Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's my birthday!!!!

Yes - it's my birthday today! Shared by my Aunt - Happy Birthday Yvonne!!!!

I always reflect back on previous birthdays (not that there were many of them!), at least I can't remember many of them.  I do very distinctly remember my 13th birthday. I remember that on another one of my birthdays (not sure which one) but I was in Arizona at some dude ranch on a boondoggle with the company I worked for at that time. Actually I recently saw a picture from that event -I bet there is a date - must check. The last three years, I have been on a bike trip. Last year I was ticked because we were waiting for the ferry to go to Newfoundland and had to put all our stuff away so we could have a "meeting" which was really a ruse to get everyone together for cake!!!!   I remember on a certain birthday going to the race track as well.   The rest of them - who knows - so technically they don't count!

Today will probably be one of those unmemorable birthdays. Oh yes - the day will be fun, but I'm not anywhere special or doing anything extraordinary. Well working in a fabric company is extraordinary for me, but that is besides the point!

When I got home, I rearranged those rainbow blocks on the wall - they were driving me crazy.

What it should be

What it was

I have sewn up all that I can sew until I get the missing fabric.  I even heard that the store might have "Elaine" hours???   Not likely - I can wait until Wednesday evening or Saturdays!  It's not like I don't have anything else to sew!

However we keep having discussions in the office about the quilts on the wall.  Oh boy - I think it is time to take charge.  I keep saying I am going to replace the ones in my office, but I haven't done anything about it. SO - I brought home this. A TILE pack (10 inch squares) of Artisan Spirit - Shimmer.  It's been sitting on my desk since the first week I started.

Tile pack of Artisan Spirit - Emerald 
Now what to do with it.  Well - you see I was on a roll with those rainbow blocks so why not with the Shimmer.

12 blocks made up
This pattern is PERFECT for the TILE packs as you need groups of 6. There are 42 squares in a pack - so I make seven groups and get 42 squares.  The quilt won't be that big  - it is for the wall after all, and it won't be just these squares, although it could be.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

And I had purchased this fabric a while back because I loved what Patti had done with it. I couldn't get the pattern but I have it now so another one to make. And since these are made from  Northcott - I won't feel guilty about hanging it on the wall!!!!

More Northcott fabric for another quilt

Yep - no rest for the wicked!!!!   I have a LOT of paperwork to do and am going to try and get a little bit done every day - but you know me and paperwork!

Before I could put up those rainbow blocks, I had to clear off the design wall.  This project was on the wall and NEEDS to be done by November.  It is for me.  I have taken photos of each and every block and am going to make a virtual quilt from it so I can figure out what to make for the missing pieces and colours and where to place everything. That is going to be a challenge for me as I do NOT know the custom set part of EQ7 and I think it is time that I learned.

Blocks for all about me!!!!!

 Now what birthday would be complete without some kind of cake. As I mentioned, we had cake at work the other day. And then Ronda brought me these the other night. CUPCAKES!!!!!    Thank goodness - because I certainly can't make cupcakes any more since my muffin tin got folded!!!!!!

Foldedd muffin tin - still boggles my mind

Orange birthday cupcakes

No worries - there aren't any left to share. Even M who has sworn off any food with any hint of chemicals gobbled a couple of those down.  And if you think all the BRILLIANT colour (even the muffin itself was brilliant orange) is natural colour????  Think again!!!!!    Thanks Ronda - they were delish!!!!!

On that note - I am off to get ready for work.  Where I can't say that I don't have anything to do any more.  I have loads and getting more each and every day.  It is pretty easy to fit in as well so that helps a lot.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Glad your birthday was a nice one, each one I figure is special if we get too see the day :) Was wondering if you found the quilt with the bike you were looking for? saw this one and thought of you

    1. Thanks for the link to the bike pattern. That wasn't the one I was looking for, but I could make that one as I do like it. And NO I haven't found the other pattern yet - I think one too many birthdays has passed for me! And since I am tidiying up the magazines - it could be anywhere now!!!!!
      Thanks again!