Saturday, February 25, 2023

I got MAIL!!

And that wraps another day! They are all blending together! I know you will laugh when I say this, but the Zoom presentations during the week are messing my schedule up! They will last another two weeks, and then things subside - somewhat. OK -- you can pick yourself up off the floor!

Speaking of picking yourself up, I was out shoveling the driveway. I did two more one-half-hour stints as this stuff is brutal to break up and shovel. However, I managed to clear most of the driveway, the step, and most of the sidewalk - there's one spot that is frozen solid. Half of the windrow at the end of the drive is gone, so about another half hour and all will be clear. 

However, there was a sheet of ice-encrusted snow on the lower part of the driveway, and I was busy clearing it and thought it was a good idea to walk on that to shovel. I was tentative; however, I went down! Oh boy! I lay there briefly, and the first thing that crossed my mind was, "did anyone see me"? I quickly got up and went back to work. Fortunately, I landed on the largest part of my body -- right on my butt, and I didn't even get a bruise! Phew --- it could have been so much worse. 

I was careful not to step on that sheet of ice (OK -- I did, but I was much more cautious!), and the work got done! You have to love the power of the sun. Even though it was cold yesterday, the heat from the sun was very powerful, and my driveway is nice and dry. We are so fortunate in the direction our house faces as other people on our street and those across the street shoveled right after the snowstorm, and their drives are still a mess. 

And when I went for my walk, the majority of the sidewalks were dry. Yep --- that's why I rarely wear boots of any kind. Why am I going to trudge on those dry sidewalks in heavy boots? 

The sidewalks were clear

On my afternoon walk, I trudged through the forest in my running shoes, and my feet did not get wet or cold. There was a beaten path already, which I stayed on, but even that was tough due to the snow's nature. It wasn't completely hard-packed, so the footing was dodgy. Not slippery, just hard to walk on. But as I entered the forest, this made me think of the line from The Night Before Christmas -- the "crust of new-fallen snow." OH -- it's actually -- "the moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow." Oh well -- it doesn't matter -- that's what it made me think of! 

The crust on the snow in the forest

I stopped by Diane's to pick up more quilts which I flung onto the cutting table and will deal with them later. I saw that crooked tree in the forest from her side of the fence. That tree is leaning, to be sure, but it seems to be stable -- so far. 

The leaning tree in the forest

So it looks like another house in the neighborhood was damaged (by fire?). No idea when that happened, but they have been trying to redo the roof. And guess what they were doing yesterday? YES -- they were reshingling part of the roof. 

Shingling a roof

I think they had heaters up there to try and melt the snow. Seriously??? No safety harnesses. And the windows on the top back of the house are gone. So imagine how much crap is in the house. If that were my house, I would move! Well, no one is living there at the moment, of course! I get it that houses are built in the winter, but I can't imagine what will happen to the damp wood on the roof and their piecemeal shingling job. A bit today and then more tomorrow. They've been working on that roof for over a week. 

It was worth it to clear the front step -- I got MAI! Not once, but twice!!! 

This first one was my order from Mad About Patchwork. That was shipped on Wednesday and was supposed to arrive on Thursday, but it didn't because of the storm, so it arrived yesterday. How about that pink packaging --- you sure can't miss that!!! I quickly opened it but had no time to absorb the contents. 

Package from Mad about Patchwork

Then I got this package as well, which I ordered from my FAVORITE store (no chance of finding this anywhere else) on Thursday, and it was delivered the next day. 

Another package!

My third package, ordered on Wednesday, is ready to be shipped and hopefully will arrive early next week. So - if anyone is complaining about shipping? It's not happening at my house! Mind you, I live very close to a fulfillment center (my favorite store) -- shouldn't I be getting SAME-DAY service! I'm kidding!!

Oh crap -- I see it is snowing this morning. Not much, but enough to cause trouble! Like having to shovel again later today. 

Here's a shipping story for you; I suspect this is the issue with many horror stories about shipping. A friend placed an order with a Canadian store, and she had several delivery priority options. She chose the least expensive as she didn't need the item immediately. That delivery time was listed as four days. After two weeks, she decided to call and find out where her package was. 

The response was that the four days started counting once the package was in the mail, and this person hadn't even prepped the order yet! Seriously??? We want to support local small businesses, but get it together, people! If someone is ordering from you, get the order in the mail! I don't know if she got the package yet, but I'd be very disappointed. Some companies are happy to take the orders and your money and then delay processing them. I won't mention any names! 

Here's the thing --- hire help! Or those customers will go somewhere else next time!!!

Well, look who is looking super cute this morning! 

Thank god - I don't have bangs! 

It's not perfect, but she looks so cute! She's pretty good when I trim her hair, but it would be much easier if she were on a table and outside. But we manage! 

I have two presentations this morning; one is done, and the other is almost done. I should have done them last night, as I forgot I had some photos to take, so I've been running around doing that. But no worries -- it'll all be done when the presentations happen. 

And the BARN STAR SAMPLER e-mail will go out today. I had some work deadlines that had to be dealt with yesterday. 

Remember the Virtual Retreat this weekend. It starts tonight at 6 PM. 

Virtual Retreat -- February 25 - starts at 6 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

And here's the link for February 26 -- starts at NOON EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

On that note -- I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!


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  1. Invest in a bag of salt or other sidewalk de-icer. You were lucky on your landing this time. Envision yourself with a broken wrist or hip.