Tuesday, February 28, 2023

It's all about the SNOW!

OH MY GOSH - I read the comments and HAD to take a picture. Tammy suggested I get some post-it notes for my new notebook. 

Ah --- I don't think that's necessary since I have an ENTIRE drawer of them in my desk. Oops -- how did that happen? I never use the darn things, but I should get out one of those small arrow packs and use them for my notebook! I also have BIG plans for that notebook, but I'm not ready to share them. 

A drawer of Post-it notes

Thanks, Tammy, for the suggestion, but I'm good! 

Remember Lexi and her courage; well, this was her yesterday. Not only is she in the office with me, but she is on my left side between myself and the bookcase. A tight spot -- yep --- she's cured! OK -- so she's not cured because the second I move, she freaks out and runs out of the room, which is hard since the floors are wood and she can't get a grip. She does NOT like slippery stuff. 

Mom -- I'm right here, and I'm not afraid!

And she's happy to lay right behind my chair. What a big brave girl!!

Mom -- I can see you! 

Meanwhile, Murphy is going for the sympathetic look. If she lays on my paperwork, then I'll notice her? 

Mom -- Play with ME, not the paper!!

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. I didn't wear a hat, and while it wasn't cold, it wasn't super warm either. The wind was nippy at times. However, I managed to get my KM for the day. There was no snow, and all the sidewalks were dry, with little or no ice. 

Shortly after I arrived home, it started to snow. We knew it was coming. At one point, I looked out the front window, and it looked BAD. This was sticky snow, which must have been blowing right at the windows as they were covered. 

The snow was clinging to the windows

And then we got more snow, and now we could barely see out the window. Murphy was NOT impressed as that is her window, and she couldn't see anything. Not that there was anything to see, as no one was outside! 

The windows are almost entirely covered

So she went out to the backyard where it was snowing, but no windows to block her view! She loves the snow, and more so than the Husky in our house. 

MOM -- it's so much fun in the snow

Before I went to bed, the entire front window was covered, and you couldn't see out at all. 

Total obliteration

This is the view this morning. The snow has gone from the window, and it looks like our WONDERFUL neighbor went up and down the sidewalks with his snow blower last night. It stopped snowing at about 9 PM, but I wasn't going out to shovel. 

The view this morning

There's not that much snow to shovel. The big question will be, is it ice or snow? If it's snow, this will take little time; if it's ice, that's another thing. So thank you to our wonderful neighbor for helping out. Even the windrow is pretty decent. 

So loads of work got completed yesterday. The writing is done, so that's a good feeling, but only to know that it starts again on Monday. And if you want to read what I've been writing, check out QUILTsocial this morning. It's about the PFAFF powerquilter 1600, an AMAZING sit-down quilting machine. If you struggle to quilt on your domestic machine, you NEED to check this out. I must admit that I liked it so much that I bought one! Shh!!!!! But you all knew that.  

I also finished the applique and finished most of the piecing on my current project. I hope to get that one quilted today and finish off the binding. Once that's done, I still have a "few" projects that need to be done ASAP for next week. But I've got time. I have five presentations this week for work, which hopefully won't take too long to put together. Some of that work is already done; it needs to be compiled in the right spot. And only have three classes this weekend, so I'm in good shape. I have no downtime, but I shouldn't complain since I spend quite a bit of time walking each day, and that's really my downtime. 

Oh my --- here's a view from Nigeria. The overpass railing is much more substantial, but can you imagine a handcard on our highways? Not happening here, but I'm sure it's a common site in Nigeria. 

A handcart on the highway through a major city

Here's a story to read about a long-lost quilt. What are the chances of this happening? But what a happy ending. It makes me think of the signature quilt on which I found my Grandparent's signatures at a Presbyterian Church Quilt show many years ago. 

I have two homework follow-up emails to send out, and then I'm caught up for February, which is good since today is the last day of February!!

Well, it's time to get moving! 

Have a super day!!


Monday, February 27, 2023

I've got COURAGE

I laughed when I read the comment about the sofa and the dog. We are NOT trying to keep Lexi off the sofa. I already put a blanket, which used to be in one of the dog beds, on the sofa. I don't want her to think she's entitled to sleep there 100% of the time. She needs to learn that there are rules in the house. We've already broken the one about being on the sofa, and those tables were for Murphy, not Lexi!

Lexi was too skittish to even think of jumping on the sofa, and the reason she started jumping up was to escape Murphy, who would "torment" her. DH was on the couch, and that became her safe place. Well, now she thinks she can just jump up any old time - like coming in from outside with muddy feet, etc. So I don't care if she's on the sofa, just not all the time! 

Maybe that's bizarre thinking, but it's good for her to change up the scenery a bit! 

As I mentioned, she was skittish and would NEVER even think of coming into the office. Too closed in, and don't even ask her to go up or down the stairs in the house. She's good with the front steps, but that's it. Put her in a room with a door? She's never been in a room with a door in our house (OH -- I guess she's been in DH's office, but it took her years to get comfortable to actually go in the room. We're not sure what happened to her in her first year, but I suspect, she was locked up in a small room all day, and from the moment she came here, she NEVER attempted the stairs. She HATES them. 

As for my office, with a bit more clutter, she wouldn't even think of it. But look at her yesterday. 

Mom -- look at me -- I've got courage!

She had to walk past two piles of stuff on the floor, one of them being a couple of empty cardboard boxes. That is HUGE for her. 

And if we saw strange stuff on the road, she shied away from it. But yesterday, when we came across a shopping cart on the side of the path in the forest, she was all over it. I didn't get my camera out in time to take a picture. 

An abandoned shopping cart

OK -- -enough about the dogs!!! What about me? I love clipboards and have a number of them, but they can be messy. I use them to take notes during classes of things to follow up. But it gets a bit complicated when someone mentions an idea that would be good for a topic in another class or perhaps it's another class idea. 

The messy clipboard

So I got out a brand new notebook, and this is my book to take notes for follow-up or future ideas or whatever. I need it to keep me organized as the clipboard is great, but my notes are all over. So I'll translate them from one spot to the other this week. Also --- people would share ideas for a new class, or something I want to look up on the internet later. It's now going to get documented in the book. 

My new notebook

I've designated a page for EACH topic as it comes up. Well, that sounds totally random, but it's not. It works. 

We had a blast at the Virtual Retreat yesterday. I missed Nina (from Germany) as I was out for a walk. Hi Nina!!! Sorry I missed you! We had a couple of snowbirds on the call and people from across Canada. It's so great to see everyone and touch base - I really look forward to those Virtual Retreats, as they are fun. Even though, typically, I don't get too much done. That was NOT the case yesterday. I have a deadline, and I needed to work. 

BTW -- the next Virtual Retreat is scheduled for March 25 and 26. 

So I did get quite a bit of work done. I had some serious applique and used up the bits of thread left on my prewound bobbins. Why should I let this thread go to waste when it works perfectly for applique? I used up two almost empty bobbins, but they last a long time. And then I had an almost full bobbin, and it's almost gone. I have a little bit off applique left to do this morning, and then I'll move onto the next step. 

Using up the bits of prewound bobbins

I will say that having a great sewing machine (Husqvarna Viking DESINGER EPIC 2) with the right foot (open-toe applique) and the right threads makes a huge difference. And I'll confess that the miles of applique I've done over the years helps a lot. 

I LOVE my "new" thread storage system. It's so handy to open up those boxes and see ALL the threads I own, not just one particular size. So I'm very happy with the process to make that happen. I didn't have this many threads when I started, but now that I do, it's great to see them all together like this. 

Embroidery thread storage

And all those boxes fit into this cabinet from Micheal's. 

The boxes fit into this cabinet

I tried to get away without using a stabilizer, but NO -- I needed it, so I went to the scrap bucket of stabilizer, and this is what I'm left with. The scrap bucket is still overflowing with pieces, but this is the garbage after I was done. 

Garbage pieces of stabilizer

On my afternoon walk, I stopped by the dollar store to see about the small containers for my new drawer, which I LOVE. Thanks, Tammy, for the FOMO! I didn't find the size I was looking for, but I'm sure I have one or two small ones in my embroidery thread boxes, so I'll have to play switcheroo with that. 

The somewhat organized drawer

So the next time you complain about traffic, think about this mess in Lagos, Nigeria. I am on the outskirts but jammed in traffic with the police escort on my tail. Notice there are no lines on the road, so it's a free-for-all road that isn't that wide. I can't imagine!!!

The view above is behind me, and the view below is in front of me. 

I think I'll just walk! 

Are you all going to rush out and buy your Saskatchewan panel today??? Check back to yesterday's blog to see the shops that carry it. I don't have time this morning to repost the stores. 

Yep --- I was on the Virtual Retreat call late last night, and I bet those people still on the call when I left are quietly tucked in their beds. I've been writing the blog to get to the spin class at 6 AM. Yep --- a crazy schedule, and I don't usually stay up that late, but I was trying to finish the applique, and if I hadn't talked quite so much, I could have done it. I still think I did pretty well, considering!!

Well, that's it for today. I'm off to spin class!

Have a super day!


Sunday, February 26, 2023

We lost the dog!

Something very weird is happening. I sent out an e-mail with a Zoom link this morning, and when I checked my inbox (I always send these to myself as well), the e-mail wasn't there. Hmmm --- so I checked my sent e-mails. Nothing. 

I decided to resend the link and saw it appear in my inbox. I made breakfast and came back, and the e-mail had disappeared? And it wasn't in the SEND box either. OK -- -what the heck is happening? I sent two Zoom links this morning -- one is OK, and the other is in LA LA land? 

I also sent an e-mail to all those who expressed an interest in the Barn Star Sampler quilt. So let me know if you want to be on that list and have yet to get an e-mail. I created the distribution list but didn't have time to double-check it against the e-mails received, and I'll do that later today. OK -- so I'll do it tomorrow.  

And don't worry -- we did NOT lose a dog, but at one point in the morning, I was looking for Lexi, and she was nowhere to be found. There is ZERO danger of her going up or downstairs, so she had to be on the main floor. I checked the sofa and didn't see her. 

No dog here

Wait a minute -- I see a black nose. 

MOM -- some quiet, please! 

She has zero issues squeezing herself in where she shouldn't be. That dog is very entitled!!!! And DH is to blame for this! 

Studio B is looking bad, so I did some puttering to help put it back in place. That sweet Murphy even offered to help! 

MOM -- -could I help? 

Some stuff is on the floor; in this case, it's still on the floor. 

Stuff to be quilted is on the floor

The tables, which are usually clear, were strewn with project debris, although it looks a wee bit better today. 

No place to work!

There was so much on the tables that I had to use the chair for stuff. 

The chair becomes a work surface

The cutting table is a disaster. 

The cutting table is much worse than usual

The ironing board, the digital cutter table, and the Zoom area. A mess!!! The best part is that everything has a home, so it will take little time when I get to finish the tidying up. 

More mess

Here are two more stacks of quilts from Diane. 

Community project quilts from Diane

More community project quilts from Diane

I had better be careful what I wish for. Remember me saying that the city people need to get out and walk the streets to see how things are? Well, I had a very vivid dream that, on a whim, I ran for mayor at the last minute, and I won! Hilarious, and I was thinking, how am I going to do this and sew at the same time! 

As I was out walking, I passed a gentleman who was snow-blowing a long section of sidewalk on the side of his corner lot. The city does NOT plow that sidewalk, even though it's right across from an elementary school. I thanked him for doing this. Maybe that triggered the mayor thing! 

OK --- so after seeing Tammy's under-her-sewing-table drawer, I got drawer envy again and ordered this from my favorite store. 

My under-the-table drawer

I have a support thing under my table, so the drawer you stick directly to the underside won't work for me. I was leery of this one and didn't think it would be too sturdy. But I ended up ordering it, and let's see what happens. It was easy to install as it came with its own little screwdriver. That's why it was almost $40!!! 

My new drawer installed

And it swings out or tucks under the table. It's actually pretty cool, and I'm glad I ordered it. Thanks to Tammy for the drawer envy!

My under-the-table drawer

I might get a couple of storage trays from the dollar store to help keep things more organized. AHA -- an errand for today, besides picking up MORE quilts from Diane. 

And thanks to Carol, I bought something else yesterday. Good lord -- I don't even need to shop - I just get ideas from other people. What did I buy? 

For those of you who live out west - well, in Saskatchewan, and you remember the grain elevators, here's a panel for you. I searched online and found a store and called them. These panels are coming in and out as fast as they can cut the panels. I left my name at one store and checked another. Sold out. But I got lucky on the third try and "stole" that picture from their Facebook page. They still had an entire bolt as it had just arrived. So if you want one, call Colette's Sewing Machines Plus in Yorkton. They had them yesterday. Quilter's Haven in Moose Jaw also sells and has a waitlist; the other store is Sew and Sews in Carlyle, which is sold out, and no idea when they are getting them back in. I even bought a yard of each fabric they used in that wall hanging. There are no coordinating prints per se; the store just matched up as best they could. 

So a BAD thing happened yesterday, and I have no one to blame but myself. Occasionally, I get a customer quilt with a pieced backing. I don't mind them, but I HATE when they are symmetrical, and you're trying to get them somewhat centered. It can never be perfect, but I try. 

Let's say that I did the math. Oh yes -- I measured the backing, measured the quilt, and wrote it down. Then I did the math and offset the top onto the backing. However, it would appear that my math skills are LACKING. Instead of offsetting it by 3 inches, I offset it by 6 inches. 

You know where this is going. I was short of backing. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. I immediately just took the quilt off the machine and will rip everything out this week. There's no sense tying up the long arm for that job, as it'll take a while. 

The top is offset by TOO MUCH

Thankfully the quilt is not super big, and the stitching is somewhat loose. Still, it's going to take hours. I have no one to blame but me!!! 

Since I share issues I sometimes have with customers, I shared this to show that it's not just them! This is the FIRST time I've ever done this, and well, I wasn't happy, but what's the point of getting upset. It won't serve any purpose, so suck it up and rip it out!

It was a glorious day yesterday. I went for a long walk, and I was sweating by the time I got back. Of course, I was carrying a bag of groceries, but still, it wasn't that heavy. DH shoveled the driveway, but when I returned from my walk, more of that ice crust had softened, so I got rid of the rest! Now the driveway is clear and dry. 

It was a slow start to the Virtual Retreat last night, but more people got on the call, and we had a blast chatting and catching up. I got some blocks made for a project, so I was happy with my progress. 

Remember that we are on today for Virtual Retreat starting at Noon. Here's the link. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

I'm almost caught up on my follow-up e-mails and have two more to send and the two from today's presentations. Then I'm caught up. Then it'll be time to start all over again this coming week! 

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a great day and hope to see you at the Virtual Retreat later today. 


Saturday, February 25, 2023

I got MAIL!!

And that wraps another day! They are all blending together! I know you will laugh when I say this, but the Zoom presentations during the week are messing my schedule up! They will last another two weeks, and then things subside - somewhat. OK -- you can pick yourself up off the floor!

Speaking of picking yourself up, I was out shoveling the driveway. I did two more one-half-hour stints as this stuff is brutal to break up and shovel. However, I managed to clear most of the driveway, the step, and most of the sidewalk - there's one spot that is frozen solid. Half of the windrow at the end of the drive is gone, so about another half hour and all will be clear. 

However, there was a sheet of ice-encrusted snow on the lower part of the driveway, and I was busy clearing it and thought it was a good idea to walk on that to shovel. I was tentative; however, I went down! Oh boy! I lay there briefly, and the first thing that crossed my mind was, "did anyone see me"? I quickly got up and went back to work. Fortunately, I landed on the largest part of my body -- right on my butt, and I didn't even get a bruise! Phew --- it could have been so much worse. 

I was careful not to step on that sheet of ice (OK -- I did, but I was much more cautious!), and the work got done! You have to love the power of the sun. Even though it was cold yesterday, the heat from the sun was very powerful, and my driveway is nice and dry. We are so fortunate in the direction our house faces as other people on our street and those across the street shoveled right after the snowstorm, and their drives are still a mess. 

And when I went for my walk, the majority of the sidewalks were dry. Yep --- that's why I rarely wear boots of any kind. Why am I going to trudge on those dry sidewalks in heavy boots? 

The sidewalks were clear

On my afternoon walk, I trudged through the forest in my running shoes, and my feet did not get wet or cold. There was a beaten path already, which I stayed on, but even that was tough due to the snow's nature. It wasn't completely hard-packed, so the footing was dodgy. Not slippery, just hard to walk on. But as I entered the forest, this made me think of the line from The Night Before Christmas -- the "crust of new-fallen snow." OH -- it's actually -- "the moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow." Oh well -- it doesn't matter -- that's what it made me think of! 

The crust on the snow in the forest

I stopped by Diane's to pick up more quilts which I flung onto the cutting table and will deal with them later. I saw that crooked tree in the forest from her side of the fence. That tree is leaning, to be sure, but it seems to be stable -- so far. 

The leaning tree in the forest

So it looks like another house in the neighborhood was damaged (by fire?). No idea when that happened, but they have been trying to redo the roof. And guess what they were doing yesterday? YES -- they were reshingling part of the roof. 

Shingling a roof

I think they had heaters up there to try and melt the snow. Seriously??? No safety harnesses. And the windows on the top back of the house are gone. So imagine how much crap is in the house. If that were my house, I would move! Well, no one is living there at the moment, of course! I get it that houses are built in the winter, but I can't imagine what will happen to the damp wood on the roof and their piecemeal shingling job. A bit today and then more tomorrow. They've been working on that roof for over a week. 

It was worth it to clear the front step -- I got MAI! Not once, but twice!!! 

This first one was my order from Mad About Patchwork. That was shipped on Wednesday and was supposed to arrive on Thursday, but it didn't because of the storm, so it arrived yesterday. How about that pink packaging --- you sure can't miss that!!! I quickly opened it but had no time to absorb the contents. 

Package from Mad about Patchwork

Then I got this package as well, which I ordered from my FAVORITE store (no chance of finding this anywhere else) on Thursday, and it was delivered the next day. 

Another package!

My third package, ordered on Wednesday, is ready to be shipped and hopefully will arrive early next week. So - if anyone is complaining about shipping? It's not happening at my house! Mind you, I live very close to a fulfillment center (my favorite store) -- shouldn't I be getting SAME-DAY service! I'm kidding!!

Oh crap -- I see it is snowing this morning. Not much, but enough to cause trouble! Like having to shovel again later today. 

Here's a shipping story for you; I suspect this is the issue with many horror stories about shipping. A friend placed an order with a Canadian store, and she had several delivery priority options. She chose the least expensive as she didn't need the item immediately. That delivery time was listed as four days. After two weeks, she decided to call and find out where her package was. 

The response was that the four days started counting once the package was in the mail, and this person hadn't even prepped the order yet! Seriously??? We want to support local small businesses, but get it together, people! If someone is ordering from you, get the order in the mail! I don't know if she got the package yet, but I'd be very disappointed. Some companies are happy to take the orders and your money and then delay processing them. I won't mention any names! 

Here's the thing --- hire help! Or those customers will go somewhere else next time!!!

Well, look who is looking super cute this morning! 

Thank god - I don't have bangs! 

It's not perfect, but she looks so cute! She's pretty good when I trim her hair, but it would be much easier if she were on a table and outside. But we manage! 

I have two presentations this morning; one is done, and the other is almost done. I should have done them last night, as I forgot I had some photos to take, so I've been running around doing that. But no worries -- it'll all be done when the presentations happen. 

And the BARN STAR SAMPLER e-mail will go out today. I had some work deadlines that had to be dealt with yesterday. 

Remember the Virtual Retreat this weekend. It starts tonight at 6 PM. 

Virtual Retreat -- February 25 - starts at 6 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89254233911?pwd=VGQrTnFybW1HMWpleHA4M2Q2NGVwZz09 Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

And here's the link for February 26 -- starts at NOON EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

On that note -- I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!


Friday, February 24, 2023

How to groom a dog!

I didn't even bother to look for the missing stuff. No time at the moment and I'll find it eventually! I almost forgot what I was looking for! No matter, the cropped version of the picture went in the homework assignment, and life is good! I bet that group NEVER asks me for homework again -- I sent them a whopper! 

OH MY --- I was so thinking about other things this week, that I forgot to mention there's a VIRTUAL RETREAT this weekend. Good grief -- I knew that but forgot to write it down. So here are the links for the weekend. 

Saturday, February 25 -- starts at 6 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89254233911?pwd=VGQrTnFybW1HMWpleHA4M2Q2NGVwZz09 Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, February 26 -- starts at NOON EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

I know people enjoy the virtual retreats because they REMIND me if I forget! Like what happened this time. I was chatting to someone last night, and she mentioned it. Oops! 

WAIT -- did you notice what I said? I was chatting to someone? Yes --- I was on my cell phone for one hour last night in my kitchen, and NOT once did my voice drop. Can you tell me what that is all about? I've done nothing, so was the problem due to signal issues from the carrier? I have no idea -- I just wish I knew it was fixed. 

I had two Zoom presentations yesterday, and I'm getting awesome feedback, so that is good. Thanks to everyone who has signed up for these Zoom calls through the various Husqvarna Viking or PFAFF dealers. I learn so much while prepping, answering questions, or seeing the show and tell from others. I'll be so smart one day! 

There are no Zooms today. Yeah! It'll be nice to take a wee break before the weekend when I'll be on Zoom for most of the weekend. And I've got a ton of work to do (as if that is anything new!) 

I have no idea what is happening to my computer. The memory (saving stuff) is slow or non-existent at times. I saved THREE screenshots for you this morning, and NONE of them were saved. WAIT -- before you say you should reboot your computer -- I already did that this morning before I even attempted to save those files. And I get NOTHING. 

OH -- I think I just figured that one out. I did NOT accept all cookies from the website, so it said --- HA -- you get nothing from us. But I accepted the cookies, and now I can save them. Sigh.............

Well, I had to change the name of the two others to be able to save them. That little exercise took forever! 

However, here's what I wanted to share with you. So I've mapped one of my challenges through Afica and I nearing Lagos in Nigeria. This is the divided highway. 

A divided highway in Nigeria

Yes --- this is a divided highway. There is another road on the other side of the grass on the left. The medium has been rather unkempt in the last couple of days with grass, shrubs, etc. No shoulders, no markings. Yet some parts of this highway have been comparable to what we'd see in North America. HEY -- at least the road is paved. 

Good grief -- after five tries, I managed to save this shot. You can see me on the map, and I'm nearing a cloverleaf. Hmm -- I wonder what a cloverleaf in Africa looks like, so I used Pegman (Google maps) to move me around, so I was on the cloverleaf). 

The map

Yikes--- I do NOT think the quality of that guardrail would stand up here. The number of accidents would be huge!!! It does look rather unsubstantial. 

The guardrail on the overpass

I love looking at the map as I'm walking, as you never know what you're going to see, and you have to view the map and the street view to appreciate the surroundings. 

As you know, I have "fun" with technology. While most times it works like a charm, there are days when it doesn't. I got in from the walk and shoveling yesterday and checked the time on my FitBit. DEAD. How can it be dead when I charged it the other day? I didn't have time to charge it completely, but it was at least 75%. Thankfully, the phone somehow knows that and records my steps - more or less, so I did get credit for walking the dogs. 

Speaking of shoveling -- what a nightmare. As I mentioned, I removed some of it the night before. And when I went out yesterday, there was a lovely hard crust on everything. I didn't think I would get any of the snow removed. But I got about half of the driveway cleared, but not before I had to literally scrap the hard crust of snow. I did a couple of half-hour sessions, and that was it for me. Everyone else on our street is clear, but not me. 

Oh shoot -- I thought I took a picture. I carved a 3-foot walkway into the windrow at the end of the drive, and I'll get back out today. I'm not hurrying to go anywhere, so there's no rush. The sidewalk is clear, and there is a clear path if anyone needs to come to the house. That's all that counts for now. I was hoping the snow-shoveling fairy would visit last night, but alas, they did not! 

Speaking of snow -- it's amazing how people who clear snow, whether that is the city or private contractors. Most do not care one hoot about the sidewalks. Look at this. 

Great cleared sidewalk

Yep --- the sidewalk corner at the intersection is clear, but they dumped it on the sidewalk. I am tempted one day after a storm to walk around my neighborhood, document these operators' stupidity and send them to the city. They need to get their decision-maker people out on the streets to see what the heck is going on. I bet they all get in their cars from their garage, head to work in the underground parking, and never walk around the neighborhood. Murphy and I will have to walk through or around this mess this morning. 

And there's a series of sidewalks very close to the elementary school, which are NEVER plowed by the city. That's a shame as people use them to walk to school. I think we need to get double steps for walking through that; however, I just walked on the street through that section. God forbid that everyone would think to shovel their sidewalks! Although one of the neighbors on our street snowplowed the sidewalk for almost the entire length. He stopped short at my sidewalk! 

The other day, I lost a small square of fabric while sewing a block. Oh my -- I lost it, and it was nowhere to be found. Well, when I moved my sewing machine two days ago, guess what I found? Yep -- my little 1" square. I had already cut a new one, and this one is still on the table. I will admit that Studio B looks like a tornado went through. 

The lost 1" square

Speaking of tornados, look at this mess. The backyard is covered in snow, and yet Murphy can go out and come back looking like this! She went under the shed, which is supposed to be Lexi's domain ONLY. Yet, she must get in there and bring the leaves and crap into the house. There's now a debris field from the back door to the front window! 

Oh Muprhy

Speaking of Murphy, I no longer take her to the groomer. She's not good, and it's a struggle for her and the groomer. She's so friendly that she constantly barks at the other dogs. Too distressing for all. So I've been taking matters into my own hands. 

Grooming the dog

I know nothing about cutting hair or grooming dogs, but I'm learning. Murphy doesn't care and she's getting used to it. I'm doing a decent job on the bum, but my cuts are still uneven. I guess I should watch a video or two. But seriously? It's much better than it was. 

Yesterday, we had a session grooming her ear. This is the ungroomed ear. She has so much fine hair behind her ear that it's a disaster zone. 

Murphpy's ungroomed ear

Here's what I did to her. That is not bad, considering I know nothing about this. I just have a pair of scissors, and I happily cut away. 

Much better 

I only managed to get one ear done, so she looks a wee bit lopsided but cute, nonetheless. I'll tackle ear number two today. And then we need to tackle those paws! 

MOM --  I look hideous -- can you cut the other ear? 

OH my -- look what I dug out of the bookcase yesterday. And YES - I pretty much knew where this was. This is a book that I bought when I was in high school, and sewing most of my own clothes. Most of the information is still valid today, so I thought I'd read up a bit. I have a few garments that need to be made ASAP. 

My old sewing bible

If anyone wants a physical copy of the Barn Star Sampler book, C&T has picked it up, and it will be available at the end of March. I forgot to mention that the other day. The confirmation e-mail will go out today! And it's not too late if you want to sign up! Just send me an e-mail. elainetheriault@gmail.com

Barn Star Sampler

OK --- I need to make wise use of my time today as a ton of stuff has to be done.

Make sure to mark off the virtual retreat in your calendar! 

Have a super day!