Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure Day 1

I can't say how excited  I am to  be on another adventure. This is the last one of the summer. While that is sad, it is a very exiting adventure because it involves riding my bike.
I had heard about the Waterfront Trail which runs along the shore of Lake Ontario from Niagara area to the Quebec border  more or less. I knew that a similar trail that would go completely around Toronto to the north was in the works. This trip marks the official launch of The Greenbelt Tour. The ride takes place over 6 days with a total of 475 KM. That is  a very doable trip and I have to say that it is geared to people of varied skill levels. 

Started the day with a drive to Roseneath which was the starting point. If I had of planned better, I could have spent Saturday doing Row by Row and then stop in Roseneath for the night and then do the tour.  Alas - I am not a good planner these days.  So I will have to get a ride from Niagara back to Roseneath to get my car.  And if I wasn't a sucker for volunteering, I could stay over night next week in Roseneath and then do Row by Row on Saturday, but I have a community ride in Mississauga that needs some volunteers.  Our chairman was out on the community ride this past week. Someone darted in front of him, he braked hard, went down and has multiple fractures in his wrist. Crap!!!!!

I have to say that I literally threw stuff into the car and said that I would deal with it when I arrived at te parking lot and that is what happened. I still had to put the rack on my bike and then sort of organize what I needed for the day.  The rest I would sort out when I got to camp.

A ride on the carousel in Roseneath - a beautiful old wooden one with a Wurlitzer music player with sheet music.  Pretty cool!!!!   I don't think I have ever ridden on one before.

Then numerous speeches and presentations and we were off.  We have a map for the daily route, not turn by turn directions so that requires special skills trying to read the map upside down. So I got smart and turned the map around in my map carrier and that made life a whole lot easier.

The first part of the ride many people were bunched up and then as we hit some hills and wind, the bunches stretched out.  Which is good - I don't like riding in a bunch and my preference is to ride by myself.  It is so freeing - no commitments, no phone - just get from Point A to Point B. 

There was a rest stop along the way which had chocolates.  You can never say no to chocolates.   Took a few pictures and then I was off and I think I rode by myself after that stop.  Next stop was Cobourg which was the planned lunch stop.  There weren't a lot of local restaurants open - it was RibFEST and everyone seemed to be there.  However a lot of went to The Buttermilk Cafe which was great and I had a huge waffle.  I know - not exactly the best thing to eat on a bike trip, but I saw someone eating one  and it looked awesome!!!

Then back on the bike and into the head wind to get to Port Hope.  Safely into camp where it is easy to spot that this is no ordinary camp ground.  Oh no - I would say that at least half of those camping here had Cozy Tents set up their tents for them.  Hmmmmm - that sounds great, although it didn't take long for me to get mine up. Old habit!!!!!

The route wasn't really challenging today - there was only ONE ugly hill and I am huffing and puffing up that hill and guess who is at the top????   Yes - that would be the photographer. Hopefully none of those pictures make the internet - I am sure they  won't be pretty!!!! 

Let's see - I did stop for some fruit along the way, took loads of pictures and also got a butter tart.  By the time I arrived in camp, I was very hot and very sweaty. But after a great shower - I feel awesome and currently enjoying the sun and the breeze as I sit by my tent.

I do know one person on the trip. Bruce whom I met when I did Tour Atlantic a number of years ago.  I keep popping into him every couple of years. So we had a good chat.

On that note - I hear that pizza has arrived ad I had best go and find a piece and I heard there is beer??????   Sounds awesome.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenging day - it is the longest day (I think) and it is going to be hot.  Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!!!!!!

Have a great day11111


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