Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I got comments from Helen Anne and Rose about uploading books to iTunes.  So I thought I would give it a shot while I was also attempting to upload my hundreds of pictures from Market/Festival to Dropbox so I could use them at work.

Hmmm - is iTunes set to manually manage my iPod? - yes it is because I remember specifically setting that requirement. I double checked just in case the setting was turned off. Nope - everything was fine. I noticed there is even a setting that requests that iTunes start up every time the iPod is plugged in - that never happens.

Then I went to OverDrive and found an audiobook and downloaded it to the computer. All is well so far. Next was to hit Transfer and see what happened. Lo and behold, the device was recognized and the long (10 minute) transfer started.  However - I was very excited. But when I went to find the book on my iPod - it wasn't there.  Seriously?????  I even got a message saying it was OK to disconnect the iPod. So I did. But after checking the menus - the audio book was nowhere to be found.

I checked back on iTunes and there is the book. So I have to sync the iPod (just like when I do it manually).  I don't think I'll be doing it this way in the future - took way too long. When I do it manually - the transfer takes less than one minute (provided I remember the steps).

Silly thing and then it NEVER deletes any of the past due books - every book I have ever downloaded from the library is still on the iPod. Is that supposed to happen?????

It was nice to get back to work. So many people were away last week - either because they were at Market or they were sick. Today was the first day in about 10 days that everyone was at work!  A great big happy family we all were!!!!  And of course - we dug out the remainder of the candy that was on the crates which have since arrived back at the warehouse!  I dug my box out of the crate and now to sort through it. I'll post pictures of it - last night I had to get those 355 pictures from Market/Festival uploaded to Dropbox.

I will be posting those pictures as well as pictures that Shirley took of our tear down - it's quite an event.  So watch for those in the next couple of days.

But first - I have a pattern (actually three patterns) that have to be reworked so they can go on the web site as free downloads. All three patterns have been written for a while and needed editing, but now it is urgent that they get uploaded. For some reason today - my brain wasn't functioning and I had the darndest time trying to figure out something and then all of a sudden the light bulb went on and STUPID STUPID ME - it was definitely an operator error, but once I realized my error - then the rest of the revisions went ahead no problem.  One almost done and two more to go.

That was an all day job. Then home to upload all my pictures of Market so I can use them in a meeting today  - well not all of them, but now I have easy access to them all through my Dropbox account.
My computer at home is humming and HOT with all this uploading and downloading.

Here are some pictures that I took in the backyard on the weekend.  The pond has been shut down for the winter. When Mary came for the Misty Pines class, she brought  her two fish that she usually brings in the house for the winter. She didn't want to this winter, so she gave them to me.  They are nicely settled in the pond with the rest of them and hopefully they will have a great winter. In the picture below - if you look close - you will see the fish are still swimming around.  It isn't cold enough for them to settle down yet.

The pond closed down for winter

Sunday morning was beautiful and all the leaves have turned to gold. The wind was whipping them off the trees even though you can't realy see that in the picture.

The path in the forest

Little Sammy on the lookout for coyotes!!!!!

My little camouflage dog

Gorgeous colors


That forest is very special to me.  I just love to go for a walk and even more important to see the changes of the seasons. It is so nice to see how different the forest is each day.  And what better way to start the day than with nature!

On that note - I have sorted most of the Market pictures into the appropriate categories - and there are about a dozen that I need to find and put in a folder for Festival.  Pictures tell a thousand words. Then off to the aftermath meeting.  Hopefully the pattern editing will go faster today since I figured out my mistake. Wasn't really a mistake - it was a measurement that I didn't understand.  So when you measure the side border - DO NOT forget to take into account the measurement of the width of the top and bottom border also to get the total length of the quilt once that border is put on.  Something so simple, yet my mind just failed to compute that!  It happens!

Well - off to spin class in a few minutes.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


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