Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What to do when I'm away................................

It's finally here - it's the day to leave for the retreat.  And guess what - Yep - I was up and cutting for more stuff to take.  Heck - I even brought yardage with me.  I never do that.

You see - it's that damn job of mine.  They give me all this yummy fabric to work with - then before I can even calm down from that --there is more coming down the pipeline and well - I'm going to be in over my head before I know it. Oh let's face reality - I'm already in so deep - they might as well bury me in the stuff.  But I'll go happy!!!!

Anyway - I was yakking about Steam a Seam the other day and Daphne Greig (who is an awesome quilt designer - I've known about her for years and have made several of her patterns and have several of her books or is that one?  - I don't know - but there is one book at least).  Well she designs for Northcott as well and I got to meet Daphne when we were at Market.

Daphne has put a review of Steam a Seam on her blog about the NEW version of Steam a Seam.  The stuff I showed you the other day was NOT the final product.

Check out her review!!!!

Also check out Vicki's comment yesterday about how to cook squash. I love it - and her comment was so desciptive but I know what she means.  Cutting a squash - well read the comment and get your cape and put your tights on if you don't follow her tip!

I shall try to put something on the blog while I am away.  God forbid - Shirley will never get up, Susan can't relax over coffee and how many other countless lives will be disrupted!!!!

Oh Anita - I heard you bumped into one of my new friends at Northcott - yes - it is a small world.

On that note - I have a TON of stuff in the hall way that needs to be in the car and still packing - I better take some clean underwear - why do we always say clean underwear - of course - we wouldn't take dirty underwear with us. Weird!!!  And I have one more quilt to pull off the wall - doing a trunk show as well.

More details to follow.     and if you need to get in touch (which I know you don't!) - leave a comment -those comments know how to find me - e-mail does not!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Does anyone need a license plate "Fallin 2 Pieces" from The Quilted Skein, La Grange, Texas. I have 2 extras. Plus 1 extra plate from Markdale, Maxwell, and Ruti's. I also have an extra kit from The Quilted Gnome in Sutton.
    Pat Castonguay

  2. Have a great time at retreat as I know you will! We will need to have a picture of you and any others who have "retreat pjs"

  3. Have a great time at retreat as I know you will! We will need to have a picture of you and any others who have "retreat pjs"