Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A "rough" day at the office

I am sure we have all been in this position. Ok maybe not. But we are having a team meeting about Quilt Market which takes place in Houston, Texas in October. This is a very large trade show that is closed to the public. It requires a LOT of logistics to make it happen and we have a large team involved.  So that is good - everything is fine. Then the question gets put on the table "who wants to stay for Quilt Festival?"  Although we won't have a booth, there are reasons why someone should be there. No hands went up!

I was sitting on my hands not wanting to appear eager and not wanting to step on any toes!  If you don't know, Quilt Festival is the HUGE tradeshow also in Houston for consumers that takes place right after the Quilt Market.  Well I was ASKED to attend.  Oh dear - what to do?  what to do????   I had to grip the arms of my chair to prevent myself from springing up and shouting YES I'LL GO!!!!!!!   I thought I should wait a bit before they really see how crazy and enthusiastic I can get.

Oh yes - I think there are going to be some wild and crazy adventures coming up. I can hardly wait!

I went to Quilt Festival in 1999 and stayed for the entire show and went to so many classes, went to the vendors and saw tons of quilts that I have NOT had any desire to go back. However I am going back in a different capacity - so this is going to be fun! It is going to be exhausting but I am prepped - need GOOD shoes. I shall be "shopping" with my camera, sketch pad and notebook instead of a credit card. Wish me luck with that!!!!

That means there is a LOT of work in the next couple of months so life is going to be a bit crazy.  I have some great ideas and going to enlist the help of some family and neighbours to help out with a couple of them.  AH - you have to wait!!!!

And then we had the birthday cake for August babies at the office also yesterday.  Ice cream cake!!!!   There were already four people standing by the cake and I was trying to hide in the back of the room. However when asked when is my birthday - I had to confess that it is soon!   So I got to stand by the cake as well.  A nice break in the afternoon.  Shoot - my camera was in the car so no picture of the cake.  Got to be more on the ball!!!!

Back to sewing up my Tonga Batik squares last night.  Oh crap - when I put this picture up this morning, I notice that I have ANOTHER error in the layout.  Can you spot it????   I believe I will have 100 blocks in total.  Probably going to make another quilt that is 7 squares by 9. And then what is leftover will be made into something else - yes - I know 37 doesn't work even for a quilt, but I am going to MAKE it work.  My creativity will be called into play and I shall soon be completely done with this project. Good thing because I have a gazillion others that are calling my name!!!!

Blocks made so far

Next set of 6 blocks - cut and ready to sew

Ah - if only I had a personal shopper!   NO - don't bother volunteering as I don't think I could function if someone else did my fabric shopping.  Ruti's stays open late on Wednesday, but only starting in September. So I will have to content myself with waiting until Saturday AM in order to get the rest of the fabric that I need.  After the above set of blocks is sewn - I can't go any further. I have two sets of purple blocks to make and two sets of red and I need some additional fabrics for all of them.  Just two 1/4 meter pieces for purple and two 1/4 meter pieces for the red.

On that note - I am off to work.  Funny how my hobby/self employed life is so much like my "real" job.  I hope I don't have a hard time distinguishing between the two of them. I don't think I will but there are so many similiarities - it is very crazy!!!!   And maybe I won't want to!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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