Friday, September 4, 2020

It must be fall!

Another day is done! It's weird to say that because it makes it sound like each day is a chore or something that has to be endured! But that's not the case at all. I'm just amazed at how time is marching forward! I want time to slow down, and yet I don't! I go to bed looking forward to each day because something exciting is bound to happen the next day, or I have plans for what I'm going to do.

While I did manage to get some work done, the morning was crazy, and I seemed to go from phone call to phone call. I did get one homework assignment out the door. I still have four to do, and I hope to get everything done today, and I NEED to get ahead of the game. I'm getting the sewing part done, but the writing part is slowing me down! The next two months are going to be super busy with work, so I really need to spend this weekend and get the sewing done for all those ongoing projects as well as get some of the writing done as well. If I don't, well, it's going to be a struggle to get it done on time, and the groups have been patient!

I also have an article that needs to be to the editor TODAY. I'm in the revision process, so that shouldn't take that long, but do you know how long it takes to revise a document? I start by wildly writing mostly nonsense, or so it seems when I begin to revise. But it'll get done today!

I managed to finish the audiobook that I was reading - Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice. This was a totally different book from what I usually read, and well - it's a good read. There are a few lessons for "white" people. The author is of First Nations descent.

As I finished that audiobook, I see that three others came in. I hate it when you put a book on hold, and it says two weeks and then BAM - it arrives the next day. Oh well - I needed something to listen to, so that's good.

I also had to go to the library last night to pick up my holds. Oh boy - all SIX of them came in. Once you book an appointment, they consolidate everything. Little Bear and I walked to the library, and I had to carry the books home. No worries - we took the scenic route home to get in steps, of course, and it was fine.

The stack of physical books to read is BIG, so I must keep on top of that. I mark the due dates in my calendar, so I don't have overdue books, although with the delay that they have in checking in books, it's a bit weird, and I don't think anyone is getting charged for overdue books these days.

My new stack of reading material

I LOVE the library and am very happy that we're back in business even though we can't actually go inside the library. I MUST get myself back to my own shelf of books as well. But since that web site went away for tracking books in series, I've kind of left that shelf alone. But I do have standalone books as well. OK -- after I finish reading what's on hold, I MUST get back to my own books.

I see the Mississauga Symphony Book sale is happening, although in a different way. I can only imagine how crazy that will be with social distancing. I'll see if I'm going to attend. Not that I'm worried about COVID, but more about the crazies that attend these kinds of events. Maybe, I'll go for the last hour on one of the days. I do NOT feel like lining up in a crazy line.

Oh boy -- I see that the book sale in Guelph has been canceled for this year. That's too bad, but they are aiming for the safety of the community.

Speaking of crowds, I was at Costco yesterday afternoon. What a crazy place. Even the secret self- checkout in the corner had a huge line. There were people everywhere, and what's the deal with having your flipping nose hang over the edge of your mask??? You breathe in, and you breathe out - through your nose and your mouth. Get that mask over your face!!!!

On the way home, I decided to treat myself to a tea and a muffin. Yep - it must be fall since the pumpkin spice flavors are out. Actually, they've been out for weeks. I had one muffin, and that's all I'll have for the season. I used to have ONE a day before. But no more. Let's just say that I savored that muffin!

Pumpkin spice muffin

I got more cleaning done in Studio B. I had to listen to my audiobook, and I can't write and listen at the same time. Of course, Little Bear had to help. Well, he was making sure that nothing fell out of that blue bag. That bag is one of the three bags that were upstairs, and I decided I had better bring them down and go through them. It's now sitting at the bottom of the stairs, and I'll deal with it over the next couple of weeks—only two more to drag downstairs.

Little Bear helping

I also decided to get ahead of Diane. She picked up several kits the other day after dropping off NINE quilt tops. I think there were nine in the bag. I don't have time to process what she drops off. I've got to schedule a day to get that done.

So I dug out all the remaining batik samples to see what I could come up with. I sorted them more or less by color. Then I bundled them into quilts.

Sortring the batik samples

This is what she's getting the next time she asks for kits. There are eight bundles in the basket. All of them are equal to one quilt, except for one bundle which has enough for two quilts. That's a total of NINE more quilts from those batik samples. That's totally crazy!!!!

Nine quilts for Diane to make

I have this pile of leftovers that don't really fit together. We might use the bits with other stuff that I have to make up quilts. Or make smaller quilts. All the bundles above will make a Quilts of Valour sized quilt.

The leftovers

Hey Diane -- I'm ready for you!!!  After that, I still have a laundry basket filled with fabrics that need to be bundled, so don't worry - I still have lots for you to sew!!!

I'm going to have to start taking up a cash donation so I can buy a roll of batting to get all those Quilts of Valour quilts quilted. I think the roll is about $250 or something like that, so if anyone would like to make a donation to that cause, I won't say no.

Once the batik samples were organized, it was back to the rest of the space. The ironing board has these pet mats that I need to find some pieces of batting for. I just haven't had a chance to check the batting closet yet. I managed to use up five pieces of batting for the two magazine quilts. So I'm keeping on top of the batting scraps, and that's good.

The ironing board

There are still a few things left on the cutting table, and I hope to take care of those first thing this morning. A considerable improvement over the picture from yesterday. And the best news? There was only one new project in the pile. A few small projects did get put in the baskets containing the current projects. I'm OK with that. Once I get working, I can plow through things pretty fast. OK - so I'm lying. We all know that EVERYTHING takes time. But I can dream!!

The cutting table - after

The cutting table - before

The trick now is NOT piling stuff on that cutting table unless I plan on dealing with it right then. Like I did with the batik samples. Put it on the table, deal with it, and then the table is clear for when I want to cut.

The stack of stuff is still on the floor. This is mostly the ongoing projects that I'll be working on today.

The ongoing projects to deal with today

The best news is that THREE days are coming up with NOTHING to do. OK - so I lie yet again. I don't have anything with a deadline. BUT I did schedule some things that need to be done for later this month. If I don't, those things will become a crisis, and I'm trying to avoid that.

On that note, I'd better get moving. It's a mini version of Sit n Sew today.

Have a great day!!!



  1. Elaine, although I haven't finished the bindings you gave me to do - too busy enjoying the outside while the weather lasts - Don't give all those batik kits to Diane - keep at least one for me!

    1. I will keep one for you!!!! WE can't let Diane have all the fun!!! Enjoy the weather and NO rush on those bindings.


  2. I sympathize with people with the nose above the mask, as I have a lot of trouble breathing and catching my breath. My asthma acts up when I walk in a store because of all the fragrances of the cleaners.I suspect it is a medical thing for the people you saw in Costco as it is me.

    1. Lynda - I know - I had asthma at one point in my life and I know how challenging it can be to breathe. I find with my mask on, my mouth is hanging open all the time - thank goodness, it's not see through! That makes it totally "more" comfortable to breath. I think some people are claustraphobic with the masks and need their nose free. Just breath normal is what some of my medical friends say!! But yes - it could be for medical reasons.