Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Of quilts, containers and other things

Wow - time goes fast when you are having fun!!!!

It was so nice to get back to Monday Motivators. I don't think the girls missed me at all. There was a whole lot of quilting going on.

Joyce was working on this cute dinosaur quilt

And making a cute fringe on the edge of the fleece backing. 

Margo teacup placemats

Jackie's LONG project. Jackie has great staying power - she will work on the same project (regardless of how complex) until it is done!!!!!   She is almost finished this one and it is a keeper (although it is a gift!!)

Eleanora finishing a bag from MANY years ago!!!!
That was all the pictures I got of what the girls were working on, although the others were all busy beavers!!!!

And want did I work on?????  After trimming some half square triangles, I decided to start a NEW project. I just bought the kit last week. Why not?????   I hope to have it ready for Halloween. It is so cute!!!!!!

Halloween table runner

All the bits for the runner. Psst - the kit was on SALE and I mean on SALE. I paid $20 for the kit including, pattern, fabric and all the bits. Sorry - I bought the last they had!!!!!

And yes I am quilting up a storm these days. Got another one done yesterday....

One of MY quilts. This was originally supposed to be a present for M - MANY MANY years ago. It sat  all basted with backing and batting for years. I decided to get it done. Pulled off the batting and backing - loaded it on the long arm and quilted it.

Cute quilting pattern
 Then I got the binding on this morning and you know what that means??????

THREE quilts that need hand stitching. I down loaded an audio book yesterday - hopefully I can get started on this pile!!!!!
New fabric for round robin
I decided that I DID NOT like the fabric that I had chosen for the round robin row. So I ripped the row off and started over. Marian helped me pick this - I am NOT changing it again. I have restarted to sew the borders on and should be finished by Friday when I am supposed to drop it off to Carol.

Had to make a stop at Fabricland and there is a SALE!!!!   Picked up a couple of new containers!!!

Metal tin

Metal "vintage" tin
 I had seen them a while back, but was NOT going to buy them at full price. When I saw them at half price - then I could justify buying them.

And Ronda gave me this one a while back (for my birthday!!!)

Suitcase style container
Hmmm - what am I going to put in these tins/containers?????   I am sure I will find something.

And I know you are wondering about the hall closet. Well - I am almost done - just need a bit more sorting and it will be finished. And it is looking amazing - I love this organizing thing. The more you do - the more you want to do.

I used to keep the bug spray and sun screen in the hall closet. OK - how did we end up with so much of each?????   I checked on-line and imagine - sunscreen has an expiry date!!!!!!   I threw out all the dated sunscreen and we still have lots. Yes - I know the stuff I kept is probably still all expired. But what I want to know is HOW did we get so much???????   I decided to store it in the hall bathroom cupboard which has basically nothing in it!!!!!!

Hall bathroom cupboard

Hmmm - no cleaning to be done here!!!!!

Well I see a busy day ahead of me and I had better get myself in gear.

Have a great day!!!


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  1. I don't think I've ever seen such a neat and tidy bathroom cupboard. :-)