Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Great Waterfront Trail - Day Two

I have camped a lot on bike trips but last night was a first for me.  Oh yes - there was the  requisite train. Make that several trains that whistled all night long or so it seemed. No the "miracle" was that I didn't hear a single snore. Not one and I wasn't the only one that commented on that.  I had a not bad sleep - thank goodness it cools off in the evening so it was cool in the tent. So much that I even used my sleeping bag to cover me at one point.

However I did wake up at one point and wanted to know what time it was.  Rather than turn on my cell phone, I used my travel alarm clock. I hit the light button and now the darn thing is buzzing.  It buzzed the rest of the night and I had to shove it under my air mattress and cover it with my sleeping bag to keep it quiet.  I can still hear the darn thing still ticking.

I am afraid to throw it out since I don't want anyone to get suspicious of it.  Hmmm - I do have a hammer!!!!

We had a great breakfast and then we were off. People were anxious to get started because it was going to be a hot hot day.

We had been told that lunch was at the 40 KM mark and they wouldn't start to serve until 11:30 which was going to be a big concern.  No one wanted to wait an hour or more for lunch.  As it turns out - lunch was at 60 KM and there was no waiting by the time we got there.  That was great!!!!!

Let's just say that we had a couple of hills this morning that were a bit of a challenge.  Both of them were in the 15-16% grade which is VERY STEEP.   Thankfully the first one was very short, but the second one was a bit more challenging.  I didn't walk it but, I was very happy when I arrived at the top.

I didn't mention that we are riding The Greenbelt Trail which is on roads and streets - NO trails - at least not yet. The problem with riding a bike is that the organizers try to keep you off the main roads. Which is great, expect some of those secondary roads are not the best.  Some were so badly patched that gravel would be better.  I hadn't secured my rear bag very well this morning and at one point - going down a bumpy hill - it fell off!!!!   My tablet was in there. Ouch!!!!   But it didn't sustain any damage.   Yeah!!!!

Lots of ups and downs for the entire day.  Someone said they had done 1600 Meters of climbing, but when I checked my Garmin - it was 1,200 M. (there is a LOT of people here - mostly men trying to outdo each other with stats and past trips - grow up people!!!!)  However in the men's defense, one guy commented to me TWICE how impressive it was that I rode that distance in that time by MYSELF.  I so prefer to ride by myself - there is no pressure to keep up with anyone.  108 KM - no idea what the temperature was and I don't think that I want to know either.  It was HOT HOT HOT. No ifs ands or buts - it was HOT!!!   I don't think I have ever drank so much water on a single day trip. We had loads of fruit at the first rest stop - I had my fair share of orange slices and then we had an amazing lunch.  Awesome sandwiches, chips, fruit and ice cream.  The only problem with a hot day is that you are hungry, but then you are NOT really hungry and you don't want to not eat enough, but then you don't want to eat too much and have all that food in your stomach.  I tried to bring some snacks and I have to confess despite everything I have eaten today - I am very hungry and very thirsty. Still............

I think I arrived at 2:30 and it took me a long time before I was ready to put up my tent. I ate some more, drank some more, sat in the shade for a bit and then got the tent up. Clothes more or less organized.

While today was a very physically challenging day, it was also a mentally challenging one.  There were times when I felt like I couldn't peddle up another hill. Not just that I couldn't but I didn't want to!  A few stern lectures to myself, stops for water and food and I was good to go. But that first 10K after lunch was awful!  I thought I would never get 10 K done .

The showers are at the UxPool - yes - we are in Uxbridge tonight.  We are about a fifteen minute walk away from where we are staying and while they have shuttles - they weren't' starting until later. I didn't't want to wait.  So I walked to the pool.  I had to wait a bit as the kids camp took a bit longer to leave than planned.  That was the most refreshing shower I've had in a long long time.

Now to figure out what to have for dinner. There is a golf club house about 1 KM away and that sounds perfect to me. 

On that note - I am out of here to try and find something to eat and drink!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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