Saturday, June 30, 2012

MOM MOM MOM - it's ME Kaylee. That lady was TOO BUSY to blog yesterday, but I am still here. I'm doing OK. I hope you and Dad are having fun on your vacation. That lady has NOT taken any new pictures of me - I don't know why - I am so ADORABLE. Even the man is talking to me and petting me. Oh Mom - I just LOVE it here.

That lady slept in this morning, but I helped her wake up. It is MORNING - time to get going. Then she stuck her foot out of the bed and I used it as a rubbing post. AH - that felt good.

I am happy to report that I am a HEALTHY dog, unlike the big black dog who has an ear infection and the fuzzy (or should I say FAT) dog who gained THREE pounds since she last went to the vet. Oh Oh - the fuzzy dog is in trouble!!!!!  I hear she has to exercise more and now eats "light" dog food. NO table scraps, although she was complaining that all she got in the past was carrots!!!!  I could show that fuzzy dog how to go for a walk and get LOTS of exercise. The rest of them are SLOW SLOW SLOW. That lady even said I was a GOOD DOG because I come when she calls me. Mom - I really really am the BESTEST dog in the whole world.

Ooops - got to run - I'm going to let that lady write something for herself. Her stuff is just TOO BORING for me..

Whew - Kaylee keeps us hopping for sure, but she is so MUCH CALMER now than on previous visits. But I can't believe she is the same dog that Marian talks about. At our house - she is WIDE AWAKE very early and at home - she barely gets out of bed. My dogs have learned that they don't need to get up until 6:30, but Kaylee - well any time is good, but she is much better than before.

Anna and I went out cycling yesterday morning. What a gorgeous day. We didn't go far, but we stopped half way and had a great chat. In total we did 55K and it was awesome EXCEPT for the road kill experience which I won't go into graphic detail, but I was going to be in denial until Anna asked "did you get splashed" and then I knew I couldn't deny it any longer. Fortunately it wasn't that bad - just GROSS.

Well my energy levels are down these days - just so you know that yes I have down days. I was also restless - not sure why. So I read a bit, quilted a bit, slept a bit. It was one of those days. Also working on the next embroidery block for Winter Wonderland and it is coming along quite nicely.

So last night I decided it was time to get the borders on a quilt that has been hanging around the studio for several months.
Quilt Pattern

The quilt with no borders

This is the fabric I found with the quilt. See - you think there is a lot in the stash room - well there is also a LOT with the UFOs. Not ONE, but TWO potential fabrics for the border. In the end I chose the border print instead of the small quilt blocks which would have had to be pieced. And not ONE, but TWO different fabrics for the backing. 

I got the borders fussy cut and one pinned on - then I lost interest. Oh my - what is happening?????
Just one of those days. But silly stuff like "which border to pick" was enough to stall this project for YEARS.

Thursday night at the guild was the reveal of the Tinners projects. Unfortunately we didn't have enough tables to lay out the blocks for all the tins. DRAT - I wanted to get pictures of them all. But here is mine............

The tin - the theme obviously is Halloween

And here are the blocks - Aren't they cute!!!!!   I love them. There is one missing (remember my tin got "lost" part way through the year. I will wait for the missing block before I put it together. 

And I even got a present in the tin - half square triangles pieces to sew!!!    Thanks Pat

I stop in at Value Village from time to time to check out what's in store. Most times I walk out without buying anything. More THERAPY!!!!   But Liz - well she can go to Value Village and pick up the cutest stuff. Look at the tin she got for me. I love it!!!!!   And she had put a few Asian fabrics inside. Yeah - haven't cut them up yet. Thanks a bunch Liz!!!!!!

Orange Tin!

I've been thinking that my lack of energy is related to dehydration. Yes - we all know we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day. So in light of that - I am trying to spice up my water intake. Plain water gets boring so I started putting in lemon slices.

Water with lemon
Yeah - that tastes better.  The fatigue could be related to the heat, although I don't mind the heat - there is no humidity so far. Or just the fact that I ran around like an idiot for the last month and while I got lots done, I still have lots on the schedule to get done. Or the fact that I still haven't finished that article and the editor is down my neck to get it!!

I went to my local Fabricland the other day to get some elastic for M to make some PJ pants. I noticed the front of the store had big sheets of plywood over it. Hmmmmm - I wonder what happened. Then when I went to the front inside - some of the spool cabinets were gone, some of the display cabinets were gone and there were tire tracks on the floor including one spot where the tile was completely wore down to the pavement. Well have a look at this to see what happened..................

A new way to park at Fabricland

The funny thing is (and you can see it if you look closely at the second photo), there is a sign outside (attached to a BIG piece of concrete) that says Fabricland Customer Parking - she took that with her into the store!!!!!   They are also doing inventory so the store looks like a TORNADO went through it. No one was hurt, but if anyone had of been in the area - well it wouldn't have been pretty.

On that note - I need to finish up something this morning and then get a quilt on the machine.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

A SPEEDING bullet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone - Do you remember ME??????????????

My name is KAYLEE

Yes my name is Kaylee. And this blog is about ME. I am visiting my friends - the BIG BLACK DOG (aka Sparky) and the FUZZY DOG (aka Sammy). And you know what happens when you visit - there are PRIVILEGES - and I am going to advantage of EVERY ONE of them. My Mom and Dad went away for a few days and instead of me being stuck in the car while they visit quilt shows and ice cream shops and all those other silly places my parents go - I get to visit with my friends. I am in HEAVEN.

See Mom - I am all settled in. I grabbed the dog bed and found the toy box. Got a couple of toys to play with including not one, but TWO bones.

Two bones to chew

Well I haven't had a quiet moment since I got here. MOM - there is so much to see and do. I need to check up on EVERYTHING. The toy box, the girl, the man, that lady, my friends, the beds, the backyard - OH MOM - I am a BUSY BUSY BUSY dog. I paced to the toy box, I paced to the people, I paced to my friends. MOM - this place is EXCITING. There is so much going on here - I just can't stop moving.

And MOM - I heard an alarm go off at 5 AM. I'm up - I'm up - I'M UP - HEY LADY - get up. The alarm went off. It's time to PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Ooooops - then that man yelled at me because I wanted to play with the big black dog. Ooooops - OK - better be quiet for a bit.

Then it was time to go for a walk. OH MOM - I love to go for walks here - look at all the fun we had.

Just one thing - that lady brought her camera to take pictures, but did NOT put it in sports mode. That lady should know by now that I am FAST and so some of the pictures are blurry.

Waiting for the gate to open

And I'm gone - see that arrow pointing to ME - I am like a race dog - I wait for NO ONE.

Hey guys - HURRY UP

Getting into position to attack the fuzzy dog

Mom - LOOK AT ME. I am like a speeding bullet. Oh my - I can run so FAST. 

So fast - I was foaming at the mouth!!!!!

It is like an obstacle course - here - lots of trees to jump over

Grass to graze in when I need a quick pick me up

Squirrels to chase up trees

The THREE AMIGOS (that fuzzy dog thinks she is too good for us!!!!!)

Then we got back to the house - I was EXHAUSTED. I ran so much. Mom - I was so tired, I could NOT even eat my food. Well I ate some, but I just couldn't eat it all. Mom - I was panting so hard - I was VIBRATING and my tongue was hanging out really really really far.


I'm not really hungry
But then we had to congregate for our carrots. Mom - I am too tired to eat carrots. OK - I'll have one or two or three.....................

Me and my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom - have a great time - don't rush back - I am being well taken care of. And if I'm not - well I will make sure that I am.

That lady was pretty excited because she said that she got ALL of the photos edited before she went to bed. Yeah!!!   Now that lady just has to make the slideshow and then burn the files to a disk. Whatever that means - BORING!!!!!!

OK - time to get out of here. I need a HUGE NAP. I'm exhausted.

HEY - THAT LADY is working on a NEW project (she will tell you more about it later) but she needs some help. Does anyone have some Oriental fabric to spare. She just needs a FOUR INCH square of about 40 different ones. My Mom is going to check the quilt shops for a charm pack, but My MOM (who knows everything) doesn't think that such a thing exists. So if you can help THAT LADY out - she would really really appreciate it (and I won't have to listen to her whine!!!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making GOOD progress - DING DING!

One day closer to a BREAK!  I don't think I will be able to load the pictures today as my system is VERY SLOW and I may have to close the photo editor, but NOT before I get the pictures for the quilt show CD (from last year) edited. Oh it is a long story - I'll tell you tomorrow.

Bottom line - I am just finishing up the prep for my class today - had to make a couple of samples and OH CRAP - I guess I started a new project. But it is cute - I'll show you tomorrow.

The binding in on the baby quilt as well as the label. It is currently in the washer. I like to wash the quilts (depending on what they are) BEFORE they are given away/sold. Then people don't freak out when they wash the quilt and it becomes all wrinkly!

Of course my computer is going to make a liar out of me - I only have three pictures and yes it is SLOWLY loading them so I can give you pictures.

Now late last night when I went to sew on the second label (remember I already had ONE quilt that they liked - just had to make a "matching" one). Well I noticed that I spelled the child's name WRONG!!!!    Good thing I noticed BEFORE I sewed it on. BUT now I have to make a new label. CRUD!!!!!!

The quilt I just made - binding DONE, label DONE - DING DING!!!!

Both quilts - didn't have quite the same fabrics, but close enough!!!!

You know that expression - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger???   OH yeah - that is my new motto for working out at the gym. I am SHOCKED at myself - even though I am SWAMPED with deadlines - I go without any hesitation. I really really like working out with the Team Fitness group. This week is demo week so people can try the class out. Wow - what a workout. And last night I went to a pretty intensive yoga class. LOTS and LOTS of stretching. A great class by my least favourite instructor - I actually enjoyed his session this time. He spoke a bit louder so I could hear him and I'm not the only one that has this problem. Am I better at yoga? Well - I don't know, but I feel stronger all over - haven't lost a SINGLE pound, but that is NOT what this is about for me - but inches - oh yes - I think inches are gone. Next week when we start the new THREE MONTH session of Team Fitness - we get weighed and measured - then we have a guideline for our progress (or not!!!)

Now if anyone needs a quilt tester - I have the perfect tester for you.

THE quilt tester!!!!!

Oh MOM - this quilt is so cozy - a little flat though!!!!!   Why they are attracted to the quilts is beyond me!!!!

NO - I am NOT a compulsive hoarder, but I see myself in a lot of the examples mentioned in "Stuff" - which I finished. An EXCELLENT read for everyone - especially quilters!!!!   Randy O. Frost talks about how materialism, marketing have added to this problem. Apparently storage lockers is one of the fastest growing businesses!!!!   People DO NOT want to part with their stuff!!!!!!    Thank god - I don't fall for that marketing stuff and now I haven't bought much in a quilt store in months, plus I can now go to Chapter's and NOT buy anything. I am buying something at Ruti's today, but I need a sashing for those flower blocks and I don't have enough of anything to make it happen.

But my issue is the DAMN magazines. So I went back to Chapter's yesterday in search of that elusive Quiltmania magazine - issue May/June. Yes - the issues are behind because they come from France. Nope - they still have THREE French copies - I DO NOT want the french version. So I drive to yet ANOTHER Chapters'. This is the THIRD one now. (I know - I told you I have a problem). They did not have it. Got home - called a few quilt stores that may have it. Nope - none of them do. NOW WHAT?????   Hey - I am going out west soon and there is the MOST AMAZING BOOK STORE there. I called them. They checked the shelf - Nope - they did not have it either, but let us take your number and we'll keep looking. Ten minutes later - I get a call - yep - they located the magazine in another one of their stores. They are holding it for me until I get there. Shall I pay for that???   NOPE - that is OK. If you are looking for a great bookstore with a different feel from Chapters - check out McNally Robinson.

McNally Robinson

OK - that is it - I have a bit of sewing, a label to make and sew on, a class to teach, the magazine article to finish and that is all before lunch!!!!!    Then LOTS of pictures still to edit for the @##%%% CD.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Oh crud - I see that I wrote that last post, but some how it did NOT get published. Sorry about that.

Well it has been an interesting couple of days. I did The Healing Cycle ride on Sunday. All proceeds go to Palliative Care units across Ontario. I supported our local unit at The Credit Valley Hospital. While it is sad when someone is sick, it can't be worse when there is no hope and the only choice is to make the patients comfortable for their remaining time. Did you know that the government funds about FORTY PERCENT of these units. The rest of the money is raised through private donation!!!!!    I DID NOT KNOW THAT.

As we were waiting to leave, some of the riders told us why they were riding. Needless to say, I was glad I had sunglasses on. I can't imagine what it is like to have a loved one die a SLOW death to cancer. Just heart breaking. The palliative care units make it easier for everyone and allow them to die with dignity. It has to be a special kind of person who works in one of those units.

Well the ride was very successful. I had a GREAT ride and before I knew it - the ride was OVER. Hard to believe. The first time I rode in this ride was 5 years ago. M and I did the 50K ride and we did it in just over 3 hours. This year, I rode 100 K and my time (including THREE stops and traffic lights) was 4 hours 17 minutes. I was very happy with that - I was hoping for 4 hours, but that just didn't happen, although I pushed it when I could, but there are a NUMBER of ICKY hills that had to be dealt with and given the fact that I had NOT really trained much - I am doing OK.

And should you care to look at the stats - well check these out.................

Chip Times for the Healing Cycle

The bottom line - There were 22 women who rode the 100 K - I finished number 6 of the women and Number 34 of the 66 riders in total. Yes - I am pretty happy with that. It is not a race, but no one wants to be last!!!!!

Instead of going to Team Fitness yesterday morning, I went to yoga. Oh dear - I think at the beginning when we were just chilling - I think I fell asleep as I startled myself awake with a "soft" (I hope) snore!!!!!

Since I pushed it - haven't downloaded my data yet, but the average speed would be 23 K?????   Must get that downloaded - anyway - I was tired when I got home, BUT no time to waste.

Baby quilt done - DING!!!!

Quilt is trimmed, binding made AND sewn on - DING DING DING

April BOM - second set - DING

June BOM - first block - DING

June BOM - second block - DING

Then I was having a bit of a panic because I still had NINE postcards to get done. I grabbed my basket of STUFF that I had collected to make the postcards.

My basket of goodies - how did that green rickrack get  in there?????

I arrived at Monday Motivators early - I got things set up and then I got busy and FOCUSED. And by 3:30 - VOILA  -


Yeah - the post cards are DONE. And this was after Vicki stopped by to say that I was "voted" most likely to NOT finish the postcards by the meeting. Was that true or was that a fire she lit under me to get me fired up?????

They even had a pretty back to them.................

Back of the post cards - I have a postcard stamp and I made these a while back. 

Then home to grab a quick nap - my sleep schedule is all over the place. I probably get the same amount, just not all at once!!!!  While I had a nap, M (bless her heart) wrapped this up for me.

Judy has been our guild president for the past two years. In keeping with tradition - we have always given the president a gift. Well - Judy certainly does NOT need another quilt, but she does like to play. So we found out her favourite colour (can you tell????) and the guild members have been handing me "things that are blue" for months.  I just happened to have a BLUE basket in my living room so it got STUFFED with blue things. There is fabric, thread, beads, a stuffed blue jay, a binder, mac n cheese (comes in a blue box), and COUNTLESS other goodies. I know she will have LOADS of fun with that and can't wait to see what she comes up with. 

Oh yes - when I take over president in a couple of years (I am currently first vice president and so after Flo - it will be my turn) - I want ORANGE things!!!!!    Better start collecting while orange is a popular colour!!!

As it was the last guild meeting for this year (season), they did the draws for the block of the month. As I sitting at the front complaining I never win - Tracey is holding my name in her hand for the September blocks. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My TWENTY SEVEN blocks. They are batik and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. 
 Couldn't sleep when I got home so I lay out the blocks to see what I got.  Oh yes - did I mention that I heard shouts of "have it done by September 1". HAH - no pressure.

My winning blocks. 

Oh what the heck - this should be easy to put together. Started the audition process. Hmmm - I know what I want. NOTHING BUSY - got to be a plainish batik fabric.

Some of the post cards on display at the meeting

The post cards I received back. 
 Instead of one postcard, I got an apron after complaining that I had to bring PUNCH to the meeting and telling them I DON'T COOK. It is a nice apron and I might use it for quilting since it has pockets and the current apron I use for quilting does not. I'll get a picture of it later.

Remember those trees we were working on for the raffle quilt - well here are more blocks that I got last night.
More tree blocks - I think we are about done now. Next week - got to lay it out.  Oh - I better not put a date on it - sometime this summer - I will figure it out. 

And as I said - Judy likes to play - look at this cool quilt she made.  LOVE IT.

Judy's cool quilt. 

There you have it for today!!!!!    Wow - that bell is about worn out!!!!   And it has a lot more ringing to do - not sure what I am going to do first today - as usual I got lots to do. But you know what - I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. I am getting stuff done, I am checking them off my list and a bit of weight is lifting from my shoulders and this is WHERE MY HAPPY PLACE IS. While I like to socialize, I like getting things done at the same time. Like yesterday - I didn't get a lot of visiting done, but I stayed connected with the group while I got those postcards done.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the blocks I won and the post cards I got. I love them.  (OH yes - I did sign up for the post card exchange for next year)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are we there yet????

Wow - what a day!!!   Even I was wondering where the stamina was coming from.

Had a GREAT day at $10 quilt class. Went through all the Dear Jane blocks - all thirty of them that are assigned for the summer. Most were pretty doable - there was ONE that is going to be a devil. I will post the homework pictures later - no time this morning. I have a date with my bike. Great homework from Farmer's Wife, Spring has Sprung and Hobo Quilt. Yikes - what was I thinking to do all of those in the same day???????

The Healing Cycle bike ride is today. I decided to ride 100 K instead of 100 M which is good because if I was doing 100 M - I should be on the road RIGHT NOW. They had asked me to donate a quilt and I managed to get the label on yesterday morning before I left for class. But then I had to drop the darn thing off.

Donation quilt

It is an I Spy. Had it in the cupboard and had completely forgotten about this quilt until Heather asked me for one. So I had to drop that off on my way from class.

While at class, Pauline gave me a box from our exchange project that was to go to Linda. I took the box (It was MINE, but I didn't peek). Then on my way down town after dropping off the donation quilt to pick up M from her modeling class, I thought - I am going RIGHT PAST Linda's house. So I took a "quick" detour to get there. Getting to her house wasn't the problem - getting BACK on the highway was. The first ramp was closed and I followed the detour to the next ramp - WHAT - this ramp was also closed. OK - deep breathes - deep breathes. Cause I am ALREADY LATE.

After much driving around - I managed to get on the highway and was FORTY minutes late to pick her up. No worries - she was out shopping and bought a pair of shoes. I must take a picture of them - OH BOY - I should have been on time. They are UGLY - well if you are a middle aged mom - they are UGLY. To a 16 year old they are gorgeous. Thank goodness she has her own money from her job to pay for them.

Then back home, but with a quick stop on the way to Chapters to get that magazine that I wanted. I know THREE DAYS in a row. Can you believe it - the magazine was GONE. All three copies were SOLD. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????    By this time - I was just so tired, I didn't even care. Hopped back in the car without buying anything - THREE DAYS in a row.

Had to have a cap nap and then I got to work.  Got the two customer quilts trimmed so she can pick them up later today.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if I had any baby quilts. Actually he asked me if knew anyone who had some baby quilts for sale. His boss's wife have twins at the beginning of June and the work group had collected money for a present. Don wanted to give them quilts. I referred him to someone else - he didn't ask me to make them and I didn't offer!!!!!    The person I referred him to had no quilts. Well - when I went to dig out the donation quilt - I saw that I had some small children's quilts that I had made and completely forgotten about. I asked him if any of those would do????   Well they really liked one of them, but there was only ONE. SO - I agreed to make another one.

Last night - I got the top together (OK - we are NOT talking rocket science here - they are just squares and no borders - how easy is that!!!)

Child's quilt

The backing is done too!!!!

Now the backing is done and ready to load on the machine. The quilts are made from flannel and I hope the twin boys like them. Of course - they are a tad too young to even notice at this point. Got to make the binding tonight and get it quilted after my bike ride. Then hand stitch tomorrow and I will be done. Oh yes - the labels are already made and ready to sew on.

I am madly trying to get everything done for the guild meeting on Monday. Those darn blocks of the month and the post cards - just kept putting them off and now I can no longer do that.

Block of the month for May - Yes like an idiot - I am making TWO of everything

Block of the month for April - this is a positive/negative thing and this counts as ONE

The good news is that these blocks above are DONE. The second set of hands is ready for satin stitching which doesn't take long. The last block for June (three applique shapes) - is almost ready for satin stitching. So I am in good shape to get those blocks done. The post cards - well that is another story. I know what I want to do - the materials are collected and the backs are already DONE so if I get myself going - a couple of hours and I should be able to complete them on time. I guess I will be working on postcards at Monday Motivators and I did NOT want to take my machine. Oh well - let's see how things go tonight.

In case you are wondering why I am doing blocks of the month from April and May. The guild collects all the blocks throughout the year. Then all the draws are done at the June meeting. It is a great idea and I think they get way more blocks that way. Some months - you may just not have time to do a block, but this way - you have the entire year to get them done.

And I have ONE other thing to get ready for tomorrow (can't show you right now), but it won't take long. So I am going to make it - then onto the next deadline. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR    - why do I do this to myself???????   Actually I don't mind it - just wish things would get spread out a bit - two guild meetings and $10 quilt in the same week is a bit much.

OK - reading all these self help books has been "good". Before when I was working on a quilt project, often the fabric leftovers would languish on the cutting table. To the point, the cutting table was pretty much hidden. NOW - the blocks are barely done and someone (who shall remain nameless) is tidying them up and sorting them and putting them away. STOP IT I say!!!!!    Actually went full circle on that one - from doing nothing with them to - they have to be put away NOW. But if the project is NOT complete - well there is NO TOUCHING or SORTING or PUTTING AWAY allowed. Good thing the obsessive side of me sees that!!!!

I haven't been doing very well on my 12 for (20) 12 projects nor have I got anything done recently on the borders, binding and backings project. I hope to get back to it, but there is just so much to do.  But I had been stalled on one project because I was missing some hand dyed fabric. Jane called me last week and it was ready so I picked it up.

Hand dyed fabric for the borders of my safari quilts

On that note - I see it is almost time to get ready for the ride. Then I can have another nap and then get back to work!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

On your mark, get set - GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be a week from HELL. I have my $10 quilt class today and I am madly finishing the prep work for that. Not one, but TWO guild meetings to get ready for and although I have a lot of the work done - there is still a LOT to do. A Marti Michell class to prep for, a baby quilt to finish, an article for the magazine to complete, a charity bike ride and let's not forget the customer quilts that are waiting!!!!!!!

Oh yes - I can see that I will be busy this week.

Yesterday was PRODUCTIVE - I got not one, but TWO customer quilts done -same customer.

Customer Quilt ONE

Customer Quilt TWO

Just have to get them trimmed up so she can pick them up tomorrow.

And for those of you who come to sew at my house - I have a NEW addition. Perhaps I will take it to my upcoming retreat (OH YES - that retreat is going to be extra sweet this year - with all this craziness - I am going to have FIVE days to myself (well shared with my friends) where I can do whatever I want!!!!    Can't wait - just got to get through this coming week.)

Anyway - when we are sewing everyone seems to want to ring a bell to announce the completion of the project/block they are working on. VOILA - a bell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheap bell I picked up at Chapter's!!!!!
I think it even said VINTAGE on the packaging!!!!   GO figure!!!!!

And TEST number 2 - I went to Chapters again yesterday (Stop rolling your eyes Joyce!!!). I went to pick up the latest copy of Quiltmania - my new favourite magazine. However they only had the French version at the Chapters close to my house, so I will have to back to the other one to get the English copy. I did browse a couple of other magazines - PATTERN magazines and DID NOT purchase a thing.

This is something Randy O Frost talks about in his book "Stuff". The ANXIETY of NOT buying. Go to the store or wherever you acquire your STUFF. DO NOT BUY/ACQUIRE anything - what is your level of anxiety? Five minutes later - what is the level, then one hour later, etc. Most people were very anxious right after NOT buying anything, but this soon went away. I know I had this whenever I went to a quilt shop for the first FIVE OR MORE years of quilting. If I went to a shop - I HAD to buy something. I still feel this way to a certain extent which is why I DO NOT participate in shop hops or road trips with the girls. It is too easy to get swayed when I am trying DESPERATELY to discipline myself. Buy only what you need.

I will be hosting a hand embroidery class at my studio this summer. The two potential dates - July 27 or August 10. I already have a few people signed up - maybe even enough to have one class on both dates - if the teacher agrees. Any takers???????  Probably three hour class - cost in the range of $25 including a kit.

Well - there you have it. I have to get to work and finish the prep work for Dear Jane. Oh yes - don't forget this is the month before our summer off so I have had to prep almost NINETY blocks for today. Who could even think of sewing that many - let's just review them and figure out the best way to sew them.

And I'm OFF and RUNNING   (better not forget to pick up my kid from her modeling class)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!