Sunday, June 3, 2012

Say it isn't so!!!!

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. As much as I dreaded it, I had ANOTHER computer problem to get fixed. Now before you go off and say poo poo to PCs, this turns out that it was an OPERATOR error.

Around the beginning of the year, I purchased a new printer and it is hooked up wirelessly to the computer through the network. Anyway - I love the printer, but I was not able to get the printer menu on the computer like I could with the other one. Well maybe it didn't have one.

Everything was working PERFECT. Then last month when I scanned the templates for Dear Jane - they looked weird. Then last week when I went to scan the new templates for this month - NO COMMUNICATION. You are KIDDING ME!!!!    This was what caused me to buy a new printer in the first place. OK - so that printer was very old anyway and needed to be replaced.

I tried to fiddle with the controls, but NOTHING. Oh well - I called my friends in India. After all, I did buy a contract with them and might as well get my money's worth. So they hook up to my computer and we try this and that. Do you have this or that? Yes - I produced everything BUT the CD for the printer. DRAT - couldn't find it. (I did find it as soon as we hung up the phone). And it will be filed in the cabinet with the other paper stuff this afternoon.

Bottom line - when the software was originally installed, it was NOT installed properly. Oooops - that would have been me I guess. Anyway - he got it installed and it works like a charm - even better than before - I wonder why!!!!

So then I scanned and printed all the stuff that had been waiting here. I went through e-mails and deleted them - I was doing great.

While they were installing the new software, I had to be by the computer in case they needed me for something (I let them take remote access of the computer). I got out my embroidery and was stitching away.

My BIG block for Winter Wonderland DONE!!!!1

BE CAREFUL of those blue washout pens. I am not sure if the amount of time the ink is on the fabric affects it, but when I went to wash this out, I got a "stain" of blue around those black arrows. I had to REALLY wash it to get all the blue out. It comes out, you just have to wash it well. 
 Then I spread it out to dry and later in the afternoon, I went to admire my handiwork.

It is so PRET -----------   WAIT A MINUTE - WHAT IS THIS??????????

Do you see that star in the middle is TWO DIFFERENT COLOURS????????    WHAT????????

Yep - I went to the embroidery box and checked the floss - you are KIDDING ME!!!!!!

Can you spot the imposter????????
That would be the THIRD one from the left. Number 304 and NOT 321. I must have made a boo boo when I bought it. Needless to say, Number 304 is NO LONGER with this project.

Last night when I finally sat down - I got the seam ripper out and made quick work of taking out what I had done while on the phone earlier in the day. I haven't taken out the other piece yet. THANK GOD - it is only TWO and a HALF stars. They will have to be remarked as I washed all the markings out.

The old me would have been disgusted and THROWN it into a corner, BUT the new me says - just suck it up sister. Fix it and keep going. It could have BEEN TONS WORSE.

Let's see - I messed around in the studio all afternoon and well into the evening. I managed to get all those gift bags DONE for the guild.
Yes - it is hard to tell in the picture, but there are 45 gift bags in there. All DONE!!!!!!!   Well - just the ribbon needs to be inserted and we do that at the guild meeting. 

Just looking around the studio - there is SO MUCH to do and so much prep work. Things that have to be done for the guild, things that have to be done for the other guild, things to be done for Monday Motivators, things that have to be done for the on-going classes (all six of them), another class by Marti Michell, and never mind the exchange blocks that have to be done this month and the customer quilts to be quilted.

And technically NONE of that is for me. Oh well - this should be the LAST month for a while that there are URGENT things to do. Well that isn't true because there are already quilts on the July slate that HAVE to be done in July. August - August will be BETTER.

The trick is to get it done WAY BEFORE it becomes an urgent deadline. I am really really trying this month to not be rushed. I hate being rushed. So last night while searching for something to do for Liz' tin with the guild tinners groups, I came across the PERFECT thing. I had an idea and after searching the internet, this came up and with the colours and my idea - well it melded everything. I can't wait to get it done and one more thing OFF THE LIST.

Don't you LOVE her tinners box. It is an old tin picnic pail. Just so cute!!!!!!   I wonder how much she will sell it to me for?????    Her theme is spring. 
And if anyone has one of these tins - I WANT it.

I am reading a new book which I just started and is VERY INTERESTING. Talks about distractions and focus and I can relate to that 100%. As I get tidbits of information, I will post them for you to think about.

But one of the things in the introduction, the author talks about the information overload that we are all suffering from. I couldn't have said it better myself. There is so much - e-mail, snail mail, texts, tweets, facebook, books, magazines, BLOGS, the internet, TV. The trick is to set parameters and sort out what you don't want. That is my biggest problem - if I get a magazine - I want to read it cover to cover. Why???  Cause it is there. Anyway - I hope to learn a few tricks from this book.

Organize your Mind, Organize your Life

Oh yes - the premise of the book. It is NOT an organizing book - no how to sort paper, how to make lists - that sort of thing. No this is about how to mentally deal with all the crap. He sort of eluded that ADHD is a result of people not being able to cope with all the external chaos and that we all are a victim of this - not just those diagnosed with ADHD. Some of us handle it better than others. He thinks we all can handle it.

Pat works in a school and they had just bought new clocks. This is the box the new clock came in. It is flat like a pizza box. Isn't that cool. So I got one. Don't think I will have a hard time filling it. I should put my MOST URGENT project in it??????

A box of time!!!!
 And lastly - I got the new Piecemaker's Calendar. Yes - so I have never made one, but I LOVE them and collect them. I have everyone EXCEPT 1988 which Carol has and WILL NOT sell to me!!!!!

Piecemakers Calendar 2013

I see the weather is much better today than yesterday so I had better get a back to back ride in before next weekend. I think I'll be napping this afternoon!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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