Thursday, April 18, 2013

How do you spell R E L I E F?????

A sore thumb!!!   That is how!

The quilt came off the machine, trimmed and the binding on BY NOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I got myself cozy, BUT not too cozy in the living room. The sun was shining and it was a glorious day to be sitting and stitching. Marian stopped by and I got an entire side stitched down while she was here!!!!  I was making GOOD TIME. So good, that I took the girls for a walk to the library and then to Tim's (of course - they would be upset if they didn't get their timbit!!!)

Back for more stitching. Bottom line - I finished the binding last night and stitched down the rest of the hanger this morning.

I can't stay long this morning as I still have TWO sleeves to pin down, two labels to deal with (paper is sounding good at this point!!!) and 11 buttons that have to be resewn on the last quilt. I am taking sewing supplies with me to the setup and I'll get as much done as I can before they have to hang the quilt!

Never in a million years did I think I was actually going to get all that done!!!!!!!!!!!!    But my thumb is pretty sore!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I didn't fall asleep ONCE while stitching down that binding. Perhaps I have found a good spot to sew in!!!!!!!!!!

This week, the spa at the gym was having a special on facials so I booked one for me and one for M. I went last night. Oh boy - facials are so DIFFERENT from each other. This one was a HOT one - at one point, she put cloths on my face and then a HOT pack on my face with a little hole so my nose could poke out!!!!!! Then she left the room and let me relax. Well as much as I could because my cell phone was vibrating - EIGHT times in a row. What the heck is going on??????   When I checked - it was Marian sending me some info that I asked her for!!!!!!!!!!!!    Anyway - my face has NEVER felt softer!!!!!   A nice way to end a stressful day - well it wasn't the end because I did stitch when I got home.

OK - I'm off and running again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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