Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is the madness over yet????

Nope!  I survived the CreativFestival and we were NOT the last ones out last night, even though it took us two and a half hours to get everything out. They were still figuring out how to squeeze the last few items in the van/trailer when I left, but I am sure they were not far behind me.

Had a GREAT show n tell for the Snow Days embroidery class and the Dear Jane classes yesterday. Took loads of pictures and I will get to edit them later today. You see - I have a sit n sew today. Don't even ask me why I scheduled that today. I think I schedule my weekends in isolation of each other.

After class, it was back to the CreativFestival where it was very busy for a second day especially given that it was a VERY gorgeous day outside. I guess people are feeling creative these days and needed to get out and buy new supplies. And it was nice to see a lot of younger people at the show. The one advantage of a busy show is that I did NOT get a chance to shop. I mean really - I spent the least I have ever spent at this show. And most of it was plain fabric for those two modern quilts and some suiting for yet another garment class!!!!!!!!   Now I have to find somewhere to wear this stuff. I guess I had better get a real day job!

I did buy a couple of cute things - OK - let me go take a picture so I can show you.
I bought THREE of those little Moda candy things. They are just so cute and yes I got suckered in. I also bought the book with 18 projects in it. But I was sold when the lady at the cash said - people were buying these to make collages and cards. OH YES - I like that idea.
I bought a book and that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Well sad news - on the way downstairs after getting the bag with the stuff I purchased, I hit this cute cup that we got from the CreativFestival as a thank you for doing a demo. It was a NICE shape and size for tea and had a little ceramic spoon with it. CRASH - my bag hit it and knocked it down.    Oh well - probably wasn't room in the cupboard for it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On that note - I still have the kitchen to tidy up, get lunch organized for the girls today. But with only four people, it should be relatively quiet and I might actually get to sit down for a bit.

Don't forget the Brampton Quilt Show is next weekend. I will be posting details of that in a day or so - Saturday and Sunday.

Amazing how parents can make you feel guilty even when you don't live at home and haven't for years. You see, it was my Dad's 80th birthday yesterday. I remembered his birthday and called him in the morning. I knew it was 80, but had forgotten when I started to talk to him. Then he said that my mom was disappointed that NONE of the kids sent him a card for that special date!!!!!   I am not sure if it bothered him, but he said no. Oh dear - sorry Dad!!!!   NO ONE gets a card from me, but I am trying to do more of that.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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