Thursday, April 4, 2013


Oh dear - I have to tell you this story because it is pretty funny and all the more reason that we should research our authors BEFORE we pick up a book to read.

I like audio books because I can listen to them while I stitch in the evening. Yes - I am still embroidering in the evening - I have MANY blocks for the Snow Days quilt started (for various reasons). Trying to find a natural progression for the class and I HAVE IT NOW.

Anyway - one book that I picked up earlier this year was a thriller by Sandra Brown. Oh - I like this author. So at the library a month ago, I pick up another Sandra Brown. I plug it into the CD player and start playing it. Hmmmmmm - this doesn't sound like a thriller.   (OH yes - there was NO description of the book on the cover). As I continue to listen - this is definitely NOT a thriller.

Wait a minute - is this the same Sandra Brown??????   AHA - after looking at her web site, she also writes ROMANCE novels, as well as thrillers. OK - so this romance novel - well OH DEAR - makes me blush. And the lead character - so arrogant. I could kill him and she is falling for him. Oh GOD - DON'T DO IT - DON'T FALL FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES -  I admit it - I am listening to the silly book. It just passes the time and well now I have to know if the lady's husband really did commit suicide??????   (One CD to go)

BUT - in case you didn't know - READ that cover or do some investigation BEFORE you start reading the book. I will know in future - get Sandra Browns' THRILLERS, NOT the romance. The romance is like a Harlequin romance.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Tooooo funny!! I thought maybe you had mistakenly picked an erotic thriller.