Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stonehenge reveal - April

I will be SO GLAD when the Mississauga Quilt Show is OVER. Let me rephrase that - I will be glad when the set up starts. That means I can STOP working on my quilts!!!!!    Got two more labels stitched on last night and madly working on getting the last quilt quilted. Don't ask, but it is going great - I am liking what is happening with the quilting and let's keep our fingers crossed that everything will get done. One more label to stitch, two sleeves to pin on (got one started) and then to finish quilting the quilt that is on the machine, trim it, bind it, put a sleeve on it and a label by 9 AM TOMORROW. Yes - work is NEVER DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT - with the quilt I put the label on last night - I have ONE MORE FINISHED project. That is exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was our Stonehenge class at Ruti's. There were a few people missing and people already had their blocks stitched together so we didn't have a look at those. But these are the loose blocks that came in..............

Jewel tone blocks

Earth tones - block 9

Earth tones - block 10

Jewel tones - block 10

Jewel tones - block 9

Different colour way

Another colour way

And the third different colouring
More jewel tone blocks

All of them are great looking blocks and would be neat to see a quilt made from each of these blocks!!!!!

Then it was back home to quilt. Madly throwing different threads on the machine (thank goodness - the tension is working PERFECTLY) and trying to NOT remove the embellishments from the piece. A little unnerving to quilt AROUND the beads instead of removing them, but it worked like a CHARM - despite the crunch crunch noise every once in a while, but NONE of them broke. I WILL NOT post pictures of the quilt until AFTER the show (yes - Linda - that means - I think I will MAKE IT!!!! - Thanks for having faith in me!!!!!!!!!!)   BUT you will want to see this quilt. It was made MANY years ago and after MUCH nagging from the participants (it is a group row quilt), I am getting it done. It is cute - it is fun - you will LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night, I had to laugh as I surveyed my studio - it looks like a disaster hit!!!!!!!!!!!

Machines still sitting in the MIDDLE of the floor

Haven't unpacked the bag from the machine quilting class a couple of weeks ago and the cutting table is PRETTY FULL

Haven't even unpacked the suitcase from the trunk show a couple of weeks ago

More stuff on the floor

Just TOSS those quilts out of the way - no time to be neat

And this is just one BIG DUMPING ground for the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully after tonight, things will calm down (somewhat - I still have TWO urgent quilts to get done next week), but there will be a bit more flexibility which will allow me to do some tidying!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am BACK on the machine. I hope to be done by lunch.  By the way - I went to the gym this morning and got rid of my stress. I feel great.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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