Saturday, September 10, 2011

Road Trip!!!

It is amazing how different you can feel from one day to the next. Honestly I feel like a truck hit me today. And I am going to blame it all on Alwin!!!!  I never feel like I am working out that intense at the gym, but was VERY tired Thursday afternoon. That feeling of fatigue just hasn't left. Did I not eat enough protein after the workout? Should I have succumbed to a nap? I really feel like I am coming down with something - my throat has been scratchy the last couple of days and my butt just doesn't want to get out of bed!!!!  

Since I have things to do today - I MUST get moving, but here it is 10 AM and I'm barely awake!!!!  Yep - must be sick!

After a couple of phone calls yesterday - I did manage to snag some needles in the TWO larger sizes that I wanted, never mind that I could find one of the larger sizes close by - NO - I had to go to the farther location!!!!  Ronda offered to come with me.

I did  manage to get my butt in gear and ride my bike to do my errands in the morning. All the way to Canadian Tire to get a basket and a cup holder for M's bike. Found the basket, but no cup holder. Then stopped at the grocery store (yes on my bike!!!!), the library, then Tim's (got to love that cup holder!!!) and back home.

Before we could leave on the road trip, I had to wait for someone to drop off a much loved quilt that I am going to evaluate for repair.

Quilt to be repaired
This quilt was given to the couple as a wedding present 29 years ago. They have used it continually on their bed for 29 years!!!!   It is much loved as you can tell from the split seams. The batting and hand quilting is pretty much shot and is in much need of a good cleaning. The backing is also the binding. Hmmmmm - what to do - what to do?????   My first concern is the fragile state of the fabrics. I don't know if it really can be repaired or should be repaired and if so - what about the quilting?????   Going to have to chat to a few people about this before I make an estimate of the work.

Hopefully one of my quilts will be in this state one day and not from abuse, but from much love!!!!!!

Anyway the husband is in the book business and brought me a couple of books.....

Books - I love books!!!!!!

Once he left (and he was late!!!!! -  Oh well), Ronda and I loaded all the stuff (remember I had removed all the stuff from my previous car, but not reloaded into the new one). Anyway - just threw it into the back seat (in a bucket no less) and away we went. I was very tired though so good thing Ronda was there to keep me awake!!!!

Of course - we could not make a trek down this way without hitting a couple of quilt stores. Without Marian's trusty directions - we muddled our way to both stores and because of the directions - I came to both stores from a completely different direction which threw me off, but we got there!!!!!

Always so many ideas at the stores. I want to sign up for all of them. Cute Blocks of the Months - cute patterns. My biggest problem is - if it was cute - I might already have the pattern!!!!!   Got to get everything cataloged to avoid duplication!!!

Backing fabric for a new project. A new group project - my theme is "WORDS" and this will be the back. It was 50% off - perfect for a backing. 
 One of my biggest problems with any new project these days is what COLOUR SCHEME to use. Honestly - I have done so many quilts - I am running out of ideas. I know - there is inspiration everywhere,  and I will have to start saving new colour schemes. However this lime green backing made me think that I DO NOT have a citrus coloured quilt (OK - I do have several - rats - there goes that idea!), But I was thinking of making this WORD themed quilt in citrus colours. Naw - maybe not. The words on the back will tie to the theme on the front - don't need to worry about colour, however.........

FQ of Halloween fabric - got to get started on that Halloween quilt and  I could not resist this - just ONE FQ

Cute pattern for table runner
And that was it. See how good I am. I am thinking that it is Marian's fault I buy so much. She teases me - she taunts me with stuff and then I have to have it. She is like the SIRENS on the Rhine River!!!!!   Hmmmm - maybe I won't allow her to shop with me any more.

Despite the fact that we were going to stick to big roads yesterday - we manged to hit all sorts of little country back road - including driving through Effingham. What a name for a town!!!!   Sorry - didn't get a picture of that, nor did we get a picture of the helicopter spraying the grape vines. Ronda wasn't quick with the camera!!!!

Country roads - and the car loved it

|The car is also able to turn on a dime - well not quite, but we had to back track to get this picture.

OK - I grew up on a farm. As kids we had a number of neat "real" farm tractors and other equipment. I will try to unearth the photos. My uncle has taken to refurbishing tractors and has started a collection of farm toys. I must get a picture of that - I did not.

Anyway - I think it would be fun to go back and visit this museum.

While we were in Brugges - there was a flea market and we saw these metal toys. I was tempted to buy the tractor for my uncle, but the paint job did not seem well done so I did not.

Toy tractors in Brugges flea market

Toy tractors in Brugges flea market

Other metal toys in Brugges flea market

Metal toys at Brugges flea market
Then we hit the serious country roads!!!   Actually just a lane way to get the needles!!!!

There was even MUD on this laneway!!!!
However we picked up the needles and were on our way home.

See how much room there is in the cargo area!!!!!!
Yes - all that way for those little needles!!!!!   I am NOT sure that there is room in this car for THREE people with all their luggage?????????

We were not quite ready to leave the area yet. First we had to find a geocache. Ronda had the trusty iPad in her hands and found a cache that was very close.

The Big Red Box Cache - let's just say it wasn't a traditional!!!!!

Then since the day before I had a craving for a McDonald's strawberry shake. I haven't had a shake in YEARS and when we were in Europe - I had one and ever since - well - I've cravings for the stupid things.

The trusty GPS (OH yeah - we had technology in that car up the ying yang!!!!) - led us to a McDonald's very close to the place we picked up the needles. Only to discover the McDonald's was closed due to renovations. CRAP!!!!!!!

Well we headed to the next closest and HEY - there is a Canadian Tire right beside. Made a quick stop and yes - there were the cup holders for M's bike!!!!!!   Then across the parking lot to get the shake!!!!   YUM!!!!!!!   And no spills in the car!!!!!!  

Once we arrived home (it was late by now), Ronda had some family business to attend to and honestly - I had a nap!!!!!!  

And since nothing normal ever seems to happen - I am walking the dogs this morning and can you imagine what I find hanging in the trees??????   A budgie in its cage. The door had been left open - in hopes it would fly away???????

Budgie in its cage
Kaylee was VERY excited when I took the cage down from the tree. Of course - she is NOT allowed to play with the bird. And she is NOT happy.

Off to call animal services to see if they take birds - otherwise - anyone want a budgie?????????

|Have a great day!!!!!


(oh yes - did the needles work?????   I was too tired to try them and I have some paper work to get done this AM - hopefully this afternoon we can figure it out!!!)

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