Friday, February 10, 2023

Glass fusing -- before and after

 OK -- so I'm still at the hotel. A few left last night, and more are leaving this morning, but three of us are staying until this afternoon. We have MORE work to do! 

While it's been a lot of work, it's also been a fun week. We've been able to get to know each other a bit more, and we've learned a ton, and it was well worth the time to be here. 

I don't think I know how much I must do when I get home. I'm in denial. I'm always in denial when I travel. I forget about what needs to be done because there's nothing I can do about it when I'm sitting in a hotel room. Then I get home, and BAM! the totality of what I need to do hits me. 

Before I get home, I should write a list (I know -- I LOVE lists) and try to get myself organized so things don't get lost. I have some writing to do this coming week and a project to complete, and those two things are PRIORITY; then I can focus on other stuff. 

But I also have Virtual Events - I have three this week and then my regular classes, so yes -- it's business as usual, and we'll make it happen. 

As much fun as it's been, I'll be glad to get home. My car is mostly packed, but a few more things to add later today. I laughed as I offered my colleague a ride to the airport. I'll barely be able to get in the car as there's so much stuff in there. You don't want to know. But that's part of the fun of the job -- you get to play with toys -- LOTS and LOTS of toys. 

Despite the crappy weather yesterday, I still managed to get 12.5 KM in. How? I went for a long walk in the morning, and I got to the turnaround point when we started to get a bit of ice accretion. I wasn't wet when I returned to the hotel, but it started raining shortly after I arrived, so my timing was good. 

I've taken the elevator maybe twice since we've been here and always have to walk to the far corner of the hotel to take the stairs and then back to my room. So it's easy to get those KM in. This morning, it's nicer outside, so it shouldn't be a problem. 

My photo of the day on my walk? I spotted the GO train as it pulled to a stop. 

The GO train

After we got back to the hotel from dinner, I went to my room while the others stayed in the lobby to chat. I had not slept well the previous night and was tired. And the glass guy was doing us a huge favor and delivered our bowls. I got a text, so I went downstairs (in my PJs) to see them. 

OH MY --- they are stunning!!!! 

All the bowls/trays

And here's my bowl. 

My finished bowl

I absolutely LOVE it. It's beautiful, and seeing how the others turned out was fascinating. I'll post before and after pictures of each, but not today. 

My bowl BEFORE firing

So if you want to give your hand at GLASS FUSING, check out Verbeek Glass Studio. Layne is an excellent instructor; he loves his craft and will take good care of you. If you don't want to make fused glass, he has a gift shop, and I can't wait to get home and open up my treasures.

On that note, it's time to get moving for my walk. It's going to be another long day -- well, that's not true. It's going to be a short day but intense. So I better get some steps in to give me energy!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. WOW! Those fused glass bowls and trays are beautiful!
    I'm wishing that there was a place like this nearish to me. I will have to do some looking.

    I do love reading about your adventures and your walking. I found your blog when you were walking the Camino - shortly after a friend of ours also walked it (and also had to stop due to getting covid).

  2. Loving the glass bowls 😻 ! Wishing I lived closer!