Monday, March 4, 2024

Prioritize, Focus, and WIN!

Someone suggested I run a defrag on my hard disk. Yes -- that's a good idea, and I must remember to do that. 

What I think I need to do is get myself organized first. I must write down each place where I have storage - how much I pay and what is stored there. There's Googe Drive, One Drive, and soon iCloud. I have Dropbox (which I need to cancel), my external hard disks, and my storage on the two computers. Wait -- there's also the phone and the iPad. Can you see the craziness of all this? And I need to identify what backs up to where! 

I need a plan to figure out what is what. But what mystifies me at this point is the email. What is filling up the email space to the tune of over 100 GB?? That's a lot of storage for emails. I know it's the attachments, but deleting some doesn't make a difference, so why is the file so large?

That will be something to contemplate while I walk the dogs! 

What ended up happening yesterday? I focused and prioritized as best I could, and I surprised myself. 

I decided I needed to get some work done on the Heartfelt Sampler as we have a class this weekend. I have cut all the remaining blocks, so I pulled out the trays with the cut pieces. 

Heartfelt Sampler - cut blocks

There were still SIX sets of blocks that had to be sewn. Yikes!!! In total, 45 blocks remained to be sewn. Then everything has to be laid out on the design wall, and I still need to cut all the background squares. A lot of work to do between now and the weekend. 

However, I managed to get one block set done. Technically, three blocks were already sewn, and the components of the remaining three blocks were done, so completing this set of six blocks was easy. 

One of six block sets for the Heartfelt Sampler!

And all the seams are nicely twirled on the back. 

Twirled seams for the blocks

There are only five block sets (39 blocks) to finish. 

And I managed to get one more block set done. As mentioned, all the pieces were cut, and one block was stitched. Before I knew it, the remaining five blocks were together. 

One more set of blocks completed!

So, four block sets are left for a total of 33 blocks. I will attempt to work on this quilt today during Monday's sewing. Whether cutting the background, laying out the blocks, or trying to complete one or two more block sets, I MUST work on it. 

Here are all the completed blocks so far!!!

All the stitched blocks!

While I was doing that, I also worked on the customer quilt. There's nothing more exciting than seeing this. 

The last row of the quilt

It was a giant quilt, but it quilted up like a dream. So, I'll trim that during Monday's sewing and prepare it for pick-up. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Do you use the Pony Express to send things? Our Monday sewing group uses it a lot! I have some things in the "staging" area at the front door that need to be picked up or moved along to someone else. Last week, someone dropped off a bag of stuff that needs to go to several people, so now it's my job to work a stage of the Pony Express. I need to look at what's there, as a few things have been there for a while, and see if I can move them along. 

A bag of goods on the Pony Express

Then I went to my meeting/dinner. Such fun to meet up with friends and reminiscence about cycling trips. While in that area, I had something to pick up, so I headed out to do that after dinner. And this is what followed me home. 

COMPLETE Cricut setup

It's hard to see in the photo, but it's a complete Cricut setup. Yep -- I bought it through a contact of mine. The owner has passed away, and the husband had no idea what to do with it all. There are five mats, a Cricut Maker, two presses, vinyl, tools, and a LOT of stuff. I know - I already have a Brother Scan and Cut, but I'm finding with the class that I want to share the Cricut experience with the group, and now I can. I need to find a home in Studio B for this and all the tools. I think I know the perfect spot downstairs, so I hope that will happen over the next while. 

Or, as someone mentioned a while back, I could make Studio U, the digital cutter/scrapbooking/journal-making area. That's a possibility!!! There's lots of room up there. Hmmmm --- what to do - what to do? I'd do it in a heartbeat if I had better internet up there. Now, I must call my provider to see what I can do. It would be amazing to have two separate areas. 

I had to go to Barrie to pick that up, so it was late when I got home, and I went to bed. 

I would be remiss if I didn't post a couple of pictures of the girls and a boy. Murphy is a good girl and quite tolerant of Bear, but this pushes the limit. Murphy knows that Lexi's food dish is OUT OF LIMITS, and she will NOT touch it. But Bear thinks it's his dish for grazing when he's done with his own food. 

MOM -- this is UNFAIR!!!!!

Murphy is quite upset at the entire thing and wants to dig into Lexi's dish, but she knows she's not allowed, so this is unfair!!!

But the two are inseparable! Well, they do the same things together. Look at this!!! And currently, they are sleeping in their dog's beds in tandem!!

MOM -- he's sniffing my butt!

Bear got a real bath yesterday as he was in desperate need, and I'm sure his mother would be quite distraught at his grey fluff! OK -- I have zero experience with washing a dog and tried. He looks better, but he's still not as clean as when M washes him!!!

GRANDMA -- you're not doing it right!!!!

And here's a quote for today. This is so true. I see many people almost paralyzed to make a decision and then second guess that decision over and over. The thing is, make the decision and go for it! If it was wrong, find the silver lining in that decision. 

You can't live in the past, and you can't change a decision. Learn to live with those choices and move on! That's my philosophy about decisions, and while I have made the wrong choice sometimes, so what? I move on and try not to repeat it!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I'm off to spin class, and the week stretches before me! I need to get myself organized with my list, which I did NOT do last night. So much didn't get done this past week, and now, adding in all those Zooms - well, we just do what we can!!! I refuse to STRESS about it because that will just make it worse!

Have a great day!! 


Sunday, March 3, 2024

Storage Woes

My storage woes are far from being over. Every place I look - Google Drive, One Drive, my laptop -- everything is red-lining! The biggest issue is I need help understanding what is going on. I have files that are sitting on my phone that are also sitting on Google Drive. Some of them do not download when I download from my phone, but I see that I can do that manually on the computer. I best try downloading today and then manually moving what doesn't come automatically. 

And despite deleting many emails, the storage space has not budged. Why is that? I see where some of it is an issue - when people send me pictures and do NOT resize them, those emails are enormous, but since I deleted all of last year (the homework ones), I should see a difference. Nope -- something is hiding somewhere!

What would be amazing is if I could figure out how to empty all those shared drives onto my backup drive so I could start fresh. I WILL figure it out, but I'll need some time. And time is NOT what I have this month. Tomorrow is the start of a HUGE marathon that will stop on April 1. Yeah me!

Something cute happened in the night. I woke up and had trouble going back to sleep, so I got out my phone to check a few things. I know -- I should not do that. Don't worry, I went back to sleep shortly afterwards. But while the phone was on, I could hear Miss Murphy enter the room. Oh shoot -- I should pretend to be asleep, so I turned the phone off. The next thing I knew, she had her paw on the bed. It was like she was saying, "Are you OK?" What a sweetie. I didn't acknowledge her, so she did the quietest little "Yip" as if to say, "I'm worried - are you OK?" I love it when they know that loud barking is not allowed, although that won't stop her if she spots a skunk by the front window at 3 AM. 

So I acknowledged her little "yip" and said, "I'm OK. SHH - it's bedtime," and she lay beside the bed and went to sleep. So did I. What a sweetie! Love you, Murphy!!!

Our kitchen has a pantry that we don't use for food. It's mostly stuff for the girls and the boy. Food, toys, etc, and my camera stuff. We also have pantry moths in that space, and I wonder if they arrive there because of the dog food or if they come in the dog food. I didn't find any infestation in the food, so they must just materialize. 

I had cleaned off the top shelf holding the camera equipment a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I'd look in another basket of camera stuff that was NOT on the top shelf and perhaps wipe down that shelf. 

Another basket of camera stuff

Oh boy -- there's a lot to be said about putting "like" things together. I found another digital camera and a case. The camera was placed in the electronic recycling -- OH -- I should also check for the battery charger and toss it in the box. I kept the case -- it has a belt loop and could be handy for hiking? I don't know, but I kept it. 

Another digital camera and a case

I found FOUR more unmarked open tapes, which I'll have to pay to have moved to a DVD. No sense leaving them for someone else to discover. I AM responsible for leaving this stuff in a mess. 

Four more open tapes

I found 2 more brand-new tapes, and they went in the giveaway box. The next thing I knew, the entire shelf was empty. 

Cleaning the pantry

Then I spotted a little nest of the pests, and well, everything came out of the pantry. DH was away in the afternoon, and I only seem to get this cleaning bug when he's not around!!!

The pantry is empty!

There was stuff strewn around the entire kitchen.

Tubs that were emptied and washed

Dog toys and treats in their baskets

The kitchen island was covered with stuff from the pantry

Little Bear just sat in this spot the entire time. Well, it was his dog bed, and he was happy to be part of the action, but he didn't have to lift a paw!!!

Bags of dog food and Little Bear 

The pantry - empty and washed down

I knew toys and treats were in there for the girls and the boy, but I didn't realize how much. So it's all sorted into "like" things -- toys, treats, and grooming supplies. 

Dog stuff

Look what I found! Why the heck would I buy TWO of these when she had not even touched the first one. Since the first one is almost toast, I have a backup. She's going to be so happy!

A backup toy for Murphy!

I found not one but TWO lunch bags with bicycles on them. This one is in the giveaway pile. I hate to give it away, but I have one, and while I used it all the time when we did in-person sewing, I don't use it any longer, and I think this one is brand-new. So I'll keep one, just in case! 

Brand new lunch bag to giveaway

I found more film! But that's OK -- I still have a film camera from my grandfather. I should load the film into it and just go have fun! Thinking about the picture before you take it might be a good thing. We're so used to snapping thousands of photos (and filling up our storage space) that it might be a good exercise. I think I now have TEN rolls of film - black and white as well as color. 

I found a container with empty film canisters. Does anyone want them? I was keeping them to use as containers to put my broken and dead needles in, but how quickly do they fill? Not quickly at all. So these are going to go! I put starch in another one for applique, and it's pretty handy as they don't leak. 

Empty film canisters

Well, one thing led to another, and when I got the pantry back in order, except for a few things I still need to deal with, I spotted the bucket by the backdoor with dog stuff. Well, I could clean that up as well. So I did and was shocked when I realized that someone had used it as a fire hydrant! The bottom was rather rank, so I washed it all down, took the stuff inside, and stored it in the pantry. 

More dog stuff in a bucket by the backdoor

I found harnesses that technically need to be tossed, so I'll remove the hardware and then toss the pieces. I wonder if anyone could use the webbing -- it's good in most places. But Murphy has gone through so many harnesses; it's crazy! She seems to have settled down now, so that's good. 

I took the bucket and put it on the old treadle at the front door. All the leashes and harnesses went in it. I'm not sure I will like the jumble, but let's see how it goes. It certainly looks neater. I may move it to the foot pedal, but let's see how this goes. 

A container for the leashes and harnesses

I had to stop at the pet store as one of my errands, and I spotted a long rawhide that I knew Murphy would love. So, on an impulse, I got it for her. She didn't know what to do with it when I gave it to her. There is ZERO reason to fear that Lexi or Bear would steal it, as they have no interest in that. 

At one point, I spotted her at the backdoor like this, so I knew she was trying to bury it. Let's face it -- it was two feet long. 

MOM -- I had fun  with the rawhide bone

Later in the day, I looked out the window and had to chuckle. She was trying to bury it. Well, she placed it against some rocks and was scooping dirt onto it. And this is what she looked like. Have you ever seen such a happy face? Oh, Murphy -- it's a good thing we love you!!!!

MOM -- I HAD FUN!!!!!!! 

Later, she had dug it up and brought it into the house. It was cleaned off by now. She chewed it in half, and I grabbed one half and put it away. I'm not sure what happened to the other half, but I heard her happily chewing on it as I went to bed. 

Look at this little guy. He got a leaf stuck to his butt, and it wouldn't come off. The leaf was fluttering behind him as he ran down the sidewalk. I took it off, but it was so cute. 

GRANDMA - I got a leaf on my butt!

OK -- I don't think you can read this, and I should have cut and pasted it, but I got this email - can you see the name FEISHANG. OK --- seriously? That's such an obvious fake - I had to laugh. 

An obvious SCAM email

But what was disturbing was that they mentioned Comfy Cases in the email and said they had great bags, just like the ones at Comfy Cases, but theirs were better. Comfy Cases is a charity that makes pillowcases for kids. 

Anyway, that went in the trash bucket, or maybe it was in the trash, and that's where I discovered it this morning. 

Well, I have a dilemma today. Should I quilt a customer quilt (needs to be done), or should I do paperwork (also needs to be done). And what about my sewing and the prep work for this week. Which one is a priority? Determining the highest priority is hard, but I think the customer will win today. 

I have dinner out, and I have to pick something up later today, so that will kill the latter half of the day. Not that I have time for either, but at least both are in the same direction! Always double up on those errands; it saves time and gas!!

DH and I are on a roll with the EXIT Game Advent Calendar. Two more puzzles last night. Both of them took some figuring, but between the two of us, we did it. So we are now on Day 20 of 24, and we've only looked at two clues -- the first one, which I had to last year, and one more. We don't always get it right on the first try, but we're getting much cleverer. I hope we can finish the last five days this month. We both have crazy schedules, and I don't know how much dinner together time we'll have. Let's see, but the goal is to finish the calendar by April 1. Good luck to us!!!

On that note, I'm out of here! Loads to do! So, what are you going to clean today? Or sew? There is ZERO time to dawdle on time wasters!! At least at my house!

Have a super day!!!


Saturday, March 2, 2024

Happy Birthday (one day late)

Today, there are two presentations, and both are as ready as they will be! There is so much to share with the groups, and I can only hope the message gets across. I get some questions and know that some are getting it, and well, I need to review for a few! The biggest issue with EVERYONE in any class is STABILIZER!!!! It's not that hard!!!! 

But all is good. Then I have nothing on the agenda until Monday morning, but I have eleven Zooms next week, one in-person event, Monday sewing, and a meeting. And that's the schedule more or less for THREE weeks. Yikes --- it's going to be insane. While I'm "up-to-date" with the homework, I may have pieced one of the blocks for the month, but I have to sew the remainder of the blocks. They are cut and sitting in piles by the sewing machine! 

There just isn't enough time to sew in a day!! Yes -- I could sew all day, but I like to break the day up and walk a bit, read a bit, and be entertained by the girls. An errand or two to do, so if I'm a bit behind, so be it! And I have THREE new sewing machines that need to be unboxed, and I need to do that today!

Let's not even mention paperwork. Every day, it seems to pile higher on my desk, and I'm trying to get to it. 

But I would be remiss if I didn't mention M. It was her 28th birthday yesterday!! Happy birthday!!!!

Photos of M

When I was cleaning up my iPad, I came across this collage. That is the ferry to Salt Spring Island (BC), and we've been on the ferry many times. The ones of her on the right-hand side were taken on a trip she took as an adult. The ones on the left were taken by us on a vacation! Who knew that she would end up living out there. 

Since she's currently on the other side of the world, right now, I technically wished her Happy Birthday two days ago!! So happy birthday M and I know you had a great day!!! Love you to the moon and back!! Little Bear says Happy BARKday!! 

I also forgot to mention that I found the sample I was looking for, and I found it BEFORE I left for my class. You know how in your head when you're looking for something, you say, I looked EVERYWHERE, and yet you can't find it. While walking Miss Lexi, I remembered another spot where I store samples and had not looked there. Sure enough -- there it was!!! I guess I should get better organized with my samples!

My missing sample

While I sewed for a good part of the day, it's not something I can share with you - YET! I was working on the homework for today, and it's ready to go. 

After dinner out, we came home to work on the EXIT Game. Oh - we were on a roll!! But again, we had to be a team to make it work. I may have come up with the ideas, but DH shouted out the first part of the process. Then I swooped in and came up with the answer!!

Since we were pretty cocky that we solved that one in less than a minute (a record for us), we decided to do one more. Hmm --- this one took a bit more thought, but we had it done in about 5 minutes between us. It was teamwork all the way, and it sure helped to verbalize what the clue was all about. Then POOF! The idea came to my head, and DH did the translation, and we were good! We have seven puzzles left in the advent box. 

The room for the EXIT Game puzzle

The puzzles are so clever - I cannot imagine how their brains work to develop these things. 

Speaking of Advent Calendars, I see that Stitch by Stitch has a pre-sale on their Advent Calendar, so if you want to get in on it, you might want to sign up NOW!!! I don't see it on their website. The information came in an email, but I'm sure they could help you if you called. 

Little Bear is so cute. He's an adventuresome little guy and never wants to cut his walk short. The others don't even know when I have to shorten their walk. Murphy is on high speed and doesn't notice. Lexi is in low gear and doesn't notice. But try to trick Bear? It won't happen, and for a little guy, he's pretty strong and stubborn!!

He loves off-roading in the forest, but yesterday he came home with burrs on his legs. This isn't the first time that's happened, and his hair is so fine it was entertaining to take it off. 

HELP! I've got burrs

I got home from running my errands on my walk (three on one walk!), and then we went outside for a while. The little guy hasn't figured out that if he waits at the door, I'm outside, and he can't go in when I'm out! 

Waiting to go in

What a little fluff bucket, and I guess he knows better because DH was in the house, but we didn't stay out long as I had work to do. 

And there's Miss Lexi in HER bed. Which is actually Murphy's bed, but they share that one. 

MOM -- I CAN see you!!!

I managed to transfer more books to the file folder, and now I guess I'd better buy some storage on iCloud since I have only the basic, which isn't much. Technically, the only things on the iPad are these manuals and a few pictures, which need to be transferred off. But I've spent a lot of time downloading and filing those manuals; if I had to do it again, it would take a lot of time. Thankfully, storage is cheap!

I've less than 20 "books" to switch into the filing system (from iBooks), so I'm making good progress. I will also delete all the apps I don't use, which is MOST of them. There are ZERO games on the iPad, and none will ever be installed. I know myself, and games are just a time waster for me. I had other things that waste my time, and I'm not going down that route. 

Even though I've charged my iPencil, I can't seem to get it to pair (no reaction), so I have to investigate that further. And someone mentioned a FREE drawing program, so I may check that out. I just want to play a bit. I guess that is my kind of time waster! 

I am such a liar -- I have a dinner thing tomorrow, and I have to pick something up! There goes the afternoon and evening! Oh well, that's OK. 

It seems like I didn't cross much off my weekly "to-do" list, but the week isn't over yet. So, if I'm smart, I'll take care of some of those things, so they do NOT get transferred to next week because there will be NO time next week. It's all about managing the time and resources and setting priorities!!!

Is anyone interested in attending a retreat (Shelbourne) for a few days between March 25 and 31?) It's a quilting retreat; you could come for two or three nights. Send me an email if you're interested.

On that note, I'm out of here to take the girls on their "short" walk. The short walk is almost as long as the long walk, but not quite. I don't want to risk being late when I have Zooms that start early. 

Have a super day!!!!


Friday, March 1, 2024

I'm a technology success story!!!

What a wild day!!!! The temperature had dropped, but it was totally bearable with the sun! Those who were able to come to the full-day INPERSON session for the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 3 went home with their heads spinning from the amount of information I spewed at them! The intent was to give them a broad overview of the capabilities, but we need MORE than one day!! 

I was fired up and had fun!!! Thanks to Brampton Sew n Serge for hosting the event. I wonder if there are enough people with EPIC 3 around to host a Zoom club? I do NOT want to take away from a shop hosting events. 

The girls and the boy were home alone all day, but they managed just fine. I think it is the "parents" who worry about them, and that's only because there is usually one of us in the house at all times! 

They were pretty hopeful that I would take them with me in the morning. WAIT -- they were just waiting for their treat! 

MOM --- we're waiting for our T R E A T S

But there are those best buds again. They hang out together so much. Murphy is going to miss Bear when he goes home. WAIT -- isn't this his home now? Possession is 9/10ths of the law? Sadly, he will go home, but he's stuck with us for a few more weeks. 

Murphy and Bear

Here, he is perched in one of his favorite spots when we're in the kitchen. After I put him on the sofa, he bound up there to survey his kingdom!!!

Grandma -- I'm watching you!

And Lexi --- what a girl. I think she likes sleeping under the table because she can rub her back on the edge. She needs an itching post. 

MOM -- I need a scratching post

They were in fine form last night. Murphy and Lexi were "fighting," and Bear was the referee. I finally had to stop it because I couldn't focus on reading for the noise!!!! Interesting about dogs making noise. I recently heard someone who doesn't allow their dog to bark. How does the dog tell them when they need something? Murphy got stuck under the deck a couple of years ago. The ONLY way I knew that she was stuck and exactly where she was was because she barked! They alert us to people dropping off packages who don't ring the doorbell, they let me know when they want to come in the house (one woof is all they are allowed), and so much more. That's like telling a child to be quiet; we all hated that! Nope  - sometimes my girls are a bit too noisy, but I'd rather a bit of barking than they not be allowed to talk!

I wish they could coordinate their in and out schedules, though. It's like they have a conspiracy against me. 

Lexi: Hey, Murphy. You asked to go in, and I'll ask 2 minutes later. 
Murphy: OK -- and then tomorrow, we'll switch it up
Lexi: Sounds like a plan. It drives Mom CRAZY!!!!

Someone was not happy. Actually, she's eyeing Lexi. They are like cat and mouse or that cycling pursuit sport where they watch each other to see who will make the first move! 

MOM -- don't disturb me - I'm very focused

And Mr. Snuggles finally calmed down. What a little goof. 

I'm exhausted!!!

And all is calm at last. It's funny that they all get along but do NOT want to sleep next to each other. Oh no!!!

The three-dog night

In case you're wondering, the one-car thing is going very well at our house. I drive DH to the train when he needs to go downtown to work. He'll take an Uber back, which works out just fine. 

We have put on 2,600 KM (something like that ) since November 27, primarily driving errands around the neighborhood (well, he does groceries on Sundays and takes his mother shopping). And I've done a few couple-hour trips. We do NOT need two cars. No one has lost their freedom to go where they want when they want. I knew that! 

However, I've noticed something. There seems to be an issue with the gas gauge. It's NEVER close to empty when DH is in the car, but that gauge drops like a rock when I get in! Why is that?

Almost on empty!!

With my other car, the fuel light would go at 100KM. The light popped on at 38 KM. That's cutting it a bit close if you ask me. I'm sure there's a setting I can change because otherwise unless you remember to watch the gauge, you could easily run out of gas. So I must look for that setting and change it. Perhaps someone else will notice it. Maybe he thinks we bought an electric car? 

So last night, I was too tired to sew, yet too wound up to go to bed. So, I dug out my iPad. I'm always telling people how I use it to store all my manuals, and I do, but what a mess. I have a love/hate relationship with my iPad. Apple is so darn proprietary it could choke you! 

I was all excited when I started doing this years ago. I can put the PDFs into iBooks and see them on the shelf. I could sort them by topic, and that would be great!! Ah -- not so fast!! If the book is not an Apple product, you cannot sort them in iBooks. So I had amassed a HUGE pile of books, and I had to sort through them to find what I wanted. It's not an ideal situation. 

A mess of PDFs in iBooks

I had learned that I could put those PDFs into folders, but I also struggled with that. I had files all over the place that needed to be sorted, which was a mess. I had duplicates of most things, and I was tired of it. 

My NEW file system on the iPad

So, I decided to bite the bullet once and for all and would SOLVE this mess. This was AFTER 6 PM, which is not my prime learning time. 

Guess what? I figured it out!!! Yahooo!!!! It was probably the reason that I couldn't get to sleep last night. I still have about 40 documents to transfer to the filing system. Yep -- there were a lot. 

It's super easy if anyone wants to know how to do it. In iBooks (I think that is what it's called), you touch the three dots under a title, and a menu pops up. Touch "Share PDF."

Share PDF screen

That gives you choices, and you select "Save to Files." 

Save to Files

Then, it was "easy" to sort them into folders. OK -- that took me some time to figure that out. For all the talk from people about how intuitive Apple is -- it is NOT!!!! But that could be a lack of knowledge from the operator. Anyway -- all that doesn't matter because I figured it out. How? I didn't even have to Google; I PLAYED with the buttons, and I PLAYED more with the buttons, and I tried different things, and VOILA -- I figured it out. 

So now the big deal is to get ALL of my PDFs onto the iPad. Then, ALL my manuals and guides will be in one place, which would be amazing. I know some are on my computer, and probably my laptop and I might still keep some of those on those devices - just to have them handy, but I'll soon wean myself off that and use the iPad. At least I can say I'm using it then. It is probably the most underused iPad in the world. 

I also want to get my iPencil working. Yep -- I bought one of those and have rarely used it. I did search Google to find out how to charge it, and I am missing one small piece. I can charge it through the iPad, but a small connector allows me to charge it through a USB. I know I have that tiny part in the house somewhere, but where? 

My iPencil

Here's one more thing about Apple, and it involves the Apple store. I wanted to download a drawing program and play with it. And when I searched, I found one that I had to pay for -- OK -- maybe later, but right now I want a free one, and there were several. I downloaded the first one (a coloring book style), and the minute I went to open it, it asked for a subscription payment. AH --- you should have said that on the search page. I deleted it. 

This happened twice. HEY -- if you want me to pay, ask upfront; don't let me download, and then ask. I will ALWAYS delete those --- be honest!!!!!

Well, there is a success story with me and technology. OH -- I can get frustrated with technology when I can't figure it out, and that iPad was a pain! Almost to the point where I'd just go to the website to find the manual and use that through the iPad rather than store it on the iPad. Well, I no longer have to do that!!! 

And all it took was a bit of finagling and a will to learn how to make the product work as I wanted. It's not that I don't understand technology; I want it to work in a certain way. I'm not an early adopter, but I push this stuff to the limit and try to make it do things MY way, not the way the company wants. I will NEVER buy an Apple book to use and sort it in the iBooks app. NEVER. 

OH -- I should mention that when you open the file folder system and click on a book? You can open it in iBooks to read it like a book (swiping pages). That's exactly what I wanted, but there is NOWHERE that tells you how to do that. I need to start my own YouTube channel on solving problems that NO ONE else seems to have the answer for!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. It's minus 4 right now, but by the time I finish the walk, it's supposed to be PLUS 4. What weird weather!!!!

Have a super day!!!