Monday, July 31, 2023

Pamplona to Puente La Reina

A new city and a new day!! 

So I'm not compaining, I'm explaining. What does one do about the snorers? 

I had a great conversation last evening with a man from Holland who was riding his bike from his home to Santiago. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's and wanted to do the trip. That's why one should never wait - you never know what life will throw you, 

 Last night, I stayed in an Albergue that was in a converted cathedral. there were 112 beds on two floors with no real separations. There is little modesty on the Camino, but it's doable. When I arrived at my bunk at 9 PM, this one guy was sawing logs like he was a lumberjack building a house before a storm. And he did NOT stop. I don't know why someone didn't tap him on the shoulder and get him to turn on his side, but it was loud. I had been warned about this guy and the rumors were 100% true. 

When I got up this morning, he finally stopped snoring once he turned on his side. When I left at 7 AM, he was still fast aseep and totally unaware of the chaos he created. 

Now I have good ear plugs, so I did get some sleep, but even with those, you could hear him. I was on the top bunk, so not easy for me to get out and slap him around. OH-- sorry. But seriously, if you are that bad of a snorer, perhaps you should book a private room. I hope I don't run into him again!

I'm paying 7 euros more tonight, but got a realy nice place. I stayed here last year and there are four in one room. FOUR!!!  What a luxury and only two so far and that might be it. We have our own bathroom!

Now here's another beef about people on the Camino. What's with  the alarms? 5:30? And then he left his phone on the top bunk while he went to the bathroom and the damn thing rang again!!!  Thankfully it quieted down after that and I got a bit more sleep. I don't know why people need to get up so early!! There are PLENTY of spots at all the albergues, so thereˋs no need to rush. 

Anyway, I left the albergue at 7 AM and walked through the streets of Pamplona which was practically deserted at that time of the day. The signage is so awesome that youˋd have to be totally distracted to get lost. And then just as we were at the outskirts, there is was! The wind turbine farm on the ridge and it seemed so high and so far away and we had to cross that ridge. 

So from time to time, I got a view of the turbines and yes i was making progress. Thankfully the incline is not too steep, but veey manageable, so no issues and then I was UP! The view is stunning up there and it was windy! Snapped a couple of pictures and had a wee rest and then I was off. 

Now I had to deal with the descent which was not going to be pretty if my memory served me well. Letˋs say that healthy feet can make a huge difference. Last year, every step was like walking on glass and it seemed to take forever to get over that section. Today I was like a mountain goat and scrambled down like it was nothing! Again, I did NOT miss the walking sticks. I think they held me back too much and I relied on them for support when I didn't really need it. 

My knees were fine - OK-- so after a bit, they werenˋt happy, but nothing I can do about that. Iˋve got drugs! 

The rest of the day was mostly downhill and a decent pitch, so there were no more problems. 

The terrain was so varied - we mostly walked on paths, some very rocky, some nice and some shade, but not as much as there has been in the past three days. We crossed some major roads and then through a corn field and I was here. 

OH-- I got to walk through the fields of sunflowers. Last year, they were already desecated when I walked throught, but I got to see their sunny faces looking at the sun! Very cool. 

I'm so glad I have a decent walking pace as it allows me to get in more or less around noon and I'm leaving a bit later than last year. This does't drag the day out and if you want a nap or need to get the laundry done, there is plenty of time for that. And then there's the posts to Facebook and the blog. 

I just wouldn't like to be out there for hours and hours!!! 

I guess we need to be ever vigilant - two people were the victims of theft in Pamplona yesterday. But serioulsy -- I would NEVER leave my money unattended. I take my money pouch everywhere - even to the shower. Trust no one. Apparently there is a safefty polie force just for the Pilgrims. They were just here and I got a card to scan for their app - just in case! 

So Iˋm on my second beer as I sit on the patio at the albergue. Itˋs a beautiful spot and well worth the extra 7 euros!!!

And I remember last year, how much time I spent doctoring my feet and I donˋt have to do that this year. What will I do with all my time.

On that note, Iˋm out of here. 

Have a great day!!


Sunday, July 30, 2023

Zibiri to Pomplona

 So here I sit at the same table as last year to write the blog but the outlook is so much brighter. Let's say that I learned a LOT about shoes. I did use my blister kit (needle and thread) yesterday, but it was NOT for me. It was for someone else. I felt happy to use it in that way and not on my own feet. 

I wore a pair of the same socks I brought last year (good quality, name brand hiking socks) and they performed like a charm. I am applying a cream to my feet each morning and I don't know if it's necessary or just the larger shoes will suffice. Since I have the cream with me, I'll continue to use it. Once it's gone, I'll see if I get more. I acually have three containers of some form of cream, so I'll use it all. Then it's less to carry! 

I did stop once just to check what i felt might be an issue, but it was nothing and that felt amazing. You have no idea how happy I am! And learn to do that heel lock tie if you're going hiking or a lot of downhill. That is saving my toes. 

It's interesting to walk right now as I remember everything from last year. In a few days, it'll all be new to me. But I'm OK with that. This has been a good way to get back into it without much stress. 

I tried to hold back from leaving this morning, but it was still before 7 when I left. There was no breakfast which I knew, so I had bought a croisant last night. And I had my snack bar of the day with me. Well, of course I did. I have everything I own with me!!! The restaurant was not open when I passed - I guess Iˋm walking a bit faster this year, but itˋs also Sunday! The food truck was not in place either, so it was a skimpy morning food wise. 

Here I am making sacrifices! Well, itˋs not sacrifices but when Iˋm home, Iˋm etremely regimented on eating. I need snacks. Here I had to eke out that snack bar over several hours! And at home, Iˋm always in my grey sweatshirt, but if I wore a sweater here, then Iˋd have to stop to put it in my backpack when I didnˋt need it, so I wore short sleees. Yep - I survived that also.

Iˋm getting into relax mode and thought of Murphy and Lexi, as there were loads of dogs (the locals out walking) and they would have loved to bound along the trails. I did not bring a stone representin a burden from home, so I thought I would pick up a stone every day and carry it for a while and think about some issue and then leave it on a marker. Today, I picked patience. Well, within 10 minutes, I needed a bite of that snack bar, so the stone got tossed. So much for patience!!!!

We followed a river for a good part of the day - sorry I can't remember the name. And the trail for the most part was excellent. I think we still climbed 350 meters or something like that. It is NOT flat to be sure. 

We folowed paths, roads, climbed hills to bypass parts and descended on the other side. HEY-- I have met no Americans or Canadians yet. Now why is that. People are surprised that we would come all the way from North America to walk the Camino. They think it's expensive. Well, there are people here from South Africa and Australia which are a lot further away. 

My backpack is performing beautifully and there is nothing that I would change. WAIT--- there is one thing I wish I had packed. I thought of it but didn't. What is that? an eraser!!! I know - I started a suduko yesterday and it is hard and I need an eraser! Well, that's a first world problem!

So while I was the first to arrive at the Albergue today, a cathedral which was converted to beds, I got the top bunk. Shoot -- I should have stood back in the line! No worries -- it's one night and at least there are places to sit outside or inside, so I'm not worried. 

Don't forget that you can check out some photos on Facebook or Instagram if you want to see. 

I'm off to explore Pomplona a wee bit. Last year, the extent of my exploring was to the pharmacy and back 

I will say this every day --- if you have a dream or something you want to do --- book it in your calendar and do it. Life is too short and we will find a miriad of excuses not to do it. Oh yes -- my knees hurt today because I didnt take a break, so I learned a lesson. I'll take a better break tomorrow and not push out 30,000 step without a significant break going forward. 

My sentence of the day (which I forgot yesterday)

I walked in solitude and silence, except for the underpass. Who can walk under an underpass without yelling. My feet are HAPPY and that makes me over joyed. 

My sentece for yesterday 

The descent that I was dreading sure looked a lot less rocky and a lot less steep when my feet were happy. That was the first test and I passed with flying colors. Great weather.

Have a super day!!!


Saturday, July 29, 2023

Rosesvalles to Zibiri

 And another day is in the bag!! I have to admit that I was NOT lookin forward to the descent into Zibiri. More on that in a minute. 

Started off walking alone again and loving it. I walked and chatted with a couple of people a couple of times and that was good. It broke up the day a wee bit. But I admit that I'm thinking of absolutely NOTHING. No one from home (sorry everyone - sorry Murphy and sorry Lexi). I think my brain just needed to have some major quiet time and this is what I'm getting. 

The terrain was much smoother today, minor ups and minor downs, except for the last bit. My feet were happy, although I stopped once just to check. I put a bit more cream on and all seemed to be OK. 

Now don't die when I say this, but I did NOT look at my FitBit ONCE. I checked the time a total of three times or something like that. I did NOT check my KMs against those on theh sign posts. This is NOT about getting there first or getting there last - this is about getting there when I get there. 

I felt so MUCH better not looking and knowing what was happening or how much further. It was fun just to walk. 

A lot of the day was in the shade so that was good, although I did dig my hat out at one point. So here was a decision I made that I think has worked for me. It's all about the walking sticks. We all them poles, but everyone calls the sticks. Last year, I had one and I used it so much because of my feet issues that I got a blister on my hand. 

This year, I decided to go stickless and I have zero regrets even after the descent today and with those old knees. I have changed my gait to wider on those steep descents which seems to work well. I'm also going for it. Don't be afraid and walk like an old lady - walk with confidence and the body will come through. And it did. Oh -- trust me,not without some ouches along the way but for the most part --- it was all good 

I bounded down that horrible part like a goat! Perhaps it's my Hoka Speedgoat shoes!!!

Plus, I like to have my hands free when I'm walking and no danger of tripping over the darn sticks!

Now here's an issue I had today. We are walking through some beautiful countryside and why or why would you ruin that by talking on your FLIPPING phone. Yep - at one point, this guy is talking so loud that it was annoying and he wasnt paying attention to anything and switching the phone from hand to hand. I simply stopped and let him get ahead of me. I couldnˋt take much of that noise. 

But there is KARMA because we are in the same Albergue tonight and I got the bottom bunk and he got the top! I passed him just before we got into town. He was messing with his sticks!!!! 

The other annoying thing about the sticks is they are NOISY, especially if the rubber tip is gone. TAP TAP TAP. ACK!!!!!   So I let those two people pass me as well and I hung back. Yep - I passed them on the rocky descent as they tried to use those sticks to get them down and it just took way longer. 

OH --- someone asked me when I started to have problem with my feet last year and I guess I have to acknowledge that it was the first day!!!  Yep -- today I passed a place where I remember stopping to take my shoes and socks off to check the situation. So it was from the get go, which will happen if your shoes are TOO SMALL. And not laced properly. Oh my --- I've come a long way!!!

That does not mean I'm out of the woods. Not by a long shot -- I'll be monitoring them constantly to see what's happening until they get a bit of this trail under them. But even then, I have to be super vigilant and be in prevention mode, not healing mode. It's hard to heal blisters when you still need to walk. 

And I think the reason, I so disliked that descent last year was that each step was painful this year, it was not. A HUGE difference. 

And my final beef of the day is the toilet paper along the route.  OK -- itˋs not every foot or so, but still. Ladies -- if you need to be out in the wilderness, camping, hiking or whatever. Buy yourself a PEE CLOTH. It's very hygenic and it's safe for the environment. Google it to get more information. And if you don't want to do that, at least, bring a ziploc to put the paper in. 

And the final notes of the day, I got stung on the leg by something. It didnt swell, but I got a bruise and I got a scaling on my hand in the shower! OUCH!!!!

But who cares --- all is good. I'm happy my feet are happy and that's all that counts.

Have a super day!!!!


Friday, July 28, 2023

Orisson to Ronsavelles

 Is it a good thing when you don't even know what day of the week it is? I was in a room with six women last night and it was dead silent abd DARK! What a treat from the last couple of nights. I slept like a log. 

OH my -- someime before dinner, we were sitting around outside and someone's phone went off with an alert. Yikes  - and then they wouldn't stop. It was a weather alert for storms. We are in the mountains after all. At one point, while we were inside looking out, it POURED and it POURED!!! There is one person staying in a tent and another in a hammock. Not sure how the hammock guy made out but I chatted to the person in the tent along the way and he was OK. 

It was also windy last night and it remained windy all day. We had a great dinner of cream of veggie soup, green peas and pork. wine on the table and dessert. We also intruduced ourselves and I'm amazed at how many families with children are walking. There was a family of 7 (5 kids - all boys) and they were walking for 3 days. They have walked for the last six years so even when the kids were small. 

I passed anoher family today of five. It's so great to see the families bonding because there is nothing to do but bond on the trail. 

After breakfast this morning, I headed out alone around 7:30. I learned a valuable lesson last year - I started my walk with someone and I didn't feel I could stop to take pictures or take a breather. So I walk alone and I'm so much happier. 

As I said, it was quite windy and in some places high up in the mountains, you were fighting to take a step. On top of the steep climb and it was an interesting day. We started out with sunny skies, but it clouded over and I didn't even use my hat all day. 

I met up with a few people, I'm not sure where they started, but it was pretty much me and myself all day. 

The highlight of the day was watching a sheep farmer herd his sheep with his dog. I was with the family of five and we watched his dog sprint around the mountain and got all the sheep but two. The dog couldn't seem to get in his head that there were two sheep that needed to be rounded up. It was absolutely fascinating since the farmer stood on the hillside and shouted the commands to the dog who was far away and the dog was bounding all over. It made me think of Sheila and Butch. Butch is a sheep dog and he goes to school with Sheila and learns to herd sheep!!! How cool is that? Butch would have been in his glory on that mountainside today!!!

Because I was alone, I got to stop and look at the flowers and admire the trees and look back at where I had come and where I was going. It's all about taking the time to enjoy the moment. Despite my fast pace (I can't help it - I walk fast - even on a mountain) I took the time to enjoy. 

I didn't get lost once - I remembered the path and the secondary routes and all was good. There was a lot of descent, but I had tied my shoes to prevent slipping and I think it worked. And I had the most ridiculous gait but I refuse to walk like an old lady. So a wide long gait works. 

I stopped once to check a potential hot spot on my heel. I think the issue is that the bottom of my foot is a big callus and the skin above that is tender. Itˋs like tetonic plates in the earth. Something has to give. I put some cream on it and it seems to be fine. Iˋll be watching like a hawk as tomorrow is a BRUTAL descent. 

I need to stretch as  my quads are screaming. My knees protested a bit on the descent, and they are stiff, but they seem to be holding up OK.

Everything goes in the wash today except for the three things I'm wearing! So far I made good choices on what I brought. The only issue and it's minor is that my waist pouch is NOT waterproof. Which is OK, but when I pulled out my Pilgrim passport it's damp from sweat! And I didn't really sweat today although it feels humid. But I have a plastic bag to protect it so I just have to be sure to use it. It's drying out on my bed right now!!

I had time to move on since I arrived here at 11:30, but I'm takng the first couple of days easy to test things out. 

Haven't met any other Canadians yet and no one from the US. Lots of Aussies, and people from various parts of Europe. There are always lots of French and Italians on the Camiino. 

Sentence of the day: Orisson to Ronsevalles. Four hours of walking uphill into a headwind or downhill, also into a headwind. Weather was great - cloudy and cool. Happy with my feet. 

I had lunch at the restaurant when I arrived and it's pretty quiet around here. Many people are now starting to arrive, but I beat the shower line and all that. 

One thing that I will say is if you have a dream or something you really want to do. Get out there and make it happen. It's so good to be free of EVERYTHING and all I own fits into one small backpack and that makes me very happy!!!

Have a great day!!


Thursday, July 27, 2023

Day One - Saint Jean Pied de Porte to Orisson

 While I have objetive for this Camino, I want to keep it as open as I can. Everyone is always saying that the Camino will provide so let's see what happens! And it'll be good to have zero plans for a couple of weeks. 

I made it to Bayonne and as I mentoioned when I exited the train station, I was a bit taken aback as EVERYONE was dressed in all lin white with a red sash or a red scarf. After Googling it, I discovered that its the Fetes de Bayonne and it lasts for FIVE days. 

Now this isn't such a big deal, except the town was filled and there was fireworks, then the music started and even though it was across the river, it was LOUD. They did NOT stop partying even when the music stopped at some point in the night. Needless to say, I did NOT get a good night sleep. 

I caught the train to SJPDP and all was good. Thank goodness for Google Maps and a good sense of direction. I was at the Pilgrims Office in a flash. They stamped my passport and I was good to go. they questioned me starting that late (10:20) as itˋs a LONG hard day. 

Well, if all goes well, thereˋs always the option to stop at Refuge Orisson which is only 8 KM from SJPdP, so not far in distance but in altitude change - itˋs huge. SJPdP is 170 M above sea level and Orisson is 770 M. Most of that was STEEP. I had remembered steep, but not that steep. 

And at one point, I did NOT feel OK. Probably a lack of sleep, the heat, and the climb. So I stopped often when the going got tough and I was OK with that. A couple of bites and some water and I felt better, but not great. 

I had to laugh becuase I had picked up a few small pieces of what I thought was cheese. Oh yes -- one of them was cream cheese and I had to eat that glob with nothing. Oh yum!!!

I was hoping to fnd a bed at Refuge Orisson which is not far into the walk. If there were no beds, then I would have found a way to carry on. Luckily for me (someone is providing me with a bed when I need it most) there were beds available Yeah!!! I donˋt even mind that I got an upper bunk! My ˋfavoriteˋ.ˋBut beggers canˋt be choosers!!!!

Without even taking a shower, I popped over to the restaaurant which overlooks a valley and itˋs stunning. I had TWO cokes - Iˋm not going to worry about sugar on this trip. And I had a sandwich and I feel much better. Tomorrow, I can start like normal and Iˋll be one day behind my original plan, which I might decide to make up at some point. Iˋll see how I feel. 

So the big question of the day is how are those feet. So far, so good. They seemed to be happy in the Injinji toe socks and I had slathered cream on them in the morning. Some foot repair cream that I fuond. The shoes were plenty big and provided lots of rooom for all the toes and they are all singing a happy chorus this afternoon in my Teva sandals. 

The weight of my backpack even with that extra pound of snacks is fine! Letˋs see how careful I packed - did I miss anything or did something come that I didnˋt need to pack. 

I must say that it helps that I was here last year and learned a bit of the way of things. I feel much more relaxed and Iˋm happy to make things up as I go. Letˋs keep it like that. 

Although I had to laugh at the lady in the bottom bunk from me. We get a token that is good for a 5 minute shower. She was complaining that she has done the Camino three times and was never restricted to one shower. Good lord --- we are on the side of a mountain. How entitled is she. My reply was - who needs more than one shower, which is true. You have one when you get in and then you get ready and leave in the morning. No one has a seond shower. Sigh.............

Thereˋs still three hours to dinner and I think I might go and have a snooze. I dont need a lot, but havent really had a great sleep since I left home and tomorrow is another day of walking! 

Oh -- I did NOT stop at this albergue last year, but went right on to the next stop. Mind you I started a lot earlier last year as well, so it was doable. Today, under the circumstances it was not and that suits me just fine. I passed people along the way - not sure what time they started, but I made it here before they did. Not that it matters - this is not a race! 

My sentence of the day: Train from Bayonne to SJPdP. Got my Pilgrim passport stamped and took a picture of the start of the French Camino. A long, hot, slog up the Pyranees to Refuge Orisson. A GREAT day. 

Have a super day!!!


Wednesday, July 26, 2023

A day in Paris

 So I have decided not to prebook anything for this trip. I'm sure that decision will cause me some angst along the way and will likely cost a bit more money. And you know what? I'm OK with that! As I've heard m any times, the Camino will provide and it'll be good to take me right out of my comfort zone of having everything prepped. OK-- so that is NOT my comfort zoone - Iˋm usually winging things, but NOT where I'm going to sleep each night. 

So flying to Paris was "easy" and then I had to book the TGV (train) to Bayonne and then bus or train to Saint Jean Pied de Port. Yes - I decided to start right back at the beginning. Was there any other choice? I refuse to let the Pyranees defeat me!!!!

I wasn't able to get the morning train, so had to settle with the 4 PM. That means I could get to SJPdP to night, but it woul be late. So I'm staying in Bayonne Since the train was at 4 PM, I decided to take a walking tour of Paris. 

I swear the ONLY thing they eat for breakfast here is pastries!!! What happened to oatmeal. Sorry -- I can always use the question mark on the keyboard! 

The hotel I was staying at was so small, that the desk guy sleeps on a bench in the lobby! Which is on the second floor. So I woke him up when I left and then when I returned to get my bag. Oops, but it was almost 8 AM when I came back. I grabbed my bag and took it to the train statio  I left it in a locker that I had scouted out the day before. 

I have to say that dealing with the train station was so much easier this year than last. Last year, there was NO ONE to ask questions, yesterday, there were oddles of people. The platforms and the train number appeared way earlier on the screens so it was easier to navigate or perhaps it was all there last year and I never saw any of it!

The locker area was pretty secure. Everything, including me, had to go through scanner. Then I paid 5.50 E to store the bag which was way better than carrying it all day. 

Then I was off -- I was at Gare Montparnasse which isn't that far from the river and I wanted to do an Adventure Lab. It gives one some thing to do, not that there isn't loads to do in Paris! I chose an adventure which would take me to five brights and let's say there are loads of bridges in Paris. Some are just for pedestrians but most are for traffix - in whatever form that will take. 

It is totally insane -- there are men in business suits riding their bikes and taking on the same time. HUGE boxes on the back of motorcycles for courriers, scooters, cars, vans, buses, but not many trucks and they are small. Imagine a Canadian moving with the small Frenh moving vans! It would take a week.

So I walked to the first bridge which was several KM away from where I ended up at the river. I happened upon the Jardin de Luxombourg which is STUNNING. More on that in a bit. 

As I was walking to the furthest bridge, guess what I spotted poking out of the trees . Yes -- it was the Eifel Tower. Well, since I was that close, I decided to walk to it. I've been up the tower about nine years ago and had no desire to do so again. However, I was taken by surprise because the entire base of the tower is now fenced in, so you can't even walk underneath it unless you have a ticket! Nothing is free any more!!

I walked around the perimeter and got some great shots and then I went to the bridge and answered the question and then worked my way back towards Nortre Dame along the river. It was a beautiful. 

I'm not sure where the idea came from to put locks on the bridges or fences, but I saw a couple of guys cutting them off. Then I spotted some on some statues on the bridges. What is with people that they HAVE to leave that crap around for someone else to clean up.

Anyway, after the fifth bridge (in the adventure lab), I was close to Notre Dame Cathedral so I went to take a look. Despite the fire, the cathedral is still stunning. There is a display along the front, since itˋs under renovation and you canˋt get near it. M and I visited the Cathedral years ago and we managed to take a walk up the towers in the front. 

I had lunch in a street cafe, which is cool for people watching. I walked back along the way so I could walk through the Jardin again. This place is huge and its stunning. What a treasure for the Paris people. There are plenty of chairs that you can move around so you can sit in the sun or the shade. I was getting tired and needed a nap, so I found a bench in a shady area and had a nap!! I know -- I have no shame! Thatˋs going to be my motto on this trip - no shame!

Back to the Gare and I got my backpack from the storage and then waited about 40 minutes. The track number was announced about 20 minutes before the train left and I was in tne line. You are assigned a seat by Car number and then seat. It's amazing how many people ended up in the WRONG car. 

The train ride was long -  four hours, so I entertained myself by texting some people back home. I decided I had better check hotels because I would arrive at 8 PM and didn't want to walk around. Yikes, not a lot of options and not a lot of availability. This is one of those more expensive nights. I'm paying MORE here than in Paris. But the room is much nicer and includes breakfast  - as much as I can eat!

But I had to chuckle because as I entered the hotel, the owner said he didn't have any rooms, but becuse I looked like a nice person, he would find me something. That always sounds sketchy and I have visions of sleeping on the floor in the owner's living room. But he checked with his wife and I got a nice room on the fourth (actually the fifth floor). 

And did I mention that there is a massive festival going on. The streets are filled wtih people in red and white. Not sure what the occasion, but then the French donˋt need any excuse to party!!!

I spotted a couple of Camino markers down near the Cathedral. Was that a good luck sign? I'll take it. So I'll find a way to St Jean Pied de Port tomorrow and then we'll see what happens. As I said, I'm taking this one day at a time, but I'll be happy to get into a routine! 

I walked 26 KM today, in my new bigger shoes, with the same socks as last year. No issues. My feet are hot and sweaty, but so far so good. 

Well I do NOT feel like joining the revelers down below. Iˋll just listen to them as I fall asleep. 

One thing Iˋm very happy I brought are my reading glasses. Itˋs dark most places and hard to make out small print. Iˋm also happy that I bought a six-foot charing cord for my phone. So far, so good. 

And even if it isnˋt, itˋs all about makin due with what and then finding a plan B if that doesnˋt work. I'm counting on the Camino to find a way for me!!!!

And here's my sentence of the day:

Walked around Paris, did an Adventure Lab, walked around the base of the Eiffel Tower and then walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Took the TGV to Bayonne. Walked 26 KM wih no issues. 

Have a super day!!!




Tuesday, July 25, 2023

A travel day to Paris

 So almost had a little panic attack. How to pair my little keyboard!!!! Thankfully, I brought  a pair of reading glasses so I could see the controls and it's paired and I'm good!

Let's just the flight was interesting. I originally could not get on the non-stop flight to Paris, so was going to go through Montreal. At 5:07, I reeived a notification that the flight was going to be delayed by 1 hour. Yikes - that left me with 15 minutes to make the connetion. Not enough time! Plan B. 

I mentioned it to DH who has a higher airline status than I do. He called Air Canada and they very quickly got me on the non-stop flight that I originally wanted to be on. Why is that? So all is good, but now that I'm flying international, I'd better get to the airport as the flight was at 7:15. My original flight was to leave at 7:00 PM. 

I arrived at the airport and could NOT get a boarding pass. WHAT!!!!! Yes -- I thought the agent had checked me in, I had checked in on the previous flight but had not even thought about checking into the new flight in my haste of the changes! They would NOT let me on. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I pleaded and explained the story that only minutes prior that my flight was switched. One person took sympathy on me and went to check and thank goodness, they let me get a boarding pass. Yippeeeee    --- thank you Air Canada for your speedy service and for making that happen.

However, one I arrived at the gate, there wasn't much time to get on the plane, only to find that there was a slight delay. 10 minutes as the entertainment system wasn't working on the AC777 - one of those huge planes. Then another 10 minutes. Then the flight was delayed to 8:30 PM. We all started dispersing and then it was delayed again, when they realized they needed a NEWplane. Now where do you just pull a 777 out of a hat that you can use.

It so happened that one had just laneded from Montreal, but it would take time to turn it around. Both planes had to be unloaded and switched around, so it took time. And it wasnˋt until after 11:30 PM that we finally pushed back. 

I donˋt think they were in for fuel economy on that flight. Iˋm not sure the normal ground speed of that aircraft, but we were doing 1,000 KM per hour!!!  I did sleep on the plane because by this time, I was exhausted. I didnˋt sleep well, but it doesnˋt matter - I am in Paris!!!

Coming into France is so easy. You scan your passport and thatˋs it! Super simple. 

Then I got the train from the airport to one of the metro stations. I could NOTremember the name of teh station I needed to go to. Well, I remembered it, but not correctly. I thought it was Parnaise, but it was MontParnesse. Oh crap -- but I got it figured out. 

I bought a phone card so I can use my phone here as if I were at home. Only to realize on the train that the package did NOT have the tool to remove the sim card. Great! I was going to walk instead of taking the metro, but since I didnˋt have access to Google Maps, that was not going to happen. I found my way from the maps at the subway and all was good. 

I arrived at Gare Montparnasse and I was HOME. I remembered the area from last year. I walked down the street to find a hotel as there are plenty of small ones around. Yikes -- I didnˋt remember the pricees this crazy. So I walked to the corner and looked around and found this hotel which has about 12 rooms The price was better and it has a bed. 

I think itˋs an old house with four rooms on each floor. The rooms are tiny and I swear the closet has been converted into a toilet. There is a shower but not for the feint of heart!!

Luckily the guy at the desk had one of those keys to open the phone, so I was good to go. I switched out the sim cards and it took a few minutes to get everything but I managed. I struggled last year and never got the phone registered, but this year --- Iˋm good!

Then I was able to investigate step two of this crazy trip - getting to St. Jean Pied de Port. Hmmm - not working out quite as planned, but thatˋs OK. So I have  my day planned out and thatˋs all that counts. 

After a nap, I wondered around the neighorhood and visited the Cemetary Montparnasse, which is a huge place I went there last year as well, and I realized that my hotel almost backs onto that cemetary. One street away. Itˋs interesting as each space is a family plot. Most are the size of one casket and they are packed like sardines next to each other. 

Loads of pastry shops around, but I didnˋt buy any. I donˋt need any extra food at the moment as we all got a voucher last night because of the delay and I bought some snack bars as sometimes that stuff is hard to find in the small villages. I now have about 1 lb of snacks!!!! I donˋt want to carry one pound of snacks, but Iˋll be glad to have them when I canˋt find anything to eat early in the morning. 

I popped into a sidewalk cafee for dinner and had one of my favorite things. A green salad with goat cheese. The goat cheese was enclosed in an almond shell - like fried goat cheese with an almost coating if that makes sense. 

It was yummy. As I was sitting on the sidewalk itˋs an excellen place to observe people. First off, there seems to be more locals than tourists in this area, but that could be me. And what is the difference -- tourists have backpacks, locals have cigarettes! OK- that is a generalization, but the amount of smokers is crazy. One must remember this is their lifestyle, so that's an observation not a complaint. If you don't like second hand smoke, I would suggest you don't come to Paris. 

Second, these people get around on anything and everything. Bikes, scooters, e-scooters and I saw one guy who freaked me out. He's on one of those single wheels with a platform on both sides. The wheel spins while the platforms are what you stand on. There is NOTHING for you to hold onto. He was dressed in a business suit and had a briefcase in one hand and a box in the other! OK -- so that would not be  me! But he was happily wheeling along and took no notice of the traffic. 

Whatˋs refreshing is that everyone gets along or at least they seem to. The cars are just as happy as the cyclists and the motor scooters. And for the most part, they respect their signals - this is both cars and pedestrians. OH MY!!!!!

Please excuse any grammatical errors (sorry Pauline) or spelling mistakes. Iˋm trying to correct as I go but I might have missed a lot - especially those commas and my question mark is giving me a FRENCH e. So I have to figure that out. 

But this will keep you up to date with what's happening. 

And it's also a way for me to journal about the trip. I've been writing a quick recap of each day in my happiness journal and instead of bringing the journal, I'm going to try and remember to add it to the end here, so I can it to the journal when I get home. 

OH --- I forgot to mention that because we were all late at the Toronto Airport, we all got chatting to each other and we met some team members of the Canadian Junior Rollery Derby team who are here to complete in a tournament this weekend. Check out their facebook page and cheer them on!!! Go Canada go!!!!

Here's my one sentence for the day:

A long day of delay and travel, but if you be nice to others and not lose your cool, they will be nice to you! Thank you to Air Canada for all your efforts to get me on that plane. 

And on that note, I'm out of here It's way too early to go to bed but I'm tired. And there is certainly NO heat way here. Itˋs cool at 20 degrees and I was glad I took my sweater when I went out for my walk 

Have a super day!!!!


On the road again!

When you get a chance to read this, I'll be somewhere far away from home! Where am I going, how will I get there, and where are the beginning and the end? 

Yes -- I'm off on another adventure, and I hope to complete it this time. I'm off to walk the Camino de Santiago Compostella in northern Spain. Yes -- it's going to be hot - I'm prepared! I purchased this bracelet in Pomplona last year, and I've worn it ever since as a reminder that the journey awaits me. 

My Camino bracelet

I didn't make a big deal of leaving (no one knew when I was going!) as I had much to do and little time to make it happen. Loads of deadlines and trying to work far ahead are just - well full of deadlines!

Later in life (but still with loads of time), I decided that life was too short to sit at home and not venture out. Exactly 10 years ago yesterday, two people I cycled across Canada with were killed in Northern Ontario on our cross-country trip. It was traumatic, but it shows that you can go at any time, but they went doing what they loved. 

Am I apprehensive, considering I had to cut the trip short last year? Sure I am - I'd be crazy if I wasn't. I'm apprehensive about many things, but if I don't face those fears head-on, guess what? I'm not having fun! 

I've been testing shoes, socks, shoe sizes, and how to tie laces until it all becomes too exhausting to think about. Should I use hiker's wool to prevent friction? Should I rub my feet in Vaseline every morning - again to alleviate friction? What will the heat do? 

My knees? Well, what can I say? I'm having a good spell these days - they are stiff as ever, but they will only get stiffer if I wait. So I'm going, and they will just have to walk with me or - well - we'll see. 

I can only hope that I've taken enough precautions and that I'm MUCH smarter about stopping and doing a bit of preventative care before things get out of hand. 

There will be many adventures and stories along the way and some agonizing ones. I'm sure some of them will be entertaining enough to share with you. I will chronicle the journey as best I can on my teeny keyboard for my phone. Any pictures will be posted ONLY on Facebook, as I won't have the ability to load them to the blog. Right now, I'm emptying my phone of the 7000 pictures accumulated there, so I'll be free to take photos of everything I want. 

I plan on hiking/walking 25 - 30 KM each day, depending on many things, and I'll see what those things are and how I feel each day. I'm going to take it one day at a time. 

I'm going alone and walking alone, but I'll never be lonely. There will be many people along the way that I can chat with if I want. But I like myself and am not afraid to be alone with just me and those little voices in my head. The ones that will encourage me and equally discourage me. Let's all cheer those voices that will encourage me to drown out the others. 

I'll think about everything and everyone at some point. I'll contemplate life and solve the entire world's problems. But at the same thing, I'll think about NOTHINIt will the day. 

It's going to be so freeing to have nothing to plan except where I'll lay my head that night. Although ordering food and drink in Spanish can be a challenge, I'll make do! 

I know I'll have up moments and down moments when I might want to throw in the towel. I will be hot, hungry, and cranky at times, which is part of the journey. This is a pilgrimage; it's not a five-star vacation.  

The blog might be interrupted and will definitely be posted at a different time as I'll blog later in the afternoon, and Spain is 6 hours ahead. I might miss a blog post if I don't have access to Wi-Fi, but I'll always check in on Facebook. 

When will I be back? Who knows! I'll be back when I get back. 

Oh wait - what am I taking? I've pared it down, and my backpack weighs 11 pounds, excluding what I'm wearing. Add a pound or so for water when I start to hike, and I should be good. Every time I have walked past that backpack in the last couple of weeks, I pick it up and think, "It's not heavy." I need to remember that after 30 KM in the heat. It's NOT heavy! This is ALL I own for the next month!

My backpack

Enjoy the summer -- take some time for yourself (but keep those October deadlines in mind!) and ensure you live your life how you want. We should not have regrets about our life on our deathbed. That sounded awfully morbid!

Stay tuned, and let's see what life has in store for me!

Have a super day!


Monday, July 24, 2023

All things Barbie

 OK --- so the link to the classes is fixed! So whenever you want to go and review the list to see what will work with your schedule when other offerings become available, you'll be able to easily see it. Feel free to pass that link along to someone you think might be interested in some of the classes. Remember, the clubs/classes currently scheduled to run from October to December will continue as per the agendas already laid out. These are NEW sessions (for the software clubs) and new projects or techniques. 

So you remember all those Barbie quilt tops I have to quilt? 

Seven Barbie quilt tops

And one more Barbie quilt

The Barbie movie was recently released, and if you're going somewhere -- it's on Air Canada's entertainment system. We all think the plane is photoshopped. It would only be for a deal with the movie that they would pay to paint the aircraft. I know someone who would know the answer, and she reads the blog. Let's wait to hear what she says!

Is the plane photoshopped or not? 

There's some concern over the movie because many LITTLE girls want to attend it, but it's rated PG-13. I didn't know that until someone pointed it out. Not that I have to worry. M is old enough to go to any movie she wants. I haven't mentioned her in a bit, but this is our daughter, who is in her late twenties. Wow - how did that happen? 

"My" Barbie -- this is M

Oh my gosh --- I had to laugh when she sent me this. Her friends dressed to go to the movie. I wonder how many other people did? What fun!!!!!

Dressed for the Barbie movie

I didn't get a review if it was good or just that they had fun! I wonder where my old Barbie dolls are? I heard that Ken surfaced in my Mom's house recently. Sigh...................

We had two excellent classes in the morning, and the level of creativity in Out of the Box blew me away yet again! They come up with all kinds of cool things. I give them an item to use or a one-word topic, and they go nuts! I should share some of their stuff because it's very cool, although I want to bonk a couple of them. They are very self-doubting! They make fantastic stuff, yet they can't see that. 

Here's the thing -- making ANYTHING is better than making nothing. That alone should be a reward. Then whatever you make, take OWNERSHIP of it. It's yours. If you don't like it, then say, I don't like it because .............................    And you should have a good reason for not liking it -- I don't like the color, the way the blocks fit, or the overall design. You are NOT allowed to just say I don't like it! Think about that carefully. 

And even if you're unsure -- OWN it! I like it because........................ I know we're in a class, and I encourage SOME self-doubt, but some of them need to believe in themselves a lot more because they are very talented and just won't admit it to themselves!!!! It's way better to say some positive or negative than "I don't know."

Then we had a virtual retreat all day. Oh gosh -- I caved and let them stay past the prescribed shutdown time, but I heard they closed it an hour later. That's good because they need to do other things than hang around their sewing room all day on Zoom! But for many, myself included, it can be challenging to see people in person, and social contact is good! 

I don't have anything to show today. I completed my magazine quilt. I did some quilting on the PFAFF creative icon 2 and some on the long arm. I planned to only quilt the background and let the main design (fusible applique) stand out. I HATED it. Why? Because the applique was too puffy and stood out for the wrong reasons - I saw the applique shapes because they were puffy (no quilting on them) rather than as a design element. 

So I had to quilt all the applique, but it was relatively easy. While I was quilting those appliques, I spotted a section that I had forgotten to satin stitch, so I had to go back and do that through all layers of the quilt. No one is going to see that! And I'm thrilled with the quilt. So if you're unsure about something, do what you can and then determine if it needs more quilting. I only know once I get there! And I should know better by now that I like dense quilting EVERYWHERE!

The binding is on, and it's ready to be mailed today! Yeah! I started writing the instructions, and I hope to get those done today. I'm still writing a few other articles, and I hope to get one more done today as well. Sigh -- it's time-consuming to write, and it must be done when there is NOT a Zoom session going on. 

But several times during the afternoon, I looked for my shoes. Oh great - one of them is at the bottom of the stairs. 

The left shoe

And the other is under the sewing machine. Don't ask! This one probably came off when I was sewing, and then at some point when I went upstairs, I kicked off the other one rather than clunk up the stairs with one sandal on! 

The right shoe

I got a good chuckle out of that. 

Well, I'm off to spin class, so I'd better finish this and get organized. 

Have a super day!!!


Sunday, July 23, 2023

Grand Reopening!

Well, I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. DO NOT do something new with the blog, and then leave the house! That darn link didn't work, so as you can see, the class list is on a post in the main part, and I'll see if I can fix that later. 

Here's the link to the post with the classes, just in case you didn't see it. 

Yesterday was a long day, but we had a blast at the Grand Reopening of Sew Productive in Acton, and thanks to everyone who came out! Here's a picture of the official ribbon-cutting ceremony. The space is HUGE with a beautiful classroom where the store used to be in the back. 

The ribbon cutting ceremony at Sew Productive

The mayor was there, and we chatted about sewing, although I think she needs a new sewing machine! The kids were adorable, and that young girl, only 9, will be running the store soon! She was so cute as she greeted people when they arrived! 

Emily and I got to chat with the owner of the building, and what a story. It used to be a furniture shop many, many years ago. Sadly, only three tiles remain from the original tin roof. But the floors are original, and they are gorgeous. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by, and if you want classes, let Melinda know so she can scout for teachers and make it happen! 

And look at all the yummy food you missed! I swear that tri-color Gouda threw me for a loop with those colors, but it was YUMMY. It's made with goat cheese, red and green peppers! A wee bit spicy, but bring on the spice! 

Charcuterie board from The Holland Shop in Acton

Tri-color Gouda

So a long day with four demos back to back! But so much fun to see everyone and to show off a few things. I think everyone went home with their heads swimming with things they could do! 

Then it was the Virtual Retreat last night, and I managed to get the bindings on two quilts for someone. I had contacted them that their quilts were ready for pick up, and she asked if I had put the bindings on. AH - NO! So that is now done! 

You may remember this next quilt. I was at a guild, and someone brought in the quilt that had been found in a closet - a chest - I forget. Let's just say that the quilt now belongs to me, and I bought it -- I did not steal it! OH -- I should say that it's only the quilt top. This is 1/4 of the top, and it's HUGE, but it's made entirely from crimpoline/polyester/Fortrel -- whatever you want to call it. 

A crimpoline quilt top

But look at those wild colors! It's crazy, as I've never seen so many patterns of this kind of material in my life. The stuff we had back home was mostly solids. Notice that all the seams are hand embroidered.  

Details of the fabrics

I don't know if (or how) to finish it off. It would be kind of hard to quilt it. So I'll contemplate it and see what I come up with. I might also check around with some other people to see the typical way of finishing these quilts. 

Remember that after the two classes this morning, there's a Virtual Retreat until 8 PM. I have to say that I heard a few grumblings about shutting down at 9:17 PM instead of letting them go on for hours, but HEY -- this is Zoom. It's good to get together, but sometimes too much of a good thing is too much! 

But here's the link for today, and we start at NOON. 

July 23 Starts at Noon -- ends at 8 PM. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

And on that note, I'm out of here! The presentations are done, and I've taken more pictures for my writing assignments, and all is good!

Have a great day!


Saturday, July 22, 2023

Classes for Fall 2023

Here are the classes for 2023. My link didn't work, and no time to fix it. Be sure to check out the blog for today 

Here is a general overview of the NEW classes/clubs I'll teach in the fall. 

Everything starts in October, so it's a BIT EARLY to begin the registration process, so please DO NOT contact the store to sign up, as they may need to have the appropriate process in place to accept registrations. We will not turn anyone away because of a lack of room, so there's no need to panic! 

I'm putting this information out there to allow you an opportunity to evaluate class offerings to help you plan your fall. The stores have all the details, so please watch their newsletters, websites, and Facebook groups for dates, times, requirements, etc. 

Please remember to consider YOUR schedule. Do you have time for the class or club? EACH of the clubs or classes will require a MINIMUM of three hours of work per month, and some will be much more. 

Consider the exciting clubs and classes you are currently enrolled in. The purpose of any of my classes is NOT to have someone sign up for everything - just because. Think about what YOU want to spend your time learning? I encourage participants to take the time to explore what we are learning, do the homework, and come back with questions so they can be successful.  

So think long and hard about what you sign up for! You're doing yourself a favor, so you get time to do something other than quilting! 

Having said that -- here's the list of offerings that will START in October 2023

Please note that ALL classes are one hour per month, offered on Zoom. 


Hobby Horse Quilt Shoppe (905-877-9292) 

There's a place to sign up for their newsletter on their website, so be sure to do that and join them on Facebook, as the class information will also be posted there. 

  • Panels  - everything you ever wanted to know - runs from October to December on a Saturday morning. The object is to make ONE PROJECT from a panel - check out the store; there are loads to choose from. 
  • Free motion quilting -- a great place to learn and get feedback. Includes ruler work - runs from October to December on a Saturday morning.


Thimbles and Things (705-326-9357)

Here is their website


Heartfelt Block of the Month

I will be running this block of the month from October to April. I will be taking signups starting in early September -- you'll see notifications on my blog, so watch for that. Or request to be put on my e-mail list (if you haven't already), and I'll send you the information when it's time to register. 

The quilt is 75" by 72" and is scrappy. So we're going to have fun. More details to follow. 


The next group of clubs/classes relates to the mySewnet Embroidery Software. 

The topics at these stores will be different! 


Stitch by Stitch (613-389-2223)

  • The mySewnet embroidery software club continues! And with great new topics. This will run from October to December on a Monday evening. 


Brampton Sew and Serge (905-874-1564)

  • The mySewnet embroidery software club will continue. Great new topics are chosen. The club runs from October to December on a Tuesday morning. 
  • Machine Embroidery Applique Club! This club will cover more than you ever wanted to know about machine embroidery applique. We hope to cover everything from simple shapes to creating more complex applique in 9 months. The club runs from October to June on a Tuesday morning. Auditing this club is HIGHLY discouraged as each lesson will build upon the previous. If you don't do the homework, you will be lost. 

Weeding the garden - wait wrong garden!

If I've done everything correctly, the classes are up! Just look at the tabs across the top of the blog, and you'll see one at the end called CLASSES. Click that link, and the page should pop up. If it doesn't, I'm sure someone will alert me. 

The only action you could possibly take at this point is to order the one pattern, which you should do if you are going to sign up for that class. But PLEASE DO NOT contact the stores to get dates and sign up. They are NOT ready. I listed those classes as a courtesy to you -- do not abuse that courtesy. Get on the appropriate store newsletter, and when they are prepared to take registrations, they will let you know. 

That feels good to get that done -- it was a ton of work to get everything organized behind the scenes. 

Also, I'll be in Acton at Sew Productive today. I've got some great demos lined up, so be sure to get registered for those!

And remember, there's a virtual retreat tonight and tomorrow (links below). Yes -- it's usually a bit earlier in the month, but this weekend works better for me, and since I'm the host - I get to change the date. If you can't make it, I sure hope that means you're having way more fun somewhere else! I have some sewing to finish, and there are still those writing assignments, so I'll be in and out. 

This is Murphy's morning entertainment - watching the nature channel. She wants to go out, but if an animal is lurking around, she'll bark her head off, so she can only go out at 7:00 AM. Mind you -- the neighbor on her favorite side of the yard to bark wouldn't complain; more on that later. 

Watching the nature channel

But that ball -- it's with her constantly. Sometimes, I can't even get to the table, and she wants to play ball. I was quilting at the longarm, and I could hear PLOP, PLOP, as the ball bounced down the stairs. How can you not love her for that? 

MOM -- you need to take a break! 

And then, when I did get to the sewing machine, guess who was there? And I got a clean foot. I have no idea why this dog is so clingy! Lexi couldn't care two hoots about me. 

MOM - did I do a good job?

However, she should have cleaned my feet AFTER I was in the garden. Yes -- with all the rain we've had, the weeds are growing like mad. I started in one section along the fence with the neighbor, who would never complain. The guy is young and lives with his girlfriend? The parents are in Korea and have been since COIVD. When I say young, he's in his 20's. We RARELY see them leave the house, and they do ZIP for yard work. 

As I was tending to the few weeds along the fence, I could see vines creeping through the fence from their yard. Their gate is always open, so I went in. And OH MY -- there were huge weeds along the path. So as I worked my way up the path, I pulled the weeds and left them on their walkway. They won't even notice I did that. 

Weeding my neighbor's backyard

Then I continued up to the creeping vines and nixed a whole bunch of that. I had my garden scissors in my hand, so I got rid of anything I didn't like. PLUS - I pulled things out by the roots as much as possible. They have another creeper that goes into the trees, which are dead, but that creeper vine in the dead trees looks ridiculous from my yard, so I whacked it all down. 

Clearing the creeping vines from the fence

And I snapped this picture of the weeds in their backyard between the two lovely dead trees! Those weeds are 3 to 4 feet high! And they won't even notice! I saw that all the shutters at the back of the house are closed, and their A/C is on almost all the time, even on nice days. I can only imagine what the inside of the house looks like. It's a shame because the landscaping in this yard was quite pretty, and for some reason, they keep the pond running, but I doubt there are fish in it. And with their windows closed all the time and they NEVER sit outside, they can't hear it, but I can hear it when the office window is open. So I thank them for that. 

Not in my backyard! 

There are four-foot-high thistles in the front yard, and a good majority are gone because of myself and the neighbor on the other side of him. But I needed a second hand to pull out some of the tougher ones, and I only had one glove on, so I will go back tonight and finish the rest. I did get one section completely weeded in my backyard, and I hope to be back at it tonight once I'm back from the store.  

Someone is coming on Monday to do more weeding and trimming. I don't trim! I could, but I don't. It's a few hundred dollars well spent! It's kind of like the house cleaner thing. You tidy up the house the day the cleaner comes! He will still have weeds to pull, just fewer. 

I was on the phone forever again! And one thing led to another, and Diane mentioned that I should be quilting up the Barbie quilts she made. What a fantastic idea!!!! After all, the Barbie movie is out, and why not get these done! So I pulled out the tops she made. None of them are huge, and there are seven of them. All of this fabric came from my stash. The bindings are also made! Thanks, Diane!!!!

Barbie quilt tops

I found a huge hunk of pink flannel that will be perfect for the backings, and I believe all of them will fit on the width of the fabric, so no piecing. I've got loads of leftover batting pieces that I can join, and I'm ready to go!!! 

Backing for the Barbie quilts

I also dug this Barbie quilt out of my "to-be quilted" buckets. And just so you know, MANY or even MOST of the quilts in those buckets will be donated once they are quilted. I'd guess that over half of those quilts are up for donation. Let's just say that I'll be extremely busy when I retire because that will be my volunteer work. I want to get those quilt tops quilted and out the door. 

Another Barbie quilt

So lots of exciting stuff happening!! 

See you tonight at the Virtual Retreat. Here are the links. 

Saturday, July 22, from 6 PM - 9 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, July 23, from NOON to 8 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

Have a super day, and maybe I'll see you in personal Sew Productive in Acton!