Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just catching up!

Here are some random photos from the last couple of days.  And if I don't type the text NOW - I will be trying to do this on my cell phone.

I am about to leave for my retreat - but trying to get some blog content for you to keep amused while I am away.  And OK - so I just like to write about random stuff.

This is a customer quilt that I finished the other day.

Customer quilt - DONE!!!!!

One of the Monday ladies just got back from Thailand and she brought these back. Now I like chocolate, but this looks very weird.  Green tea based I believe it was.  Actually - it was very good - light. All gone - thanks Jan!!!!

Green tea chocolate

So did you read Vicki's tip about cooking the squash. Makes sense which is the reason I tried it in the oven without taking out the innards. Squash are just the hardest darn thing to cut.  But the soup - oh - it might be gone by the time you read this.  Anyway - just to make a liar out of myself - a person who NEVER cooks - here is proof about my squash soup.

Squash soup

I had a few other vegetables sitting on the counter and in the fridge - I just cut them up and saute them and then threw in the squash and my soup was cooking.  Pureed it all when it was done - it is a tad thick - - I must remember to pick up another container of veggie broth.  For someone who doesn't cook - I rarely follow a recipe - well I use that as a guideline and then make it up.  The one area I am lacking in is the spices!!!

Then I was on a roll. There were a bunch of apples (that I didn't buy) but they needed to be dealt with.  I thought apple crisp - so yes - I cut the apples up. Couldn't find the cinnamon (used nutmeg - which isn't the best, but better than nothing) and made apple crisp.

Apple crisp
 So yes - I do cook from time to time - but it's not my priority.

Here is a sneak preview of one of my projects - a panel.  I saved the two end panels - the long skinny ones, but now that I see this picture - I wish I had of saved the long one on the left and the bottom one second from the right.  Crap - too late now.  It's ready to be sewn and there's no going back.  Ah - another experiment.  Forget sewing ANY projects - it's all experimenting now.

Panel to do something creative with

And that John Deere stuff just won't go away.   I was getting the last of the bits prepped for sewing.  I still had some to cut.  This border print was going to be too small for what I needed so off to my personal stash and found a matching solid.  Can you believe how close the match is.  See that top row of green - that is pieced in - NOT John Deere fabric at all.

John Deere border print

See - that top piece is pieced on but the match is perfect

And I managed to get the stuff back into the battery drawer.  There are way too  many chargers on the left so that will have to be sorted through one more time.  See Donna - that is what happens - I get things organized better, but not perfect.  I need to live with the situation for a bit before I come up with another great idea and then I am off again!!!

Battery drawer

On that note - I am out of here -

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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