Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's a rainbow!

What can I say - I LOVE my new job.  Of course - the fit is absolutely perfect for me. Who would have thought that such a thing existed? I mean finding a job that is perfect!   I am sure there will be days when I wish I were home, but for now - I am loving it!

I am finding the time constraints a bit tough - no more casual sewing days, but I try to drop in on Monday morning to see the early birds and then off to work. And I do "cheat" and take the 407 which is a toll highway.  Everyone tells me that it is expensive and yes it does have a high cost. However I can easily justify this by taking my lunch EVERY DAY!!!  I know - who would have thought! And I will save money by not buying fabric. First off - I don't need ANY fabric because of what I have in my stash and there is a whole warehouse of fabric that I can pet whenever I want!  Second - the stores are closed by the time I leave work - leaving only Saturday to shop (and I'd rather be sewing) and I REFUSE to shop online.  What's the point? and I would rather support my local quilt shops with what little fabric shopping I will be doing. Oh and let's not forget the magazines that I don't have to buy because it is part of my job to look at the magazines. So - I'm thinking it is probably cheaper that I work and take the 407 than if I stayed home!!!!   Amazing how you can justify ANYTHING!!!!!

Oh and here is what else I have learned at work.  I remember my very first day at work when I was a mere child.  I was working at Bank of Montreal at the head office in Montreal.  I was hired as a support person in a loans office.  The office had just received a new photocopier and there was a "course" on how to use it.  Well a training session let's say.  Boy have photocopiers changed.  Now our copier in the office allows you to scan documents and e-mail them as .pdfs to anyone and many many other things that I have no clue about yet.  So imagine me at the photocopier yesterday trying to scan this document to send to myself so I could forward to a Northcott customer.  Thank goodness I sent it to myself first because it took me about 5 tries before I got it figured out how to scan all five pages as one document.  Oh yes - I am on a roll!!!!!   I still haven't figured out how to put my e-mail into the photocopier address book.  Maybe today!!!!

Nope - no time - got a meeting about Houston Market today.  Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - life goes on!!!!!

Does anyone else have a crazy kid in their house?????   M seems to be experimenting with all kinds of food. Some really bizarre stuff and because she doesn't follow recipes well - things don't always work out.  Case in point - she made some peanut butter/chocolate muffin combination thing.  Too runny to do anything with but leave in the pan and eat with a spoon. However when you want to take the pan with you on  a picnic and it doesn't fit in the container - just FOLD the muffin tin.  Seriously??????   I have definitely failed as a mother when your kid folds the muffin tin.  It is disturbing because she just seems to think we will replace anything that gets broken, bent, ripped or torn.  Nope - she is an adult now and heck - I never made muffins anyway!!!!

Why cover the muffin tin with plastic wrap when you can FOLD it!!!!

Another advantage of working is that I get to have lunch with Carol from time to time. Her travel plans allow her to be in the area that I work and when our schedules work - we can have lunch - which we did a week or so ago.  We were exchanging fabric license plates and we have a BIG exchange to take place in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait!!!   Anyway - look at what she got for me!!!!!!!!!!!   Now isn't that perfect!!!  It is a business card holder!!!!   And I have a feeling it is going to be well used as I already see e-mails floating around asking if I am going to be in Houston. We work with a lot of different people and Houston is going to be BUSY!!!!!!     Thanks Carol!!!!!!

Business card holder!
 Linda was in the US recently and look what she found for me!!!   This is so perfect!   A bicycle puzzle. I'm going to put it together and then use that glue to make it permanent.

Bicycle puzzle
 Speaking of bikes and puzzles. There was a magazine that came out in the spring 2015?????   I wasn't going to purchase the magazine but there was a pattern in there with a plain background and a bicycle on that background.  I bought it for that pattern.  I know I have it and I could make it without the pattern, but does anyone remember what magazine it was?????   I spent a bit of time last night trying to find it and no luck!!!   If I knew what I was looking for - it might be easier.

Oh boy - I have plans to redecorate my office at work.  Just see how gutsy I am to make the changes. Well - nothing earth shattering, but I do have to change those quilts.

Speaking of quilts - I did get some sewing done last night.   I got one set of 6 blocks done and can you tell the difference???   The one on the extreme left is from the original batch and the six are from that new bundle!!!   Identical fabrics.

More blocks for Syncopated Rhythm
I started putting them on the wall and did some more shopping Chez Elaine because I had NO red blocks and nothing to make them from.

Current blocks made

Can you believe - I found that blue square in the bottom left corner - in my stash.  A 10 inch square and it is perfect.  I found some reds - I think about 4 or was it five?   So I need 1 or 2 reds and 2 purples and then I have enough to make 100 blocks in total (including those that are already made)

To sew into blocks

It doesn't take that long to sew up the blocks and I hope to get more done tonight.  I have to say that now that I am more focused with my time - I am sewing MORE than when I didn't work!   I also did some gardening last night and tidied up the house - a LOT!!   Although there is still way more work that needs to be done.

I hope to get my schedule organized and list my classes in the next day or so. Stay tuned for that.

On that note  -  it is time to head off to work!!!!   What fun awaits me today?????   I do need to get some of these ideas out of my head and onto paper so maybe I will try that today.  Also - and I am very serious about this - if you have ANY ideas of what you would like to see on fabric - send them to me.  It can be just a concept - a thought - an idea.   I am working with Deborah Edwards on coming up with new things so anything you have - let me know.  Who knows - you may see your idea in fabric!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I have just found your blog and have spent the last hour reading through a bunch. You have a wonderful sense of humour. I will be back.

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