Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Great Waterfront Adventure - Day Three

Well here it is  - the end of day three.  I have to say that Day Three was a much better day than Day Two. The temperature was still high - I did see 28 degrees at one point, and we still had humidity.  The sun was behind the clouds for most of the day which was a blessing. And there was the threat of rain which didn't materialize until we were in camp!!!!!    And the best news - we are indoors tonight which is brilliant.

Last night for dinner, I walked over to the golf course which was located nearby only to find out that what I thought was the club house was not.  And now I was going to have to walk to the club house.  I very nicely asked the guy running the ball shop at the driving range if I could get a ride and he very graciously gave me a ride on the golf cart.  I was very thankful since it was a bit of a hike to the club house.  Then I proceeded to discover a new beer that I LOVE.  Hey M - it is organic beer if that means anything. It was made by Mill Street Brewery and I must look out for it next time I'm at the beer store. Then I had Caesar salad with chicken and I had a spinach dip with chips.  OK - so I couldn't eat all the chips, but I was so hungry and so thirsty - I did have a big glass of water as well. Good thing I ate that much because I was hungry again this morning and still thirsty when I went to bed, but I hate to drink before bed - I hate having to get up in the night, especially in a tent.

A great breakfast at the golf course - at least now I knew where it was. And then we were off. I rode down the first hill from the golf course and decided that I wanted to wear my vest.  I know - it was coolish and dampish when we started and I hate being cold. I wore it for the first couple of hours. It was a great day -- MUCH MUCH flatter than yesterday.  Yes there were some hills, but for the most part - they were very doable and nothing like what we encountered yesterday. Let me check how many meters we climbed......  770 Meters which is almost 400 M less than yesterday.  We had descents totalling  860 Meters so that worked in our favour - total distance was 79.4 K and I noticed that my maximum speed was 67 K.   Ooopsy - how did that happen??    Falling at that speed is NOT an option. If I am going to go - take me on one of those wicked descents and make it quick!!!! 

We've had lot of support from the local municipalities.  Local groups who came out to promote their tourism, provide snacks and we got a nice repair kit from Region of York today. And a cell phone charger from CAA yesterday.   Yes - we are being well cared for.

Again - I mostly rode by myself - I have to say - I just love the solitude.  I think about nothing the entire day.  I am not sure how I can manage that, but I do and it is so freeing - so refreshing.  I have to laugh because when I was getting ready, I said how stressful it is getting ready for a vacation. DH said I wasn't going on vacation, but I was going for a bike ride!!!   HA - this is a vacation.  It is now 2:44 and I have NOTHING to do for the rest of the day. Now that is a vacation!!!!!

Two things of note today - when I went over the map yesterday, I noticed that we were going to ride right along the street of a friend who lives in Newmarket. I had to stop by. Unfortunately when I got there, Carla had just stepped out, but I had a great chat with her husband John. Then I was back on the road again.   Hi Carla - so sorry I missed you, but I had no idea what time I was going to be there.

The other thing was the "accident".  Now it had nothing to do with us cyclists.  Nope we were riding along 19th Sideroad just west of Newmarket. They are paving the road.  However on a hill, one of the dump trucks had a little accident and dropped an entire load of asphalt and not in the right spot. Half of it was in the ditch, the other half on the road, The rest of the dump trucks could NOT maneuver around the first truck.  We were stopped for a few minutes which the other dump trucks backed up and  the second that road cleared, I was back on my bike and zipped around those trucks.  That is the beauty of cycling - I have ridden through many construction zones and no issues!!!!

We stopped in Kettleby for lunch where I had a great sandwich and got to chat to some of the other riders. Then back on the road for the last 10 K. 

We are staying in the Tristan Center in Schomberg which is a beautiful new building. An air conditioned building which is great.  Last night was the first time in all the years I have camped in that little tent that I was warm.  OK - it was stinking hot and humid!!!!   Eventually things cooled down, but it took a while. Tonight those of us not sleeping in the tents provided by Cozy Campers are sleeping on the floor in the curling rink part of this center. I see there is a Tim's across the way so I am going to try to upload the posts and get a tea so I can read for the rest of the afternoon.

Oh yes - I did manage to get  my tent dried out (just from condensation) and now it is raining, so I may wait to walk to Tim's.

Tomorrow I will be in very familiar territory as we ride to Georgetown. It is going to be a very short day - if someone comes to pick me up (hint hint M) - then I might go home for the night and go back the next morning.

Hey - if you live in York Region - they have a Pumpkin Pie Trail which runs from Sept 26 to October 4.  Hmmmmmm - that sounds yummy!!!!!

I also forgot to mention that it is my week to blog on QUILTSocial. Check it out - it is all about free motion quilting using the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 930. I am sure you will pick up a tip or two and this week is the LAST week for the 50 ways to keep a quilter happy while on vacation.  Check out those posts  - they were loads of fun to write and research. 

On that note - I'm out of here to relax for the rest of the day!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


PS - Joyce - I'm coming to see you tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Hi Elaine, I have received the plate from TCBQ in Moncton and should have the Fabric Cupboard's by next Mon(?). Could you pls email me at sdmc1@live.com and will get info tho send all your plates to you:)

  2. Organic Mill Street Brewery is the ale that Tamara gets me when we're out for lunch... I'm not a beer drinker, but I really enjoy this light ale on hot summer days.