Tuesday, September 1, 2020

This is a BEST friend

Gosh --I love Zoom classes! We all get to sew, chat, ask questions, share our show and tell, eat a hot lunch (if we want), and well - it's just the best. We had another fantastic Monday sewing session via Zoom. I would feel so disconnected without that weekly get together as this sewing group has been in existence for many years. I'm going to say that it's been close to 20 years? Oh yes - it must be because M used to sleep under the cutting table on days that she came with me. 

The members have changed over the years, but I've been there since the beginning. Two others have been there for a long, long time as well.

Thanks to all the Monday ladies! You are the best! Hopefully, we'll get to see a few more join us as they get comfortable with the technology. OH - another reason that Zoom works great? TWO of the group were on vacation at cottages and popped in to say HI!! Now, how fun is that?

Here's a tip for anyone who is using Zoom in a group setting. It's good for others to know who you are. When we see your picture on the screen, your name appears as well. I think it defaults to the name of your device or something. But to change that, click on the list of Participants and find yourself. Click on the BLUE MORE button, and you can rename your screen, so people know who you are, especially if you're in a class where attendance is going to be taken.

It was another productive day. I'm always amazed at how my brain kicks into creative mode when there's a time crunch. Otherwise, my mind seems to be lazy! One of the magazine quilt tops is done and ready to be loaded on the long arm this morning. The second one will take a couple of hours to finish, and then it will also go on the long arm. I hope to get them both out of the door tomorrow. I'm pleased with both of them considering I was working with a different fabric company than I usually do, and well, fabric choices were interesting. 

I've got something to give away today.

I was searching for a template the other day, and I realized that I have TWO sets of the Marti Michel templates Set B and D. The D Set is BRAND NEW - never been out of the package.

Marti Michel templates Set B and D

Yes - using templates can be fussy, but it can also be very exact if you struggle with angles and lining things up. I was adamant that I was NEVER going to use templates. Then I started to use templates years ago, and well - I have most of the Marti Michell template sets. They do work!

I also have two patterns that use Set B and D. So, if you want the templates, you can also have two patterns!

Pattern using Set B

Pattern using Set B and D

I do have other Marti Michel patterns that are up for grabs if anyone is interested. Some use the M set or the A set or the L set.

And I'm sorry, but Little Bear is so darn cute, and he wants to help all the time when I'm sewing!

Little Bear helping

He's got quite the attitude. He's NOT happy walking with Murphy and would prefer to go on a walk by himself. Yet, he doesn't want to be left in the house alone. Oh, yes - a BIG attitude in a little body.

I've got some links to share with you today. Does anyone remember the Moon Glow quilt from years ago? It was designed by Jinny Beyer. Well, that pattern is available to buy from her online shop, OR if you want to print it yourself, you can download it for FREE. I know - I was surprised when someone in our Summer Moon class discovered that.

Here's the link to the entire page of FREE patterns. Jinny was one of my role models when I learned to quilt. I love the technical aspect of her work, her border prints, her eye for color, and so much more. I think I still have TWO kits of hers that I bought and haven't even started. We're NOT going to talk about kits! At least they are all organized in one spot in my house.

The other link is a NEW Quilt Along that is hosted by QUILTsocial. Check it out - it's free, and there are options with this Quilt Along. There are three of us making the quilt, and each of us is using a different colorway and a different setting. It's going to be exciting!!! Each of us will post our tips for making each block.

Here's the funny part of this story, and it's so fitting that I can't help but laugh. Months ago, we contacted various fabric companies to sponsor the Quilt Along. I was the first to get a confirmation, but only after my first fabric selection was rejected because it was being archived. I chose another one - a new collection called Blue Stitch by The Tattooed Quilter - Christopher Thompson. 

The others eventually found a collection that worked for them and received their fabrics months ago. Me? My collection from Riley Blake is so BRAND NEW that I still don't have it! It just arrived at the warehouse, and they are cutting and sending this week. The first block has to be made by September 12!!!!  Yep --- even when I try to be on time, it just doesn't happen!!! But I'm good with that. I can turn a quilt around in a day, so a block? That's easy!!! 

So get yourself organized and get some fabrics lined up because we're going to be making some fabulous quilts!!!!

Well, now, in addition to the missing phone number for a lady whom I need to get in touch with, I'm currently missing TWO pattern books. What have I done with them? No idea. One of them is for a project that is started. I found the project but no pattern. I want to use the other book as a quilt for next year as an ongoing project. The book is here! I'm just not sure where.

Remember the other day when I chatted about walking the Camino in Spain?? Elle provided me with some information. This is a true story about two guys who "walked" the trail. One of them is in a wheelchair, and his lifelong BEST friend pushed him. You can buy the book or the film. I'm intrigued and will put it on my wishlist. The book is called "I'll Push You" by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck. Wow! - imagine having a best friend who would do that for you. Here's is the link to their website where you'll find the link to the book and the film. 

OK -- that's it for today. I've got paperwork that I need to deal with, quilts to sew and quilt, and if I get some time, I hope to put a few more things away and look for those two missing books!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Hi, Elaine! I'm interested in the Marti Mitchell templates. I just started using them this year, and working on a Storm at Sea pattern where they have made it so much easier. You can email me at terri-fisher (at) shaw (dot) ca

    1. Terri -- sorry - those templates went quickly!