Friday, July 31, 2015

Busy like a bee!

Yep  - what do you get when the apple (ME) doesn't fall far from the tree.  Any opportunity to go for a drive and my Dad and I are there!   We are off on a bit of a row by row adventure today. Going to be a long day - not sleeping worth two cents these days so glad to be doing something!!   We did hit TWO row by row stores yesterday - got patterns, no plates as these stores did not order any.

No time to post pictures - we have a lot in order for the day and no time!

Have a great day!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

A lesson for us all..................

This trip has definitely been an eye opener. Of course in a situation like this, there are many questions and my Dad and I (with assistance from many family members) are plowing through the paperwork and appointments like a hot knife through butter. So far we haven't hit any major road blocks, but what a lot of running around.  The bank needs some paperwork. Does it even exist?  A call to the lawyer. Yes - it does.  But a letter has to be written and then signed by Mom and back to the lawyer and then back to the bank and then back to the bank again for more paperwork.  The good news - we are almost done!!!!!  At least that part of it.

Now we are working with the health care system to try and figure out that aspect.  We are making progress but just have to wait. In the meantime, Mom is in hospital and will stay there until arrangements have been made for a safe place for her to go.  That is a huge relief!!!!

And now we have the issue of the house or rather the contents of the house.   All I can say is and this is to EVERYONE out there - start cleaning out your house NOW!!!!!   If you have finished quilts or other finished items give them to friends and family - donate them or something, but do NOT let them pile up. WE are dealing with fifty years of a mad handi-worker!!!!

I feel like the afghan gift giver.   We went through one closet - or shall I say - we have attempted to get into the closet.  What a mess that was - I had to move boxes and boxes of yarn before I could get to the closet.  We have dug out over THIRTY afghans SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And the closet is still very full.  Mom wanted them donated to various family members so we have loaded the car with what we found so far.

Trunk full of afghans
Back seat of the car is also full

There are boxes and boxes of yarn and I mean BOXES.   Boxes and boxes of old sheets, fabric (not quilting) that "friends" of my mom bought at garage sales and gave to her.  ACK - "friends".   I have made a resolution.  I am NOT taking any more scraps for the pet mats. At least until I get what I have under control.  No way do I want my house to look like this.  I have two tubs of yarn and god help me if I buy even one ball more until I make progress on those tubs.    But for the scraps from Monday - we just need a pillow case to put that in - so don't throw that out!  Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are scads of pillows and rugs that have been crocheted.  We have to start small because I don't have a lot of time left here.  Let's get done what we can and the rest will have to happen later.  Thank goodness for brother, SIL, and aunts who are pitching in with help and advice - both now and offers in the future.   So nice to know that we are not in this alone.

Had to fill the car up with gas last night and we stopped at the new Co-op which is beside my parents new place.
Service!  but at what price?????

Cheap!!!!!    I'll take that
 Stopped off on the way home to get a picture of the buffalo. Quite a big herd!!!!

Anyway - we are off to Saskatoon to gather more information.   We will then be able to make some major decisions so that is good.  Hope to get most of that decided before I head back.  And let's not forget there are TWO quilt stores in Saskatoon that are in Row by Row - no plates, but I'll get the patterns.

On that note - I am out of here.

YOU on the other hand are going to your basement, stuff room or wherever and you are going to get rid of at least FIVE things today!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let the flood gates open...................................

No time to explain this morning except that we have a green light to start moving some of the stuff in the house.  Oh boy - I think going white water rafting may be more fun (and I hate white water rafting!!)

Anyway - things are good - we are getting the paperwork done, got more appointments today and must run so we don't miss the doctor.

In the meantime - you can read the latest installment of 50 ways to keep a quilter happy on QUILTSocial.

I am debating whether to post any pictures of the mess in this house.  But I am rethinking my situation at my house!!!!

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roller derby!

Despite the fact that the vacation started off on a sour note, things are looking up. 

 I'm happy to report that all four quilts are now bound. One is delivered already and there are two labels left to sew on. That will get done this morning.  I've got dates set up to visit the rest of the aunts to get them their quilt and the agenda is chock a block full of activities.  I will be glad to get home to rest. 

Oh and we have to sneak a quick trip to do some row by rowing!  Can't forget the quilting world while I am here. But getting in a lot of visiting with people so that is good. 

In view of what has happened, my timing couldn't have been more timely. Dad and I are running around town, checking paperwork.  Talk to the bank and they need some paperwork. Then to the lawyer and they need some paperwork.  Got lots more discussion with various people and based on their responses, decisions need to be made.  BUT the most important thing is that EVERYONE is on board. My mom knows the severity of her situation, Dad is on board, brothers on board. The only one NOT on board is the health system and we are trying to understand the options. I have a feeling they will NOT be working as fast as we are. 

That is my biggest concern, but I think we may have a temporary solution which we need to check out and then I think everything will be OK for the moment. Boy I can sympathesize with anyone who has gone or is currently going through the elderly parent situation.  It is not fun and I have to say that I am blessed that we are all on the same side. If that wasn't happening - well things would be awful.  I can't imagine that scenario. 

Time is the only thing against me as I am leaving on Saturday so we are hustling our butts this week to try and get everything in place.  Forget the house for the moment - that will have to wait until all this mess is cleared away. 

The other night I got invited to a roller derby scrimmage.  It was an opportunity for the newbies to play with the more experienced people.  My cousin is involved in the local team. Since I have never seen roller derby - I went to check it out. 

The first thing I spot are these signs taped to the floor near the seating. Yikes - that doesn't look good. 

 I had no clue what the rules were or even how they scored the points. But there was a lady behind me who knew much more and was helpful to figure it out.


That's my cousin -  "Chestie LaRue" standing at the penalty box and my aunt (the penalty time keeper ) in the coral shirt!

Chestie - number 28
 Let's just say that these ladies really get into it with the outfits and the makeup. There are a couple of larger ladies who play but they are very swift on their feet. I was very impressed. But I don't think I would want to meet any of them in the dark!

Look at that outfit!!!!


I didn't stay for the second game as they last 2 hours!!!!   But it was fun to watch. 

When I am here, I usually stop at Fabricland.  The Fabricland here is a bit different than the ones back home. This one is a franchise store so they have a bit more flexibity in what they stock. There is a quilt guild in town and no quilt stores close by so they have a good selection of quilt fabric. However I won't be visiting Fabricland this year. Why?????    I think the answer is obvious. 

 A major fire completely destroyed the building next door.  While there was no damage inside the store, I think they are dealing with smoke issues, smell of the smoke.  Anyway - big sign on the door - closed until further notice!!!!   Looks like I saved some money!!!!

I think I mentioned when I was trying to find the plush backing for the fourth girlie John Deere quilt that the store in Regina called it Roughrider green and NOT John Deere green.   Well that was for a reason.  It would appear that half the population here has a Roughrider license plate. Even my brother who has (had) no interest in sports is now a Roughrider fan!!!!  

Roughrider plates

I love to read and came across this article on the internet this morning. I love the idea - I wonder if there are any in Canada. 

And that's it for today.  Yes - wild and wacky!   Oh - in case you are wondering what I will do now that the bindings are done?  Oh yes - I have some applique and embroidery with me so I will keep busy. No worries about that!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

New digs

At last - there is some rain here.  The weather is absolutely crazy - Battelford had a wicked storm two nights ago and there wasn't a drop of rain at the farm.  Looks like we have a nice steady rain which is just what they need.  Let's hope they get enough to do some good for the crops.

Dad and I went to the picnic at the new building they will be moving into in November. We had a great catered lunch and then into the building for a tour.  Very exciting!!!!!!

The front of the building
The view from their balcony - yes that is Tim's in the distance on the left
Dad in the kitchen of their apartment

Dad was chatting to the foreman and well you couldn't help but notice this guy.  I snapped this picture because no one would believe me.  It is NOT a trick photo - they are standing side by side.

Dad and the giant!
Anyway - it is going to be a very nice change for them to move in.  Well we will see who exactly moves in. At this point, Mom is still very much up in the air.  In good spirits, but there is definitely a mobility issue that has to be dealt with. We are back to town today - hopefully going to get a start on an assessment. In addition, we have a lot of meetings to set up, then discuss the results and see what is going to be the best.  I am glad that I am here as it gives Dad someone to bounce ideas off.

While driving around, we saw this little vehicle. Is is a bike, is it a car????  

A new vehicle

Pedal power

Just in case you didn't figure it out!

We ran into the guy at Tim's. He went through the drive thru and then parked in the parking lot.  I am surprised that people didn't have accidents as they drove past.  Every one's head swiveled to have a better look.

It is actually an electric bike.  The owner of this particular bike is visually impaired and unable to drive a car, but he is allowed to ride this bike.  Let's just say that he has already been pulled over by the RCMP as they had never seen one before.  He is allowed to use pedal power ONLY - no motor because of his eye sight although I am not sure what difference that makes.

Check out this video to see more.   Yes - it comes in orange.   They are not cheap, but what a cool idea if you don't want to ride a bike out in the elements.   If it wasn't so pricey (this guy paid $11 K for his with all the bells and whistles). But if it is your only vehicle - what a bargain and he gains mobility to boot.  But think - no gas, no insurance, minimal maintenance!!!!!   Might be a bit hard to get out of the city!!!!

I snapped these two pictures on my way to the farm a couple of nights ago.  I saw a couple of hot air balloons.
Hot air balloon

A mommy and daddy deer - they crossed the road in front of me

That's it for today.  I am half way around the last quilt getting that binding on.  I am certain that I will finish by tomorrow.  Two labels are on and we start delivering this afternoon!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Salt Spring Island

Good thing that I am flexible.  This vacation is not exactly what I was thinking it would be.  I don't want to go into all the details, but it is very frustrating.  As I lay in bed this morning, I think I came to the realization of a couple of things. It doesn't matter what we say, my mother will find an excuse. Not now, too tired or whatever. So I am NOT going to worry one iota about any of the stuff in this house. It can stay here and rot for all I care.  I  just want her out and that is going to happen probably sooner than later.  She also needs a lecture on reality but I don't think that is going to help.

Bottom line, she is still in hospital and probably will be for several more days. The big question is whether she will ever come home. I think (OK - I know) that we are at the stage where I have to become the parent, but that transition is going to be very hard. And the fact that I am only here for a few days isn't going to help, but my timing was good to get things started.

Oh - and boy do I ever value the peace and quiet of HOME. My Dad is just like me - he has the gift of gab and very hard to blog while he is talking!!!!   But he has to read EVERYTHING out loud that he sees on the computer.  ACK!!!!!   Patience - deep breath, deep breath!!!!

Anyway - enough of that.  Here are some more pictures of Salt Spring Island.

The Treehouse Restaurant in SSI
 I've had lunch there many times, but no time this year. There is always next year.

Mermaid statue in Ganges Harbour
 These stones are in the area surrounding the statue.  And have names on them for people who have passed away. Unfortunately the markings are rubbing off the stones because of wear and tear.

Paving stones with names of loved ones
 No trip to Salt Spring would be complete without a visit to Stitches - the local quilt shop.  This is the third location for the shop.  This one is not my favourite location, but it is nice and roomy.  The bad news?   The shop is for sale.   Anyone wanting to move to a quieter pace of life????

Stitches Quilt shop

There is a great artisan market on Saturday, but I wasn't there in time to get to it.  Wasn't thinking when I booked my ticket. It is a great way to see the local art work. There is also a nice variety of people with produce, canned goods, etc.  The Saturday market has grown considerably over the years. And now there is a veggie market on Tuesday.

The veggie market
 On the way home from town, we saw a deer.

A beautiful deer crossed the road while we were driving home
 My aunt has some pretty cool kitchen stuff that she has collected over the years.  After Uncle Joe went and picked blackberries, Yvonne made a pie.  She has the coolest pie plate which used to be my grandmothers.

Black berry pie - and what about that pie plate. 

The pie plate has a huge lip on it to catch the juices.  Now that makes a whole lot of sense. 
 I don't make pie, but I want a plate like that!!!!

And her cool pie lifter
But look at this potatoe masher.  It is just adorable.

Teeny tiny potatoe masher  (that is a teaspoon)
And a juicer!!!!!
I know she has other cool stuff, but that is what we found very quickly one night!!!!!

Here are our fresh pototoes from Jim.  I believe these are called Russian fingerlings.  They are quite mealy and would require a LOT of butter and sour cream to give them a better texture.  I liked the taste and we made pototoe salad out of them.  That is what Jim recommended because they are so mealy.

Fresh potatoes
 As I said, Yvonne is always cleaning and came across this letter.  You will have to click the picture to get it large enough to read.  This is how jokes were sent in the 1950's.

A joke in the form of a letter
 M bought this little worry doll for Yvonne many many years ago.  Hey M - do you remember????

Worry doll

As part of our cleaning, we had some slides of my grandfathers that needed going through.  He took copious amounts of pictures (not like anyone I know) and the big question is what to do with them all.  I think my Dad and Yvonne went through some before, but there was lots left.  So we set up this little light table.

Light table

Purchased slides from the 1965 Pasadena Parade

Got a bag and started to pitch

And filled the bag by the end of the hour

There was a small amount of slides with people in them. My Dad now has them and he will decide what to keep (by scanning into the computer) and what to toss.   Oh joy -  if you have stuff around your house - start cleaning now. This house (my parents) is a nightmare which at this point, only a match could remedy!!!!!

Then Yvonne and I did a BAD thing.  We snuck off the Island for a quick trip to Vancouver Island to do some row by rowing!!!!!   It's a long story, I won't get into it, but let's just say that as people age - they change. Nuff said!!!!

Anyway - the darn ferry was about 20 minutes late.

The ferry to Chemanius

A cool blue cruiser - looked like a Radler, but what do I know

On the ferry!!!

We managed to get to the two stores in Nanaimo and got plates and patterns and kits. I also bought a hand towel with Row by Row on it.  So cool and I had not seen them before.  We were hoping to get to Duncan to pick up the row, but we just did not have time as we had to catch the ferry back so we could be home by dinner.  The darn ferry was late again and we could have gone to Duncan, but we dare not miss that ferry so we stayed put and waited.

Seagulls at the ferry dock

Waiting for the ferry - we were second in line, having just missed the previously late ferry by five minutes

Barges on the move

Do you remember those log cabin blocks that I was knitting????   My aunt started to make them as well. but she is much faster than I.

Four log cabin blocks to make a shawl

Log cabin blocks sewn together for an afghan. OK  - I need to work on mine!!!!

Bart loves to watch TV

All tucked up - he likes to sleep under his towel as well!!!!!
 And then it was time to say good bye.  I hate good byes and this year was hard. But we have to be grown ups and move on.

Me and Yvonne

Joe and Yvonne
 I had a super visit - the next one better not be in five years. I'll be back!!!!!!   That is the trouble with family who lives away - it requires vacation time to visit with them!

Waiting at Fulford Harbour for the ferry
 I got there almost an hour before the ferry leaves and this many cars were ahead of me.

Busy morning for the ferry
 Despite the fact that there is a communication tower on that hill, the cell service there sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
Communication tower on top of that hill

I did not plan the connections well.  My flight wasn't until 3 PM, but I had to get the car back by 11:30 or pay an extra day and like I said, Victoria was not CHEAP.   No big deal - I sat around and read and it was nice and quiet and relaxing.

Teeny tiny plane from Victoria to Vancouver

The good news - I have THREE of those girlie John Deere quilts bound. One more to go. I must find the labels today so I can sew them on and start delivering them.  There isn't a whole lot of time left and we have a whole lot of stuff to take care of while I am here.  I think the timing was just right for this vacation.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!