Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More TREASURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My how the time slips by. I am almost out of blogging time and I haven't even started yet!!!!   Well, I'll just start quilting a few minutes late this morning, but NOT too late as I am making good time on this big custom quilt, but I have to get it done today. No pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few more things that I picked up at the Mississauga Quilt Show last weekend........

A NEW book - this is a super inspiration book. This is Volume Two - I also have Volume One and just love it. Also a pattern that was on sale

More patterns on sale. I was introduced to this designer when I was in Whitehorse, Yukon T. I love her style

This is the one that I picked up when I was in Whitehorse and now three new ones

A paper pieced pattern - yes - you could do it without the paper piecing, but way easier!!!!!!!!!!

And this was my BIGGEST and BEST treasure. Someone was selling this crazy patch quilt. I thought about, but not too long and decided to buy it. I don't have a picture of the full quilt, but it is a fair size - about 60 by 70 inches.

Beautiful hand embroidery

A couple of spots need repair

Initials belong to whom??????   I can't even figure out what the initials are??

This is a ribbon. It says Willing Workers, Young People's Mission Band, Pelham, 1893. 

If you want to learn about the Willing Workers - check this out...............

Willing Workers history

I can only guess that this is the same organization. Pelham is in the state of New York. Chances are that this quilt was made sometime in the late 1890s as a potential fund raiser?????

There is also this ribbon on it - It is hard to read the words since the first two are not complete. But looks like  Mort?? and Saxton, Jamestown Republican Club. Jamestown is also in the state of New York. 

I am sure with a little digging, that I might be able to unearth some more information about the quilt. And when I went to get the words on that label - I realized that there are more initials on the quilt.

The quilt is NOT finished.

This is the back - it was made in blocks. 

Hmmm - an interesting find. I am glad that I bought it. And someone came to me during the show and wanted to know how much and when I wanted to sell the top because they had been thinking about buying it. Well I'm not selling it!!!!   When you see something like that - you must jump because it won't last long.

And the good news - well good if you are a Scrabble player. They have finally got the app fixed for my Android phone which now allows me to play Scrabble from my phone WITHOUT having to start a new game every time. That was getting annoying. I still haven't seen an update for the iPad yet, but it seems that they are working on it. You would have thought they would do some MAJOR testing before they rolled it out!!!!!!!!!   DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I'm off to the quilting machine. Going to have to use my crocheted rug on the floor. While I could stand at the machine all day and have no back issues (like when I sit down)  - I find my feet get tired these days. Just too much standing I suppose.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (You know when I get up, I feel crappy just like everyone else - then I go to the gym and VOILA - I am a new person!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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  1. You are a lucky quilter to find such a treasure as this crazy quilt!!