Monday, September 5, 2011


Hey Mom!!!!

That lady said I could blog first and then she will do her stuff in a separate blog. Mom - DO NOT forget to bring me a pastry!!!!!  I was drooling when I saw those pastries!!!!   And there is NO WAY I get that kind of stuff here!!!!

We were too busy to blog yesterday but Mom - I am EXHAUSTED!!!!!

Hi Mom - just in case you forgot what I look like!!!!

Mom - we went for a walk in the forest in the morning. I love that - that lady lets me run free and I run around and around. I found a couple  of rabbits, but they are fast. No squirrels, but a couple of mice. That lady is VERY afraid that I will hit her when I am running around like an idiot, but I haven't hit her once!!!!   And even though that Big Black Dog and the Fuzzy Dog are slow - we still play together a bit. Anyway - after all that exercise, that lady put me in the car. Now what???   I do like adventure and it was only ME!!!!   The Big Black Dog and the Fuzzy Dog had to stay home.

Guess where we went?????   The DOG PARK!!!!!   Mom - I was so excited!!!!   I love the dog park, but it wasn't our dog park. No it was some place else. Toto something??????   At first we went to the dog park near that lady's house, but there was no one there. So we went to the Toto park and there were LOTS and LOTS of dogs.

Kaylee and a new friend

Mom - that is me UP ON THE MOUNTAIN!!!!!

Kaylee at the park

Mom - do you see me!!!!!!!   I was afraid to go up that ramp at first, but then I went up and I wasn't afraid any more. I went over it MANY times. Once I even fell right off the top because I wasn't paying attention, but I did NOT get hurt!!!!!

Some of those dogs at the park were scary and at one point, I think three dogs were ganging up on me!!!!   Mom - I was a bit afraid, but no one got hurt. I hung out with that lady for a bit and then went back to play some more. I was all wet from all the slobbering of the other dogs and some of the dogs were wet. Mom - I was soaked just from touching them!!!!   And the butt sniffing - well Mom - there was a lot of butt sniffing going on!!!!!!   My tongue was hanging so low, but they have LOTS of water. Mom - I love the dog park. I hope that lady takes me back!!!!

When we got home - I was exhausted and slept ALL DAY.

Kaylee sleeping downstairs

Kaylee sleeping upstairs

More sleeping

I need a bigger bed!!!!!

Ah - the tile is cooler!!!!

Mom - at first when that lady was working down stairs - every time she went upstairs I went with her. Then I was too exhausted to do that and just stayed upstairs. I could hardly move - I was so tired!!!!!!

And there is this routine thing happening at this house. Not sure if I like it yet. That lady gets up really early, but I am NOT supposed to get up that early. She says it is her QUIET time. The big black dog and the Fuzzy dog do not get up. But I was excited and well rested after all that sleep yesterday!!!!!

That lady made me play "quietly" downstairs.

Mom - I am NOT sleeping - I'm playing dead!!!   Trying to sneak up on that fuzzy toy!!!

Hey - stop taking pictures of me - I'm busy!!!

Got it! - that lady needs a FASTER camera to get me!!!!

Kaylee hamming it up for the camera!!!!!

And Mom - this is me "trying" to be good this morning when that lady has quiet time.

Quiet time is BORING!!!!!!!

I couldn't help myself - I had to do something BAD!!!!

Mom - I found this under a table (OK - it was in a basket) and I only chewed through the yarn ONCE!!!!

There is something VERY interesting at the bottom of the toy box
Yep Mom - I pretty much emptied that toy box. There are TOYS everywhere. I am in dog heaven!!!!!

And in case you think I sleep weird so does the Big Black Dog!!!!

The Big Black Dog
And that lady is NOT fast enough to get a picture of all of us eating. Once that lady says we can eat - we just chow down so quickly because no one wants the other to steal food!!!!!  


Mom - that's it for today - I am exhausted. I wonder if we are going to the dog park today????   That lady says she has a LOT of work and if I am tired - I will sleep all day!!!!!   Hmmm - I'm going to ask her to take me.

By MOM!!!!!!   I love you and don't forget to eat all those yummy pastries!!!!!

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  1. Kaylee! I am so glad you are getting exercise. So am I! A lot of walking and climbing up hills. Everything worth seeing in this country is uphill! I miss you and will bring pastries back for you and the lady. Love, Mom