Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prison BREAK!!!!!

The other day I came home and guess who was in the street to greet me?????   Just a minute - I'll tell you.

I thought DRAT - the kids forgot to shut the gate again. Nope - the gates were all shut. Hmmmm - how did this happen?

I never thought anything more at that time and went in the house.

The next day I was coming home on my bike and happened to have a good look at the gate. Hmmmmm - now I know how the dog escaped!!!!!

Can you see?????   That board has been missing for a year (yes - I should nail it back on), but look at the two boards next to it!!!!   Chewed!!!!!!

Hmmmmm - now the gate on this side of the fence is actually the second gate. There is another one further back, but look - a big hole dug under that gate.......

Big hole under first gate!!!!!

Someone has obviously given a LOT of thought to this escape and it just didn't happen overnight!!!!

So who is the culprit?????

A. Could it be the very vocal Sparky???

B. Could it be the very excitable Kaylee??

C. Could it be mild and meek Sammy???

Did you guess ????   Which one looks the most guilty??????

If you guess A - you are wrong!!!!!

If you guessed B - you are WRONG. If you guessed C - that mild and meek Sammy was wandering the street when I got home the other day. And she was puffing meaning she had been running around. I wonder what her problem is????   She NEEDS to be with us, but goodness that was extreme. I guess I won't be leaving them in the backyard unattended (well her anyway) until the gates get fixed!!!!!!   Imagine little Velcro Dog - little Sweet Sammy - lying there with her FEW TEETH (remember she had 18 teeth removed in January) chewing on the fence so she could escape.   Perhaps she paid Kaylee or Sparky to chew the fence for her?????

I did get another quilt done yesterday.

Customer quilt

So far - so good and right on track.

Got Christmas Club this morning and instead of working on my homework - well their assignment, I have been trying to find some patterns for them to choose from for next year. Good grief - I found LOTS of Christmas themed patterns, but there is one that has eluded me. I think I have checked everywhere, but so far no luck. I know - so much for organization!!!!!   But this is a project and I cannot remember what kind of container it is in. Usually I am very good at that, but this time - well - I will find it!!!!!   I did find all the others I wanted. Of course now the place looks like a hurricane went through it!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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