Sunday, November 29, 2015

Work work work..................

Yep - it has been one of those weekends - yesterday, I had my two one-hour classes to start the morning - got lots of show n tell which is scheduled to post later this week. In the afternoon I had three very lucky students in my free motion class. There were only three and so it was very individualized for those three.  They went away with their head swimming with ideas, but I was very impressed as one of the students has really taken to free motion and she did a LOT of practising since the first class a month or so ago.  That warms the heart for sure!!!!

When I got home, it was time to tackle the long arm. I'm not in bad shape numbers wise, but there are a couple that need to be done. OK - more than a couple, but you know what I mean.  I have lofty plans on the "to do" pile of customer quilts - let's see how December progresses.

I had loaded this next quilt in the morning before going to class.  Not that I hate that job, but it is so nice to just start quilting, rather than having to load the quilt.  Guess what quilt????   Yep - that would be Misty Pines. Yes - everything has been cut, (hey - I still have a kit - pre-cut no less if anyone is interested), kits distributed, people are sewing. Hopefully we will only see finished quilts from now on.

Misty Pines - customer quilt - DONE
I'm very hapy with the end result.  It wasn't too difficult to choose a thread color - brown or grey?????  I think the brown won out and you can't see the thread on either the light or the dark.  I LOVE that. You can see the texture, but not the thread.

Brown thread

Brown thread - still doesn't show

We talked a LOT about thread colors for quilting yesterday in all three classes.  Thread color is so very important.    Oh - do I see a tutorial in thread color????

As I quilt each quilt - I have a lot of time to think about the next quilt, the list of quilts remaining, deadlines, etc.  I have a very tight schedule this week coming and so I decided that I would load the next quilt last night so it would be ready to go today.  Ah heck - it isn't that late, so I went ahead and quilted that one too. It was just a tiny one after all.  A tad of a pain since the backing was the EXACT size of the top.  OK - maybe there was 1/4" on each end, but that was it.  I know - most long armers would ask that teh backing be made larger, but I loaded it and quilted it.  It just means that the edges may not be as pretty as they would be if you had more space.

The edges look pretty good.  However - this should not happen and requires extra care, so don't try and send me a quilt that is short because the next one - I will refuse!!!!

Customer quilt - DONE

I think I finished about 9:15 PM which is perfect timing as I still got time to read before going to bed.

I pushed the quilting yesterday because I have a play date today and I didn't want to be up to all hours tonight since tomorrow is a work day.

For the play date - I needed 5 one half meters of fabric. I have to say that I sort of panicked - I walked into the stash room and immediately walked out - thinking it would be way faster to shop at the local quilt shop.  Then I gave my head a BIG shake and said - are you kidding me????????  

I also wanted to make it out of Northcott fabric. I know - I have to stop with that mentality.  But I shopped among the bolts of fabric (we won't go there) and then I grabbed some recent Northcott yardage that I am making some other projects from and VOILA - my project is prepped and ready to go.

Fabrics for my project
Never in a million years will I be able to put a dent in that stash.  But at least I am trying or I had better try harder to use it up. No more of this shopping anywhere else for fabric unless I need it to finish a project. And STOP me from bringing fabric home from work!!!!!   At least I only bring home stuff that is slated for a project.  Imagine bringing home one meter of each new fabric that came in?????  I'd soon need a warehouse.

I think I mentioned the other day that I went to the dentist. Yes I got the mini-lecture aabout flossing and I just can't seem to floss - it just isn't in my routine. I could make it in my routine, but I just can't.  The other day, Deborah and I were chatting about dentists and she brought these little gizmos to my attention.  

Interdental picks

She said that she uses them in the car - oh my!  I bet Mark is going to be impressed if he sees someone using these in the car.  Best to NOT use them on the GO train in case Mark is watching!!!!!

Anyway - I tried using one in the car and they are FABULOUS.   It's like a toothpick with a teeny brush on one end. Whether it does the same job as flossing, I don't know, but I bet using them is way better than not using anything which seems to be the scenario right now.  You can only buy them at Shopper's - they are Life brand.  I bought some others from GUM, but they are not disposable and well - they could get pretty gunky pretty quickly.  I like the idea of using these in the car. I'm in the car every day - I may just end up with plaque free teeth at my next dentist appointment.

On that note - I have to get ready for my play date.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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