Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where's the APPLE store?????

I am about ready to throw in the towel on the PC products. No - no more trouble with Outlook - well never mind that I have lost all my distribution lists (they have to be retyped in - thank god for paper copies). And you know when you start to type someone's address - you have auto - fill-in. Well until I send a message to someone - that auto fill-in doesn't work. Great!  Just what I needed - basically having to start from scratch. Like I have time for that.

And now - well I can't get the laptop to recognize the printer, nor will it download pictures!!!!!   Where's that APPLE store?????

However not to worry - I do have a few pictures sitting in the editor from yesterday so you can have pictures today!!!!

I have to say that I LIED!!!   Oh dear - red in the face. But you remember when I said that I do not have knick knacks - well I DO HAVE knick knacks. Here they are.........


New additions thanks to Marian!

New additions from my trip!

Ooops - broke one when I was putting up the tray (that has been sitting around since the renovations - back in March!!!) And when I was getting ready to glue the one back together - I found another one I had broke)  
Hmmmm - maybe I should just buy metal ones in the future!!!!

Got a busy day - OK -when isn't the day busy!

Have a great day!!!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Outlook WOES!!!!!!

Yesterday I was trying to add a new entry to my calendar and BAM - that blasted error message came up yet AGAIN!!!!!!    GRRRRRRRR - that only means one thing - I have to call the support team. Hmmmmm - that MAC is looking better and better!!  I called at 5 PM and we closed the call after 11 PM. I mean - this is getting crazy. This time they actually repaired the corrupted file - well I think they did and it took over three hours to do that. OK - so there are some e-mails in there that need to be deleted. But now the inbox(es) are a mess - I now have duplicate e-mails - new and old, I lost all my calendar - the tasks are in another inbox. Oh yes - it is going to take a while to fix this stupid thing. BUT - I am able to add and delete - at least for the time being!   Going to try and move everything into ONE inbox so I can call them and get them to delete all the other inboxes.

Despite the mess with Outlook - I had a GREAT day.

Off to Julia's for a sewing day! And I got a lot done.

Halloween blocks!!!!
I figured it is time I had a real Halloween quilt. There are 80 blocks. I took squares - cut them in half on the diagonal. Added in an orange sashing. Now they have to be trimmed to 6 1/2" and then sewn together into a quilt. I SHOULD be able to get this done by Halloween!!!!

And that is all I got done yesterday. But I was thrilled.

When I got home - I did get more done - I am down to TWO blocks left for Christmas Heart Light. Here is the one I completed last night.

Christmas Heart Light block

And I started a new audio book last night. Because I was babysitting the laptop - I managed to work through TWO CDs which is good because this one has TWELVE CDs in it.

Word fabric

Cathy gave me this fabric. Look closely at what it says......    It is the Night Before Christmas - not sure if you can read it, but it is weirdly positioned!  So - does that go in the Christmas fabric basket or the word basket? I put it with the words!!!!!    Thanks Cathy - I love it!!!

Yesterday while we were sewing - Julia was stewing over something that she had misplaced. It niggled in the back of her brain and eventually she remembered where it was. I am still trying to find those hangers for the quilts. DRAT - I remember seeing them shoved into a container thinking oh yes - I will know where those are when I want them. However - that container is NOT coming to mind. Where or where did I put those stupid hangers?????   I guess in the meantime - I will get the rest of the stuff up - maybe when that is done - the hangers will pop up. That is the one problem with cleaning up!  You remember WHERE stuff used to be, but not where it is NOW!!!   I am sure I will find them.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I had physio early yesterday morning and no time to blog. If I can believe the physio therapist - it appears that I have torn a hamstring muscle. Which she thinks has repaired itself. I am now dealing with inflammation and bruising and all the extra from not dealing with it right away?  Well - I am not sure, but anyway after a bit of ultrasound and massage (where she was popping muscles back in place?) I had a pretty good day. However when I went to bed - the pain comes back. Why does this hurt so much at night?????   Even with the painkillers - it is as if I have not taken any? Must ask her about that on Friday - but in the meantime - gentle stretching and ice!!!

Well - no need to complain about it - hopefully after a couple of weeks, it will be better.

So while I did not have time to blog - a LOT is happening. I had the best day ever on Sunday. It was a beautiful day (OK - so I spent most of it inside), but Anita suggested that I stop and smell the roses and I ID. At one point - I went out, laid on the deck with a magazine and I think I even had a little cat nap!  It was great!!!!

And when I was inside - I had this URGE to purge. Well not purge, but do more tidying up. You see - I often show you the side of the studio where the active sewing takes place, but there is a scrapbooking area (not organized) and the table is like a dumping area.

I think it is looking pretty good and much more wide open than it was.

This is the "other" side of the studio. Long arm is to the left (not in the picture). That area to the right of this picture is scrapbooking area (If I ever get there). The quilts on the table have to be hung up. 

So you see - it isn't that bad. I am very happy with the way it looks - so much more open. The rack in the middle - SOME of my quilts that are waiting to be quilted (the backings and bindings are here also). I purchased TWO hangers for all those small quilts, however I put the hangers is such a safe place I CANNOT find them right now!!!!!   And just when I need them cause I am in the mood to get that kind of stuff tidied up!!!!  And things like the tool box has to be put away!

My thread cabinet. On the left are FOUR big containers that contain quilt tops that need borders and then get some bindings and backings done. Pretty sad that so much is that close to be finished!!!

Another view of the scrapbooking table looking into the sewing studio. Yes the BIG nutcracker did not get put away this year!!!!

And the studio right now. I am very happy - no mess on the floor. That black spot is The BIG BLACK DOG!!!!  Yes - everything is organized and together in appropriate piles waiting for me to SEW!!!!

I have said it before and many professional organizers will say - "if you have something you like/love/want to keep - then PUT IT ON DISPLAY. No sense keeping something you LOVE and no one (not even you) gets to see it). On that note - I found some wall art and decided that it was time to put it up.

I think my child needs to see this!!!!   Anyway - it fits perfectly on the bulk head!!! 

And then had this BIG daisy. While it went on easy enough, getting that plastic coating off was a bit of a hassle

Ah - works much better when you pull DOWN, not across!!!!!

I have one more to put up, but ran out of time.

Then even with all that cleaning - I still got STUFF done.

Six gift bags (made for a guild that donates them at Christmas)

Detail of gift bag. They are nicely made with a tie on both sides so it closes nicely.

Cuddle quilt - quilted!!!!!

Customer quilt quilted!

It was a long skinny one!

Detail of quilting

And I finished an audio book - Tabloid City - interesting book on several fronts. The death of the newspaper, religion, war victims. Interesting.

A bit more stitching done as well. Just THREE blocks left to get the main part of Christmas Heart Light done. Maybe get those done later today.

I was looking for a glue product. I keep all those spray glues and bottles of glue in two containers.

Containers of spray adhesives

Second container of sprays/glues

I came across some cleaning products - they went into the laundry room and also some spray products - Quilt Guard. Has anyone used them????

Well while I was trying to pull some of the tins out - they were sticky. And look what was in the bottom of one basket......

Glued leaked from where?????

Ah - an empty can  - this must be the culprit!

Hard to believe - I had TWO cans of this - one leaked - the other did not. 

Anyway - the basket is cleaned up and the cans back in it and back on the shelf. That would NEVER had happened last year!!!!!

Well - I can't give you all the details yet - but I am doing the tinners project in one guild. And let's just say that it has gotten way out of hand now. I am on the hunt for something and I FOUND it. When I get it and it is ready for the project - I will share. It is going to be so CUTE CUTE!!!!!!   OK - so the container will be WAY nicer than the project - I don't care!!!!!

I have a sewing day planned with Julia and I must finish packing up the car and get out of here!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just DO it!!!!!

Thanks to Nike for that slogan!!!

Well - I see it is going to be one of THOSE days today. Yes - it is a FREE day. God - I love free days. I feel energized - I feel - well watch out. Hopefully it will be a pretty productive day!

Reminds me of when I started to quilt 12 years ago. I had decided to take a leave of absence from work (for personal reasons) although my public version of the story was - I need to sew - sew - sew to get this out of my system. Hmmmm - 12 years later and I still can't get it out of my system!!

And the other thing I have noticed. So when you are a teenager you have no idea what you want to do in life. You go to school, get a job and all that. How do you know that you are in the right job? Well there are administrators (who love paper - not me! - I've tried), there are the bosses (yes - I have had my share of that - running shows, heading committees - yes - it is fun, but after a while you get tired of the responsibility and the same people popping up to help), there are the creators (yes - I've done my own designing and while I like it - I don't think that is my true calling). So what is my "job"???   I'm a DOER. I love just sitting at the machine and just making stuff. Can be anything - but I like making STUFF.  OK - practical stuff is more enjoyable than non-practical stuff. And if I can finish (well sometimes!) or use up bits and pieces - I am hapy as a clam. I guess this means NO more buying fabric!!!!

And now you want to see if I followed my own advice in the blog and took advantage of that free afternoon yesterday????   Have a look - you be the judge

Quilt top for community group that donates to cancer patients. Top DONE!

Quilt top done for community group - donates to children - TOP DONE
BTW - both of the above were kits that I picked up to do the sewing. Obviously the second one got chosen for one reason - can you guess why????

Then I made not ONE

but TWO blocks

These blocks are for the Block of the Month at one of my guild. When are they due???   Monday - hey - a couple of days in advance. Whoa!!!!!    This is a first that I am NOT finishing them mere minutes before leaving the house on the way to the guild meeting!!!!

Small memory quilt (again - a kit). for a guild that donates these to hospitals for babies. Top done  and quilted!!!!
 And while I was doing all this - I was even working on my computer!!!!!
See - computer - phone - sewing machine!!!!
 Actually months ago - I started to get this error message with Outlook. When trying to delete e-mails - I would get an error message - my file is too big. The message told me to delete something or move to a new format file. Hmmm - if I can't delete stuff - then how can I reduce the size of the file?????   I was able to delete ONE file at a time. That was so PRODUCTIVE. Anyway - I finally decided to purchase Office 2010. That seemed to work for a bit and then same problem. Now what????   I ended up purchasing a service contract when they attempted to fix this problem two weeks ago. You know - one of those places where you give them remote access to your computer. When I do that - I like to supervise the screen - although I am sure they are smart enough to get in and get info if they wanted. Well - not going to worry about that.

Bottom line - the problem came back - less than two weeks. I called again yesterday - around three PM. (THREE PM - remember that number)   Hmmm - I can put the laptop beside the sewing machine and sew and watch at the same time. Well at TEN PM - I finally said - let's call it a night). Yes - SEVEN hours later and they still haven't fixed the problem. Apparently the Outlook files are BADLY corrupted. New versions are trying to open new folders - the system doesn't recognize them and well - I am not sure all the details. Let's just say that this morning - there are some e-mails I can delete. Others I cannot. Some reminders I can delete - others I cannot. Some e-mails I can reply to and others I can not. Bottom line - I have to call them again today to get the job completed. They estimate MORE than a hour. Unbelievable!!!!!  Let's just hope that it gets fixed. In the meantime - there were things I wanted to do on the computer - OK - so I could have got the iPad out. But I was too busy sewing!!!!!

I even missed a dinner party because I thought they would be done soon and then it just got too late. I even left the house with them still working on the computer - then I felt that I couldn't leave them messing around with my computer and I wasn't there. I came back.

And good thing the computer doesn't register movement!!!!  I was madly sewing beside the computer and the table could be a bit more stable!!!!!

I had a sit n sew day on Friday - can you believe we were so busy - there was NO TIME to take pictures. But the girls got a lot done. I noticed that a lot of them were working on homework from some of my long term classes. Such devoted students!!!!!   Anyway - we had a super day. Honestly - I just love days like that - good company - good food (I did make a great shepherd's pie and yummy salad - see I can cook - when I want to!!!). the weather was iffy so was a perfect day all around. Those sewing days are just super all around - my charity benefits from the money raised, the girls benefit from getting advice and sewing done and I benefit from having friends over to keep me company!!!!

One of the results of the day was the design wall needed to get emptied. Yes - I tend to put something up and then takes forever to get that project sewn. So off with mine and on with Daphne's. Oh - I think I have a picture of her quilt. Let me find that......

Daphne's one block wonder. Then she labeled EACH piece so she could reassemble it at home!!!!
So yesterday - I was using the now empty design wall!!!

Design wall in use for two projects being sewn at the same time!!!!

Of course while I am sewing a LOT of stuff goes through my head. And I am HOT - well that sewing machine and iron were smoking!!!!   I kept thinking about a project that I did when I started to quilt. I could dig that project out and put it together. So off to the closet and dug out the box. 

Open up the pizza box (and I knew what was in it).

Look at how much fabric is here!!!!!!    At least SEVEN METERS!!!!

Plus FORTY EIGHT blocks done!!!!!

Here I started to trim the blocks and sew together (top left corner)
What are these blocks????   Well when I started to quilt - I belonged to a club called Quilt Sitters. It was at Hobby Horse. Based on Mary Ellen Hopkins techniques. The block is called card trick. When I took the class - I did not finish the blocks at that time. Many years later I finished the blocks, but they need to be trimmed (we just threw on the outside frame on the blocks). They trim down to 9 1/2" or 9" finished. When I put them - I wondered if I should make one big one or two small ones - got lots of fabric for borders. I decided to go with one big one. The finished size of quilt will be 54 by 72. Just a smidgen off my generous lap size dimensions. I can live with that. There is enough of the dark colour to make the backing and the bindings. The pizza box has already been filled with something else so I HAVE to get this done!!!!! 

See how easy I get off track!!!!!

I have already been busy at work this AM and you will see all of that tomorrow. 

But at one point I even had my serger out.....

Serger, sewing machine AND computer!!!!
 And did I tell you that I LOVE that serger. NO issues with the tension. I just love it!!!!!

Now for those who were here on Friday - this is what the studio looks like now!!!   It does NOT take long for it to get busy again!!!!!   And that literally is what it is all about - BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!!!   I do have another sewing day on October 16. My goal - to get this room cleaned up - BUT not just to put things away because I need the space - NO what you see - I WANT to finish it!!!!!!    Wish me luck!!!!

Busy studio!!!!!

On that note - I have a few errands to do, a quilt to quilt and LOTS and LOTS of sewing!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

That was NOT a Rant!

Oh dear - it is amazing how things can get lost in "translation" or how things get interpreted in print!

The basis of that previous post was to provide you with clues as to how I have arranged my days so that I can "appear" to be more productive than most. (That is a HUGE myth by the way!!!)   I can waste time like the best of the them. Oh yeah!!!!!   And the power naps and and and - well you get the picture!

Anyway - it has been crazy busy here and I do not even have time to do a proper blog this AM.

I shall try to watch the tone of the blog in the future!!!!

And I am excited today!   Why???   Well I have a meeting with a client this AM, then a two hour class and then NOTHING for the rest of the weekend!   Can you believe that????  Oh my god. I am going to sew and sew and sew and quilt. There are lots of left overs in the fridge (baked chicken - baked my me! and lots of shepherd's pie). I see a HUGE boost in that productivity level.

And I have lots to show(yes pictures) but that will have to wait until later today. Got to get an early start to the day and a smidgen more homework to prepare!

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Productivity tips!!!!

People seem to have this impression that I get SO MUCH done each day. Well it isn't always like that and it is also that I am more vocal about what I do than others are. I bet that if you made a list or took a picture of what you did in a day - you would be surprised.

Today I decided to list my TOP TEN things I do NOT do to get more out of my day.......
(sorry - there are NO pictures today). I will do pictures tomorrow!!!!

1. I do NOT bake (what is the point? Whatever you make - you feel obligated to eat so it doesn't go to waste. No one expects it in our house and no one NEEDS it in our house. I still have about 15 pounds to go on my SLOW weight loss program, baking is time consuming, it is expensive - hey do I need to go on about this? If I do crave some baked goods - just as simple to purchase cookies or whatever. Yeah - not like Mom used to make - SO WHAT!!!!!! - it's been so long since I tasted Mom's baking - how could I compare???)
2. I do NOT cook. OK - I do cook - but not much. Everyone is on their own for breakfast and lunch in our house. Everyone eats at all hours of the day so why should I waste my time making a meal. What I do cook is SIMPLE - no sauces, no gravies, no time consuming multi-process meals with huge PREPS and HUGE cleanups. No one appreciates it - why would I bother!!!!!!   We use the grill/BBQ a LOT!!!!!
3. I do NOT clean. OK - that is not quite true. I do have a cleaning lady every two weeks (a promise I made to myself when I was a kid!). I like a clean house, but I am NOT particular. Again - who cares if there is a smidgen of dust or the baseboards need cleaning. I mean really????   Who cares??????   And who notices that stuff anyway????  I do pass the vacuum OFTEN - more often these days cause there is a lot of toing and froing at our house. How long does that take??? TEN minutes at most. And tidying up the kitchen is a breeze if you don't have messy preps to take care of!
4. I do NOT decorate. By that I mean - I do not fuss with curtains, fancy pillows, or knick knacks. The more you have - the more you have to take care of it. Keep it neat, keep it clean, replace, repair or whatever. If you have to replace - then you have to decide what to do with the old, if you have to repair - you have to find the time to repair.
5. I do NOT watch TV (or movies for that matter). I gave this up over one year ago. And I'm still alive!!! Yes I know one can multitask and do hand work while watching TV, but I would get too comfy and then fall asleep. And then one show leads to another. And it is so easy on a BLAH evening to sit in front of the TV and veg the ENTIRE evening. And then there is the keeping of up of all the comings and goings of the new shows, actors, and all the gossip. Nope - just don't go there.
6. I do NOT surf the internet. Now I do surf the internet, but I do NOT spend hours doing it. I try to go for the information that I need and yes - I will get caught up sometimes, but really - how boring to be surfing through all that crap out there! Get what you need and move on!!!!
7. I do NOT iron clothes, sheets, pillowcases, towels - you get the picture!!!  Wash n wear - got to love that!!!
8. I do NOT spend a lot of time on my appearance. OK - I am NOT the most attractive person in the world and perhaps I would be more appealing if I wore a touch of makeup - but appealing to whom???  Not like I am trying to find a husband and not to say that I can't look pretty for the one I have, but really - will it make a difference at the end of the day? NO - to me a person's attractiveness is their sense of humour, their respect for others, their knowledge, - well you get the picture!
9. I do NOT play games. Wait - yes I play Scrabble, but I play my turn and then wait for the others to play. I think I am currently playing six games!!   But I can grab my iPad (cause I love to play Scrabble on my iPad) and just before bed or while I am having lunch - I can play. And sometimes while on vacation or waiting for something - I have one other game I love - WordJewels. And that is only because I am trying to learn new words for Scrabble.
And last but not least........
10. I do NOT over analyze. Depending on what the situation is - I do research - sometimes more, sometimes less and then I make a decision and I LIVE WITH THAT decision. No regrets. You can spend so much time researching and then worry about what you have decided. Waste of time. In most cases - we go with our gut feeling so why waste time looking at the other options.

WOW - you would think that I do NOTHING!!!!!   But that is not true. I guess when I adopted my mantra - PRIORITIZE - FOCUS - WIN - I have eliminated a LOT of unnecessary STUFF from my life. Stuff that really does not add to my enjoyment of life. Yes - there are others to whom the things above are very important - then I say they need to do those things. For me - they are NOT important. Each to their own.

Now here are the Top 10 Things that I do to improve my productivity......

1. Multitask - instead of watching TV in the evening - I now listen to audiobooks. I need to be very focused in order to listen to the book and I find that hand work allows me to stay focused on the book. I prefer to listen to the books on my iPad, but that is not always possible (the library has a better selection on CDs). I like to listen to one CD per evening. So a book with 8 CDs takes a bit more than one week. So far this year with audio books and paper books - I have read 34 NOVELS.
2. Keep work surfaces CLEAR. If you have to first clear off your work area - you WILL find something else to do that takes less work. This can be your desk, your kitchen counter, your kitchen table, your ironing board, your sewing table. Whatever - KEEP IT CLEAR!!!!!!!!   While sometimes when I stop for the day - I do not clean things up (I am lucky that I do not have to) but then I will continue the next day on that project.
3. Define stations for the things you love. If you love hand work - then keep all the stuff related to that hand work EASILY accessible. Keep in a bag, keep it by your chair - wherever. DO NOT remove anything from that bag for any reason OTHER than working on that project. If you do - it will likely not go back and then when you want to work - you will have to find what you removed and that wastes time!!!!  Many people say that they do not have a specific space and have to tidy up all the time. HEY - if it is IMPORTANT to you - then you WILL find a space. I DO NOT care what the husband says - or what the husband likes - we are all entitled to OUR own space for OUR priorities!!!!!
4. Make lists - I have a list of books I have read (easy to go back and reference - especially now that it is on the computer - well 2011 at least), I have a list of things to do in general, lists for the projects that need to be completed by the end of the year, lists of quilts to be quilted for customers, lists of things to do TODAY, lists of errands that need to be done outside the house. By making lists - you are COMMITTING yourself to getting the stuff done. It also helps you to combine "like" things together. Especially when you do errands - if you need to go in one direction - what else needs to be done in that direction. You save time (and gas) by not having to go back again the next day!!!!
5. I try to be efficient in what I do. If I have stuff to go upstairs - I will put it at the bottom (or top) of the stairs. Then when I go up or down - I take that with me. And I really really try to put it away right away. This is hard especially when things do not have a home. I hate making decision about stupid things!!!!   When I am waiting for my bagel to toast in the morning - I can fill my water bottle. Little things like that can save a HUGE amount of time.
6. Get organized!!!!   I can't say enough about this one. If things have a home - it is a BREEZE to tidy up. Honestly - I wish I had started this when M was a baby. Life would have been so much easier. But my brain was so muddled after her birth - I couldn't get my life together!!!!!   It's only taken 15 years to get back on track!!!!   If you know where things are stored - then you tend not to over buy, you will not waste time finding stuff (OK - there are still a few things that allude me - but I am much better!!!)
7. Keep some time for myself. Actually I am quite selfish with my time (in case you haven't figured that out by now). I do help others - don't get me wrong. I think I am over generous in some cases, but that is besides the point. If I did not have time for myself, I would resent all the things I do and then I would not enjoy anything!!!!
8. Keep a sense of humour!   I cannot stress this enough. Life is just too short to dwell on the bad - there are more good sides to people than bad. Have faith in them - even when it is hard (are you listening M?????)  Keeping a sense of humour also helps to diffuse a lot of problems.
9. Stay healthy. Yes - this is not always easy and I am fortunate in this case. But I have worked hard at trying to stay healthy. How many mornings did I drag my butt out to the gym in the cold, how many kilometers have I put on the bike - blah blah blah. But I feel so much better and more energized!!!   Except for the fact that my blood pressure is dropping - borderline LOW yesterday 91/60. That probably helped me be tired yesterday!!!! Along with that is the food (you know - no baking) and trying very hard to drink at least 1 litre of water every day.
10. Be positive!   This can be very hard at times. But look around you? Who gets more done - the person with the positive attitude or the person with the negative attitude????   We can complain until the cows come home but what do we accomplish????   Nothing!!!!!   See my point. Get out - get active - your brain and your body will want to do things!!!!!  

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to be caught up in all the riff raff of STUFF (both material and mental). Get rid of the baggage and get on with living!!!!

Well there you have it!!!!   Why I am as productive as I am!!!!!   None of the above is easy, but it comes to what is important to each of us. Pick one or two things that are important to you and focus on that. When that is in order - then pick something else. Before you know it - you will be doing only those things that are important to you and leaving the dull boring things to someone else or letting go of them. I also find that we tend to hang onto things because "everyone else does it" - TV is a big one there or "we have always done it". It can sometimes be hard to break the mold - but start small.

On that note - I have LOTS to do today.

Have a great day!!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elm Creek - September Reveal

Well it was a wild summer for some of the ladies in the Elm Creek class. I gave them 10 blocks to do over the summer - good thing we did not go with the original 30 as planned!!!!   Show n Tell was a tad skimpy!!!  But here they are....







A few of the others are going to have a bit of catch up to do if they want to keep on track. Of course I was NOT ready for the class either and only had five of the ten new blocks sewn together. I hope to get all the blocks done by tomorrow and get the new instructions posted. It is very time consuming - not just sewing the blocks - but choosing the fabric, cutting and then rewriting if necessary for the others. But we are HALF way through the book. There are 140 blocks and we have got 70 done (or I will have by the time I get these last five sewn!!!)  That is a great feeling. 

They are going to be beautiful - all of these quilts. Can`t wait to see them done!!!    Now we have to come up with some creative settings to really show case the blocks. 

I am trying to run TWO bright fabric exchanges at the same time. Well - it was bound to happen, but one person got on both lists and wasn't supposed to be and one person dropped out. OH NO - that means that I am left holding the bag for THREE slots since I was supposed to be a participant as well. Can`t change the numbers as some people have already bought and cut their fabric. Well - suck it up and just buy what I need - I`ll figure out what to do with scads of BRIGHT fabric later. And Ronda to the rescue - Ronda is going to take over one of the slots - so I only have to do TWO. 

A local store (Sew -Sisters) was having a sale. I had received the e-mail in the morning. Once my Elm Creek class was over - I was in the car on my way to get as many as I could find that fit the bill. I think I did OK. Each person is required to submit SEVEN fabrics - all different colours (predetermined)

NINETEEN fabrics purchased at one store

I was missing TWO - so took my bike out in the afternoon and got the other two.  Can you spot which ones???
Twenty-one fabrics for the exchange.

Now I have a bit of cutting and sorting ahead of me, but no worry - should be fun coming up with some project in which to use those fabrics!!!!

And I ran into a cyber friend yesterday. When I was in the quilt store - a lady (whose name I never did get!!!) came up to me and said "I finally get to meet you". She faithfully reads my blog!!!   So nice to put a name to someone who has been making comments!!!!!    

Well I must run - this blog is late (I have lots more to show, but no time!!!!).   I MUST get stronger pain killers today. I CANNOT sleep at night and even though I slept in this morning - I NEEDED a power nap. And now I am running LATE!!!!!!!!    CRAP - this knee thing has to get FIXED - I need my sleep!!!!!   And why does it feel like a knife is being shoved in my knee ONLY when I lay down - no other time!!   GRRRRR!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

How to DO a quilt show in ONE HOUR!!!!

As usual I had plans for the day - finish the small community project quilt, get another small customer quilt done and start on a bigger one.

Next thing I know - I am rushing to get the community project done and that was it!!!!  The rest of the day - well   things changed.

Oh shoot - I didn't take a picture of the small quilt and it is already in the car ready to be dropped off today. I will get a picture later.

Then I collected all of Kaylee's stuff cause she was going home!!!!!   But not before I caught her having a nap with M.

Kaylee and M enjoying some rays on the hot tub!!!!

Now this dog does NOT look excited to be going home. And even when I arrived at her house and took her in - she wasn't too excited. But she did know something was up when we were driving in HER OWN VAN and she had control of the back seat. Oh yeah - now I am definitely the queen dog!!!!!   On the way home from the airport - she just laid her head on Aunt Betty's lap and went to sleep. Totally bored!!!!!!

Then I rushed back to catch a ride with Mary who was going to a quilt show at the other side of the city!!!!!   Yikes with the traffic - we arrived and had ONE HOUR to visit the show, shop at the vendors. Mary had to pick up her new sewing table (made of solid wood). It looks pretty sturdy!!!

Anyway here are some pointers to help you through your next quilt if you are squeezed for time.......

Step One - make sure you have a camera and lots of space on the disk and battery power. Then you can take countless pictures of things without having to memorize all the details.
Step Two - make sure you take lots of detailed pictures so you will remember all the details.
Step Three - don't waste time talking to anyone
Step Four - if you are with a friend - split up. You can see much more on your own than with someone else
Step Five - after 1/2 hour move onto the vendor's mall
Step Six - Skip the vendors you have already seen this year (and those that you know cause they will want to chat and waste time!)
Step Seven - don't lag - if you see something you like - BUY IT!!!!

And that is how we did the show. We even had a few minutes to spare!!!!

I won't show you all the pictures I took, but here are a few that I really liked.

One block wonder - I wonder what the original fabric was????   High contrast, floral and black background. I love this!!!!!

And another - OK - so I can't get enough of these. Again - no original fabric sample, but lots of good colours. 

An unusual pattern - diamond wedding ring. I've never seen this one before

Yo-yo log cabin

Made with men's ties - beautiful

Another unusual pattern

All in all - there were some very nice quilts there. Lots of talent.

Then we moved to the vendor's mall and I managed to pick up a few things. Going with a time limit is a good thing.......

MORE Halloween fabric. I could NOT help myself. Hey - I only bought ONE pack of the squares. I was going to buy TWO!!!!!

Appropriate fabric for a dog lover!!!!

Cool vintage sewing machines!!!!   They also had scissors, measuring tapes and judys, but I held back!!!

Good old Maxine!!!!

And how could I NOT buy these buttons!!!!!

Then back home and get more paper piecing done on Dragon Star. Then this morning I realized I made a mistake. DRAT. However the mistake will probably not be noticeable so I am not redoing any part of it. You see the flying geese go around the border. I was using 10 fabrics and had them in order. However when I picked up a section - it was the WRONG section so I might have them out of order. I doubt anyone will notice so I am NOT worrying about it!!!!!   See how much I have changed!!!!!!

More embroidery done as well, but I was tired so off to bed early. Only problem with that - well I was up very early this morning. I MUST get that nap in or I am toast!!!!

Trying to devise a plan to get more stuff done - not just half done. I'll let you know if I find the secret to that!!!!

Speaking of getting more stuff done - I happened upon this blog the other day and guess what - they have Mystery Mondays!!!!!   Oh yeah - a project (that is a mystery) and every Monday you get a new set of instructions. Check it out.......

This & That Patterns

and here is the link to her blog.......

This & That BLOG

The first Mystery Monday starts TODAY. Today you get the materials list. Next week it is the cutting instructions. You can see from her web site that a lot of her patterns are small, cute and should be fun!!!!

Yep - just what I need - another project!!!!!

Well I have a couple of sewing days coming up and a retreat and starting to get my stuff organized for that!!!   You can NEVER be too ready for a quilting day!!!!Fortunately - I have a LOT of stuff that is cut and ready to sew!!!!  It is just a question of choosing which one to take.

Well - got to go - more paper work stuff to deal with this morning and then it is MONDAY MOTIVATORS!!!!   Yeah - my favourite day of the week.

Have a great day!!!!