Friday, August 14, 2015

Virtual quilting - yet again!

I know - I am going to have to find a new topic but I am having so much fun with this virtual quilting.  However after I am done with the virtual quilting, I must write up a pattern. These quilts are all freebies and I'll let you know where they get posted when they are posted. It is always a challenge to write a pattern expecially when you are working with a specific line of fabric and therefore - measurements much match up! I mean like the fussy cutting part. But also - fabric quantities, cutting instructions, etc.

Today - I will be proofing one pattern and writing two more. And I thnk I still have four more quilts to design. Time to learn some new features in EQ7. Going to have to give some classes on EQ7 (I like to learn by staying one step ahead of the students).  Seriously - this software is wonderful.  If you have a copy of it - get it out!!!!   Start downloading some fabric - which as I mentioned is very easy to do on Northcott web site.

Kool Kats shade card

If you click the link above - you will see the same fabrics on Northcott's web site. The first thing I do is go shopping - virtual shopping that is.  I download all the fabrics from the collection I am going to work with.. Then I download the coordinates (like our solid line - Colourworks) as I haven't got everything downloaded yet.

I will leave that shade card open on my desk for a bit while I am mulling over how to use the fabrics in a quilt. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes it is the fabric itself, other times you want a specific look. Once you start "cutting" and "sewing" - well it is very easy to change the size or the colour if you don't like the result.  Much easier than if you are actually using fabric. Sometimes, the designs, size and shape are totally dependent on the fabrics you are using and the style of the fabric.

But here is something else that I was contemplating yesterday.  As I was doing some research - OK - I was browsing through current quilt magazines - yes they get circulated around the office and it is called research!  Anyway - I came across a very simple quilt that was made with fabric designed by the person who designed the quilt.  No big deal. The quilt was essentially the center of the quilt below - no border, no nothing. And it had the caption - Quilt designed by......................         While technically that is true - the only thing the person did was populate an existing block (that comes with EQ7) with her fabrics.  I think there were  16 or 25 blocks (each block had a different fabric) No borders, just the blocks.  So is that designing or selling?  OK - I am sort of doing the same thing, but at least I try to CREATE a design (perhaps using pre-existing blocks) that will show case at least one part of the fabric line.

Anyway - here are some iterations of what I prepared - just for you!   Since the block is very busy - I used the solid Colourworks that was suggested for the Kool Kats fabric line.

The center blocks are the same in all the quilts, but look how the borders affect the overall look.

Black inner border and striped outer border. Don't like it.

Black inner border and striped outer border

Let's try a different stripe - just because I LOVE strips. So now we have a black inner border and a black/white striped outer border. Better, but still not liking it.

Black inner border and black/white striped outer border
Let's get rid of that heavy black border - it is too heavy for this design. Now we have purple inner border and the multi-colouored striped border.  While this is much better - I still don't like that multi-coloured border. It seems a bit too heavy for the blocks.

Purple inner border and multi-coloured striped border
Let's try another border print that comes with this line. AH - this one is much better.  Brightens up the quilt and looks very cheery.   Notice the border on the left. I fussy cut the rest - but this one hasn't been placed properly yet.
Light outer border with the purple inner border is perfect!

 See that I stll have tried to match up the corners, but in the final design below - I haven't quite succeeded. Got to work on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final version of the quilt!

No this is not a quilt that is going to have a pattern written.  I just goofed around to show you how easy it is to design a quilt in EQ7.

So if you have EQ7 - get it out!!!!!   And if anyone has EQ5 and wants some manuals - I have a whole collection of the manuals that I don't want.   It is time to get rid of some stuff.

My mom was moved to a short term care facility yesterday.  She will get the rehab that she needs so she will be able to move to the new apartment in a couple of months. My Dad gets a break from taking care of her and everything is great!!!!!

I went for a long walk at lunch time and it was awesome. I had over 15,000 steps for the day.  But I must remember to take socks.  I had a big blister on one of my toes. Wasn't a pretty sight when I took my shoes off. Then I have been up and down the stairs today, walked the dogs and my FitBit was charging so I will have to go for extra long walk to compensate for that lose of data!!!!!   I know - I'm too numbers oriented.

BTW - if you have a great idea for a fabric line or any other idea for quilts, contests, etc. Let me know. Someone gave me a couple of awesome suggestions the other day and well - I wouldn't be surprised if we see something come from those suggestions. So while technically you won't have your name on the selvedge for the fabric, it would nice knowing and I'll give you credit for coming up with the idea!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!


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