Wednesday, February 15, 2023

It's Zoom time!

 Oh gosh --- it's a good that I did some tidying up the previous day cause it looks awful this morning. 

I had two Zoom sessions yesterday, and while one was the same content (sergers) as I offered last year, it was in a different language from the previous time, so a few things had to be changed to accommodate that. The other event (applique) is brand new, and resulted in tearing the place apart, looking for specific pieces or examples of stitching. 

I've ripped the tubs of tops to be quilted apart to find one quilt. TWO tubs need to be labeled as to their contents, which is bad. So I must get that done because it'll save this from happening in the future. 

Looking for a quilt

However, on a positive note, I found this table runner. I was trying to find it for my presentation, but I thought it was quilted, so I wasn't technically looking for it in this spot. Nope -- it's only partially quilted. However, this is perfect for something I need to quilt for some pictures, so that was a good thing. The table runner is cute, and it's time it got completed! Can you believe I even found a label with it? This is one I can travel with, and I need it! 

My unfinished table runner

One of my events was to do with sergers; they were sitting on the floor as part of the stuff I brought home last week. So they got unpacked and put in place. 

The sergers in the "film" studio

OK --- I realized last night while setting up the sergers that I can use my three portable design walls to make a "studio" with blank walls. 

Yep --- you can see the bookcases behind in this shot. 

I love the "blank" wall look

These are the air-threading PFAFF sergers. My camera is on the left, and I thought I'd be brave and try a LIVE shot of threading them! I am daring, but I also know how trustworthy these sergers are. Did it work? You bet! On the first try. That's how beautiful these sergers are -- one shot of air. The one on the left (Admire 5000) is NOT computerized, but the one on the right (Admire Air 7000) is, and it's also a cover stitch. Since I'm becoming more familiar with sergers, that's my GO-TO serger. I WANT a cover stitch serger always!

I dug a few things out of the suitcase as well. At Verbeek Glass Studio, I purchased a few things from the gift shop. This is a cardinal, and I couldn't let it stay in the shop. They are so beautiful. It now sits on my kitchen windowsill. I don't like having a lot of stuff around, but this was too pretty to leave behind. 

A cardinal for the kitchen windowsill

I was supposed to have an event later today, but it had to be postponed, so that leaves me free the entire day. I'll be writing and quilting all day, and I have classes to prep for the weekend. It's still going to be a busy day, but I won't be running around taking pictures and making presentations. 

It was pretty easy to get back into the swing of things. Oh, and then I had a conference call on top of everything yesterday. That took longer than I had hoped, but all good information and some work came out of that one. But nothing I can't handle. 

I don't know about you, but I hope you get out in this glorious weather. Even the large snowbanks are disappearing quickly. The temperature is out of whack, and it didn't even go below freezing last night. So I'm outside walking without a hat, mitts, or scarf, and my jacket is wide open. Even then, when I got home, I was sweating, which was unusual! 

OH --- if you want to download the FREE issue of QUILTsocial, here's the link. I sure hope you all follow QUILTsocial. It's a free blog, and there is a lot of helpful information there, including techniques and projects. Carla has lined up some great talent for the blog posts, and they cover projects or techniques or whatever. From time to time, she will compile some of the articles into a digital download. I don't have anything in this issue, but that's OK because my stuff was dominant in one of the previous issues. It all works out, so be sure to check this out. 

And yes, it's Wednesday, and I'm off to spin class! Yeah! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. See why you couldn't leave the cardinal behind he is precious and on the birch block perfect. Would love to attend one of your serger talks. I just have a basic Singer serger but would probably be pretty easy to convince to upgrade, my Birthday is coming soonish :-)

  2. Oh gosh! Thank you for mentioning our latest QUILTsocial Issue...