Monday, September 7, 2020

A killer is on the loose

OH, MY GOD!!!!!  I decided to buckle down and get some work done. Depending on what I'm doing, I'll open up an audiobook. I'll listen for a couple of hours, and then I get bored. I never listen to audiobooks in bed, and I never listen when I'm walking the dogs.

However, I had to throw all those rules out the window yesterday. This book is a PAGE TURNER like I've never read before. It's called The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica. WHOA -- she writes a very twisted physiological thriller. I keep changing the theories in my mind. The book is about 12 hours, and I'm down to the last 2 hours. I had to get up early so I could listen, and well - I'm listening as I walk the dogs this morning! I like to savor my books so I listen to them at 1X speed. If the book is over too soon, then what?? Nope - I like to savor books.

When you look at Mary's picture, she's so sweet - how could she even dream something like this up? She has some other books, so I'll be checking those out.

The BEST news about yesterday? I was so focused on the audiobook that I got a LOT done and didn't even realize it!

I started out by tackling those upholstery samples so I could make some more pet mats. Not that I need them at this point as I'm not about to go through more scraps at this time, but they were sitting by the serger for weeks, and it was time to get them done.

Bags for pet mats

I made 8 bags and serged up the end of one bag. I'm all ready for the next scrap sorting session.

Then I wanted to load the next quilt. I bumped all customer quilts to make that quilt for my goddaughter's son. This was a panel that I bought years ago at Fabricland in North Battleford. I've no idea who made it or how it even came to be printed but LOOK at the price of that panel, and it's not digital. Actually, when you see the panel, you're going to say that I got a bargain.

The price of the panel

As I mentioned, it was so easy to find the panel quilt with my master list of the items in the "to be quilted" pile. This quilt is now crossed off the list. And it was great to find the backing sewn together, and the binding was made. I pressed the seam on the backing and pressed the top since it had been sitting there for a while and had never been pressed since I bought it.

What does it look like????  Oh my gosh - I'm so excited. Now that's a Spiderman panel!!! It's 66" wide and 92" long. Big enough for a single bed. Yep - it's a PANEL. I quilted it with invisible thread and a spiderweb pattern. It looks so cool. The recipient is only 6 or 7, so he's going to be dwarfed by the quilt, but I don't care!!! He can make the coolest Spiderman forts with it.

Spiderman panel - DONE

Well, I was on a roll, and so later in the evening, when I don't usually sew, I was still at it while I listened to the audiobook. The binding is now on the quilt - both sides. That didn't take long. And did you see the backing?? It's Spiderman flannel!!! I want to put a label on in (in French) and then get it in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday.

The binding is on the Spiderman quilt

As part of my tidying up, I had emptied the bags of plastic bags that I had as I was using them to put projects in when they went into the NEW or UFO tubs. But that was a huge mess. The sizes were all mixed up, and I really just wanted the largest ones. So while listening to the audiobook, I sorted the plastic bags by size. I know - I need a puppy! BUT I'm totally OK with this. Now when I want a plastic bag for something, it'll be super easy to find the right size. The various sizes are in plastic bags that are LABELED no less. Yep - that's what's going to happen as I continue to sort - once the like things are together, it's a snap to see what you have and organize it even further. I'm so close!!!  (OK - so I'm not, but it's so much better than it was!)

Plastic bags are organized

Remember a while back that I removed all the boxes (OK - not all the boxes) of plastic bags and moved them to the kitchen. How many plastic bags does one quilter need??  Now that everything is organized, it's so easy to find a plastic bag of the appropriate size. Yep - I'm a happy camper!!!

The plastic bag storage area

Then it was onto the sewing machine. The first order of business was to clean the bobbin case, and even though I had only run five bobbins through it, it was a mess—loads of lint. But I took my time (and listened to the audiobook), and before I knew it, the bobbins were wound, a new needle inserted, and I was back in business.

Machine maintenance is done for another day

Remember that stack of quilt tops that need backings, bindings, and borders? I had this little one hanging around on the cutting table. Now the backing is made, as well as the binding. It's now in the pile of "to be quilted" pile. Yeah!!!

A small quilt goes to the "to be quilted" pile

I pulled out the next one. The binding fabric is there, but the binding is not made, and it needs a backing. The top is completely done. That shouldn't take too long and maybe, I'll do it today during Monday sewing. Well, I doubt that as I have a stack of stuff by the sewing machine that I want to work on today. 

I found this project on the cutting table this morning. It's not really my project. I inherited it from someone, and I have to be honest, that I'll likely NEVER finish it. There is ONE block done. The applique pieces are fusible, and they are hand-stitched in place with a buttonhole/blanket stitch.

Block one

All the pieces for the remainder of the blocks are cut out, and some of the flowers are partially hand-stitched together. I don't want it. There is NO background fabric included - only the fused pieces and the one block. It's up for grabs to the first person who contacts me.

The fused pieces

I'm sure someone could finish it off with the sewing machine, but I just don't have time, and it's too much work for a Quilts of Valour quilt. Unless someone wants to make it for Quilts of Valour, in which case, I'll throw in some background fabric. You make the blocks and the quilt top, and I'll quilt it and donate it to Quilts of Valour.

Speaking of Quilts of Valour, I want to thank some very generous people who read my plea for the donations towards the roll of batting so I can continue quilting the quilts I have to donate to this organization. I'm not far from having enough money to buy a roll. I hope to order the batting roll this week, so if anyone would like to make a donation towards that batting roll, e-mail me.

I sorted through that project box filled with bag making supplies. Holy - it was filled with handles and trims, and gosh knows what else. I sorted out the one project and put the supplies with the rest of the bag making supplies.

A project box filled with bag making supplies

I put the bag in the pile of current projects. The only thing to finish the bag is to attach the handles!

I found these gorgeous pieces of silk? Well, I'm not sure what they are, but I put them in the basket of fancy fabrics.

Pieces of silk

Speaking of fancy fabrics. I have quite a few sample pieces of rayon. What am I going to do with those???  I've used rayon for a quilt backing in the past, and I might just serge them together to make backings if I can't find something else to do with them. Any thoughts???

Rayon batiks

They do make a very soft backing for a quilt. I would never have thought to do that, but I did once, and well, it's gorgeous. Hmm - I could do that - unless one of you has a better idea.

Box of rayon samples

That box is in this pile, and I'd like to deal with it. But if it goes for backings, then it gets moved to the storage room, and I'm OK with that. There are still nine containers here that need to be sorted through. I'm making significant progress, and I'm happy about that.

What's left to clean up

There are a few things still upstairs, but I've decided to leave them until this gets put away. I'm getting down to the piddly stuff. What to do with that stuff? It NEEDS a home - otherwise, it's clutter. Slow and steady!

The cutting table in Studio B

I still have a few small things to put away, but I've made great progress in this area. I guess it's time to dump another container from that pile onto the cutting table and slowly go through it. That seems to be the only way. It's tedious, but it has to be done. And better that I'm the one doing it than someone else who has no clue what's in those containers.

I'll be working on my calendar later today - well, only after that book is finished! But I need to get that organized. I took most of the weekend off, and I needed that! I still puttered around, but I didn't do any "work" per se!!!  I might putter for most of today, but I do need to firm up some dates in the calendar without double booking myself!!

Did you know that many bookstores/authors are doing live stream events???  Yep - and Mary has a couple on her website. I think I might sign up for one. I'm fascinated by her!!  Done - I booked a Zoom meeting for October 29. Gosh -- I LOVE Zoom - it's so darn easy to use and then put the dates in my calendar. LOVE IT!!!!  I sure hope that people continue to use this platform when (and if) we return to our new normal.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!!

Time to walk the dogs (and listen to that darn audiobook)

Have a great day!!!



  1. I watched a you tube video of Alex Anderson and she said that she will never go back to in person guild presentations. She loves zoom and the time it saves in not traveling.

    1. OH MY GOD --- I feel the same way!!!! I think others will as well.