Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roller derby!

Despite the fact that the vacation started off on a sour note, things are looking up. 

 I'm happy to report that all four quilts are now bound. One is delivered already and there are two labels left to sew on. That will get done this morning.  I've got dates set up to visit the rest of the aunts to get them their quilt and the agenda is chock a block full of activities.  I will be glad to get home to rest. 

Oh and we have to sneak a quick trip to do some row by rowing!  Can't forget the quilting world while I am here. But getting in a lot of visiting with people so that is good. 

In view of what has happened, my timing couldn't have been more timely. Dad and I are running around town, checking paperwork.  Talk to the bank and they need some paperwork. Then to the lawyer and they need some paperwork.  Got lots more discussion with various people and based on their responses, decisions need to be made.  BUT the most important thing is that EVERYONE is on board. My mom knows the severity of her situation, Dad is on board, brothers on board. The only one NOT on board is the health system and we are trying to understand the options. I have a feeling they will NOT be working as fast as we are. 

That is my biggest concern, but I think we may have a temporary solution which we need to check out and then I think everything will be OK for the moment. Boy I can sympathesize with anyone who has gone or is currently going through the elderly parent situation.  It is not fun and I have to say that I am blessed that we are all on the same side. If that wasn't happening - well things would be awful.  I can't imagine that scenario. 

Time is the only thing against me as I am leaving on Saturday so we are hustling our butts this week to try and get everything in place.  Forget the house for the moment - that will have to wait until all this mess is cleared away. 

The other night I got invited to a roller derby scrimmage.  It was an opportunity for the newbies to play with the more experienced people.  My cousin is involved in the local team. Since I have never seen roller derby - I went to check it out. 

The first thing I spot are these signs taped to the floor near the seating. Yikes - that doesn't look good. 

 I had no clue what the rules were or even how they scored the points. But there was a lady behind me who knew much more and was helpful to figure it out.


That's my cousin -  "Chestie LaRue" standing at the penalty box and my aunt (the penalty time keeper ) in the coral shirt!

Chestie - number 28
 Let's just say that these ladies really get into it with the outfits and the makeup. There are a couple of larger ladies who play but they are very swift on their feet. I was very impressed. But I don't think I would want to meet any of them in the dark!

Look at that outfit!!!!


I didn't stay for the second game as they last 2 hours!!!!   But it was fun to watch. 

When I am here, I usually stop at Fabricland.  The Fabricland here is a bit different than the ones back home. This one is a franchise store so they have a bit more flexibity in what they stock. There is a quilt guild in town and no quilt stores close by so they have a good selection of quilt fabric. However I won't be visiting Fabricland this year. Why?????    I think the answer is obvious. 

 A major fire completely destroyed the building next door.  While there was no damage inside the store, I think they are dealing with smoke issues, smell of the smoke.  Anyway - big sign on the door - closed until further notice!!!!   Looks like I saved some money!!!!

I think I mentioned when I was trying to find the plush backing for the fourth girlie John Deere quilt that the store in Regina called it Roughrider green and NOT John Deere green.   Well that was for a reason.  It would appear that half the population here has a Roughrider license plate. Even my brother who has (had) no interest in sports is now a Roughrider fan!!!!  

Roughrider plates

I love to read and came across this article on the internet this morning. I love the idea - I wonder if there are any in Canada. 

And that's it for today.  Yes - wild and wacky!   Oh - in case you are wondering what I will do now that the bindings are done?  Oh yes - I have some applique and embroidery with me so I will keep busy. No worries about that!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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