Sunday, February 26, 2023

We lost the dog!

Something very weird is happening. I sent out an e-mail with a Zoom link this morning, and when I checked my inbox (I always send these to myself as well), the e-mail wasn't there. Hmmm --- so I checked my sent e-mails. Nothing. 

I decided to resend the link and saw it appear in my inbox. I made breakfast and came back, and the e-mail had disappeared? And it wasn't in the SEND box either. OK -- -what the heck is happening? I sent two Zoom links this morning -- one is OK, and the other is in LA LA land? 

I also sent an e-mail to all those who expressed an interest in the Barn Star Sampler quilt. So let me know if you want to be on that list and have yet to get an e-mail. I created the distribution list but didn't have time to double-check it against the e-mails received, and I'll do that later today. OK -- so I'll do it tomorrow.  

And don't worry -- we did NOT lose a dog, but at one point in the morning, I was looking for Lexi, and she was nowhere to be found. There is ZERO danger of her going up or downstairs, so she had to be on the main floor. I checked the sofa and didn't see her. 

No dog here

Wait a minute -- I see a black nose. 

MOM -- some quiet, please! 

She has zero issues squeezing herself in where she shouldn't be. That dog is very entitled!!!! And DH is to blame for this! 

Studio B is looking bad, so I did some puttering to help put it back in place. That sweet Murphy even offered to help! 

MOM -- -could I help? 

Some stuff is on the floor; in this case, it's still on the floor. 

Stuff to be quilted is on the floor

The tables, which are usually clear, were strewn with project debris, although it looks a wee bit better today. 

No place to work!

There was so much on the tables that I had to use the chair for stuff. 

The chair becomes a work surface

The cutting table is a disaster. 

The cutting table is much worse than usual

The ironing board, the digital cutter table, and the Zoom area. A mess!!! The best part is that everything has a home, so it will take little time when I get to finish the tidying up. 

More mess

Here are two more stacks of quilts from Diane. 

Community project quilts from Diane

More community project quilts from Diane

I had better be careful what I wish for. Remember me saying that the city people need to get out and walk the streets to see how things are? Well, I had a very vivid dream that, on a whim, I ran for mayor at the last minute, and I won! Hilarious, and I was thinking, how am I going to do this and sew at the same time! 

As I was out walking, I passed a gentleman who was snow-blowing a long section of sidewalk on the side of his corner lot. The city does NOT plow that sidewalk, even though it's right across from an elementary school. I thanked him for doing this. Maybe that triggered the mayor thing! 

OK --- so after seeing Tammy's under-her-sewing-table drawer, I got drawer envy again and ordered this from my favorite store. 

My under-the-table drawer

I have a support thing under my table, so the drawer you stick directly to the underside won't work for me. I was leery of this one and didn't think it would be too sturdy. But I ended up ordering it, and let's see what happens. It was easy to install as it came with its own little screwdriver. That's why it was almost $40!!! 

My new drawer installed

And it swings out or tucks under the table. It's actually pretty cool, and I'm glad I ordered it. Thanks to Tammy for the drawer envy!

My under-the-table drawer

I might get a couple of storage trays from the dollar store to help keep things more organized. AHA -- an errand for today, besides picking up MORE quilts from Diane. 

And thanks to Carol, I bought something else yesterday. Good lord -- I don't even need to shop - I just get ideas from other people. What did I buy? 

For those of you who live out west - well, in Saskatchewan, and you remember the grain elevators, here's a panel for you. I searched online and found a store and called them. These panels are coming in and out as fast as they can cut the panels. I left my name at one store and checked another. Sold out. But I got lucky on the third try and "stole" that picture from their Facebook page. They still had an entire bolt as it had just arrived. So if you want one, call Colette's Sewing Machines Plus in Yorkton. They had them yesterday. Quilter's Haven in Moose Jaw also sells and has a waitlist; the other store is Sew and Sews in Carlyle, which is sold out, and no idea when they are getting them back in. I even bought a yard of each fabric they used in that wall hanging. There are no coordinating prints per se; the store just matched up as best they could. 

So a BAD thing happened yesterday, and I have no one to blame but myself. Occasionally, I get a customer quilt with a pieced backing. I don't mind them, but I HATE when they are symmetrical, and you're trying to get them somewhat centered. It can never be perfect, but I try. 

Let's say that I did the math. Oh yes -- I measured the backing, measured the quilt, and wrote it down. Then I did the math and offset the top onto the backing. However, it would appear that my math skills are LACKING. Instead of offsetting it by 3 inches, I offset it by 6 inches. 

You know where this is going. I was short of backing. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP. I immediately just took the quilt off the machine and will rip everything out this week. There's no sense tying up the long arm for that job, as it'll take a while. 

The top is offset by TOO MUCH

Thankfully the quilt is not super big, and the stitching is somewhat loose. Still, it's going to take hours. I have no one to blame but me!!! 

Since I share issues I sometimes have with customers, I shared this to show that it's not just them! This is the FIRST time I've ever done this, and well, I wasn't happy, but what's the point of getting upset. It won't serve any purpose, so suck it up and rip it out!

It was a glorious day yesterday. I went for a long walk, and I was sweating by the time I got back. Of course, I was carrying a bag of groceries, but still, it wasn't that heavy. DH shoveled the driveway, but when I returned from my walk, more of that ice crust had softened, so I got rid of the rest! Now the driveway is clear and dry. 

It was a slow start to the Virtual Retreat last night, but more people got on the call, and we had a blast chatting and catching up. I got some blocks made for a project, so I was happy with my progress. 

Remember that we are on today for Virtual Retreat starting at Noon. Here's the link. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

I'm almost caught up on my follow-up e-mails and have two more to send and the two from today's presentations. Then I'm caught up. Then it'll be time to start all over again this coming week! 

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a great day and hope to see you at the Virtual Retreat later today. 



  1. Elaine, I think you should just give up trying to keep Lexi off your sofa. Just put a cover on it, and call it a day. Aren’t our dogs worth the comfort?