Wednesday, September 30, 2020

UFO Club

I don't know if I should say anything or if I should just pretend it was all a bad dream? 

The new modem arrived sometime after lunch. There was no knock on the door so I wasn't sure when it arrived. 

The new modem

I had a presentation at 3:00 PM - it was now 1:30 PM. Do I even dare to tempt fate???

I figured - there's no time like the present so I unwrapped the box and swapped out the old for the new. I  had passwords and such, but nothing happened. So I called the Escalation Desk - I wanted no issues with the setup. Thankfully, I was connected immediately. And I could not have figured it out myself. OH - I could have, but not in the timeframe that I had to deal with. 

A very HELPFUL and very KNOWLEDGEABLE person answered the phone. He was patient and we went through a lot of testing and set up stuff. I now know more about modems and upload and download speeds than the average person needs to know. 

And I now know how to run the tests to check our speed. Let's just say that a download speed of 50Mbps is NOT 50 Mbps. Our line runs at about 35 Mbps. I don't know what it was like before. The download speed seemed to be OK, it was the upload speed that was causing the issues. Or so this person seemed to think. The upload speed is a whole lot slower and runs somewhere at 3Mbps to 12Mbps. 

If it's set too high, then the lines can't handle the mismatch and bad things happen. It sounds like some person tried to set that speed too high for us and we kept crashing. So it's set at 6 Mbps and guess what?? I was on Zoom for three hours and not a single crash. I did have a couple of slowdowns, but no crashes. Thank god!!!! I might call and have them lower it just slightly, but let's see how things go. 

Of course, there are hiccups on the lines. I hear that phone lines are even dropping and honestly, I expected that to happen with everyone getting on board with Zoom and working online and all that. But the issue was that our lines were NOT dropping before. So I doubt that we needed to install a new modem, but rather have someone drop the upload speed. 

As I said, this person was extremely knowledgeable and that is one VALUABLE employee to Bell. So many times, people blame the service provider for bad service. Nope - it's the person you get in touch with that makes the difference. I told him that I was impressed with his knowledge and his service so if the call is recorded for whatever reason, hopefully, someone knows that. I also asked him where he was located. In Brampton which is the city beside me!! I got a laugh out of that. However, he works at the large Bell Call Centre about 5 K from me, but they are all working from home. How cool is that that he messed with my modem from his house? 

So BELL - I applaud you for getting this issue resolved, but perhaps better training for some other employees is in order. 

Here's the deal with the internet. You can have SPEED or you can have stability. It depends on where you live and what kind of cables or phone lines you have available to download the services. By the way, our service comes in on TWO PHONE lines - not cable, not fiber optics. A certain someone in our house wants speed and I want stability. I hope we now have stability with a wee bit faster speed. Lesson learned. If it isn't broken, don't touch it!!!

Then all the devices had to be reconnected to the new modem. I got my computers working - OH - I still have one more tablet to switch over, but I need also to connect my Alexa devices and she didn't want to cooperate. That's for another day when I have more time. 

So the two presentations went off without a hitch and that was good. Four down for this week, three more to go. I only have one today so that is a bit more relaxing. Between the presentations, I had to switch out sewing machines, grab new feet and accessories. Same topic - different brands. 

Now let's get to the quilting. Here is my homework for the UFO Club. I got the snail's trails quilt top finished. That was the first item on the list. The first of four items on my UFO project list for this past month. 

The Snail's Trail quilt top - DONE

 The binding and backing are also done. 

The backing, binding, and quilt top 

The next item on the list was to get the disappearing nine-patch top done. And that got completed as well. 

The top is done for the Disappearing nine-patch

I still have to work on the binding and the backing so I can't take it off the list just yet. 

I was to get the binding on my yoga bag. I didn't even touch it. 

And the last thing was to cut the wedges for my PRISM squared quilt. ALL of these items are on my UFO lists. That's what the club is for, but each of us has our own agenda and some of the others - well, they don't' have lists.

PRISM square pattern

I should not have waited until the last day to check what exactly that meant. I thought I just had to cut the wedges, but when I looked deeper into the basket, I knew I wasn't going to make the deadline. 

The project basket for PRISM squared

When I taught this class a while back, I had to give up one of my panels to a student (who is in our UFO group) who had miscut her pieces. That meant that I had to remake that one panel and I knew that I had not done that. 

Fabric to make a new panel

But it wasn't even that. I realized that the panels were made for the rest of the wedges, but that was it. 

The panels to make the wedges

Those panels needed to be cut apart. 

Panels to be cut into three

And then they needed to be sewn together. 

Two sections of panel sewn back together

Then the ruler had to be positioned on the pieced section. 

Lining up the ruler so I could make the cut

The culprit lent me her ruler so I could cut the wedges as I had lent my ruler to someone else. 

A note to remind me that the ruler was borrowed

The wedges are carefully cut apart. 

One wedge is cut

There were 36 wedges to cut. Did I make it in time for our UFO class? Believe it or not - I did - sort of. 

Here are my wedges at 11 AM just in time for the Zoom meeting. BUT do you notice something? 

The wedges for PRISM square

Yes, the student that I gave my panel to, gave me her miscut wedges which are in my pieces above. Can you spot it???

So it wasn't until later that afternoon that I had the new panel made and the wedges cut as per the pattern. 

The wedges are cut!

Yeah - the wedges are DONE!!!!   I was torn because I had accomplished a lot, but not all that I said I would. So I put $5 in the UFO coffer. 

My goal for next month is to completely finish the top. I know - nothing like being ambitious. This quilt is on my UFO list and I'm determined to get those things done as I want to move onto new UFOs. 

I also have this quilt top that I want to sew together for the next UFO club. The blocks are all sewn together and the border and binding fabrics are in the container. It should be easy enough to do. Hey - if one doesn't do stretch goals, this mess will never get cleaned up!

Winner's Bouquet

So once again, the UFO club is helping me to get stuff done that I would easily be left for someone else to deal with. I would have started a million other projects and now I'm getting these old ones out of the way. 

The one thing that I keep forgetting to mention this week is that I'm blogging on QUILTsocial. So be sure to pop over there. Here's the link to the first day.  I'm talking all about embroidery hoops so be sure to check it out. Some great information there. 

I've got loads more to catch up on, but I'm still a wee bit behind in my writing assignments and I'm working my way through the list. Each day more gets done and nothing gets added so that's a good thing. 

And I'm on my way out the door to spin class and I can't be late because they close the door to latecomers. 

Have a super day!!!!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

UFO Show and Tell Part Two


Have you ever had one of those days when NOTHING seemed to go right? Yesterday was one of those days. I rarely feel like throwing in the towel, but I was tempted on numerous occasions. However, I maintained a level head and kept working methodically through the fiascos trying to make sense of the crazy day. 

The modem that was to arrive between 9 and 9:30 still wasn't here by 4 PM. A call indicated that it would likely be delivered today. Fortunately, DH's Zoom call didn't go down, although it slowed. I didn't stream the radio on Alexa for fear of causing issues with his call. 

I had typed out my agenda for the two lectures last night. And guess what? Word froze, and I had to reboot my computer and start over again. There was NO autosave? Why not?? 

As if that wasn't bad enough, I couldn't print. The printer had run out of paper, and while I refilled the paper tray, my computer wasn't recognizing that I had done that. So I had to reboot yet again to get it to recognize the correct status of the printer. Seriously?? It was like there was a tech gremlin in the house yesterday. And yes - I had issues last night, and thankfully everyone is so patient. The connection slowed down considerably in one presentation, and it died in the second one. It seemed to take forever to get reconnected. 

I did note that DH was watching TV when I was online. Hmmm - I stayed off while he was on his call? But I won't go there. 

I did take a walk in the afternoon before my lectures, and that helped to clear my head. I've got two lectures more today and no idea when that modem will arrive. And I've no guarantee that it'll solve the problem. It could make it worse, but I won't go there. I might have to zip down to Tim's to do my lectures!

Needless to say, I didn't get a chance to log into the Monday sewing - I just didn't dare tax the bandwidth with a second Zoom call. 

But today is another day. I had a good sleep, got some writing done this morning. I'm still behind a wee bit, but every day, I get closer to the finish line! 

So - let's go back and finish up with the Show and tell from the UFO club. 

Elaine finished her Stitcher's Garden quilt (Stitch Connection). This is the third one of these quilts that got finished because of our UFO club. 

Elaine's completed Stitcher's Garden quilt

There are five borders as per the original pattern! Hey -- while this quilt top is finished, it's OK to change up the borders. If you don't want to put on five borders, then only put on two. But I do love the vibrant colors in the borders; they help to tie in all the bright colors in the quilt. 
The five borders on Stitcher's Garden

Elaine also quilted this small wall hanging that she started many years ago at Quilt Canada. It was the result of a workshop. It just needs the binding, and it's done! One more project bites the dust!!!

Elaine's landscape quilt - ready to bind

She also got the binding on this quilt. That picture is a wee bit dark as the quilt is grey and white with lime green. It doesn't matter - it's one more project - DONE!!

Elaine's Shop Hop quilt - DONE

She also finished or almost finished this small candle mat made with wool felt. It's so cute!!!! It'll be finished in plenty of time before Easter next year. 

Easter Candle mat - almost done

Great job, Elaine - she was very busy this past month!!!!

Guess what? We have ONE MORE Stitcher's Garden quilt done. That makes four completed as a result of the UFO club, and to my knowledge, there are no more of them waiting in the wings amongst this group. This one belongs to Diane. She had to sew the quilt top together, and she also added the five borders. 

Diane's Stitcher's Garden quilt top

So these two versions now have to be quilted. I'm just happy that mine is in the "to be quilted" pile. 

This is Diane's next project. It was a Border Creek mystery from last year. She's already done a ton of work with making all those half square triangles which are sewn into four patches. 

Diane's Border Creek mystery project

This is what the block looks like. That's going to be a beautiful quilt. Diane loves to make things large, but she insists that she's only making it a lap size. We'll see what happens next month!!!

The block for the mystery quilt

Diane also got two quilts quilted this past month. They look great!!!

Elephant quilt - DONE

And here's the second quilt. 

Diane's second quilt - DONE

As if that wasn't enough, she made two small wall hangings, just in time for Halloween. 

Diane's two Halloween wall hangings - DONE

Sharon did a TON of handwork this past month, and the train station is on the quilt. I'm so impressed. I know she struggled this month to get that commitment done. But it's done, and she can move onto another section of the quilt. This is from the 2000 Piecemaker's Calendar. 

The train station is appliqued to the background

The blocks are almost completed!!! Wow-what a huge relief it must be to get the quilt to this stage, but she's not done yet!!!

Sharon's quilt 

Diane T assembled this table runner. I wonder what size of sashing she used between the blocks because it looks AMAZING. I might have to try that with one of my string quilts because it has a totally different look than when you just sew the blocks together. 

Diane T's string pieced Chrismas runner

Liz is back after taking a hiatus at the cottage all summer. She was to complete 2 blocks for this project, and she got four of them sewn together. The quilt is going to be gorgeous!!!! 

Blocks for Liz's quilt

She still has 6 blocks to make, and it looks like she got quite a bit of cutting done for those. It's all about progress, and we have to remember that some of the group members have full-time jobs, others have family or other commitments that don't allow them to sew all day. 

Pieces of blocks have been cut and ready to sew

This is the quilt that Laura is working on, and she'll be adding the borders for next month. I LOVE this quilt, and YES, I have one to make—no time to even think about that at the moment. 

Laura's Over and Under quilt

Ronda is making a new project - a gift for a family member. She imported a fabric collection in EQ8 and designed the quilt with a wee bit of assistance from me. The quilt is made from flannel, and it going to look amazing. 

I think all the blocks are cut out - these are Bear's Paws blocks. 

The Bear Paw blocks are cut

The alternate blocks - square in a square are already made. 

The square in a square block for Ronda's quilt

That leaves my projects. I don't have time this morning to post, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I did. 

Here's something vital to keep in mind. As I was posting homework from the recent classes, I noticed that several people haven't been around for a while. 

So I started e-mailing people to see how they were. You know - not everyone is faring as well as others under the circumstances. If you know someone and haven't heard from them in a while, give them a CALL. We must stay connected to each other. And we mustn't let anyone slip through the cracks. 

I know that I don't do enough of that, and often, I'll go for days and sometimes weeks before I call family or friends. I'm trying to get better at that, and even if I end up on a phone call while I do my walk - I'm OK with that. The important thing is we MUST reach out! 

One more thing, and I want you to do this IMMEDIATELY. STOP watching the news. Just STOP. It's depressing; there's nothing we can do about certain political situations - it's going to hell in a handbasket quickly, and there isn't a single thing we can do about it. There are fires and other disasters and we can't do a single thing about them either. So do yourself a favor and STOP watching the news. I stopped over 10 years ago - Oh I keep abreast of world events, but I don't let myself get dragged down into the depressing thing that is called news these days. 

If you feel compelled to help, then make a cash donation or get out and find a place to volunteer locally. Even with COVID, there are places where help is needed. 

Make your own fun, call friends, hold Zoom calls with your friends - it's good to chat about the ridiculous things happening in the world. I find it gets it off my mind if I have a good chat and then I let it go. If sewing by yourself is boring, then get a Zoom meeting going and sew with someone all day. You don't even have to talk - just know that someone is there for you!!

Have you put on weight during the pandemic? Then move in with me. DH does most of the grocery shopping and there are NO treats. Thank god for that. I'm a stress eater (when I'm stressed for time) and well, yesterday? I could have eaten a pallet of chips and cases of pop if they had of been handy! I did have a couple of small snacks that I've squirreled away in Studio B. 

On that note, I'm out of here. It's another jam-packed day and I'll be in Manitoba this afternoon and then zipping off to Newfoundland! 

Have a super day!!!!


Monday, September 28, 2020

UFO Show and Tell

 Here's a quick update on the internet situation at my house. It's NOT good. I've called I don't know how many times this past week to complain. Finally, yesterday we got escalated. Why? Was it because I threatened to move my service to another provider? Not that that would have been a guaranteed solution - I could get just as bad of service from the other provider as well. 

I was very polite but very clear on my position. 

Here's something to contemplate. If you're wary of how much information is out there on the internet, did you know that once you have a connection to your service provider that they have 100% control of those devices within your house? Yep - I've not rebooted the modem once, but it's been done MANY times by the service people. They've run tests on the equipment, they can see what's connected, they can control the services - all from wherever they are sitting and I don't think they are sitting in Canada! 

So my call got escalated and then for the SECOND time during this whole fiasco, they can't hear me. I haven't touched my phone but why can't they hear me? Anyway, back to a new call and get escalated right away and this time, they can hear me. 

We're getting a new modem today. The person I spoke to said they could see some issues with it and so a new modem is supposed to arrive this morning between 9 and 9:30. I have the instructions on what to do and we'll see if that makes a difference. 

Let's say that with the pandemic and working from home, that we NEED that thing to be working properly. Why did the modem start to act up once we upgraded the service? I've no idea and let's just pray a LOT that this is going to fix it. I know it went down many times yesterday that I know of and I wasn't happy. It was suggested that I watch my language in the event that the link didn't go completely down! Good point!!!

Someone else is going to host Monday sewing today! 

I want to share the show and tell from our UFO class yesterday. It's amazing how much is getting done, but I have noticed one thing. Some people are using it to get CURRENT projects done! Well, I guess that's OK if it motivates them to do that. But I also noticed that a few people are not paying attention to what they say they'll get done! I even send them a confirmation note. I let a couple of things slide yesterday, but since I had to pay money, that's it - no more Ms. Nice Girl. 

Katheleen finished her Snow Days (Crabapple Hill) quilt! It looks GORGEOUS!! It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but the cream border surrounding the center part is filled with hand embroidery. Her goal for this month was to finish a section, but she was on a roll and went ahead and finished the top. I love it. 

Katheleen's Snow Days

A few blocks didn't make the cut for the front and so they got pieced into the backing. Yep - the backing and the binding are also DONE!!! 

The backing and binding for Katheleen's Snow Days

Her next project is Quilter's Patch (Laundry Basket Quilts). As you can see there are a few blocks missing. So she'll be working on this for the next couple of months. 

Katheleen's Garden Patch quilt

 I hate to confess that I taught both of those quilts as ongoing classes at The Hobby Horse. The year? Well, it was several years ago. I don't have my list handy, but somewhere around 2015 or 2016. That's the intent of the UFO club. It's to get motivated to finish up those big projects that have been hanging around for a long time. The ones that someone else will not know what to do with when they arrive at your house when you're no longer there!!

Totally missed the date on that one. It was 2013!!!!!   You can check out the show and tell from that class at this link. 

But for those with no UFOs, I guess you can work on a new project, but there's not much satisfaction in that since you'd likely be doing that anyway. The UFO Club is above and beyond what you would normally do. Stretch goals!!! 

Shelly is working on a UFO! She hand embroidered these two blocks this past month. Wow - that's a lot of hand embroidery and it's perfect. I've seen her work in person and it's amazing! These blocks are from Winter Wonderland (Crabapple Hill). 

Embroidered block from Winter Wonderland

Embroidered block from Winter Wonderland

She committed to embroidering part of another block for next month. I see from a text last night that she already has the block traced. I think we should make her do the entire block! It's huge. 

Susan is working on a Halloween table runner. She got the two rows of the center section completed. Next month is to get the top done. I think it should be finished since Halloween will occur shortly after our next meeting!

Halloween table runner

Dede ripped out the quilting in the border of this flannel quilt and then requilted it. It's now bound and ready to be used. I see that Quark, her hairless cat, is inspecting it to see if it's worthy of him.  

Dede's cat, Quark, is inspecting her UFO homework

The goal for next month is to finish this small project. That's the beauty of the club. Some people can handle a large project each month, others cannot. A lot of the members of the UFO club still have full-time jobs and still have to juggle their time between work, family, and hobbies. 

Dede's UFO for next month

Lynne is busy with embroidering her Dream Big panel. It's looking gorgeous!! If you have the right technology, it's a snap to position those machine embroidery designs on each of the petals. If not, it can take a fair amount of time to make that work. We encouraged her to use the technology that she has available to her. I got a text last night. She tried it and it worked!!! Way to go Lynne!!!! You'll be done that entire project by next month! 

Lynne's Dream Big panel

We also have a bit of other show and tell, not just our UFO project and that's what it's all about. Sharing of ideas, projects, and just life! 

Lynne got the binding on this project. 

Lynne's Wolf Abstractions by Violet Craft

But look at what else she does with her finished projects. She makes a bag/cushion cover for EVERY quilt. See how she uses her embroidery machine to embellish the cover. It's a great way to use up the leftover fabrics from the project. And I love how Smoke is surveying the cover. Perhaps, he's thinking of pouncing on the wolf? It's also her label as she put her information on the pillow cover. It's a brilliant idea. 

Lynne's cover for the Wolf Abstractions quilt

Jane was working on a quilt top and the intention was to finish the complete top. That didn't happen because of a fabric shortage. I gave her partial points for completion. I LOVE The colors of the quilt. Guess what Jane will be working on this coming month?

Jane's partially completed quilt top

Linda worked on a Scandinavian style Christmas wall hanging. She bought it as a kit some time ago. The top is done and ready to be quilted!

Linda's Scandinavian Christmas wall hanging

Well, that's only half of the show and tell from yesterday! It's so exciting to see people make progress on their projects and some of these projects are HUGE and have been hanging around for quite some time. I love how motivated we are to get some of those old projects done!

Just as we were saying goodbye, my internet dropped. GRRRR. Then we had a family Zoom and I got to see Little Bear! He got a face trim! He's so cute. Well, M is cute too! But of course, the internet dropped on that call as well. Breathe Breathe Breathe!

I spent the rest of the day puttering in the studio - and well, you'll just have to wait to see the result of all that puttering. 

I'll finish off the Show and Tell for the UFO club tomorrow. 

So if anyone is interested in getting some motivation for completing projects, I'll be opening up the sign-up for the club in a bit. I already have some new sign-ups for 2021. We're going to start the new club in January. Those that currently in the club will most likely just get re-enrolled. That's what happened last year. If there are too many for one hour, then I'll split the group. 

The classes will be via ZOOM so ANYONE, ANYWHERE can join! How's that for crazy! Should we be able to get back together again, I'll still run a Zoom session. Yep - the Zoom thing saves a lot of time. I don't have to tidy up, I don't have to find chairs for everyone and no travel time! Remember, the cost is $125 for the year. You get $10 back for each month you complete your homework! If you know someone who would be interested, pass the information along to them. You can e-mail me ( to sign up. Put UFO in the subject so I won't miss it. 

We have a great time and we're getting these old projects done!!!

Have a super day!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Celebration Show and Tell


When anything gets done - it's time for a celebration! I'm slowly working myself out of the mountain of deadlines that I let accumulate. It's not so much the quantity, it's the lack of time management! I'll survive through it, but I'll be glad when this coming week is over. 

Yesterday we had our two classes for the ongoing classes at The Hobby Horse. Of course, it was held via Zoom so no travel was required. I'm not sure how I would work in travel time at the moment. There's no time for travel. I did lose the internet a couple of times yesterday. I didn't call Bell, I was just too tired at the end of the day. But - I'll be calling today. 

I'm teaching FIVE of these ongoing classes. Yep - whose idea was that? Mine of course, and I love every minute of it. I have FIVE more scheduled for the coming year. And a lot of the past quilts from these classes are bogged down in my UFOs. BUT - the good news is that I'm almost up-to-date with the homework for ALL five of the current quilts. How is that? 

But I'm madly working on those UFOs for the UFO club and so there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. What's important in all this is that the number of UFOs being finished is greater than the number that is added. OK - so NONE are being added. I need to start and finish a project and I've been sticking to that pretty well. 

Today, I'm going to share the show and tell from the Celebration class. What's even better is that the written homework has already been sent out, as well as the written homework for Aviatrix Medallion which was on Friday. I have two more to get ready (hopefully today). Then a little bit of sewing and I'll be caught up again! I also updated the class list for the fall and the ongoing classes for next year. I hope to get that posted to my blog by tomorrow. I still have a few writing assignments that are waiting and those will happen this afternoon. I'm getting things done - it just seems like there is so much! BUT - no panic is allowed. Just take one thing at a time. Breathe  - breathe  -- breathe.

And yet, I can't be too worried about it - I did go for a long walk with both girls last night and I did sit in the backyard to read for a while. I mean - it's summer - we have to enjoy the good weather while we can! 

OK -- what's really frustrating about this silly internet connection? It never used to go down. And you can't blame overcapacity on the bandwidth. It just went down. It's not even 7 AM on a Sunday morning. You can't tell me that everyone is up and using it. There is SOMETHING WRONG. GRRRRR! What's "hilarious" about this is that I don't have to do anything to get the connection back. All that's necessary is to wait three minutes and it's back up. Now, why is that? And I know that it goes down because I stream the radio on the darn thing or I'm on the computer or on a Zoom call. Sometimes, it's just a blip and sometimes, it goes completely down. 

Now onto the Show and Tell. Some people are further along than others. I'm showing something from everyone in the class regardless of where they are. 

The first one belongs to Judy. A lot of lights in this quilt. I can't wait to see what happens when it gets larger as the coloring is quite different from the others. 


Diane is using some darker colors and so far I like it. The outer border might be a wee bit dark, but if something lighter gets put behind the dark, it should be fine. 


Grace is working on some bright and funky colors. I love that mottled green/orange/yellow batik that she used. 


This is Susan's quilt and WOW. That pink/green color combination rocks! I can't wait to see this one finished! 


Wendy colored those "flowers" at the corners of the center to match the flowers in her busy print. It looks amazing!!!


Kathi LOVES these colors - notice that the quilt matches her bedspread! I love that she took the pink and placed it on both sides of that dark border. A whole different look just by changing one color!


This is Marilyn's COVID quilt. She didn't buy any fabrics but used what she had. And she has the center stitched together. It's an interesting mix of color and I think it's going to look great when it's done. See how that orange along the edges pulls out the star in the center?


Valerie has chosen BRILLIANT jewel tones for her quilt. I love how that dark border is making everything pop, inside, and outside that frame. 


Cindy is making a very masculine quilt. I just love looking at all the variations to see how the color placements and values can make the same quilt look so different. 


This is Lynne's version of the quilt. Very soft and pretty but the color combination works. We all agreed that this one looks the most like a real tile floor in some European castle!


Catherine is working with batiks and look at how those flowers pop. They remind me of cacti flowers for some reason! But it works. 


Nancy is doing greens. What I love is that she's used a solid black for those large patches and it doesn't overwhelm the quilt. She also used a busy print for the echo behind the flowers. Totally changes the look!


Patti is creating a much darker version of the quilt. It looks great though and she's contemplating changing that center block to something a bit darker as the yellow does tend to take center stage. 


 Linda is doing renovations on her sewing room so she's a bit behind. But this grey/black/white and red color combination is going to look amazing. 


This quilt is Mary's. Wow-what a totally different look from the others. It's so soft and very feminine. 


This is my version of the quilt with the blocks for this month's homework in place. There are only eight blocks left to go. 


Here's the thing about these quilts - you learn so much! I learn from the students and they learn from me. It just doesn't get any better than that. And where else would you get to see so many colorways at one time? And where would you get advice while working on your quilt? Oh yes - not only do we do have our show and tell, but we offer advice (if asked or not!) and it's a great way to stay in touch with each other!

I also love the Zoom format (I know - you know that I like Zoom), but here's the thing. If we were doing this in class, we would NOT be seeing the entire quilts. We would be seeing the blocks for that month. Personally, I'm loving seeing the quilts as they are made. It's still going to be a WOW factor when we do the final Show and Tell in November. 

Everyone has done a great job so far and I can't wait until November!!!

If you want to be part of these exciting classes and have your Show and Tell on the blog, I'll be posting the list of the next FIVE ongoing classes. I have a wee bit of proofing to do and it should be ready to post tomorrow. Yes -- ALL of them will be held on ZOOM so that means that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can be a participant! How exciting is that? 

On that note, I'd better get moving. It's UFO club today and I see that not everyone has sent pictures of their homework for the show and tell. My guess is that they're madly working on it right now!!! Like I should be!

Have a great day!!!