Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snow Days reveal for April

I feel like I am in slow motion mode today. I have NO commitments and NOTHING rush that needs to be done. Notice - I said NOTHING RUSH - I still have loads to do. Got to clean up this studio, got to clean up some paperwork for the household and for my quilting stuff that just desperately need to be done.

And the good news - DH is at work and won't be home for dinner, M is at school and will be staying late to do some work with her fashion teacher. So it is a COMPLETELY FREE FREE FREE day. I can't wait to get started - well I guess I already have!!!!!

We had show n tell for our Snow Days class on Saturday. Wow - These quilts are going to be awesome. And even though we are using the same pattern - they will be so different. Sit back and have a look...............

The homework was one embroidery block, as well as THREE different sizes of a block called "Cut the Corners" Here is a sampling of their work...............

Pieced blocks - Chris

Embroidery  - Chris

Pieced blocks - Suzi

Embroidery - Suzi

Pieced blocks - Cathy 

Embroidery - Cathy

Embroidery - Anita

Pieced blocks - Kathy M

Pieced blocks - Jo

Embroidery - Jo

Pieced blocks - Mary

Embroidery - Mary

Pieced blocks - Lynn

Embroidery - Lynn

Pieced blocks - Helen

Embroidery - Helen

Pieced blocks - Mary D

Embroidery - Mary D

Pieced blocks - Linda D

Embroidery - Linda D

Pieced blocks - Elaine S

Embroidery - Elaine S

Pieced Blocks - Anne

Embroidery - Anne

Pieced blocks - Jane

Embroidery - Jane

Pieced blocks - Jan

Embroidery - Jan

Pieced blocks - Roslyn

Embroidery - Roslyn

Pieced blocks - Maureen

Embroidery - Maureen

Pieced blocks - Kathy M

Embroidery - Kathy M

Pieced blocks - Donna W

Embroidery - Donna W

Pieced blocks - Mary C

Embroidery - Mary C

Pieced blocks - Maria F

Embroidery - Maria F ????

Embroidery  - Lauraine

Pieced blocks - Katheleen

Embroidery - Katheleen

Pieced blocks - Elaine T (that`s me!)

Embroidery - - Elaine T
I may have mixed up a name or two towards the end, but I can't imagine Donna doing anything else but BLUE. So hopefully I got them all.

Isn't that impressive???????

And here is the homework for next month. We are joining one of the Cut the corner blocks with embroidery block 14. I added the waste cloth on all sides to help protect the block edges from fraying.

Front of the embroidery/block unit

This is the reverse side of the block. Notice the interfacing/second layer goes to the seam allowance of the block. If you are NOT using fusible, then hand baste that loose edge of the second layer to that seam allowance to keep it from moving around. 

On that note - I am out of here to try and get some paperwork stuff organized.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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