Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Sunday - no time to rest!

Oh yes - the weekends are precious time these days. You can't waste a moment!  Well that depends on what you mean by waste.  We did make it to the wedding on Saturday - more on that tomorrow. It was fabulous!!!!   Yesterday I was crazy busy but at the same time, I did manage to watch 6 episodes of Modern Family Season 5. I didn't get a chance to watch it when I got the DVD earlier this summer so I managed to get it back fairly quickly.

A while back someone asked me - if you don't watch TV, how can you justify watching these DVDs.   Hmmmm - that is a good question.  By watching TV - I mean coming home and plopping yourself down on the couch, spending an entire evening in front of the TV, eating meals in front of the TV. I haven't turned the physical TV on in years and the only thing I do watch is this TV series only because I think it is well written. Yes - there are oodles of other shows that are well written - I would have no idea what they are and I don't think I am missing out by not watching them. I watch movies as well.  BUT here is the difference - I don't let TV dictate my life. It used to  - oh yes - I would schedule my activities around it - even though I had a PVR. I don't think I explained that very well - but there is certainly a difference - I could not tell you the latest craze on TV, the latest fads, the hottest trends - I have no idea.

Anyway - enough of that.

Yes - I was busy yesterday - but happily busy, not insanely going out of my mind busy.  Oh yes - there is a difference.

Got this lap size quilt done and tried out a new quilting pattern.

 Community project quilt - DONE
 Thank goodness, I tried it on a community project quilt - even though it is straight lines - it was difficult to get the corners right.  I definitely need a bit more practise on this one!!!!

New quilting pattern

I got the binding on that baby quilt that I started a while back.  Finished while watching Modern Family.

Binding done!!!!!

I also completed all 42 blocks for the green quilt.  Can't sew them together yet as the rainbow one is still on the wall. That has to go first before this goes up!

42 green blocks - DONE
 Now that I have scheduled the class for Misty Pines - I MUST finish cutting the kits. I got a lot more bags done yesterday and for the moment, everything is going into a laundry basket - then I will sort each into a kit and bag that too.  It is going to be awesome.

Misty Pine - kit pieces!!!

I managed to hit two quilt stores on Saturday and found the missing pieces for the rain bow quilt.

Added two reds (on the left)

Found four pinky/purple

I ended up using only two of the pinky/purple and even then, I made a mistake when I sewed one bunch together. I ended up with TWO of the same fabrics in the group.  Oh well - sewn together now and if I hadn't told you that - you probably wouldn't have noticed!!!!!

Last group of purple/pink is ready to sew together
 Here is what the "quilt" looks like so far.  I have extra blue blocks and extra yellow blocks.  I think I am going to have to make 3 groups of the red so will have some of those left over as well.  But this has to STOP - I am going to make one more at 7 by 9 blocks and then something with the leftovers and that is it!!!!!

The rainbow blocks
And of course while I was out, I found some novelty prints and I could NOT stop myself.  I need to because I have a LOT of novelty fabric.  I think I am going to have to start cutting it up and selling it as kits. I see three options - one would be randon squares, one would be an alphabet - with one square for each letter of the alphabet and the third where all the things start with one letter - like the letter B.  Oh yes - I could make a LOT of kits!!!!!!

More novelty fabric

On that note - it is time to head off for a quick visit and weekly exchange of stuff with the Monday Mania group!

Have a great day!!!


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