Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snow Days reveal for April

I feel like I am in slow motion mode today. I have NO commitments and NOTHING rush that needs to be done. Notice - I said NOTHING RUSH - I still have loads to do. Got to clean up this studio, got to clean up some paperwork for the household and for my quilting stuff that just desperately need to be done.

And the good news - DH is at work and won't be home for dinner, M is at school and will be staying late to do some work with her fashion teacher. So it is a COMPLETELY FREE FREE FREE day. I can't wait to get started - well I guess I already have!!!!!

We had show n tell for our Snow Days class on Saturday. Wow - These quilts are going to be awesome. And even though we are using the same pattern - they will be so different. Sit back and have a look...............

The homework was one embroidery block, as well as THREE different sizes of a block called "Cut the Corners" Here is a sampling of their work...............

Pieced blocks - Chris

Embroidery  - Chris

Pieced blocks - Suzi

Embroidery - Suzi

Pieced blocks - Cathy 

Embroidery - Cathy

Embroidery - Anita

Pieced blocks - Kathy M

Pieced blocks - Jo

Embroidery - Jo

Pieced blocks - Mary

Embroidery - Mary

Pieced blocks - Lynn

Embroidery - Lynn

Pieced blocks - Helen

Embroidery - Helen

Pieced blocks - Mary D

Embroidery - Mary D

Pieced blocks - Linda D

Embroidery - Linda D

Pieced blocks - Elaine S

Embroidery - Elaine S

Pieced Blocks - Anne

Embroidery - Anne

Pieced blocks - Jane

Embroidery - Jane

Pieced blocks - Jan

Embroidery - Jan

Pieced blocks - Roslyn

Embroidery - Roslyn

Pieced blocks - Maureen

Embroidery - Maureen

Pieced blocks - Kathy M

Embroidery - Kathy M

Pieced blocks - Donna W

Embroidery - Donna W

Pieced blocks - Mary C

Embroidery - Mary C

Pieced blocks - Maria F

Embroidery - Maria F ????

Embroidery  - Lauraine

Pieced blocks - Katheleen

Embroidery - Katheleen

Pieced blocks - Elaine T (that`s me!)

Embroidery - - Elaine T
I may have mixed up a name or two towards the end, but I can't imagine Donna doing anything else but BLUE. So hopefully I got them all.

Isn't that impressive???????

And here is the homework for next month. We are joining one of the Cut the corner blocks with embroidery block 14. I added the waste cloth on all sides to help protect the block edges from fraying.

Front of the embroidery/block unit

This is the reverse side of the block. Notice the interfacing/second layer goes to the seam allowance of the block. If you are NOT using fusible, then hand baste that loose edge of the second layer to that seam allowance to keep it from moving around. 

On that note - I am out of here to try and get some paperwork stuff organized.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is the madness over yet????

Nope!  I survived the CreativFestival and we were NOT the last ones out last night, even though it took us two and a half hours to get everything out. They were still figuring out how to squeeze the last few items in the van/trailer when I left, but I am sure they were not far behind me.

Had a GREAT show n tell for the Snow Days embroidery class and the Dear Jane classes yesterday. Took loads of pictures and I will get to edit them later today. You see - I have a sit n sew today. Don't even ask me why I scheduled that today. I think I schedule my weekends in isolation of each other.

After class, it was back to the CreativFestival where it was very busy for a second day especially given that it was a VERY gorgeous day outside. I guess people are feeling creative these days and needed to get out and buy new supplies. And it was nice to see a lot of younger people at the show. The one advantage of a busy show is that I did NOT get a chance to shop. I mean really - I spent the least I have ever spent at this show. And most of it was plain fabric for those two modern quilts and some suiting for yet another garment class!!!!!!!!   Now I have to find somewhere to wear this stuff. I guess I had better get a real day job!

I did buy a couple of cute things - OK - let me go take a picture so I can show you.
I bought THREE of those little Moda candy things. They are just so cute and yes I got suckered in. I also bought the book with 18 projects in it. But I was sold when the lady at the cash said - people were buying these to make collages and cards. OH YES - I like that idea.
I bought a book and that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Well sad news - on the way downstairs after getting the bag with the stuff I purchased, I hit this cute cup that we got from the CreativFestival as a thank you for doing a demo. It was a NICE shape and size for tea and had a little ceramic spoon with it. CRASH - my bag hit it and knocked it down.    Oh well - probably wasn't room in the cupboard for it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On that note - I still have the kitchen to tidy up, get lunch organized for the girls today. But with only four people, it should be relatively quiet and I might actually get to sit down for a bit.

Don't forget the Brampton Quilt Show is next weekend. I will be posting details of that in a day or so - Saturday and Sunday.

Amazing how parents can make you feel guilty even when you don't live at home and haven't for years. You see, it was my Dad's 80th birthday yesterday. I remembered his birthday and called him in the morning. I knew it was 80, but had forgotten when I started to talk to him. Then he said that my mom was disappointed that NONE of the kids sent him a card for that special date!!!!!   I am not sure if it bothered him, but he said no. Oh dear - sorry Dad!!!!   NO ONE gets a card from me, but I am trying to do more of that.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

What makes a good quilt guild lecturer????????????

Again no pictures today and I will keep it short.

I am also NOT mentioning any names to protect the guilty and the innocent. I belong to THREE quilt guilds - I know - what was I thinking? Anyway - that means that over the years, I have heard a LOT of speakers at the meetings.

What makes a good speaker?

- enthusiastic
- encouraging to ALL quilters
- openly sharing their stories, their quilts
- communicative with the guild members
- answers questions
- engages the audience
- tells us about the good AND the bad part of their quilt journey

What turns me off in a speaker

- negativity of ANYTHING
- disregarding a particular kind of quilter or quilting
- thinking their way is the ONLY way
- thinking HIGHLY of themselves
- EXPECTING the guild to haul their stuff into the venue (I will help, but DON'T mistreat me!)
- being grumpy or complaining upon arriving
- going on TOO LONG about one thing - tell the story and MOVE ON
- thinking they or their technique are UNIQUE - sorry - no one is unique
- LEAVING before the break has happened because they need to get home (this has happened TWICE this past year and I am SHOCKED!!!!!!!!) - we are paying these people money to fire up our members and they never even get a chance to chat to the speaker or see the quilts close up. One person had to leave because they had a B & B guest coming that night. Isn't that double dipping?????   I was FURIOUS at that one.

We are paying these speaker to entertain us and some of them get a LOT of money. I want my money's worth. They are like spoiled Hollywood stars and I just tune out. And it is the higher priced ones that are the worst!!!!!!!!!!   Come on ladies - you are NOT that good.

So if you are a guild speaker and reading this - think about what you are doing. There are certain people that I would NEVER go and hear again (or take a class from) and there are others that I would definitely take a class with, listen to again. Perhaps we need to mention names so these people will not get hired again?  No I won't be that mean.

And now it is time to get ready for my classes at the Hobby Horse this morning (Dear Jane and Snow Days) and then back for the afternoon at CreativFestival until it closes at 6 PM this evening. Then the even more fun part - tearing down!!!!!!!!!!    Yep - I am getting too old for this.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, April 26, 2013

It has come to this.................

I don't have a picture (thank goodness!!!!), so sit back while I tell you why I was digging through the garbage at Tim Horton's late on Friday night!!!!!!!!!!

Started the day with spin class at the gym. Another 35 KM chalked up on the training schedule. Still a LONG way from the 2000 KM we are supposed to clock by the middle of June.

Then a quick shower and off to the CreativFestival. But NOT before stopping at Tim's to grab something to eat. I know - I should have got something HEALTHY at the gym. I leave the empty wrappers on the car seat.

A LONG day at the CreativFestival. Saw LOTS and LOTS of friends - both old and new. So NICE to see everyone. Thanks for stopping by the booth. Did a 45 minute demo on hand embroidery. Very excited to see many people out for that. YES - that means hand embroidery is definitely on the rise!!!!   I"m excited as I really enjoy it.

Back to the booth - more talking. The show was CRAZY today. Tons of people came to  the show for the early entrance at 9 AM. Then more people into the show when it officially opened at 10 AM. Oh boy - a little difficult to get out of the booth for anything. Including SHOPPING - which is probably a good thing. I did manage to get TWO pieces of fabric today - BOTH of them are SOLIDS. Oh my  - what has the world come to?????????????   Well  - I see some modern quilts on the horizon.

Finally the show ends at 8 PM. The vendors make a max exodus from the building. I am STARVING by now and on my way home, I decide to stop at Tim's for a HOT CHOCOLATE. My feet hurt and I just want some comfort food. OK - so I am a whimp - that is a pathetic excuse!!!!    I get the TWO fives from my pocket, I fold up the empty bag from the morning and toss it in the garbage. Then I slowly advance to the window as there are several cars in front of me. Then I reach to get my money and WHERE IS MY MONEY?????   I find ONE of the fives, but where is the second one????  Don't tell me that I threw it out?????

I pay for my stuff and then I park where I can see the garbage in the drive through. Silly me - doesn't want anyone to see me advancing on the garbage cans, so I wait until there are only two cars near the window. I sneak up on the garbage can and pick up my bag. NO FIVE. Then it falls out - YEP - I threw the silly five into the garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!    Oh well - I recovered it!!!!!!    Pretty funny. I guess that just goes to say - that you shouldn't clean when you are tired!!!!!!!!!   Yep - that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Home to prepare for my classes in the morning at the Hobby Horse - then I'll be zipping back to the CreativFestival. I doubt I am going to get out to buy anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that is probably a good thing.

On that note - I still have a few things to prepare for the classes tomorrow. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

STOP complaining about the weather!!!!!!!

Yes - I too wish the weather was nicer. I wish it was warmer so I am not stuck inside doing spin classes instead of riding my bike outside. BUT - have a look at these pictures that my Dad sent. These were taken YESTERDAY in Saskatchewan.

We have NOTHING to complain about.......................

The ditches are FILLED with snow banks

HUGE SNOW BANKS along the side of the road!

And it is April 24th!!!!!!!!!!!      These pictures remind me of winters when I was a kid living in Saskatchewan. Oh yes - that is near North Battleford - we are not talking UP NORTH. They actually had to get a bull dozer in to clear some of the roads because of the quantity of snow. That means there is a LOT of snow.

On that note - I have lots of other stuff to post, but I do NOT have time this morning. It is SET UP day for the CreativFestival. My favourite (NOT!) day of the entire thing. It is hard work, it is long, it is noisy although I do look forward to it because I get to chat with people I haven't seen in a while (OH dear - I see a trend happening here!!!)    Plus I have to drop off the customer quilt I finished (it is on my way to the International Center). And a couple of other errands I have to get done this morning before I leave.

So have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!