Friday, September 2, 2011

Life Happens!!!!

Wow - it is amazing how a small detail can KILL TWO DAYS!!!!!   And I can't share that small detail with you yet, but it is an interesting story. And errands - well - errands are a TIME KILLER!!!!!   But I did manage to get a lot of stuff done.

So - the closet is still waiting to be finished, the round robin is still waiting to be finished, the quilt on the machine is still waiting - well you get the picture.

I taught the second part of Miranda Bag the other night and here are the results of that class......

Just needs handles and a flap

Just add the handles!!!!

Handles on - just needs a flap

Handles and flaps needed

Add flaps and handles

Almost done - just a bit of sewing on those handles!!!!

The girls all did an amazing job when you consider that they had to quilt the fabric as well!!!!!!  The Miranda Bag by Lazy Girl Designs is my all-time FAVOURITE BAG pattern.

One thing that I am trying to do is to keep my e-mail inbox clear. However it is amazing how quickly it can accumulate. I had to open a new folder when I came back from vacation because of the new software. Well - the system did that - not me!!!!   And in that short time - there are almost 500 messages sitting there!!!!!  I am trying to process them as they come in, but honestly - trying to action them/read them is VERY time consuming!!!!!   And if you leave them until later - well later never happens!!!!!   What a constant battle.

I am happy to say that I have gotten a pretty good handle on the paper that comes into the house - getting good at processing that right away and keeping it neat and tidy. I suppose I have to learn an entire new set of skills for the electronic stuff. But newsletters from stores, e-magazines, offers from stores, etc - wow - it all adds up. I have cancelled a couple of them, but the rest I am keeping for now and will see how it progresses.

Oh you would have loved to see me yesterday at the gym. Sorry no pictures. I was complaining that I am not getting any cardio with my knees bothering me. So Alwin decided that I need to learn how to BOX. Oh yeah!!!!!   I got the big red SMELLY gloves on and I am doing the ONE -TWO jabs and punches. Now you are wondering how this is cardio?????   Well - I had to run from one punching bag to another and do the punches besides playing tag with him. Oh yeah - it was a cardio workout to say the least. Actually a pretty good place to get rid of aggression!!!!!!   I may have to buy my own gloves!!!!!

I've got a HUGE busy quilting day planned so I had better get started!!!!!!  (At last!!!!)

Have a great day!!!!!!


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