Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ronda is a BAD influence!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all HER fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so I have to STOP listening to Ronda. She has become a  BAD influence on me.

When she last came to my house for sit n sew, she brought something very cute with her, AND I wanted the SAME thing. I had no idea what I would do with those cute little things and I resisted buying any of them.

This is MODA candy (little packs of fabric already cut into 2.5" squares)
The fabric line she has was SNAP POP which is cute and bright and I WANT WANT WANT.


When I was at the guild, the other night, I saw a quilt in the show n tell that will be perfect for this, but of course, one has to make a quilt that is a decent size.

I called the store that Ronda bought these from and ordered a "few" of the Moda candy bundles and a few other things. Ronda is going to pick it up for me on the way to the retreat this coming week. Then I got online and ordered yardage to make the borders for the quilts. Yes - there is an S at the end of quilts. DAMN HER!!!!!!

Then last night she texted me about the SMASH journals. Are you familiar with the SMASH journals????

Basically a journal that you put stuff in.   
Of course, you can buy all kinds of accessory stuff to put in the journal. 

You see - I wanted mine to be an inspiration journal and I have started with ONE item. 

I have several other articles to add to it.

If you are not familiar with them - have a look at this.................

Smash Journals

I JUST LOVE this stuff and wish I had more time to do it.

Of course - I could always take a Sharpie and draw on the inside walls of my tent like the cavemen used to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronda suggested that I take one with me on my trip!!!!   Hmmmmmm - I am trying to downsize what I take on the trip, but it would be a neat idea.

Then I got to thinking - on previous trips, I read or chatted or blogged when we were in camp, but that was THREE weeks. That is a vacation. This is ELEVEN weeks - I am going to need some form of creative outlet or I am going to FREAK out. So if I take the journal (we have mail stops) - will you all send me stuff that I can put in my journal?????   I'm thinking bits of advice, pictures of anything, inspiration, cards, etc.

I have been contemplating taking some embroidery. It is small and if I choose wisely, it would be easy with just ONE colour of thread. So if I do - what should I take?????   This redwork one with small easy blocks to do??????????????

Christmas redwork
Already have 1/3 of the blocks done (they look plain, because I am adding bling after it is together)

Or should I take my BIG project - Snow days??????

Decisions - decision. But I think I had better take something because without a creative outlet, I might go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I bought a magazine yesterday and was looking through it for the Photography apps that you can use on your iPad or smartphone.
Article on photo apps

Open this and read it!!!!!!   OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so true. I was at an event on New Year's Day and everyone was taking pictures with their cell phones, NOT a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I cannot take pictures on my phone. Well I can, but I don't like to. Too many steps to get to the camera. BUT I am contemplating NOT taking my BIG camera.

Have a look....................

Here is my big camera and that other camera is a BRAND NEW camera (just took it out of the box this morning) that I bought a while back as a spare. Now there is a HUGE difference between the two. And if I am worried, I can always take a spare camera (another small one that uses the same batteries AND cards as the little Sony). This picture above was taken with my cell phone and sent to my computer. Not bad picture at all!!!!!!

OH - the dilemmas of what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am going to have to pack very carefully - if I take TWO cameras that use the same charger - less cords and chargers to worry about. I am going to have to start laying everything out and see what I am going to take for each category. ACK - why can't someone just make all the decisions for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If I go that light - I might not even need my pack on the front of the bike. OH GOD - I will feel naked as I ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just going to blame it all on RONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is all her fault!!!!!!!!!

While out yesterday getting zippers at Fabricland for M, I saw these two fabrics which I just had to have. Don't worry - both were on sale.

Scrabble fabric - bought enough for a backing. 

And this - well I bought yards of this years ago and made a couple of stack n whacks with it. I don't think I had any left for the backing - so this will go in the backing of one of them. Yes - the quilt is still not quite done. One of them is, but the second one is NOT.

On that note - I am out of here. I have a customer quilt to get done TODAY and to get to my class.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Smash Journal? sounds like something I have been doing for years using the dollar store lined hard cover booklets. I put in everything and write what I please til it is full, I don't just start on in January and use it for a year, tho. some times a book will last 10 months sometimes two months... for loose things, like magazine articles, I glue an envelope on a page and put the article in the envelope with the article title written on the outside... (glue the envelope so the flap is openable)... You don't have to buy a 'name brand' at a higher price to accomplish the same thing.