Saturday, January 22, 2022


And so another day at the retreat is over. Sadly, the end of the week is coming, and I'm not even looking forward to going home! We are an amazing group, and they are great to hang around with. OH -- wait -- we had one incident where someone (not going to mention any names) closed the door to the sewing room, which is an add-on to the house. Now in these frigid temperatures, that room became like an icebox overnight, and it took a long time to warm up. So we got that problem resolved, and it won't happen again, or that person gets voted OFF the island!!!

I've got to know these ladies a bit better, and all around, we've had oodles of fun. I did manage to get some work done for a writing assignment, so I don't have much to share with you, but you'll get to see it next week. 

I have LOADS to share with you as we worked on our journals in the morning. Not before I went to the grocery store and made a Tims run. I wasn't sure my car was going to start - it took a long time before the engine actually turned over because of the cold. This is a push-button start, and you don't really have the same control as with a key. I wondered if it would keep going and run the battery down, but after a few seconds of whirring, it kicked in. Then I had a wee bit of shoveling to do, and the snow was hard-packed. But I managed to get out, and everything was OK. 

Except when I got back to the house and distributed the drinks, only to find that they made a decaf coffee, not a tea for me. Sigh...................

At least we are getting some beautiful sunrises in the morning - cold but beautiful. It's cold again this morning, but the house is quite toasty - I was a bit worried about the sewing room, but it seems to be just fine as long as SOMEONE doesn't shut that door. Not even going to go there. 

The sunrise

Katheleen is just the best -- she brought a TON of journaling-making supplies for us. She was so organized; I can see why she was loved at her job before she retired. Anyway, we had loads of fun. THANK YOU, Katheleen!!! 

The calm before the storm

We got to sew our journal covers (made from paper) on the sewing machine. 

Sewing the journal cover on the sewing machine

Katheleen demonstrated how to put the pamphlet seam in the book to hold it together. A whole new vocabulary to learn and neve remind the new words that we made up to accommodate our feelings of the world around us. That way, we can talk and not offend anyone!!!! 

Katheleen demoing a journal making technique

Here's just a sampling of the paper that she made for us. Well, she didn't make the paper, but she created the vintage look, and WOW -- I have so many ideas now - I can't wait to get started using my own supplies. 

Paper to make our journals

I had fun with the sewing machine, creating little pockets to put writing tags in. I didn't finish mine as I'm going to add the tags as I write in the journal. This is going to become my gratitude journal. I need a good writing instrument to get started. Katheleen suggested a pencil, and that might just do the trick. 

My journal

After the journals were assembled, it was time to decorate the covers. This is what Helen Anne's looked like. So cute, and Tish had brought some supplies along, and she shared those with us. Helen Anne found a button with the letter H on it beside her little love owls. So adorable!!!!!

The cover of Helen Anne's journal

This is the cover of my journal. I kept it simple -- like me!1! And I got a little dog charm from Tish. I may add something more to my cover, but for the moment, it's done. 

My journal cover

This is one of Katheleen's journals. She brought a few to show us what she does, and she made one while we were here. Notice how the pages are falling out the bottom. 

Katheleen's journal cover

This is another one of Katheleen's journals. It is stunning and made from NOTHING, just ordinary paper supplies she has dressed up. Very clever. I felt like I was back in kindergarten, and there were NO rules. 

Katheleen's journal cover

And one more of Katheleen's where she has added lace to the book's spine. 

Another of Katheleen's journal covers

This one is Kathi's with birds and flowers adorning the cover. 

The front of Kathi's journal 

The back has lace and more flowers. Oh my -- we had fun with punches, paper, putting in grommets - the whole thing!

The back of Kathi's journal

This one is Tish's -- lots of little extras on that one. 

Tish's journal cover

Here are the little charm things she put on hers. She'll have to remove them to write in the journal, but they are easy enough to take off with a little clip!

The trinkets on Tish's journal

Here's the back cover of Tish's.  
The back cover of Tish's journal

OH MY GOSH  -- we had so much fun. Yep - this little merry band of quilters and journal makers had a blast, and it's not over yet. But look at the table. What a disaster !!!!!!  You know how it is, though -- the messier the space, the happier we are!

The table during the journal making process

Speaking of messy spaces, this is what my table looked like last night. Not too bad, if I may say so myself. That pile of hourglass blocks is diminishing -- I forgot to take a picture of my trimmed units -- that's for tomorrow.  And what???  What's in that glass at the bottom of the table? 

My sewing space last night

Yes -- that is a glass of wine. Kathi, Helen Anne, and I had a few glasses of wine, and then we all ended up in the living room chatting, and well, we solved the problems of the universe last night. So just call us if you need anything! 

My glass of wine

But it was awesome for all to sit and participate in ONE conversation, and the topics were varied. I can't believe how well we have gelled. It's been so much fun, and I was able to brainstorm about some quilting problems, and I got two excellent solutions. I'm ready to go home and try them out because this problem has been sitting in Pandora's closet, and I might just be able to advance it enough that I don't have a huge tub of fabric sitting there. 

Helen Anne and I went out for our walk, and it was a glorious day. Cool, but glorious as the sun was out, and we were dressed for it. But then Helen Anne and Katheleen went out for a walk to the end of the drive, and I snapped this picture of them. I love the silhouette effect!!!!

Helene Anne and Katheleen out for a walk

And on that note, it's time to get the day started. I made good progress yesterday, but I still have a lot of sewing to finish today. No writing today -- I'll finish it up at home tomorrow, but I want the pictures to be done. 

And if you ever have the opportunity to go on a retreat -- DO IT!!!!  Just pick your retreat people wisely, and you'll have a blast. 

Have a super day1!!!


Friday, January 21, 2022

Solving wprld problems

So the temperature has dropped, and it's a tad cool outside. Helen Anne and I bundled up and went for a walk, but we only went for one. It was chilly on the face walking in one direction, and on the way home, it was beautiful. If we could have walked in only ONE direction, we could have walked for hours. I know I didn't meet my daily goal of 11.5 KM, but I'm OK with that. I have cranked out a few extra KM over the past couple of days, so that took care of the weekly total, and this afternoon is supposed to be warmer, so we can go for a long walk today. 

We made a little side trip yesterday. We popped up to Thimbles and Things in Orillia. Yep -- it was a hike to get there, but well worth it. Some of the group had to drop stuff off or pick things up. I was looking for something in particular but didn't find it - it wasn't quilt-related, so I didn't suspect that I would find it, but it was worth a try. And it's been a long time since I haven't been to the store. 

I did buy a few things - some white fabric to restock my white stash, a black and white for my BOHO heart, and a few other small things. That "little" errand took up most of the morning! Yikes -- I'm NOT getting a lot of sewing done while I'm here, but I also have to do some writing, and that writing takes up a lot of time, but I'm OK with that. It's just nice to get away, although I notice how routine-oriented I am. 

I'm doing the same things here as I would when I'm at home. Only the location has changed, and I'm OK with that. I've got friends to chat with here - no watching the baking shows!

Here's what the sunrise looked like yesterday. 

Sunrise at Retreat at the Farm

At one point in the day, I ran into the cutting/pressing room and caught Helen Anne in the act. I don't think she even knew I took the picture. I'm not going to say much about her project until she's done, but it's amazing!!!!

Helen Anne taking a picture of her project

I did manage to get some of the hourglass blocks trimmed. The rest of them are still sitting behind the sewing machine, and when I have a few free moments, I sew and trim a couple of them. I doubt I'll finish them here, but if I don't, I'm OK with that. I've advanced them significantly, and that's all I care about. Steady progress forward doesn't have to be fast progress, but steady progress is good enough for me. 

My trimmed hourglass blocks

I have them all laid out by size on the window sill behind me. 

I also did some major cleaning of my table, and look how much neater it looks. Gosh -- I sure love having the same amount of space as I would at home, and it's set up pretty much the same as if I were at home. That's hilarious -- you can't change me and my habits!!!!

My sewing table at the retreat

I have shoved all my junk into the corner, but it's pretty organized; however, I have NOT touched much in the project bag!! Thank goodness I only brought one bag and one extra with the urgent project I'm using for the writing. It all works out. 

My project bag(s) under the table

What can I say, but sewing retreats are the best! We have an excellent group of people, and we all get along just fine. Thank goodness for that! And while we all keep in touch via our weekly Zoom calls, it's really nice to be able to chat with them in person. 

I need to get to the grocery store today, and I have a wee bit of shoveling to do to make that happen. That darn car is so low, and if I go through the hard-packed snow in front of my car, well, there likely won't be much left of my car. But I hope to make that a quick trip as I have LOTS that I need and want to get done today!!!!

Another thing of being at the retreat is just the plain silliness that goes on and unfortunately, what happens at the retreat, stays at the retreat, but let's just say that we've made up new words, solved the world's problem, and a whole lot more. How come we're not in charge of the world?

On that note, this is short and sweet - I'm on a roll with editing my other document, and I really want that done by 8:30 when I have to listen in on a Zoom call. 

Have a super day!!!!


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Journal making!!!

 A quick note about the snow back home. So the neighbor at the end of the street had complained about the snow plowing or lack thereof in front of her house. The level of service was deplorable, to say the least. She had been told that the backhoe would be back yesterday morning to clear her out. The backhoe arrived around 8 PM last night. 

And while he did a great job at her end of the street, this is what happened in our driveway. Are you kidding me?? We had ZERO snow for two days, and the backhoe found some snow to put in my driveway? Well, it's confession time. It's my FLIPPING neighbor who does this. She is too cheap to pay for a service to clear her driveway. She lives alone and can't lift the snow, so she dumps it in the street. And then, when the plow comes by, he passes her snow along to the next couple of houses. 

Let's say that I lodged a formal complaint against her with the city last night. I'm sick and tired of that, and I'm sorry, but if you can't maintain your property, then MOVE. Plain and simple -- just move. 

DH got saddled with the latest shoveling, but thankfully, it wasn't as bad as the first night, but still - I was a tad irked when I saw the photos. 

Snow in - AGAIN!!!

Those plow drivers have ZERO common sense in their heads. 

And all of this is happening about 10 feet ON THE STREET -- it's nowhere near my drive, but I need that little space open to get out of my driveway. Now that the temperature has gotten cold, those mounds of snow are there for the rest of the winter. 

This is the weirdest retreat ever. First, it's the longest retreat we've ever booked, so we decided to do some different stuff - more on that in a minute. But we've been here for two days, and NO ONE has left the house. Well, that's not true -- Helen Anne and I have been out walking, but NO ONE has taken their car anywhere!

That's hilarious as in past retreats; we're rarely all in the house at the same time! It's not that we are snowed in, although I think I might have to shovel a wee drift to move my car, and I shoveled the front porch step yesterday as the snow had drifted in there!

Helen Anne and I went for two walks yesterday. Both were just over one hour, so I managed to keep up my walking distance for the day. It's a tad colder today, so not sure, but I'm game. If I were home, I'd walk. For the most part, the roads are great - I see the plow just went by, so the roads are not too slippery or snow-covered - easy for walking. But the walk down the driveway to the road is COLD. The wind just whips up that road. If you can survive to the end of the road, you'll be OK. 

We were hoping to venture out today, and we just might do that. I'll check the road conditions before we go. With the wee bit of melt yesterday and the deep freeze, we now have black ice, and I really don't want to drive on black ice. Not an hour away, but I might venture out to the grocery store or do a run to Tim's. 

I didn't get a lot of sewing done yesterday. I made butternut squash soup for lunch. I had baked the squash before I left home, so all I had to do was chop the other veggies and cook them up. I didn't bring the immersion blender because I thought there was one here, and there was NOT, but I used a potatoes masher, and the soup was excellent. Not as smooth as it could have been, but tasty, and that's all that counts. 

The leftover butternut soup

It was my turn to make dinner, and I made chicken pot pie. I made it from scratch in the crockpot. So no crust required - I baked up Pillsbury biscuits which were just fine!! And the pot pie was delicious. I had precut the chicken at home, so it was super easy to chop up the rest of the veggies and throw them in the pot. So just to show you that I CAN cook if I want to. 

Chicken pot pie from scratch

OK -- I did get a bit of sewing done, but I also have to do some writing while I'm here. I'm making progress on that and hope to be done tomorrow. 

But we did something super exciting yesterday. We are so fortunate to have a journaling expert in our group, and Katheleen came prepared to give us a lesson and do something totally creative. 

The table looked like when Helen Anne and I came back from our walk. The table was well stocked with supplies. That looks so inviting - I couldn't wait to dive in! I tell you -- I sure have the best friends!!!  A HUGE THANKS to Katheleen for organizing this. 

The calm before the storm

And there we are - getting our hands dirty!! Cutting up paper bags, cutting and pasting was positively like kindergarten, and it was so much fun!!!!!

Happy journal makers!

Here's one of the pages that I was working on. Lots of collage and so freeing. I had to laugh as some of us ended up with many words on our sheets; others had different colors or motifs. But I like words, so it doesn't surprise me that this happened. 

My collage piece

And before we were done, it was total chaos. There was paper and stamps, and ink and brushes everywhere, but the five of us were in total heaven. We think we might even schedule a SCRAPBOOK-only retreat. Yep -- I'm in!!!

KIndergarten for adults

Tish had stuff on the floor. 

Tish's stash on the floor

My excess stuff was on a chair. 

My stash on the chair

And we parked the garbage by Helen Anne to grab those tiny bits that we really didn't need to keep. GASP -- we actually threw stuff away? Yes, we did, but not until we asked our fearless leader if it was OK!

The garbage for the bits

We hope to get back to it today, as everything we did yesterday had to dry. None of it was sopping wet but needed to dry before creating our journals. I can hardly wait!!!!!

In the sewing room, well, thank goodness we each have our own table, although I will say that it looks like my bags exploded on my table and they haven't moved. There is stuff everywhere. I see Katheleen's eyeglass case trying to staunch the overflow, but sadly it doesn't have a chance!!! Although it does seem to be holding things back from the bell, which I keep accidentally touching, and then it rings. NO - I don't have a finished project - just accidentally hit the bell again!!!

My sewing table overfloweth

It looked just as messy at the end of the day, and it looks the same this morning. My computer is set up beside the sewing machine, but still!!  I hope to get some of it tidied up today. 

Still messy this morning

But seriously, I've been a bit scatterbrained this retreat. It didn't help that I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen, where I was either cooking or making journals. And then a good part of the rest of the day was divided between walking and the computer. Today will be different unless we decide to venture out. That errand will take a couple of hours, so we'll see how the roads are before we venture out. 

I'm still sitting in the sewing room in the dark! I see Helen Anne is now up, but the rest of them are tucked in their beds! Which is fine -- I might take a nap later today as I was up early trying to get some computer work done. 

Have a super day and stay warm!


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Sewing retreat!!!!

I got up yesterday, looked out the window, saw my tunnel through the snow was intact - YEAH! I gave the dogs a quick walk, and we were on our way. My car is small, but Kathy and I managed to get all our stuff in the car. I don't think we could have put anything else in there, but it doesn't matter -- it all fit!

The roads were fine, and we made good time getting here. Yep -- we're at a sewing retreat! And we're here until Sunday!!!!!  Yippeee!!!!  I really like this new house that we are staying at. Retreat at the Farm if you want to check it out. The price is right, the location is right, and it works for us. We are only five, so we're keeping with the current rules, and it's actually quite nice because we each get our own bedroom and sewing table. No squishing together. I think we may need to go to five in the future! It's also way less drama, although I think it depends on the people who come. Some people are just busier than others!!!

We have a great group of people here this time, and it's going to be so mellow. Plus, we have other things planned, and I've got some cooking to do today. So all is good. And if we get snowed in? What do I care?  I've got my portable office, and I'm doing some writing and have access to all my documents on the internet -- I'm in good shape. 

And I think Helen Anne should be allowed to come to all retreats. She's a walker!!  She is on our Cross Canada walk, and well, we went out for a walk yesterday, and we were gone for two hours! We walked at pretty much the same pace, and it was fun to have company for the walk! 

Later I looked at my FitBit, and I was 20 steps away from a neat number. So I walked to the kitchen and back, and oops -- I overshot the mark by a wee bit. 

My FitBit stats for yesterday

No matter -- it was a fun day, and those steps translated into 15.6 KM.  Wow  --- that's good!! 

I love technology. I've got the radio streaming this morning on my portable speaker, and I've got my playlist on Spotify! All the technology comforts of home, but away from home!

I did get some sewing done. I had to get some sewing done and then write about it. I realized this morning when I was proofing that I needed to take some more pictures. That's first on the list of things to do today. Once that post gets uploaded, I'll work on the next one. What's so nice about technology is that I can work while I'm away!!!

But I did spend the evening sewing on this. It's a bunch of big triangles that I had leftover from making borders on quilts, and I had joined them into half-square triangles. The idea was to sew two half-square triangles together to make hourglass blocks with them. 

There are many of them, and I drew the guideline on them (no laser on my sewing machine!), and the first seam is done on them all. I left them in a pile at the back of the sewing machine. 

Sewing up leftovers into hourglass blocks

I'm going to sew a couple, then trim them, so I don't end up trimming all the units at once. That's boring!

They will be scrappy -- well, there will be matched pairs, but no great quantity of any group of fabrics. But as I said, these are the cutoffs from joining strips of fabric for borders, so there are about 8 of each grouping. They can't all be trimmed to the same size, so I have a selection of sizes for the trimming. I have a plan for them, and I'll start sewing them together one day. 

Finished hourglass units

So Tish is taking the Bob Ross thing to the extreme. Yep --- she has Bob Ross socks!!!!

Bob Ross socks

I had a great sleep last night. Likely a combination of the shoveling the day before, the relief of getting to the retreat, and the long walk! I don't think it's too cold outside, but that wind!!!  WOW -- I can hear it whistling around the house this morning. But we have a special activity planned for this afternoon, so we may have to go for a walk this morning. 

Oh -- if I thought I had it bad on my street with the snow, my neighbor at the end was in a much worse situation. The plow didn't even get near the end of her driveway. At least 15 feet, if not more, from the end of her driveway that wasn't plowed. She's right at the end of the dead end. I mean, this plow driver was totally out to lunch when he plowed. It was the worst job I've ever seen. And all he had to do for Rhonda was shove the snow up into the forest entrance like he did with the rest of the snow. I mean --- what was the issue? I think the city got complaints from many people on our street and they are supposed to be back this morning to fix it. Let's pray for a miracle. 

Oh -- thanks to Stephanie, who alerted me that there is a quilt of mine in the latest issue of McCalls' -- March/April. It's a Storm at Sea. This quilt got stuck in the UPS system for almost 4 weeks last September!!!! 

And that's it for me today!

Have a super day!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Snowed in!

OK -- today is going to be just about snow! We had a massive snowstorm yesterday and went from Winter watch to Heavy snowfall to Blizzard warnings on the weather app. Oh my -- whatever did we do before we had the weather app? OH -- we looked out the window or went outside to check the conditions!

I was optimistic when I woke up and saw the snow, but after about one hour, I realized that the snow was coming down hard and fast, and there was NO way we were going to hit the roads. Heck -- it took hours and hours to shovel the driveway and unearth the car.

This was the scene out the front window in the morning. We couldn't see the end of the next street, which isn't that far away. After hearing reports of closed highways and cars/trucks/plows stuck in the snow, I wasn't budging from the house. 

Blizzard conditions

Instead, we all connected through our weekly Zoom sewing group and had a lot of fun! I went out and shoveled for a bit and then came back to join them, then off to shovel some more. It was too much to shovel at one time. 

How much snow did we get? LOTS. This picture is of our driveway looking down from the window over the garage. There was snow on the window, which are the spots you see. That dark line on the left is the bottom of DH's car, and the dark mark that is pretty much in the middle of the picture? That was the mirror of my car. Completely buried!

An aerial view of our driveway with two cars in it

When I did start shoveling out, this is how much snow was on the car. This is the back of it, and you can see that it was pretty much buried under at least one foot of snow!!! I literally had to shovel the snow off the car, the roof, the hood, the sides - it was that deep, a broom or a snowbrush? Totally useless in this case. 

The car is buried

And funny how the snow drifted around the house. This is the snow that accumulated on the roof over the front step. 

Snowdrift on the roof of the front step

If I didn't get enough steps clearing the driveway, I went for a walk. Good grief -- that was a challenge, to say the least. I had to trail blaze a path through the forest, and the multi-purpose trail and some sidewalks were plowed, but that had been hours earlier and were a slippery, snow-covered mess. In total, I did 15.3 KM, and only a small part of that was an actual walk. 

Trailblazing through the forest

The snow was pretty deep through the forest, but hey -- it's all in the spirit of being a Canadian in winter!! 

Deep snow through the forest

Let's just say that there were two delighted girls. Well, they weren't happy because I didn't take them for a walk, but they played outside for hours, so they didn't need a walk. 

Lexi had laid out there for a bit and had no issues with the snow covering her!

Snow-covered Lexi

Then after I cleared some snow off the deck, she proceeded to sleep against a snowbank. What a silly girl!!! But her fur coat is so thick, I bet she didn't feel that cold snow at all. 

Just hanging out in the snow

And then we have menopausal Murphy. She doesn't have a lot of fur on her tummy, and this is her favorite snow pose. 

Menopausal Murphy

And after I shoveled the deck, she managed to find a stick and was happy. I might take them to the end of the street and back this morning. It won't be much, but at least they will get out for a walk. Not that they need it. 

Murphy with a stick

I don't even know how many times I went out to shovel - DH did help some. But what a job. It was one of those jobs where you could NOT contemplate the entire task. You just had to start and don't think about the enormity of the job. I had to laugh because, at one point, I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled, and it didn't look like I had removed any snow, and I was still in the same spot!!

And at the end, my driveway looked like this. At least one foot of snow on the street, and I have about a 6-inch clearance on my car - do the math! I wasn't going anywhere until the road was plowed. And if I did make it over this 30 feet of snow to the deep ruts that others had carved in the street, I wasn't going to make it anywhere. I don't know how many people spun out on the street and had to park their cars elsewhere and walk-in. There is a slight incline right at the curve in the street and this kills people every time. 

The end of the shoveled driveway

I had to laugh last night before going to bed. The driveways were shoveled to the street and no further - waiting for the plow to pass. 

Driveways were shoveled, but the street was not cleared

I'm in bed, and it's about 9:3,0, and I hear the plow pass. Oh my gosh -- what is he going to do with the excess snow? They usually pass around 1 AM, so this was early. 

The first pass of the plow

We don't really have a plow on our street; it's heavy equipment. 

The snow-clearing equipment

When it was all said and done, he left the five houses on the curve with a HUGE windrow of snow. This is about 10 feet wide, and at the peak, it was four feet high. We watched out the front window, and DH was furious. It was a bit excessive, to say the least. And we watched as he very carefully kept the other side of the street clean, with a minimal windrow. All he needed to do was take one or two more passes and move that excess to the opposite side of the street where there is NO driveway. 

The windrow at the bottom of the driveway

See what I mean??? The windrow on the other side is puny. 

Hardly any excess snow on the opposite side of the street

The neighbors started popping out of their houses to deal with the mess, so I decided I should as well, and then I wouldn't have to do it this morning. 

OH MY -- that pile was HUGE. A bit daunting, to say the least, but one shovel full at a time. The neighborhood was outraged at what the plow had done. Don't worry -- I sent these pictures to the city!! I hope the others do as well. I get it that there was excessive snow, but to clear the opposite side and leave us with this? That's ridiculous. 

I did NOT shovel the entire width of the driveway -- just enough for one vehicle to pass through. The young guy from next door was also out last night, and when he finished, he offered to help me finish. I said, "no, he didn't have to." But he insisted, and the last of the snow was quickly removed. Thanks, neighbor!!!

The escape tunnel

Before going in, I took a picture of the curve. It's hard to tell in those photos, but that ridge of snow is about 4 feet high, and it's about 10 - 12 feet from the ends of the driveway. The three houses in the picture got hit badly, and the snow ridge starts about 12 feet from the end of their drives. The one guy was not happy and didn't even bother to shovel; he complained to the city as well. I know one of those houses may be for sale soon   -- perhaps we should show any potential buyers this picture before they buy!

These houses got hit bad! 

But this weather always makes me laugh. Well, it's people's reactions to the weather. Two ladies in the rental house were trying to dig out their van and proceeded to put all the snow in the street. One person who had to walk in told them to forget it. They were not going anywhere. Indeed, neither of them is very good at driving. Why would they want or need to go out?? Could they not judge the conditions? And they were useless at shoveling, and their van was idling while they did it as if they expected to get out in a few minutes. 

And then there's the guy across the street from them -- he gets stuck every year in the snow. Why?? Because he's an idiot. Again -- was there a need to go out? Could they not evaluate the depth of the ruts and realize that they weren't going anywhere? Did he not learn from experience in previous years? When I walked past him, he was stuck in the street, and. I noticed later that he had managed to back up into his driveway and didn't go anywhere. 

So the plan is to pack the car this morning and head out. There is less snow where we're going, and I can't wait to get on the road. I just have to laugh because usually, I'm not in the car, and the day we have the storm of the century, I need/want to go somewhere!  

My wrist and left arm were a "bit" tired last night. No wonder after the snow that I shoveled. How many tons??? But I'm OK this morning! Thankfully, the snow was heavy, but there was water in the bottom layers. So best to get it dealt with yesterday than today. 

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a good day, and stay safe if you have to shovel!!