Monday, August 10, 2015

CRAZY quilter

Notice it doesn't say ON A BIKE because I am NOT talking about me!

No - I am talking about Liz.  As you know, the Row by Row frenzy has hit North America. There are Facebook groups swapping everything possible (within the rules - no photocopying allowed!). But kits, plates, pins and original patterns picked up by non-quilting family members who were coerced into the shop are flying faster than a speeding bullet from coast to coast.  The postal services must have noticed a serge in business.

Last year was the first year for Canada and there were about 70 shops in Ontario that participated.  Some had license plates, some did not. Who wants to buy a fabric license plate????  Most asked "what the heck is a fabtic license plate???"

Anyway - I have shopped from coast to coast this summer, so far through 7 of the 9 participating provinces and through several states in the US.  However there is someone way more crazy than I. That would be Liz.

I am in bed one night just checking Facebook one last time and I see that Liz has arrived in Red Lake, Ontario. Oh - she is on a camping trip I thought to myself. Hey - where the heck is Red Lake????   I check a map and OH MY GOD - it is way way north.  I mean WAY up norht. That is a pretty isolated place to camp - but why not!!!   Then the next day, I realize that there is a Row by Row participating quilt shop in Red Lake. NO WAY - she did NOT drive all that way to get the pattern????  or did she?????   She was very elusive in her response to me.

Liz anad I finally got a chance to meet yesterday. Bottom line - I had a great visit with Liz as I heard all about her exciting Row by Row experience.   I think her photo and her caption say it all.

Here you go Elaine what can I say after 14 days and over 8000 km I made it to all 127 row by row quilt stores across Ontario. Seriously I think I've lost my pea pick'n mind. You've seen the plates, here is a combination of kits and/or patterns

Seriously?????   My brain is still trying to compute.  She drove 8000 KM - that is EIGHT THOUSAND KM.  That is MORE THAN the distance that we cycled when we went from coast to coast in Canada several years ago. I know - I am so in awe of her.  It was never her intention to do all 127 stores, but she got wrapped up in the event and well - the rest is history.

I think she deserves a medal!!!!

Liz's stack of Ontario license plates - the fabric ones that is!!

Liz did pick up some plates for me, some of which I will be trading as I already had some, but most important - she got me the TWO plates from last year from Dryden.  Oh boy - I am a happy happy camper!!!!!   I did not get those two last year and wanted them, but refused to just call the store and ask for them.  I will always remember now how I got them and so much more exciting than just having them sent in the mail!
2014 plates from Dryden

Way to go Liz!!!!   Proud of you - you crazy quilter you!!!!!

Besides meeting with Liz - I managed to get this giant quilt done. This particular customer who shall remain nameless loves to make huge quilts. But they are beautiful and beautifully done.

Customer quilt

And I'm off on another adventure at Northcott to see what is in store for me today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  2. awesome job! exciting to watch a quilt from start to finish! beautiful quilt

    1. Thanks Karen - yours is up next! (Well one tiny one first). Will be in touch soon.