Saturday, August 15, 2015

Technology - friend or foe?

I just love technology.  You can gather pretty much any kind of data which is cool to look at. You can program your lights to turn on when you are on the other side of the world and so many more things. But technology can be extremely frustrating.

I had to pick up one of my bikes that was being serviced - I know - I could do it myself and save some money, but they do such a good job at the bike shop.  Anyway - we got talking about bike computers.  I have two very good ones from Garmin, but one of them (the newer one) has been acting very sketchy. JP suggested that I upload the latest software upgrades to see if that made a difference.

I dutifully came home and had to figure out what I needed to do. When I found what I wanted, I kept getting an error message - Download failed. Seriously????   Why?????   OK - maybe it won't work on my laptop which has a version of Windows that is getting a bit dated. I run downstairs and find all the parts of my big new computer which I am not using because it was mostly to do pictures and well - it has Windows 8 on it which I don't really know.  And now there is Windows 10 to complicate my life!!!

I try downloading the software and same error message. Seriously?????   I downloaded the software four times - tried each one. Nothing!!!!   Then I call support - closed!  Looked on-line - can't find a solution. I did find a forum where MANY people complain about the same thing. Then I try to download one of my four copies and VOILA - the darn thing loaded.  So can you explain that to me?????   At least if there is a problem, why isn't Garmin fixing it? Or at least put a note on the forum to let people know what the scoop is.  I don't mind having a problem but if there is a known solution - then either fix it or make the solution known.  GRRRRRRR!!!!!   Bottom line - I got the program to work, I have now activiated all THREE of my Garmin devices on their management tool. All are up to date with their software and hopefully that ends the issue of my bike computer having hiccups every once in a while.    Yes folks - this glitch wasn't with some obscure piece of software - this was Garmin Express - their main software that allows people to do upgrades and manage their account. It should NOT be loading with errors.

Updating the Garmin devices

I am having another technology issue this morning which I won't go into detail. I had this issue before, but hard to explain to support after the fact.  Well it happened again this morning. The support guy had said to notify him right away and I did.  He responded almost immediately (that blew me off my chair) and I explained exactly what happened and he is currently trying to fix it.  Now I LOVE THAT.  Thank you Scott - you may be my hero of the day if you can figure out this problem!!!!!!

Almost everyone takes their lunch to work at Northcott. There are plenty of restaurants around, but I guess the premise is that it is more costly to eat out every day and no time. So we all take our lunch. For those of you who know me - ACK - I have to round something up to eat.  So far so good. But I got an invitation yesterday to go out for lunch.  I haven't had a good chat with Carol in ages so I jumped at the chance. We caught up on our row by row frenzy stories - I must admit, I will be glad when this is over. There are so many trades in the air and waiting for plates to arrive.  I am sure the stores are going crazy with the entire process.  So if you are in the process of trading with me - please bear with me - I can't do anything this coming week, but the week after - I hope everything can get settled.

Anyway look what she brought for me.

Hmmm - what is on that quilt????
Do you get it?????

I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And it just so happens that I brought this little bike into work yesterday - perfect timing. I think it is perfect.   Thanks Carol!!!!!!!    That is my favourite plate by far.

Yes - I need to change those quilts in the office.  Actually there is a huge stack of quilts in the marketing department - perhaps I will dig through the pile and find one more to my liking.  That is too bland and boring for me. Too pretty!!!!!

Oh yes - Carol brought me another present in light o fmy new job which I didn't get a chance to get a picture of yet and no time this morning. I'll show you tomorrow.

Speaking of bikes - look what M found for me. I think she got them at HomeSense.

Box of tissues with pretty bike design on it

Awesome bike glass!!!!!

Now is't that awesome!  Yep - soon my office will be taken over by bikes or at least bike themed stuff which is fine by me.

One must have fun in life and as they say - you can grow old, but you don't have to grow up!  That is me!!!!!!!!

OH - I know exactly what I will put on the wall in my office.  Got to find the pattern - shoot - it was in a magazine that I bought just for that pattern.  Now to remember which magazine.   ACK - no time today to find it.

Here is another edition of QUILTSocial - 50 ways to keep a quilter happy while on vacation.    That fun part of the summer is almost over.  Drat and I was just getting warmed up!!!!!

On that note - I have an incredibly busy and time pressure day so best get started.

Have an awesome day!!!!!


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  1. We have a Garmin GPS with lifetime maps and traffic. One day when we turned on the GPS the message "Load New Maps" came up so hubby dutifully took the unit inside and loaded the new maps. While on vacation in the US the Garmin became dumb....could not find towns or previously found locations. He had to go onto the forum and searched for hours but came up with the solution. In order to load ALL of the North American maps he needed to put a micro SD card into the slot....there was not enough internal memory to add them all..We were located on the edge of new maps that he had loaded at home so it was hit and miss on whether the Garmin could find the town or address. Now why wasn't there something on Garmin's sight to indicate that or at least a message when he loaded the maps at home that all of the maps could not be loaded without inserting an SD card?