easy!

Putting the borders on the Farmer's Wife quilt

But listening to a good audiobook to distract oneself is a good thing and by the end of the day, I had the two borders on the quilt. I think it measures 86" by 106". 

The two borders are on the quilt

That leaves the binding and the backing and to clean out the project box. I had two options for the binding, and have decided to go with the dark green. 

Binding options

But that will have to wait until I'm back next week. Don't worry -- I'll still be blogging and I'm going someplace new, so you can share in our "new" experience. 

The car is packed, something, I don't normally do until the morning I leave, but I'm taking my bike with me and I didn't want to deal with that this morning. So I ended up putting almost everything in the car, but I still have to walk the girls and have breakfast. Thankfully the drive is only one hour!

I have to say that when I put my mind to something, I can get a lot done! Amazing how that hppens, but I also think it's having the space to work properly and something to distract. Anyway, if I could have ONE day a week, like the last couple of days, I'd get so much done! I might actually get caught up! HA!!

On that note, I'm out of here! Before I go, how is the decluttering coming along? It's a long, horrid job, but if you don't start somewhere, it'll never get done. I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to have some tidy spaces in the house and can't wait for the day when the entire place is like that. Every little victory is another weight off my shoulders. My posture will love me for it. 

Speaking of posture, everyone tells you to pull your shoulders back, chin down, lower your shoulders, but people forget a very important step. Your pelvis and your hips. If you tuck your pelvis in and try to align your shoulders with your hip bones, your shoulders automatically go back and I find it's way easier to keep that posture than just do the shoulder thing! I'm trying! 

And Mary -- my new morning routine includes that Vitamin D! Thanks for the encouragmenet!

Have a super day!!!!