Saturday, November 28, 2015

I'm a MODERN QUILTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The classes for 2016 are winding down and I've got to get myself up to date.

I wasn't able to be at the October classes for Enchanted Autumn and Tonga Rhapsody, but Joyce very kindly filled in for me and very kindly took pictures and I know she will be miffed if I don't use them!   So Joyce - thanks so much - I do appreciate it!

The first class was Enchanted Autumn by The Vintage Spool.   Here is a picture of the quilt from the pattern cover.

Enchanted Autumn
Now there are several people in this class, but only Jennifer was there that day.

Here's Jennifer's quilt to date..............

Jennifer's quilt

I can't wait to see them all in person later today!!!!  And I'll try to be timely in posting that show n tell for you.

The second class was Tonga Rhapsody.   Here is the original from the pattern.

Tonga Rhapsody by Wing and  A Prayer

Let's see who had show n tell in October.



Wow - those are beautiful and I'm dying to see the real quilts later today. 

We have new sessions of these on-going quilt projects slated to start in January at the Hobby Horse - I will be posting pictures very shortly of what those quilts are.  Stay tuned for that!!!!!    These projects are so much fun. You get to see the same people every month, there is loads of show n tell, lots of tips, friendships have grown from the classes - it's something to not miss!!!!

Let's see - I have a few other pictures for you as well.  Yep - when I went to take a picture at home with my regular camera - it was sitting in the bag patiently waiting for me.  YEAH!!!!!   I was paranoid before - I've just grown a tad worse. 

I had to stop at the library on my way home.  When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the MALL BALL.  It actually looks pretty cool all lit up from inside.  I'll have to get over to the mall and see what it looks like inside, but this is the time of year that I try to avoid if possible - going to the mall that is. 

The Mall Ball all lit up!!!!!

Then it was time to get to work.  I have customer quilts that still need to be quilted and made. So the next month is going to be a bit busy.  Never mind - December has always been a silly month with loads of deadlines and why should this one be any different.

Customer quilt - DONE!!!!
I had to clean off the cutting table before I could trim the quilt though.  Let's just say that I'm NOT getting a lot of time to spend in the studio, nor am I getting any time to sew at work.  That has to change as there is so much that I need sewn together.  And I have to do it as I need to take pictures and notes as I go along. I can't just farm it out to someone else.

Cutting mat is clear - at least half of it is. 
 I had to make the backing for the next customer quilt that goes on the long arm.  The backing is done, and the quilt is loaded and ready to be quilted later today when I am back from teaching.   Never fear - I still get lots of ME time in every day. I read every day, I work out and take Little Sammy for her walks, and did you know how many issues you can solve in the car????   Loads.   As one shop owner said to me yesterday when I told her to call me anytime she needed some assistance, she said she needed TIME.  Ooops - I can't help there.

Well it's official.  I'm a MODERN QUILTER.   I joined the Modern Quilt Guild a couple of weeks ago, I've listened to my first webinar and now I've got my membership card and my pin.

Modern Quilt Guild pin
Ah - if it were only that easy!!!!!   I am madly getting things organized for QuiltCon in February and the other day, I virtually sliced and diced some of Northcott's new ColorWorks Concept panels and made a virtual quilt. I have the panel and the fabrics to get a start on it this weekend if I can.  I love the design and keep in mind what I mentioned was my second favourite color the other day.   Can you guess which panel I used?????

Here is the link to Phase I of the Colorworks Concepts

Here is the link to Phase II of the Colorworks Concepts

I'll give you a hint - I used a panel from Phase II.  I'm pretty excited about it and you are going to need sunglasses to view this quilt.   If all goes as planned, the quilt will hang in our booth at the show.  

Speaking of the show, we were doing a test run yesterday in putting up the structure and so we could do some general planning.  The booth is metal, not that hard to assemble, but there are these wicked clamps that hold it together.  When we assembled the booth for Market, we compared notes on how many pinches we got on our hands.  Well yesterday - I didn't get a pinch - nope - I took a chunk out of my finger.   Nothing serious, but the stupid thing bled like crazy and I ended up having to put a bandaid on it.  Me - with a bandaid??????   Never - but I had no choice - it just wouldn't stop bleeding and we were in the middle of assembly. The show must go on!!!!!   I took the bandaid off this morning and yep - there a chunk of skin missing, but it's just fine.


On that note - I'm out of here.  Got stuff to pack up for today's classes and time for our walk in the forest. Little Sammy is very LAZY without Sparky here to keep our routine on track. 

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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