Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Sunday - no time to rest!

Oh yes - the weekends are precious time these days. You can't waste a moment!  Well that depends on what you mean by waste.  We did make it to the wedding on Saturday - more on that tomorrow. It was fabulous!!!!   Yesterday I was crazy busy but at the same time, I did manage to watch 6 episodes of Modern Family Season 5. I didn't get a chance to watch it when I got the DVD earlier this summer so I managed to get it back fairly quickly.

A while back someone asked me - if you don't watch TV, how can you justify watching these DVDs.   Hmmmm - that is a good question.  By watching TV - I mean coming home and plopping yourself down on the couch, spending an entire evening in front of the TV, eating meals in front of the TV. I haven't turned the physical TV on in years and the only thing I do watch is this TV series only because I think it is well written. Yes - there are oodles of other shows that are well written - I would have no idea what they are and I don't think I am missing out by not watching them. I watch movies as well.  BUT here is the difference - I don't let TV dictate my life. It used to  - oh yes - I would schedule my activities around it - even though I had a PVR. I don't think I explained that very well - but there is certainly a difference - I could not tell you the latest craze on TV, the latest fads, the hottest trends - I have no idea.

Anyway - enough of that.

Yes - I was busy yesterday - but happily busy, not insanely going out of my mind busy.  Oh yes - there is a difference.

Got this lap size quilt done and tried out a new quilting pattern.

 Community project quilt - DONE
 Thank goodness, I tried it on a community project quilt - even though it is straight lines - it was difficult to get the corners right.  I definitely need a bit more practise on this one!!!!

New quilting pattern

I got the binding on that baby quilt that I started a while back.  Finished while watching Modern Family.

Binding done!!!!!

I also completed all 42 blocks for the green quilt.  Can't sew them together yet as the rainbow one is still on the wall. That has to go first before this goes up!

42 green blocks - DONE
 Now that I have scheduled the class for Misty Pines - I MUST finish cutting the kits. I got a lot more bags done yesterday and for the moment, everything is going into a laundry basket - then I will sort each into a kit and bag that too.  It is going to be awesome.

Misty Pine - kit pieces!!!

I managed to hit two quilt stores on Saturday and found the missing pieces for the rain bow quilt.

Added two reds (on the left)

Found four pinky/purple

I ended up using only two of the pinky/purple and even then, I made a mistake when I sewed one bunch together. I ended up with TWO of the same fabrics in the group.  Oh well - sewn together now and if I hadn't told you that - you probably wouldn't have noticed!!!!!

Last group of purple/pink is ready to sew together
 Here is what the "quilt" looks like so far.  I have extra blue blocks and extra yellow blocks.  I think I am going to have to make 3 groups of the red so will have some of those left over as well.  But this has to STOP - I am going to make one more at 7 by 9 blocks and then something with the leftovers and that is it!!!!!

The rainbow blocks
And of course while I was out, I found some novelty prints and I could NOT stop myself.  I need to because I have a LOT of novelty fabric.  I think I am going to have to start cutting it up and selling it as kits. I see three options - one would be randon squares, one would be an alphabet - with one square for each letter of the alphabet and the third where all the things start with one letter - like the letter B.  Oh yes - I could make a LOT of kits!!!!!!

More novelty fabric

On that note - it is time to head off for a quick visit and weekly exchange of stuff with the Monday Mania group!

Have a great day!!!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall Classes

Yes - classes are going to start very soon and I haven't had a chance to tell you what I am doing. So today is the day!   For the moment, I am still teaching at four stores in the area and will continue to do so although the number of classes is severely reduced from previous. Thank goodness I love my day job or I'd be in big trouble. I feel it is really importanat for me to maintain FACE time with "real" quilters for my sanity and to get feedback on trends, etc.  

Without further ado - here are the classes for the Fall of 2015. 

Ruti's Needlebed
10 Thomas Street - Streetsville (Mississauga)
Phone Number - 905-821-9370

Table Runner (Quilting Inspirations)   
1st Saturday of every month (September to June)
10:30 AM  OR 12:00 NOON
ALL levels welcome

In month one, I'll cover the piecing instructions of a tablerunner. Show n tell is also welcome as are questions about anything quilt related. That's the easy part!  The following month, we'll look at options for quilting the table runner. The focus will be on inspirations for free motion designs, but if straight lines work better - we'll cover that as well. We'll be chatting about all things free motion - thread choices, types of batting, backing, how to finish off the edge of a project, labels, sleeves - you ask the question - I've got the answer. The goal is to make an inspiration book with quilting designs. 

This is a great class because you get to come back every month to see how others have intrepreted the piecing instructions and then to see how different styles of quilting and thread choices can affect the final project. We will be working from ONE BOOKLET "On The Run Again" by Anka's Treasures. In total we will make 5 table runners and finish all 5 of them!

If you cannot make the Saturday class, Ruthi will be teaching the same class on the 4th Tuesday. 

On The Run Again by Anka's Treasures

Garden Quilt
1st Saturday of every month (September to June)
2:00 PM
NO applique experience required!

This fun applique project by Amy Bradley allows you to build a whimsical and beautiful garden without getting your hands dirty!  We are going to focus on fusible applique, but other applique technqiues will be covered. I've got some great embellishment tips, tips on thread choices, fabric choices and loads more. It promised to be a lively class and I can't wait to see how our gardens grow!   We might even work in Applique with the Brother Scan n Cut so if you have one - this might be the class for you!  ( I'm commited now that I wrote that!) Quilt is 52" by 64". 

|Garden quilt by Amy Bradley

Please note the FIRST SATURDAY is September 5  - so think quick!!!!!!   Actually, no thinking required - sign up - you won't be disappointed!!!!!    Please note - that the class for Jan will be held on Jan 9, NOT Jan 2. I think you'll agree with me. 

Call Ruti's at 905-821-9370 to sign up. 


Brampton Sew n Serge
289 Rutherford Rd S.

Wednesday:  Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16, 2015 Jan 20 & Feb17, 2016
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm
Cost:$130.00 (pattern and supplies extra) Pattern $25.00

 While this looks like a traditional applique quilt, we are going to use some very non-traditional techniques to put it together. The six part (hands-on) class will explore many different techniques using a variety of accessory feet and many decorative stitches from the sewing machine.The applique backgrounds are pre-quilted, yet this is NOT a “Quilt as you go” quilt. Different threads and techniques will be used to embellish the quilt. It is going to be informative and loads of FUN! The finished quilt measures 85”x93”.  

Stitcher's Garden

Oh yes - we had loads of fun when I taught this last year and the show n tell is coming up soon. I wouldn't hesitate as I hear the class is almost full. If you are interested to see the actual quilts from last time - the show n tell is on September 9 at 6 PM.  A great time to get ideas on colour schemes. 

Call Brampton Sew n Serge directly at 905-874-1564 to sign up!


Sew Sisters
3961 Chesswood Dr, North York, ON M3J 2R8
Phone (416-633-8800

Introduction to Machine Quilting
Saturday, September 19
Time: 1 PM - 4 PM

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn how to machine quilt. Many quilting class focus on "how" to machine quilt. While I teach you how to machine quilt,  I also teach you how to fix all those problems that stop you from quilting. So we'll be looking at thread choices, tension, options for needles, batting, basting and OH yes - we will get to do some machine work. Learn all the tips and tricks that all the pros do and soon you will be quilting like a pro yourself!

Free Motion Quilting
Saturday, October 10
Time: 1:00  PM - 4:00 PM

This is a follow up class to the Introduction class and we're going to put the pedal to the metal!   What exactly is free motion and how does one go about becoming proficient at it?  Learning how to regulate the stitch length, how to take control of your work and much much more will be covered.  Oh yes - it is an itense course, but all you need is to have taken the Introduction to Machine Quilting and you are good to go. Loads of great ideas and tips. 

Elaine’s Tech Tips Quilting Book coverImproving Techniques
Saturday, November 21
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
This is a lecture style event. You just need to bring a notebook and a pen. Oh - and your quilting concerns as well. Those common issues that you struggle with - how to get that "perfect" scant 1/4" seam allowance, how to press to get your blocks FLAT, how to properly put on a binding and much much more will be DEMONSTRATED in this class. If you haven't purchased a copy of my Tech Tips book - this will be a good opportunity as I will have them availabe and be using it as a guide. 

Please call Sew Sisters directly to sign up for these classes.  If you want to improve your technical skills - you can't miss out on these classes!   416-633-8800. 

There are some GREAT new Saturday Sampler quilts coming up for 2016.  Watch for those. And I had better get piecing!

Please call Sew Sisters directly to sign up for these classes.  If you want to improve your technical skills - you can't miss out on these classes!   416-633-8800. 

There are some GREAT new Saturday Sampler quilts coming up for 2016.  Watch for those. And I had better get piecing!


Hobby Horse Quilt Shop
12707 9th Line  - RR #5
Georgetown, Ontario
(905) 877-9292

Machine Quilting   
Saturday, September 26 
12:30 – 3:30 
$30.00 includes kit
 Start quilting the quilts you have made over the summer! Elaine will show you how to achieve excellent results with her advice, tips and techniques.
(this is same class as at Sew Sisters - just shorter description)

PTCoverProfessional Bag 
Sunday, October 4 & 18 
12:30 – 3:30 
$27.00 & pattern 
 This is a bag full of pockets and compartments and it will hold a laptop computer, your sewing supplies, or serve as a diaper bag. Everything inside will be tucked away with a top zipper closure.

 Free Motion Quilting 
Saturday November 28 
12:30 — 3:30 $14
 (pre-req Machine Quilting 

It’s time to learning free motion quilting with a free motion foot! Elaine will share her ideas and tips for your artistic free motion quilting adventures.
(same class as Sew Sisters - just shorter description)

Call the Hobby Horse Quilt Shop (905) 877-9292  to get signed up for these great classes.  That Professional Tote is fabulous and comes in TWO sizes.   

And there are a couple of great $25 quilts in the works for 2016 - watch for those!!!!  One will be pieced and the other will be appliqued. 

Misty Pines

I will also be teaching this class at my home studio.  I believe I have 21 kits for this quilt. All of them are spoken for, although once I finish cutting, I might be able to eek out another kit or two.  Remember these kits are 99% pre-cut. You just need to sit down and start sewing!    

Misty Pines: Dramatic Trees and Mountains Lap Quilt Pattern
Misty Pines

Date: September 27 (Sunday)
My home studio
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cost $30   (plus $100 for the pre-cut kit)

If you have a kit from another source - you are welcome to attend this class, but keep in mind - we will NOT be cutting as the kits I'm providing are already precut. We can chat about the cutting.  If there is enough interest, I will run this class once more later in the fall. 

E-mail me if you are interested in the class or leave a comment on the blog and I'll schedule you in. 


I will likely have a couple of sit n sews in October and November - just haven't had time to schedule them in yet. 

If there are any questions about this - let me know.  Yes I am teaching machine quilting and free motion at two different stores.  This is a very important class and by offering it in two different areas, I hope to get more people quilting their own quilts!!!!!   

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

I SCREWED up!!!!!

Even though I would like to think otherwise, sometimes I'm a bit disorganized.  I know all the guidelines - I know that everything needs a home - I get all that.

However we're invited to a wedding today. I have left the invitation lying around the house for months.  I knew where it was and I knew the date. No big deal. The other day I was trying to plan and so I dug out the invitation so I could have it handy.  Well now today is the day and I am seriously thinking I left that darn invitation at WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And I have no access to work on the weekend.   HELP!!!!!!!   I've sent an e-mail to the mother of the bride - begging her to send me the time and location of the first event - then we'll just wing it from there.  Will she respond in time?????   I hope so - I was looking forward to this wedding - a lot of different traditions than what I normally see.   Please please please mother of the bride - read your e-mails!!!!!

What a dolt!!!!!!

Speaking of decluttering - yes I am trying but it isn't easy.  However, we've tidied up our front hall and the living room aka the front room.  Weird how rooms get named in your house.  Next up was the bathroom which had a bunch of extra quilt magazines for my guests to read.  Some older ones mostly.

Well - I got myself organized these last couple of days and I have an entire BOX of duplicate magazines.  Now I did not buy these - these are ones that were usually left over from quilt shows that no one wanted.  There is an entire box - there might be more, but I think I got them.  It's going out the door unless someone wants to cut them up. Mostly Quilter's Newsletters, and a mix of other stuff.

Box of magazines - going going - GONE!

Now I have replaced the magazines in the bathroom with ones that I WANT to read and my goal is to get through them ASAP.   Cut, rip, glue, paste - whatever it takes to get them under control.  I have to get this situation under control before it becomes hazardous to my health!  Power reading it is!!!!!

I have been trying different routes to work.  How short a distance can I drive on the 407 (the toll highway) and still get to work on time.  I am sure this will all change come September.   Anyway - I found that if I get on the 407 at the 410 - I still have time to get to work.  But I have learned to NOT get on the 403 (to get to the 410) at Winston Churchill - that interchange is a nightmare because of construction. I go to Erin Mills Parkway.  And yes - if you don't live in the area - none of that means anything to you!!!!   Let's just say that I am well situated and live very close to almost ALL the major 400 series highways so if traffic is good - it is very easy to get around the city - well not downtown, but everywhere else.

All that to say that when I was passing the mall yesterday, I noticed the MALL BALL looked awesome with the sun coming up so I stopped to take some pictures.

The Mall Ball!!!!!

The "easy to see through" Mall Ball!
 That mall by the way is Erin Mills Town Center.

Soon our landscape or cityscape I guess is going to change.  The first of a new series of high rises is almost completed.  There is enough undeveloped land around the mall for a couple more buildings!!!!    Won't be long and we wouldn't be able to see the old clock tower anyway!

Got some more sewing done last night. I have 6 of the 7 groups done!!!!!  

6 of the 7 groups done!!!!

Last one is ready to sew

Work is awesome as usual. ACK - I am getting busy. And I submitted my first pattern yesterday.  It will be a free download for members of Quilter's Club of America. We are a sponsor and part of the deal was to provide free patterns. So they are simple ones, but cute.  I would like to make them up once our fabric comes in. But then I probably won't have time!  But nice to make a couple of them!!!!

And I am learning the advantages of mapping software.  OH MY GOD - I saw another of my projects "mapped" onto a pillowcase.  It looks so amazing!!!!!!  And I am knee deep in planing for Market, learning how to use Skype and well - every day brings a new adventure!!!!!

Met up with an old friend from The Quilt project.  Does anyone remember that????   Northcott was very heavily involved in that project and so was I.  Oh yes - my ties with Northcott go way back!   Anyway Rosie and I had an awesome lunch (thanks Rosie!) at Centre Street Deli in Thornhill. THE sandwich was amazing and lean!!!!   I'd go back - the place was packed and they do take out!

On that note - I have a gazillion errands to do today and hopefully go to a wedding. And I must hit Ruti's so I can get the rest of those batiks I need to finish my other quilt.  Oh yes - work is fun, but comes with a price!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS - will be posting all my classes tomorrow - so watch for that!

Friday, August 28, 2015


That was a bit of a whirlwind birthday!   Had a great day at work - hmmm - I don't think I'll ever have to complain about not having anything to do!  Somehow I seem to have filled my days and not even with sewing. There are things that have sat for a while that should be taken care of and well - once I can get to do them on my own - I can be pretty efficient (I hope). It's learning how to do the stuff that takes the time and depending on others schedule to get the information. And let's not forget all the patterns to be designed. and I must learn that software (EQ7) to create some wild and crazy stuff (in addition to the stuff for newbies). And alas - the toughest part of my job, I must try to find a couple of courses at Festival to take to "increase" my knowledge and keep up to date with current quilt trends. Ah - yes - it's a tough life, but someone has to do it!!!

I opened up Google yesterday to do some searching and guess what I found?????   I saw this logo and wondered what it represented and it was a "personal" Happy Birthday wish from Google to me!!!!!

Happy Birthday Elaine

After work yesterday was a Mississauga Community bike ride. I normally ride my bike to the rides, but this one was in Malton and there wouldn't have been time to get home and then ride back. I opted to put my bike on the back of my car yesterday. That opened up a couple of conversations with a couple of the guys in the office and Gary even offered to have a look at my bike rack which I don't think is installed correctly.  Ah - yes - seems like I will fit in with pretty much everyone!!!

Listening to pep talk before the ride

It was an interesting ride.  This is a much older section of Mississagua, There wasn't a lot of room for parks and green spaces when the area was built so we did a lot of the ride on neighbourhood streets.  I thought it was going to be a long, slow ride, but it wasn't bad at all.  The groups were small - it is a less desireable area to ride in and days are getting shorter and cooler.  And then we had ice cream!!!!!   Yeah for ice cream!!!

While we were waiting for the second group to come in - I saw this furry little guy making his way along the fence.  Funny to see them out at 7:30 PM.  Usually they come out later or much earlier!!!

A skunk

Haven't had time to read all my birthday wishes yet since it was late when I got home and I was tired. But I will read them all today. I did get a note from someone alerting me to this..............

OK - I so want that fabric license plate.  It is from Elaine's Quilt block in Salt Lake City.  Anyone close by????  Got a friend or family member who lives nearby????   Otherwise I will have to call the store and hopefully they are not sold out.   There are FIVE sold out in Ontario at this point and could be a couple more. I'm going to check and have ONE last day of row by rowing.

And if I owe you something for Row by Row (and I do owe money to people, I owe plates in exchange, I owe a kit),  I hope to get a lot of it cleaned up this weekend.  This summer has been a bit of a blur and I really really want Row by Row to be done!!!!!   So bear with me a couple more days.

I have a job for you all.  As you know - I'm supposed to keep up with the quilt world which is HUGE.  I want to know if you discover a new designer (it could even be YOU!) and I know - what is a new designer - well - new to you is fine by me.  What new gadgets, tools, books, techniques??????   I'm doing my best to keep up to date and hopefully will be starting some new programs, communiques to people just like you!!!!!     So bring on the comments - let me know what you think is hot.  We're one big community here and you help me - I'll help you!   Simple - right?????

On that note - I'm excited to get off to work to try and clear a few things off my desk to maybe get a bit of sewing in later today?????

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's my birthday!!!!

Yes - it's my birthday today! Shared by my Aunt - Happy Birthday Yvonne!!!!

I always reflect back on previous birthdays (not that there were many of them!), at least I can't remember many of them.  I do very distinctly remember my 13th birthday. I remember that on another one of my birthdays (not sure which one) but I was in Arizona at some dude ranch on a boondoggle with the company I worked for at that time. Actually I recently saw a picture from that event -I bet there is a date - must check. The last three years, I have been on a bike trip. Last year I was ticked because we were waiting for the ferry to go to Newfoundland and had to put all our stuff away so we could have a "meeting" which was really a ruse to get everyone together for cake!!!!   I remember on a certain birthday going to the race track as well.   The rest of them - who knows - so technically they don't count!

Today will probably be one of those unmemorable birthdays. Oh yes - the day will be fun, but I'm not anywhere special or doing anything extraordinary. Well working in a fabric company is extraordinary for me, but that is besides the point!

When I got home, I rearranged those rainbow blocks on the wall - they were driving me crazy.

What it should be

What it was

I have sewn up all that I can sew until I get the missing fabric.  I even heard that the store might have "Elaine" hours???   Not likely - I can wait until Wednesday evening or Saturdays!  It's not like I don't have anything else to sew!

However we keep having discussions in the office about the quilts on the wall.  Oh boy - I think it is time to take charge.  I keep saying I am going to replace the ones in my office, but I haven't done anything about it. SO - I brought home this. A TILE pack (10 inch squares) of Artisan Spirit - Shimmer.  It's been sitting on my desk since the first week I started.

Tile pack of Artisan Spirit - Emerald 
Now what to do with it.  Well - you see I was on a roll with those rainbow blocks so why not with the Shimmer.

12 blocks made up
This pattern is PERFECT for the TILE packs as you need groups of 6. There are 42 squares in a pack - so I make seven groups and get 42 squares.  The quilt won't be that big  - it is for the wall after all, and it won't be just these squares, although it could be.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

And I had purchased this fabric a while back because I loved what Patti had done with it. I couldn't get the pattern but I have it now so another one to make. And since these are made from  Northcott - I won't feel guilty about hanging it on the wall!!!!

More Northcott fabric for another quilt

Yep - no rest for the wicked!!!!   I have a LOT of paperwork to do and am going to try and get a little bit done every day - but you know me and paperwork!

Before I could put up those rainbow blocks, I had to clear off the design wall.  This project was on the wall and NEEDS to be done by November.  It is for me.  I have taken photos of each and every block and am going to make a virtual quilt from it so I can figure out what to make for the missing pieces and colours and where to place everything. That is going to be a challenge for me as I do NOT know the custom set part of EQ7 and I think it is time that I learned.

Blocks for all about me!!!!!

 Now what birthday would be complete without some kind of cake. As I mentioned, we had cake at work the other day. And then Ronda brought me these the other night. CUPCAKES!!!!!    Thank goodness - because I certainly can't make cupcakes any more since my muffin tin got folded!!!!!!

Foldedd muffin tin - still boggles my mind

Orange birthday cupcakes

No worries - there aren't any left to share. Even M who has sworn off any food with any hint of chemicals gobbled a couple of those down.  And if you think all the BRILLIANT colour (even the muffin itself was brilliant orange) is natural colour????  Think again!!!!!    Thanks Ronda - they were delish!!!!!

On that note - I am off to get ready for work.  Where I can't say that I don't have anything to do any more.  I have loads and getting more each and every day.  It is pretty easy to fit in as well so that helps a lot.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A "rough" day at the office

I am sure we have all been in this position. Ok maybe not. But we are having a team meeting about Quilt Market which takes place in Houston, Texas in October. This is a very large trade show that is closed to the public. It requires a LOT of logistics to make it happen and we have a large team involved.  So that is good - everything is fine. Then the question gets put on the table "who wants to stay for Quilt Festival?"  Although we won't have a booth, there are reasons why someone should be there. No hands went up!

I was sitting on my hands not wanting to appear eager and not wanting to step on any toes!  If you don't know, Quilt Festival is the HUGE tradeshow also in Houston for consumers that takes place right after the Quilt Market.  Well I was ASKED to attend.  Oh dear - what to do?  what to do????   I had to grip the arms of my chair to prevent myself from springing up and shouting YES I'LL GO!!!!!!!   I thought I should wait a bit before they really see how crazy and enthusiastic I can get.

Oh yes - I think there are going to be some wild and crazy adventures coming up. I can hardly wait!

I went to Quilt Festival in 1999 and stayed for the entire show and went to so many classes, went to the vendors and saw tons of quilts that I have NOT had any desire to go back. However I am going back in a different capacity - so this is going to be fun! It is going to be exhausting but I am prepped - need GOOD shoes. I shall be "shopping" with my camera, sketch pad and notebook instead of a credit card. Wish me luck with that!!!!

That means there is a LOT of work in the next couple of months so life is going to be a bit crazy.  I have some great ideas and going to enlist the help of some family and neighbours to help out with a couple of them.  AH - you have to wait!!!!

And then we had the birthday cake for August babies at the office also yesterday.  Ice cream cake!!!!   There were already four people standing by the cake and I was trying to hide in the back of the room. However when asked when is my birthday - I had to confess that it is soon!   So I got to stand by the cake as well.  A nice break in the afternoon.  Shoot - my camera was in the car so no picture of the cake.  Got to be more on the ball!!!!

Back to sewing up my Tonga Batik squares last night.  Oh crap - when I put this picture up this morning, I notice that I have ANOTHER error in the layout.  Can you spot it????   I believe I will have 100 blocks in total.  Probably going to make another quilt that is 7 squares by 9. And then what is leftover will be made into something else - yes - I know 37 doesn't work even for a quilt, but I am going to MAKE it work.  My creativity will be called into play and I shall soon be completely done with this project. Good thing because I have a gazillion others that are calling my name!!!!

Blocks made so far

Next set of 6 blocks - cut and ready to sew

Ah - if only I had a personal shopper!   NO - don't bother volunteering as I don't think I could function if someone else did my fabric shopping.  Ruti's stays open late on Wednesday, but only starting in September. So I will have to content myself with waiting until Saturday AM in order to get the rest of the fabric that I need.  After the above set of blocks is sewn - I can't go any further. I have two sets of purple blocks to make and two sets of red and I need some additional fabrics for all of them.  Just two 1/4 meter pieces for purple and two 1/4 meter pieces for the red.

On that note - I am off to work.  Funny how my hobby/self employed life is so much like my "real" job.  I hope I don't have a hard time distinguishing between the two of them. I don't think I will but there are so many similiarities - it is very crazy!!!!   And maybe I won't want to!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's a rainbow!

What can I say - I LOVE my new job.  Of course - the fit is absolutely perfect for me. Who would have thought that such a thing existed? I mean finding a job that is perfect!   I am sure there will be days when I wish I were home, but for now - I am loving it!

I am finding the time constraints a bit tough - no more casual sewing days, but I try to drop in on Monday morning to see the early birds and then off to work. And I do "cheat" and take the 407 which is a toll highway.  Everyone tells me that it is expensive and yes it does have a high cost. However I can easily justify this by taking my lunch EVERY DAY!!!  I know - who would have thought! And I will save money by not buying fabric. First off - I don't need ANY fabric because of what I have in my stash and there is a whole warehouse of fabric that I can pet whenever I want!  Second - the stores are closed by the time I leave work - leaving only Saturday to shop (and I'd rather be sewing) and I REFUSE to shop online.  What's the point? and I would rather support my local quilt shops with what little fabric shopping I will be doing. Oh and let's not forget the magazines that I don't have to buy because it is part of my job to look at the magazines. So - I'm thinking it is probably cheaper that I work and take the 407 than if I stayed home!!!!   Amazing how you can justify ANYTHING!!!!!

Oh and here is what else I have learned at work.  I remember my very first day at work when I was a mere child.  I was working at Bank of Montreal at the head office in Montreal.  I was hired as a support person in a loans office.  The office had just received a new photocopier and there was a "course" on how to use it.  Well a training session let's say.  Boy have photocopiers changed.  Now our copier in the office allows you to scan documents and e-mail them as .pdfs to anyone and many many other things that I have no clue about yet.  So imagine me at the photocopier yesterday trying to scan this document to send to myself so I could forward to a Northcott customer.  Thank goodness I sent it to myself first because it took me about 5 tries before I got it figured out how to scan all five pages as one document.  Oh yes - I am on a roll!!!!!   I still haven't figured out how to put my e-mail into the photocopier address book.  Maybe today!!!!

Nope - no time - got a meeting about Houston Market today.  Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - life goes on!!!!!

Does anyone else have a crazy kid in their house?????   M seems to be experimenting with all kinds of food. Some really bizarre stuff and because she doesn't follow recipes well - things don't always work out.  Case in point - she made some peanut butter/chocolate muffin combination thing.  Too runny to do anything with but leave in the pan and eat with a spoon. However when you want to take the pan with you on  a picnic and it doesn't fit in the container - just FOLD the muffin tin.  Seriously??????   I have definitely failed as a mother when your kid folds the muffin tin.  It is disturbing because she just seems to think we will replace anything that gets broken, bent, ripped or torn.  Nope - she is an adult now and heck - I never made muffins anyway!!!!

Why cover the muffin tin with plastic wrap when you can FOLD it!!!!

Another advantage of working is that I get to have lunch with Carol from time to time. Her travel plans allow her to be in the area that I work and when our schedules work - we can have lunch - which we did a week or so ago.  We were exchanging fabric license plates and we have a BIG exchange to take place in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait!!!   Anyway - look at what she got for me!!!!!!!!!!!   Now isn't that perfect!!!  It is a business card holder!!!!   And I have a feeling it is going to be well used as I already see e-mails floating around asking if I am going to be in Houston. We work with a lot of different people and Houston is going to be BUSY!!!!!!     Thanks Carol!!!!!!

Business card holder!
 Linda was in the US recently and look what she found for me!!!   This is so perfect!   A bicycle puzzle. I'm going to put it together and then use that glue to make it permanent.

Bicycle puzzle
 Speaking of bikes and puzzles. There was a magazine that came out in the spring 2015?????   I wasn't going to purchase the magazine but there was a pattern in there with a plain background and a bicycle on that background.  I bought it for that pattern.  I know I have it and I could make it without the pattern, but does anyone remember what magazine it was?????   I spent a bit of time last night trying to find it and no luck!!!   If I knew what I was looking for - it might be easier.

Oh boy - I have plans to redecorate my office at work.  Just see how gutsy I am to make the changes. Well - nothing earth shattering, but I do have to change those quilts.

Speaking of quilts - I did get some sewing done last night.   I got one set of 6 blocks done and can you tell the difference???   The one on the extreme left is from the original batch and the six are from that new bundle!!!   Identical fabrics.

More blocks for Syncopated Rhythm
I started putting them on the wall and did some more shopping Chez Elaine because I had NO red blocks and nothing to make them from.

Current blocks made

Can you believe - I found that blue square in the bottom left corner - in my stash.  A 10 inch square and it is perfect.  I found some reds - I think about 4 or was it five?   So I need 1 or 2 reds and 2 purples and then I have enough to make 100 blocks in total (including those that are already made)

To sew into blocks

It doesn't take that long to sew up the blocks and I hope to get more done tonight.  I have to say that now that I am more focused with my time - I am sewing MORE than when I didn't work!   I also did some gardening last night and tidied up the house - a LOT!!   Although there is still way more work that needs to be done.

I hope to get my schedule organized and list my classes in the next day or so. Stay tuned for that.

On that note  -  it is time to head off to work!!!!   What fun awaits me today?????   I do need to get some of these ideas out of my head and onto paper so maybe I will try that today.  Also - and I am very serious about this - if you have ANY ideas of what you would like to see on fabric - send them to me.  It can be just a concept - a thought - an idea.   I am working with Deborah Edwards on coming up with new things so anything you have - let me know.  Who knows - you may see your idea in fabric!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!