Sunday, February 12, 2023

Use your ART

I jumped out of the frying pan (education week) into a weekend of teaching classes! The two classes went fine yesterday; I have two clubs this morning. Then I'll spend the rest of the day sending homework and Zoom links, and I should be good. 

I didn't get much done after the clubs as I was tired (I wonder why?), and I sat and read a book for a bit (after my walk, of course), and I was in bed early! But today is another day, and lots of exciting stuff to share. Today, it's all about machine embroidery and software. This is where we get to share what we are working on, and it's always inspiring! I love seeing what the others are up to. Even better, they aren't afraid to try new things. We are learning good habits from each other, and it's a worthwhile way to spend the morning! 

Lots of learning! 

This was the moon yesterday morning when I walked one of the girls. The sky is a lot lighter than when I was away!

The moon was still out

Then I needed something from my suitcase for one of the classes and guess who was trying to see if there was something for her. Sorry Murphy, there is nothing in the suitcase for you!

MOM -- I smell chocolate!

Sadly, most of the stuff is still sitting in the hallway. I take down a bit at a time, but there are already many things in Studio B that need to be sorted out, so I want to get that put away before I bring more down. Maybe today! 

I was walking in the afternoon and passed by a building where a grocery store used to be. Thank goodness this store moved as it's the same parking lot where my bank and dentist are, and the parking lot was a disaster. It needed to be bigger, and you could never get parking. OK -- so it didn't matter to me since I walked there. 

But I laughed when I spotted this. Four lonely jars of something (olives?) are perched on the windowsill. Do they think someone will want to eat those? Why weren't they thrown out when they cleared out the store? 

Four jars of something in an empty store

So when I got back, the sun was out, the chairs in the living room are completely clear, and DH offered me a book to read that he had just finished. I succumbed to the temptation. Why not? 

Of course, the girls were there as well. Lexi was on the floor grooming herself. Miss Particular! 

Lexi is grooming herself

Murphy was busy chewing a bone in her raised bed. She pulled that small blanket out of her bed. What's this here for? 

Murphy is chewing a bone

Then one of them got the idea to play, so they started entertaining us because we needed to pay attention to them! 

I'm NOT noticing you!

Notice how they pretend to not notice each other? Oh no -- they know exactly what the other is doing. They're watching out of the corner of their eyes to see who will make the first move! 

I'm always going on about if you have something beautiful and like it, you need to use it. So - this is sitting on my kitchen counter for fruit and veggies. 

My fruit and veggie bowl

And now, my beautiful glass bowl is taking over. Now I'll get to remember that fabulous workshop and week every day!! 

My new fruit and veggie bowl

Good grief -- I had the setting wrong on my camera all day and took LONG pictures instead of the regular size. Oops!

I was flipping through Facebook last night and saw a video of Gurdeep (the radio announcer for CHFI) chatting about his experience on Flair Airlines. He was on his way home from Cancun, and the plane had to make a sudden dive as the mechanism for cabin pressure so you can breathe malfunctioned. They had to use oxygen masks for 45 minutes until they got low enough. Check out the link from CBC. It's pretty scary; people were recording messages to their loved ones, thinking they wouldn't make it. Some people said they got an initial notification about what was happening but nothing further. HMMM -- maybe the crew had more important things to do? Like trying to save the lives of everyone on board? 

Most of one presentation is finished for this morning, and I need to take a couple of pictures for the other one. I swear I had already taken the pictures, but I guess not since I don't see them on my phone or my filing system. Oh well --- I'll go back and quickly get them. 

I also have a list of upcoming quilt shows that I'll try to put on the blog. For the moment, here's the first one you should have marked in your calendar. The dates are March 24 and 25. Be sure to mark it on your calendar to get out to see the show. Don't wait until the day before, as you'll likely be doing something. Make it a priority! 

Etobicoke Quilt Show

Going to a local quilt show is a good outing, a good way to see what's going on in our neighborhood, support the local guild, and take pictures of quilts you like (quilting that you like or dislike). There are LOTS of reasons to go!! I hope to get there, but I have classes smack in the middle of the day on both days, but I might be able to get there first thing on Friday morning. I won't have time to visit, but I'll have time to see the quilts. 

Well, it's time to get the day started!!!

Have a super day!!!


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