Saturday, July 22, 2023

Classes for Fall 2023

Here are the classes for 2023. My link didn't work, and no time to fix it. Be sure to check out the blog for today 

Here is a general overview of the NEW classes/clubs I'll teach in the fall. 

Everything starts in October, so it's a BIT EARLY to begin the registration process, so please DO NOT contact the store to sign up, as they may need to have the appropriate process in place to accept registrations. We will not turn anyone away because of a lack of room, so there's no need to panic! 

I'm putting this information out there to allow you an opportunity to evaluate class offerings to help you plan your fall. The stores have all the details, so please watch their newsletters, websites, and Facebook groups for dates, times, requirements, etc. 

Please remember to consider YOUR schedule. Do you have time for the class or club? EACH of the clubs or classes will require a MINIMUM of three hours of work per month, and some will be much more. 

Consider the exciting clubs and classes you are currently enrolled in. The purpose of any of my classes is NOT to have someone sign up for everything - just because. Think about what YOU want to spend your time learning? I encourage participants to take the time to explore what we are learning, do the homework, and come back with questions so they can be successful.  

So think long and hard about what you sign up for! You're doing yourself a favor, so you get time to do something other than quilting! 

Having said that -- here's the list of offerings that will START in October 2023

Please note that ALL classes are one hour per month, offered on Zoom. 


Hobby Horse Quilt Shoppe (905-877-9292) 

There's a place to sign up for their newsletter on their website, so be sure to do that and join them on Facebook, as the class information will also be posted there. 

  • Panels  - everything you ever wanted to know - runs from October to December on a Saturday morning. The object is to make ONE PROJECT from a panel - check out the store; there are loads to choose from. 
  • Free motion quilting -- a great place to learn and get feedback. Includes ruler work - runs from October to December on a Saturday morning.


Thimbles and Things (705-326-9357)

Here is their website


Heartfelt Block of the Month

I will be running this block of the month from October to April. I will be taking signups starting in early September -- you'll see notifications on my blog, so watch for that. Or request to be put on my e-mail list (if you haven't already), and I'll send you the information when it's time to register. 

The quilt is 75" by 72" and is scrappy. So we're going to have fun. More details to follow. 


The next group of clubs/classes relates to the mySewnet Embroidery Software. 

The topics at these stores will be different! 


Stitch by Stitch (613-389-2223)

  • The mySewnet embroidery software club continues! And with great new topics. This will run from October to December on a Monday evening. 


Brampton Sew and Serge (905-874-1564)

  • The mySewnet embroidery software club will continue. Great new topics are chosen. The club runs from October to December on a Tuesday morning. 
  • Machine Embroidery Applique Club! This club will cover more than you ever wanted to know about machine embroidery applique. We hope to cover everything from simple shapes to creating more complex applique in 9 months. The club runs from October to June on a Tuesday morning. Auditing this club is HIGHLY discouraged as each lesson will build upon the previous. If you don't do the homework, you will be lost. 

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