Sunday, November 29, 2015

Work work work..................

Yep - it has been one of those weekends - yesterday, I had my two one-hour classes to start the morning - got lots of show n tell which is scheduled to post later this week. In the afternoon I had three very lucky students in my free motion class. There were only three and so it was very individualized for those three.  They went away with their head swimming with ideas, but I was very impressed as one of the students has really taken to free motion and she did a LOT of practising since the first class a month or so ago.  That warms the heart for sure!!!!

When I got home, it was time to tackle the long arm. I'm not in bad shape numbers wise, but there are a couple that need to be done. OK - more than a couple, but you know what I mean.  I have lofty plans on the "to do" pile of customer quilts - let's see how December progresses.

I had loaded this next quilt in the morning before going to class.  Not that I hate that job, but it is so nice to just start quilting, rather than having to load the quilt.  Guess what quilt????   Yep - that would be Misty Pines. Yes - everything has been cut, (hey - I still have a kit - pre-cut no less if anyone is interested), kits distributed, people are sewing. Hopefully we will only see finished quilts from now on.

Misty Pines - customer quilt - DONE
I'm very hapy with the end result.  It wasn't too difficult to choose a thread color - brown or grey?????  I think the brown won out and you can't see the thread on either the light or the dark.  I LOVE that. You can see the texture, but not the thread.

Brown thread

Brown thread - still doesn't show

We talked a LOT about thread colors for quilting yesterday in all three classes.  Thread color is so very important.    Oh - do I see a tutorial in thread color????

As I quilt each quilt - I have a lot of time to think about the next quilt, the list of quilts remaining, deadlines, etc.  I have a very tight schedule this week coming and so I decided that I would load the next quilt last night so it would be ready to go today.  Ah heck - it isn't that late, so I went ahead and quilted that one too. It was just a tiny one after all.  A tad of a pain since the backing was the EXACT size of the top.  OK - maybe there was 1/4" on each end, but that was it.  I know - most long armers would ask that teh backing be made larger, but I loaded it and quilted it.  It just means that the edges may not be as pretty as they would be if you had more space.

The edges look pretty good.  However - this should not happen and requires extra care, so don't try and send me a quilt that is short because the next one - I will refuse!!!!

Customer quilt - DONE

I think I finished about 9:15 PM which is perfect timing as I still got time to read before going to bed.

I pushed the quilting yesterday because I have a play date today and I didn't want to be up to all hours tonight since tomorrow is a work day.

For the play date - I needed 5 one half meters of fabric. I have to say that I sort of panicked - I walked into the stash room and immediately walked out - thinking it would be way faster to shop at the local quilt shop.  Then I gave my head a BIG shake and said - are you kidding me????????  

I also wanted to make it out of Northcott fabric. I know - I have to stop with that mentality.  But I shopped among the bolts of fabric (we won't go there) and then I grabbed some recent Northcott yardage that I am making some other projects from and VOILA - my project is prepped and ready to go.

Fabrics for my project
Never in a million years will I be able to put a dent in that stash.  But at least I am trying or I had better try harder to use it up. No more of this shopping anywhere else for fabric unless I need it to finish a project. And STOP me from bringing fabric home from work!!!!!   At least I only bring home stuff that is slated for a project.  Imagine bringing home one meter of each new fabric that came in?????  I'd soon need a warehouse.

I think I mentioned the other day that I went to the dentist. Yes I got the mini-lecture aabout flossing and I just can't seem to floss - it just isn't in my routine. I could make it in my routine, but I just can't.  The other day, Deborah and I were chatting about dentists and she brought these little gizmos to my attention.  

Interdental picks

She said that she uses them in the car - oh my!  I bet Mark is going to be impressed if he sees someone using these in the car.  Best to NOT use them on the GO train in case Mark is watching!!!!!

Anyway - I tried using one in the car and they are FABULOUS.   It's like a toothpick with a teeny brush on one end. Whether it does the same job as flossing, I don't know, but I bet using them is way better than not using anything which seems to be the scenario right now.  You can only buy them at Shopper's - they are Life brand.  I bought some others from GUM, but they are not disposable and well - they could get pretty gunky pretty quickly.  I like the idea of using these in the car. I'm in the car every day - I may just end up with plaque free teeth at my next dentist appointment.

On that note - I have to get ready for my play date.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm a MODERN QUILTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The classes for 2016 are winding down and I've got to get myself up to date.

I wasn't able to be at the October classes for Enchanted Autumn and Tonga Rhapsody, but Joyce very kindly filled in for me and very kindly took pictures and I know she will be miffed if I don't use them!   So Joyce - thanks so much - I do appreciate it!

The first class was Enchanted Autumn by The Vintage Spool.   Here is a picture of the quilt from the pattern cover.

Enchanted Autumn
Now there are several people in this class, but only Jennifer was there that day.

Here's Jennifer's quilt to date..............

Jennifer's quilt

I can't wait to see them all in person later today!!!!  And I'll try to be timely in posting that show n tell for you.

The second class was Tonga Rhapsody.   Here is the original from the pattern.

Tonga Rhapsody by Wing and  A Prayer

Let's see who had show n tell in October.



Wow - those are beautiful and I'm dying to see the real quilts later today. 

We have new sessions of these on-going quilt projects slated to start in January at the Hobby Horse - I will be posting pictures very shortly of what those quilts are.  Stay tuned for that!!!!!    These projects are so much fun. You get to see the same people every month, there is loads of show n tell, lots of tips, friendships have grown from the classes - it's something to not miss!!!!

Let's see - I have a few other pictures for you as well.  Yep - when I went to take a picture at home with my regular camera - it was sitting in the bag patiently waiting for me.  YEAH!!!!!   I was paranoid before - I've just grown a tad worse. 

I had to stop at the library on my way home.  When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the MALL BALL.  It actually looks pretty cool all lit up from inside.  I'll have to get over to the mall and see what it looks like inside, but this is the time of year that I try to avoid if possible - going to the mall that is. 

The Mall Ball all lit up!!!!!

Then it was time to get to work.  I have customer quilts that still need to be quilted and made. So the next month is going to be a bit busy.  Never mind - December has always been a silly month with loads of deadlines and why should this one be any different.

Customer quilt - DONE!!!!
I had to clean off the cutting table before I could trim the quilt though.  Let's just say that I'm NOT getting a lot of time to spend in the studio, nor am I getting any time to sew at work.  That has to change as there is so much that I need sewn together.  And I have to do it as I need to take pictures and notes as I go along. I can't just farm it out to someone else.

Cutting mat is clear - at least half of it is. 
 I had to make the backing for the next customer quilt that goes on the long arm.  The backing is done, and the quilt is loaded and ready to be quilted later today when I am back from teaching.   Never fear - I still get lots of ME time in every day. I read every day, I work out and take Little Sammy for her walks, and did you know how many issues you can solve in the car????   Loads.   As one shop owner said to me yesterday when I told her to call me anytime she needed some assistance, she said she needed TIME.  Ooops - I can't help there.

Well it's official.  I'm a MODERN QUILTER.   I joined the Modern Quilt Guild a couple of weeks ago, I've listened to my first webinar and now I've got my membership card and my pin.

Modern Quilt Guild pin
Ah - if it were only that easy!!!!!   I am madly getting things organized for QuiltCon in February and the other day, I virtually sliced and diced some of Northcott's new ColorWorks Concept panels and made a virtual quilt. I have the panel and the fabrics to get a start on it this weekend if I can.  I love the design and keep in mind what I mentioned was my second favourite color the other day.   Can you guess which panel I used?????

Here is the link to Phase I of the Colorworks Concepts

Here is the link to Phase II of the Colorworks Concepts

I'll give you a hint - I used a panel from Phase II.  I'm pretty excited about it and you are going to need sunglasses to view this quilt.   If all goes as planned, the quilt will hang in our booth at the show.  

Speaking of the show, we were doing a test run yesterday in putting up the structure and so we could do some general planning.  The booth is metal, not that hard to assemble, but there are these wicked clamps that hold it together.  When we assembled the booth for Market, we compared notes on how many pinches we got on our hands.  Well yesterday - I didn't get a pinch - nope - I took a chunk out of my finger.   Nothing serious, but the stupid thing bled like crazy and I ended up having to put a bandaid on it.  Me - with a bandaid??????   Never - but I had no choice - it just wouldn't stop bleeding and we were in the middle of assembly. The show must go on!!!!!   I took the bandaid off this morning and yep - there a chunk of skin missing, but it's just fine.


On that note - I'm out of here.  Got stuff to pack up for today's classes and time for our walk in the forest. Little Sammy is very LAZY without Sparky here to keep our routine on track. 

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Show n tell - Stitcher's Garden

I had a super relaxing evening last night.  Came home, had dinner and then read my book (and napped a bit) until I finished the book and then it was time for bed. You just need one of those kinds of evenings every once in a while. 

I also went to spin class this morning - something I haven't done on a Friday in a long time.  Even though I was late because I was at the gas station putting air in my tires (that's another whole story), I had a super workout.  YES - I really must get my butt back on that bike.  We are inundated with information all day, every day and it is nice to step back - sit on the bike and just veg out.  Is it summer yet???

Did  try to put a couple more things away from the retreat. While this technically didn't get put away, I thought I would share it with you.  Remember a while back when I was working on striped quilts?  I think I was working on this in PEI this past summer.  Well I didn't have enough of the sashing with me, but had lots more at home.  Now the top and the binding are complete.  Just have to find something for the backing. 

Striped quilt top - DONE
There were only two fabrics used in this quilt top - the stripe and the green sashing.  Hey - did you know my new favourite color is color number 71 from Northcott's ColorWorks collection.   Nope - not orange.

Northcott ColorWorks 9000-71

Check out this link to find all the other delicious colors in the ColorWorks collections.    Don't worry - orange is still my number one favourite, but I'm trying to make a quilt out of this 71 because it will be accepted by more people than orange will be.  Don't stare at that square for too long - it does funny things to your eyes!

The other day - gosh - it was last week, I taught a class on the Stitcher's Garden quilt. This is the quilt that I am teaching over 6 months at Brampton Sew n Serge.  If you haven't seen it - there's a cool video of John (one of the owners) on their web site.  Anyway  - we're half way through the class (and should you be interested in taking this hands on class- you better call the store and let them know.  They are in the process of booking classes for the next session.

Stitcher's Garden Quilt by The Stitch Connection

I am not going to remember all the names - so I'm not putting names on the blocks.

Gorgeous blocks - love the frames on those two in the fore front

Good use of decorative stitches

Colors are gorgeous on this one and she used teeny rick rack for her trim on the block on the right!

3-D with yo-yos and love that colorway (Lynette Jensen style)

Brights - glorious brights!!!!

Check out the stitched backgrounds - they are brilliantly done - bottom right is done with a zig zag stitch

Great curved stitched in the bottom right block

More rick rack for trim and these blocks were scanned and done with machine embroidery applique!!!!

The class is bursting with ideas.  They are learning all kinds of techniques with their sewing machine. They are upping the ante and I'm very impressed with the results.  These quilts are going to be stunning.  Rememer - if you would like to make this quilt - call Brampton Sew n Serge. If there is enough response - we'll run another class.

Loretta brought this in for show n tell.  The elephants and the balloons are FLEECE applique - not an easy feat, but she pulled it off brilliantly.   This is so cute - I want one!!!!!

Loretta's baby quilt

Wow wow wow - that is so inspiring.  I just want to sew. Well - I might be able to - I say that every morning when I get to work. Today is the day - I have so much to sew, it's crazy.  Then I get sucked into the internet and pattern designing and writing and well there goes the day.  But no - today will have to be the day because I have a lot of stuff to prep for upcoming events and can't put it off much longer.

It's Friday today and I was also planning on taking pictures at work.  Got my camera in the bag.  When I remove the camera from the bag - I shall leave the bag lying open on the floor so that will trigger me to remember to take the camera home.  Bottom line - the camera has a strap - take it out of the bag and wear that camera!!!!!!

On that note - I'm off to get an early start at work.

Have a super duper day!!!!!   (can't you tell those endorphins from my spin class have kicked in!)


Thursday, November 26, 2015

If only my life were my own.................

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like with NO obligations to anyone but yourself?  Imagine all the sewing we would get done!  Imagine how stress free our life would be!

I know it'll get better. It's like going to the gym.  I have been doing something different than the spin class. I'll do one of the other cardio machines and as I do that - I am surrounded by TVs and OK - so I listen to one of the morning shows for a half hour. 

Then the other day, I went back to spin class. While there was loud music and videos of crazy people doing crazy things - I do most of my thinking there.  So guess what - I'm going back to spin class. It's so much more relaxing than listening to the craziness on the TV. 

Speaking of craziness, here is the picture that started that nutty camera situation on the weekend. When I was digging through the cupboards, I found this quilt - do you see what is on the quilt?

What is on that quilt?

Yep - that would be tractors!!!!!!
Not sure the story on this one, but got a chuckle out of finding that quilt.

Here is a picture of one of the quilts that I finished at the retreat. Yes - still trying to put all that stuff away. It's happening slowly.
Flannel squares quilt top - DONE

Backing, binding and top - DONE - going in the TO BE QUILTED pile

Yep - that pile just gets bigger and bigger.  Actually it doesn't bother me at all.  And no - don't ask for one of them. When I'm ready to do something with them - I will, but for now - they just get stored in totes.

The good news yesterday is that I have received (at last), the new pantographs that I ordered at Market.  They came by ground, but goodness, I think I could have got them faster by bicycle!!!  I have a couple of quilts to do and I was waiting for these pattersn. No more excuses.


On that note - I'm out of here.  Don't forget to read QUILTSocial to see the latest information on the Jade | 35.

Have a great day!!!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

There really is justice -------------------

I'm sure you have all seen someone commit an illegal act in their car.  Maybe they ran a red light, blew through a stop sign, cut someone off - you know -  we've all said "where's a cop when you need one?"   Right?????

OK - so yesterday I'm driving to work. I'm on the 403 which is three lanes for regular people and one HOV lane for the smart people.  In case you don't know what HOV means - here's the definition.........

    high-occupancy vehicle
    high-occupancy vehicle lane (also known as an HOV lane, carpool lane, diamond lane, and transit lane or T2 or T3 lanes in Australia and New Zealand) is a restricted traffic lane reserved at peak travel times or longer for the exclusive use of vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers, including carpools, ...

If you read the last line - it clearly states that there is  a driver and one or more passengers. Meaning at least TWO people in the car.

So if you take any of the highways with an HOV lane, there are many times when I see ONE person in the car in that HOV lane. Especially if there is a lot of traffic. That lane is almost always flowing at a good speed and yes it is frustrating to be stuck in traffic while cars in the HOV zip along. But rules are rules and laws are laws.

I am in the lane right beside the HOV lane.  I hear HONK HONK and all of a sudden, someone pulls right in behind me from the HOV lane. Like they are on my bumper. The person honking was a huge bus because he had to slow down as this car moved into my lane.  The car behind me not only had a single person in it, but they crossed the DOUBLE line that seperates the HOV from the rest of the highway.  

GRRRRRRRR................   Then all of a sudden I see what happened.  An unmarked cop car was sitting on the left shoulder of the HOV and the single driver saw that and pulled out of the HOV to prevent a ticket.  But the cop car pulled right in behind the "bad guy"  and had his lights flashing with in seconds.  Oh my god - I was jumping up and down in the car - well as much as one can jump up and down while driving.

Should I mention that the car was a Lexus.   Not to stereotype anyone, but just because you drive a high end car, does NOT entitle you to drive in the HOV lanes without a passenger.  I hope he got a ticket for driving in that lane and for crossing the double line.   YEAH!!!!!!!   That made my day!!!!

No pictures this morning - no issues with the camera - just with timing.  Things are getting better - OK - who am I kidding.  I'm giving myself until Christmas - well the end of the year.  Then things have to calm down.  If not - well - they just have to and part of that means BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT on my part.  No ifs, ands or buts on that one.

In the meantime today - you can check out out the latest QUILTSocial blog and learn more about the Jade | 35.  Gosh - I love that machine. Too bad, I don't need a new one.  But for someone who just wants to do the occasional embroidery - it is perfect.  No need to buy the much more expensive embroidery machine and it sews like a charm.  Something to think about as you make up your Christmas list.

On that note - have a great day!!!!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How do you spell R E L I E F????

My camera was in the warehouse as I had remembered it (well I didn't exactly remember it or it wouldn't have gone missing).  But I left the darn thing in the back when I was taking photos.  Not sure how I missed it since I was back there cutting fabric after taking the photos - but I'm not saying anything since there is NO ONE to blame but myself.

Let's just say that I am a HAPPY camper!!!!!!  Or should I say HAPPY photographer????

My camera found!!!!!!

Now here is the situation - my camera, while a very good camera is pretty crapped out.  Look at the case.
Case is pretty scarred up!
 That is from tossing it into my handle bar bag on the bike that has a big screw sticking out in it.  I didn't know at the time. Let's just say that I was lucky that it was the case and not the screen or the lens that got messed up.  Yes - I do have a lens cap somewhere, but the doo dad that holds it on got lost - oh boy - I'm not even going to go there.  However I do have  a FILTER on the lens so at least that saves the lens somewhat!!!

However there is a problem with the camera besides the scratched case.  The shutter doesn't always work and it is having issues with focusing, especially on very white backgrounds.  (and it is going to cost anywhere from $200 - $300 just to have it looked at!!!!)  And my immediate issue was I needed a camera for the weekend.

And that's all I am going to say about it. OK - yes it is a new camera.  This camera will NEVER leave the house.  It will be enshrined because I always need to have a camera to do the blogging - the professional blog.

The older camera is safely stored in one of my two camera bags (that I used when I was at Sheridan) but probably never used since. The video camera and power cords and all are in the same bag - god forbid I lose that bag - I might as well just shoot myself!

Camera bag

So I am organized - I am set. The pictures got taken, they were edited and the text got written and it is up for viewing today. You better be impressed with those photos!!!!

Have a read through QUILTSocial today to get the latest on the Jade | 35 by Husqvarna Viking.  Seriously - are you not impressed by the style of that sewing machine?????   It reminds me of a transformer!  Brilliant.

On that note - I am out of here.  (and for those people with snow - keep it!!!!)   I heard there was a ton of snow in Bracebridge over the weekend. That's where we were the previous weekend. We timed that perfectly!

Have an awesome day!!!!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Under pressure......................

There's a song by that title by Queen.  I bet there is a song title that would be great for many blog post titles.

Let's just say that I'm under a tad bit of pressure these days.  No worries - it will all work out. However it does mean that I don't have a lot of time this morning. However it doesn't mean that I don't have something for you to read. Oh no!!!!!

Check out QUILTSocial this morning.  You are going to LOVE this new sewing machine.  Very creatively designed.


And on that note - I am flying out the door - ooops - better get some clothes on and not PJs. That wouldn't look smart at work!  Unless they happened to be made from Northcott flannel - then maybe I could get away with it!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

And so the story goes..............................

Not that it helps me one bit - but I do remember more about my sequence of events with the camera.  I remember wanting to tidy up my office and there was one quilt that I wanted to take a picture of - so I could show you!  Trust me - you'll get a kick out it.  So I took the pictures and then laid the camera on the corner of my desk.  That's why it was on the corner of the desk.  Then I moved it to my chair when I stepped out.

I must have taken it from the chair to get the photos in the back later in the day.  I bet I left the camera on the work surface and someone probably just tucked it underneath the shelf rather than bringing it to me or moving it to another visible work surface.   I know - I've only myself to blame. Let's hope it surfaces tomorrow.

Now here is another twist to the story.   Here is DIRECT QUOTE from my blog yesterday.......   This was concerning the new point and shoot that I had bought several years ago and never used. Remember - I knew where the box was, but there was no camera in it.

"Now if M was here - I would have woken her up and accused her of taking my camera. I doubt that she would have  - no reason as she also has a good quality digital camera - I am just saying that to tease her."

GUESS WHAT - turns out that as M is reading my blog - she looks at the point and shoot that she has in her possession - OH - I guess this is the camera Mom is talking about.  She told her father that I gave it to her - if I did - I would remember. I mean - really?????   If I know where the box is - I would know if the camera is in the box or not.  And I would certainly remember giving it to her.  No worries - I wasn't using it - just would have been super handy this weekend - but that is one of the main reasons that I am glad that M has moved out.  I will know where things are and if I can't find them - it is only my fault. And thank god she told me or I would have been ripping the house apart yesterday to find something that wasn't here. I wonder how many others things of mine that she has????????   Just sayin........................

Case in point - I could NOT find the charger for my video camera either.  In my frantic search yesterday - I found the charger in a bag of stuff that she had given to me that she found in her room that belonged to me.  Rather than putting it back where it belonged - it all got shoved into a bag for Mom to deal with.   Oh yes - my life is going to be so super stress free in the future!!!!!

I did find the battery charger to the old point n shoot so hopefully between that (my camera reader on the computer doesn't like the cards which is why I stopped using those little point n shoots) and my phone (which means I have to e-mail the pictures to my computer) - I hope to get the blog pictures up today (it's for QUILTSocial and there is a DEADLINE - not even a fake deadline - the pictures HAVE to be up by Monday AM - no delays are allowed as the blog has to go live on Tuesday AM and the pictures have to be reviewed!!!!!)   so you see why the panic!!!!

I even contemplated buying a new camera - I know!  Everyone thinks I am nuts - but I was considering a new camera because mine is so crapped out.  It is super sturdy, but it does need a good cleaning - it's been banged around in the handle bar bag of my bike for thousands of KM.  In the rain and wherever else. It would be good to have one GOOD camera for "work" stuff and one to just knock around with. And then there would be a backup should I do something stupid again. I even went so far as to go to Henry's - I arrived at 5:08 - they closed at 5:00.  Is that a sign?????

Well - enough about the damn camera business - I did take some photos with my cell phone for today.

Trying to get some order into the studio. It is going to be a disaster until after the holidays.  But I'm OK with that. Yesterday I managed to get the rest of the border fabric that I needed to finish off a quilt that I was working on at the retreat.  I think you have seen this - it's the tiles. But you haven't seen it with the borders on. I was missing a half meter of the outside border.  Now it's on!!!!

Finished quilt top!!!!
It's all Northcott fabric (Artisan Spirit - Shimmer - Emerald) and in the event that I want to have a Northcott trunk show or just to hang in my office - I would like it to be all Northcott.  Since I used to be a Northcott customer - there is a LOT of backings to choose from in my stash. A LOT!!!!!   I found this green - what do you think???

Good enough for me!  
 There was a HUGE whack of this pretty green so it got chopped up and made into a backing - with enough for another backing.

Backing, binding done - quilt now ready to be quilted

HA - I laughed when I put that quilt in the "to be quilted" pile.  That pile just gets bigger and bigger.  I hope in the new year that I can start to tackle some of my own quilts.  We'll see.

I was so disgusted with the mess in my office (which is the dining room that we have NEVER used as a dining room in 12 years) that I decided that today is the day.  While there are several work surfaces in the room - there is NO room on any of them to actually do work.  I removed EVERYTHING from the table. Then I placed the most urgent things on the table or things that I could easily deal with. Then throughout the day - I went and did a task or two.  It is going to take a long time to get through all this mess - but if I don't - well I could just scream!!!!   I guess I could just toss most stuff without looking at it, but I CAN'T do that.  It is so against my nature.  I will try - I will seriously try to break myself of that habit. But if I deal with somethings every day - I am sure that I can work my way through it.  Some days it might be only one thing - other days it might be 100, but I  must deal with something every day.

Pile of crap to deal with!!!!!

I know that I have said it before, but if I could only get it tidyied up - then imagine just having to deal with one or two things each day instead of this huge mess.  It's like our kitchen. It was a HUGE chore to do anything in that kitchen because of the mess.  And if you cleaned up - it got messy very quickly and NO ONE would take responsibility.  Now that issue is solved and the kitchen practically keeps itself tidy.  I love it!!!!!    I have a few things in the office that belong in the kitchen - two bags of recipe books that no one uses since they have been there for 10 months.  I will go through them - pick out one or two books and the rest will either be donated (as if the donation places want them) or tossed.

I can safely put the rest of the utensils back in the kitchen and in the spring - I will empty the kitchen again and try to eliminate more stuff now that M is gone. Since we don't cook much - and certainly never bake - there is NO NEED for any of those items to be in the kitchen.

Oh yes - this is going to be fun!!!!!  

As I was tidying up the pantry - NO - I was looking for camera stuff that is partially stored in the kitchen pantry - I found a BRAND NEW toy for Little Sammy.  So I gave it to her  - a cute squirrel. She loved it!  Since she is too old to chase real squirrels - she can have fun with this one.

Little Sammy and her new squirrel

So you know my orange running shoes.  Many times I get asked where I bought them or what brand they are.  You know - I can't see the brand name on the darn running shoes. Now if I was in the know - I would realize that there is a swoopy symbol on them that stands for Saucony.  I never knew that, but I found the box in my office.  I think they need to do better branding before they take their name off the shoes. Seriously - I had no idea what brand they were.

Box for running shoes
 But if you google Saucony orange running shoes - that is what you get. MY SHOES!!!!!

Saucony orange running shoes!!!!!

I was at Sew Sisters yesterday and had to take pictures with my cell phone which I will share with you later.  But look what I found.   This gorgeous fabric is a Philip Jacobs and it is to die for.  (Yes - I know it is competitor's fabrics - get over it!)  It is so bright my eyes went weird after looking at it.  I LOVE it - I bought 6 repeats (just in case). Not sure what to do yet - but it will have to be toned down by some solids for sure!!!!

Gorgeous print by Philip Jacobs

Decided to go to a movie last night. Not just any movie theatre either - but VIP!!!!   We've never gone before but thought we would try it out.  First we walked into the regular theatre having no clue where to go. Then we were personally escorted through the emergency exit doors to get into the VIP part of the building.  Same building - two DIFFERENT entrances.  We decided to have dinner before the movie.  I was quite impressed with the food - very spicy which I liked and the salad was excellent. Then we grabbed our alcholic beverages and moved into the threatre to our reserved seats.

Inside the VIP threatre

OK - I wanted to stand up and take a picture, but thought that was too geeky to do, so I quietly snapped this shot.  HEY - that's not the movie playing - just the trailers.  We enjoyed the experience very much. Although I'm not sure that I would pay that for every movie I went too. But we spent about $120 for two for dinner, drinks and a movie which isn't that bad considering that we had a nice meal, beer and wine, not popcorn and pop (which we never drink).   And we spend close to that for dinner out - so not much more and we get a movie as well.

The only thing that was annoying were the people in our row.  The servers were constantly passing us as they served the 6 people to my right.  Even when the service stopped while the trailers were on - these people had ordered stuff that had to be delivered. Since it was during the trailers - it wasn't the end of the world, but it was annoying. Next time - sit on the OTHER side of the theatre since they serve from the side we were on!!!!

We watched Spectre - OK - I am of the clueless kind in a movie - I go for the action. If I am to figure out or recognize a face or god forbid recognize a clue from ANOTHER movie - nope - not going to happen.  So there was a lot of action in this movie, but it was also a slow movie - just like the title song!!!!

And now today it is back to some serious work. For breaks - I get to sort and organize!!!  Yippeeee - my kind of day.

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!

And I'm talking about myself here!!!!!

Seems there is a whole lot of other stuff going on this blog and not much quilting or cycling!!!   I hope to change that real soon.  Anyway - as you know I always have my camera with me. And yesterday in preparation for some upcoming stuff - I took a couple of pictures at work.

Then this morning when I went to take a picture, I looked in all my bags and NO CAMERA.   I thought for a few minutes - oh shoot - I remember taking the pictures are work.  Now the part that bothers me is - where is the camera at work?   At one point, I remember putting it on my desk and as I was walking out the door - I thought - I should put that camera in a less visible spot so I think I dumped it on my chair. And I remember being in the back taking photos.  In what sequence did those two events occur?  No idea -  so I don't remember if the camera got left in the back or did I miss it in my office when I left?????

I tell you - I am SICK.  I cannot believe I did that.  I almost went into a panic this morning. I have two classes this morning and I like to take pictures and I NEED that bloody camera this weekend to do some blogging.  Oh yes - I am sick. Not like it was just over night - no big deal - but TWO WHOLE DAYS.

OK - let's not panic. What are the options?  Hmmmm - I know I have a small (brand new) point n shoot camera.  I know exactly where the box is - but there is NOTHING in the box.  No camera, no battery, no cord. Oh and let's just say that I also had my video camera at work yesterday but just before leaving I thought to myself - you better bring that camera home.  No thought to the digital camera. GRRRRRRRR   - stupid stupid stupid!!!!!

OK - so that small camera has to be here somewhere. I have searched the house high and low - no camera - I did find my old point n shoot - dead batteries and no chargers to be found.

Let's just say that a bit more tidying MUST be done - there is camera stuff all over the flipping house and I'm not happy.

I found FOUR cameras in my search - my little point n shoot - the old one.  The blue one????   No idea what that is.  That other monster is a film camera!!!!!   Good grief.  Hey - I found rolls of film too!!!!   The other one is my grandfather's camera which I will never part with - a beautiful Pentax that takes amazing shots.

Cameras cameras - but NOT the right one

Now if M was here - I would have woken her up and accused her of taking my camera. I doubt that she would have no reason as she also has a good quality digital camera - I am just saying that to tease her. But I could have borrowed her camera this weekend, but NO - she is now in Vancouver with her camera.   You see how I am my own worse enemy??????

So now my kitchen looks like this........................

Camera stuff all over the counter and tables

This is why it is so important for everything to have a home.  ALL the camera stuff should be in one place. Then imagine how easy it would have been to find that small point n shoot, the battery and a charger so I could be in business.  I believe the point n shoot has a higher pixel rating than my digital camera.

Now if the camera isn't at work - well I know it is - just hope it didn't develop legs and walk away.  STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!   At this point - I don't even care about the camera - it needed major sevicing anyway but I WANT the damn card in it.

So I must just get over it - there is NOTHING I can do until Monday morning when the office opens.  Just breath - relax - breath - relax. I will continue to look for the small point and shoot - I am certain that it will serve my purpose for the weekend IF I can find it.   In the meantime - there is my camera on my phone which I used this morning. Works but not the same.

Thank goodness I didn't realize the camera was missing last night because I was busy quilting a quilt and it is done and ready for delivery today.

Customer quilt - DONE

 As I was searching - I found a few other things that need to be dealt with.  I got this from Jill in California who sent me some license plates a LONG LONG time ago.  Jill - I have five to send back to you - they have been sitting here FOREVER.   Thanks so much!!!!!!!    She also sent me this little embroidered cow - it's so cute!!!!

Little Cow!!!!!!

Oh yes - speaking of the kitchen.  I am NOT kidding - DH and I are skirting around that thing like crazy.  No one dares leave a dirty dish on the counter. You better mop up all spills and god forbid that the dish washer doesn't get started over night!!!!  It is pretty funny. With the exception of my madly ripping the pantry apart (which is where some of the camera stuff is stored), that kitchen is spotless!

In case you are wondering about those four EMPTY (well - near empty rooms) upstairs - I think I am going to empty the rest of the house into those four rooms - sort EVERTYHING into like categories.  I"m on a tear so watch out!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here to see what I can unearth in this mess.  And we aren't even hoarders - far from it!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!