Monday, August 3, 2015

It's all about the BIKE!!!!!

While I miss being at the farm (OK - not really) - but I do miss my family, I am very glad to be home and trying to make heads and tails of the mess I left behind.  Like that will ever happen!

Anyway - when I was in North Battleford, I visited the Rivers' Edge Quilt Guild. My aunt belongs to the group and even if she didn't - I have to visit them to see what they are up to!  

It was funny because when I arrived, they were having a break for tea. Perfect.  They quizzed me on what was the big thing in Ontario regarding quilts. I thought for a moment and said BAGS.  Well they were happy to hear that because they were working on bags.  When I glanced at one person had in her hands, I asked - are you doing the Professional Bag????   Oh yes!!!!!!!    So we had a great chat about how to put the bag together - why we love and hate the pattern.  Here are a few of the bags.

The Professional Tote

Gosh - I purchased that pattern years ago and lately - it has become the rage.  I've taught it at The Hobby Horse and will be teaching it again this fall.  If you want to sign up - better do it quick.  Well wait until they get the dates set.

But here are the pictures from the guild.

Small tote

Big tote
 There were others which you will see another time and not everyone was there. I think 11 took the class. This group is very lucky - they have a gorgeous room and they sew THREE days a week. Would love that!  I may actually get ahead!!!!

This next quilt was made by a lady for her daughter who married a fellow from Mexico.  Nice way to tie the colours of the two countries together.

Canada/Mexico quilt
Quilt getting marked for free motion
 The lady who made both of those quilts was pretty funny.  I saw the traditional cable pattern that she had marked on this second quilt. "Are you going to hand quilt?"  Oh no - I will be free motion quilting that.  She just goes - if it is not perfect, she doesn't care and best of all, she is getting better with each quilt.  I love that attitude!!!!

Another bag that someone was putting together

When I was in Saskatoon, I had to visit my favourite bookstore. That is McNally Robinson.  I'm sorry Chapters, but this bookstore is funky, it's big and I just love it. How about this display of children's books.

Children's books about riding a bicycle

And where do you park your bike in Saskatoon????   Next to these funky bike racks.

Bike racks in Saskatoon
 Now my brother and I are alike in one way - we both like bikes. However his cost a bit more than mine do and go faster!

Big brother's Harley Davidson!!!!

On that note - I have a TON of things to get done today and well - where the heck will I start.  The logistics of this row by row things are keeping me busy and I have tons of quilts that need to be done now!

So I'm out of here. Have a great day!


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